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Boat Bill of Sale Boat Bill of Sale Seller 1 Address

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					                                        Boat Bill of Sale

Seller 1: ______________________

Address: _____________________

Seller 2:______________________

Address: _____________________

Buyer 1: ______________________

Address: _____________________

Buyer 2: _____________________

Address: _____________________

If there is more than one buyer or seller, the use of the singular incorporates the plural.

1. Seller sells the boat (Boat) described here to Buyer:

   Year: ________

   Make: ________________

   Model: ________________

   Length: ________________

   Serial or hull ID number: ______________________

   Registration, CF, or Document number: ____________________

   General type: ____________________________

2. Boat has the following types of engine(s) (Engines) [provide details on any engines
   including year, make, type, model, hours, and serial
3. Boat contains the following equipment (Equipment) included in this sale [list and describe
   all that apply, including sails and rigging, safety equipment, electronics and navigation
   equipment, and deck equipment]:___________________________.

4. Seller believes Boat, Engines, and Equipment to be in good condition except for the
   following defects: ________________________________.

5. Boat and Engines [ ] have been [ ] have not been independently inspected or surveyed at
   Buyer's request. If an inspection or Marine Survey has been made, the inspection report or
   Marine Survey [ ] is attached to and made part of this bill of sale [ ] is not attached.

6. The full purchase price for Boat, Engines, and Equipment is $____________. In exchange
   for Boat, Engines, and Equipment, Buyer has paid Seller [choose one]:

   [ ] single payment of the full purchase price.

   [ ] $____________ as a down payment, balance of purchase price due by _____ [date].

   [ ] $____________ as a down payment and has executed a promissory note for the balance
       of the purchase price.

7. Seller warrants that Seller is the legal owner of Boat, Engines, and Equipment and that Boat,
   Engines, and Equipment are free of all liens and encumbrances except

   Seller agrees to remove any lien or encumbrance specified in this clause with the proceeds of
   this sale and other funds as necessary within _____ days of the date of the bill of sale.

8. Additional terms of sale for Boat, Engines, and Equipment are as follows:

Seller 1's signature: _______________________________________

Date: _______________

Seller 2's signature: _______________________________________

Date: _______________
Buyer 1's signature: _______________________________________

Date: _______________

Buyer 2's signature: _______________________________________

Date: _______________

                      Certificate of Acknowledgment of Notary Public

State of _______________________________           )
                                                   )      ss
County of _____________________________            )

On _____________________, before me, ______________________________, a notary public
in and for said state, personally appeared ___________________ ________________________,
known to me (or proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence) to be the person whose
name is subscribed to the within instrument, and acknowledged to me that he or she executed the
same in his or her authorized capacity and that by his or her signature on the instrument, the
person, or the entity upon behalf of which the person acted, executed the instrument.
                                        WITNESS my hand and official seal.
                                        Notary Public for the State of ______________
                                        My commission expires __________________

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