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Update summary moisture


Update summary moisture

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									       GSA Website update 22 Dec 2009

  We received an average $78.46/hd [Range: $39.50 to $100.41] for the Perennial Farmlet
   lambs and $80.11/hd [Range: $56.10 to $97.32] for the Annual farmlet first-draft lambs sent to
   WAMMCO on 1 Dec 2009.
  Unsold residual lambs from the Perennial Farmlet weighed 2kg more [38kg] than those from
   the Annual Farmlet
  Only 34mm rain has occurred since mid-November. Combined with a dry sub-soil, late-season
   pasture growth from Lucerne and Kikuyu did not occur. Thus, we have changed our original
   plan to retain these lambs and have ‘sold’ them to MBRS for $49-$52/hd.
  The condition score of our ewes for 2010 is currently 2.7-2.8 and we have started feeding
   100g/h/d lupins to maintain this condition until mating.
  Poll Dorset rams will be mated to ewes on 5 January 2010 for 5 weeks
  Neutron moisture probes will be installed soon. These will measure the moisture content to
   depth to show the effect perennials have on drying the soil profile compared to annual
  Data to explore the time of lambing issue is still being collated, and will be discussed at a
   forum in early 2010

       Summary for GSA lambs sold to WAMMCO on 1 Dec 2009
       The first draft was taken off GSA lambs on Mon 30 Nov. Details are summarized below.

       WAMMCO killsheet data for the PERENNIAL        Farmlet
       VALUE/CARCASE (95 HD)                $78.46
       VALUE/SKIN (95 HD)                   $1.91
       VALUE CCS+SKIN (95 HD)               $80.37
       CARCASE WEIGHT                      19.53 kg
       VALUE/KG                             $4.02
WAMMCO killsheet data for the   ANNUAL Farmlet
VALUE/CARCASE (32 HD)               $80.11
VALUE/SKIN (32 HD)                   $1.33
VALUE CCS+SKIN (32 HD)              $81.44
CARCASE WEIGHT                      19.65 kg
VALUE/KG                             $4.08

The 4 lambs which did not make 17kg carcase weight had no issues with bruising, grass seeds or
ingesta. All lambs were ≥43kg when weighed straight from paddock. We used the corrections in the
following slide to estimate yield and carcase weight.
                       Dressing % calculation

      Paddock weight of lamb
    [weighed directly off pasture]             43.0       kg (add weight)
               Adjust for gut fill             -3.9%    (minus)
              Liveweight of lamb                41.3    (calculated)
        Adjust for skin weight:                   0  kg (dry - no adjustment, wet - 0.2 to 0.5 kg)
              Liveweight of lamb                41.3    (calculated)
           Adjust for Fat score      FS 2      43.0%    (add)
               Adjust for breed (Merino)       -1.5%    (Minus 1.5% to 3.5%)
             Total adjustment :                41.5%    (calculated)

        Carcase weight (kg)                    17.1           (calculated)

      Make sure you correct paddock liveweight for gutfill, wool/skin, Fat score and Breed

Management of 2009 residual lambs
The remainder of the 2009 lambs not sold to WAMMCO in the first draft were retained for the
following reasons:

    1. IF summer rain occurred or adequate soil moisture allowed late-season growth of perennial
       pastures, the perennials could still play a role to play in finishing these lambs. This would
       show a difference between the 2 farmlets in the cost of finishing these lambs as the lambs in
       the Annual Farmlet would have to be fedlot
    2. The annual lambs acted as the 'control', so these lambs needed to be retained also.
    3. Economic analysis suggests there is money [$5-$10/hd] to be made from finishing lambs.

As it happens, only 34mm rainfall occurred since mid-Nov and coupled with a very dry subsoil, has
resulted in negligible growth of Lucerne and Kikuyu to date. For this reason, the residual lambs were
sold to MBRS on 16 Dec for an average $52.86/hd and $49.47/hd for the PF and AF, respectively.
This average value was calculated using $0.90/kg for lambs <30kg to $1.58/kg for lambs weighing

Condition score (CS) of ewes
The condition score for our GSA ewes for 2010 is shown in the table below.

Both age groups on both farmlets are currently in similar condition: the mulesed Blue-tag ewes are in
CS 2.8 while the unmulesed maiden Blacktag ewes are in CS 2.7.

Average condition score (CS) of GSA ewes on 10 Dec 2009
        Bluetag ewes       Blacktag ewes
Av            2.8                2.7

It is interesting to note that the blacktag ewes were in CS 3.4 in early Oct, so they have slipped
markedly as a result of the quick finish and decline in quality of pastures since senescence.

We started feeding 100g/h/d lupins on Fri 11 Dec to all ewes with the aim to maintain their current CS
until mating on 5 Jan. We will be monitoring these animals closely with 3-weekly assessments of CS.

Moisture probes
Neutron moisture probes to measure the amount of soil moisture with depth will be installed soon in
perennial and annual pastures.

Bob Hall and Arjen Ryder discuss the dry subsoil and lack of Lucerne growth on the Perennial Farmlet
on Dec 15 2009

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