Meeting Agenda Before a Major Sales Event by WorkSession


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									The purpose of a meeting before a major sale event is to inform your staff of what to expect.
One of the biggest complaints by employees is they don’t know what’s going on. This agenda
                               should eliminate that problem.

           Meeting Agenda Before a Major Sales Event

      1. Promotion/advertising—What is the theme?
                    How will the store tell the world?
                            What type of advertising will you be using?
                                   Newspaper—Which ones
                                   Radio and TV—Which stations
                                   Direct Mail—Show the piece
                            What type of advertising will you not be using and why?
      2. Products—What will be on sale?
      3. Price—How will the store price it? Will the merchandise revert back to
         the original price after the sale? What kind of sale price tags will be put
         on the merchandise and why?
      4. Presentation—What is the store going to look like? Will racks be moved
         and if so where?
      5. Signage—What kind will be used in the interior and in the windows?
         How long will the sale last?
      6. People—Who will be working and when? Every store will have some
         employees who love sales and really get into it. Others will count the
         minutes and days until it’s over. Make whatever personnel adjustments
         are necessary to make the sale work.
      7. Leave time for questions and answers and let your employees make

         comments. Let them offer suggestions and adapt whenever possible.

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