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					                      Formats for Names in Legal Forms
[At the beginning of most forms on this CD-ROM, you'll need to fill in one or more names
to identify the parties (individuals or businesses) who are agreeing to the contract. How
you identify the parties will depend on the type of business entities that are parties to the
agreement (for example, a partnership or an LLC). Use the name formats below to fill in
the names clause in any form. For more information, see Chapter 1.]

Format:                                                       Example:

Name of Individual
_____________                                                 John Smith

Names of Two or More Individuals
_________, _________, and _________                           John Smith, Jane Jones, and
                                                              Terry Thomson

Name of Sole Proprietor (use either format below)
_____________                                                 John Smith
_________, doing business as _________                        John Smith, doing business
                                                              as John's Diner

Name of General Partnership
_________, a _________ Partnership                            Smith & Jones, a California

Name of Limited Partnership
_________, a _________ Limited Partnership                    Smith & Jones, a California
                                                              Limited Partnership

Name of Corporation
_________, a _________ Corporation                            Modern Times, Inc., a
                                                              California Corporation

Name of Limited Liability Company
_________, a _________ Limited Liability Company              Good News, LLC, a
                                                              California Limited Liability

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