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2008 Summer Olympics Press Accreditation


2008 Summer Olympics Press Accreditation

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									                                                  BEIJING 2008 - PRESS ACCREDITATION


Press accreditation process for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games announced

LAUSANNE 09 June 2006: The press accreditation process for the Beijing 2008 Olympic
Games will officially start on 8 August this year – 24 months prior to the start of the Beijing
Games - when the IOC notifies all National Olympic Committees (NOCs) of their press
accreditation quota allocation.

The overall press quota for the Beijing Games will be 5,600, the same as for Sydney 2000
and Athens 2004.

The Two-Stage Accreditation Process - involving the Press by Number process followed
by the Press by Name process – will start on 1 March 2007, two months earlier than the
Athens and Torino timelines, when the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the
XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG) distributes the Press by Number forms and related publications,
such as the Press Accommodation Guide, Freight and Shipping Guide, Rate Card and
Media Information Guide to all NOCs.

By this date each NOC will have allocated its press quota to the main media organizations
and will then forward the accreditation forms and related publications to those
organizations. Completed forms must be returned by the NOC to BOCOG by June 2007.

The Press by Name process will start in November 2007 when each press organization
must identify their individual team members and notify the NOC no later than February

The non rights holding broadcast ENR accreditation process will start in March 2007 when
the IOC posts the ENR application forms and rules on the IOC website,
with the deadline for applying closing in June 2007.

The accommodation, MPC office space and rate card ordering and booking processes will
also run concurrently during this timeline.

Journalists and photographers are reminded that the NOC is solely responsible for the
allocation of its press accreditation quota within its territory, in accordance with IOC
guidelines, while the IOC directly manages the ENR accreditation process.

The Internet or any other communication medium are to be considered within the NOC
quota and are subject to the same professional standards as other E accredited persons.
                                                   BEIJING 2008 - PRESS ACCREDITATION

The categories of accreditation will be the same as recent Games: “E” Journalist, “Es”
Sport Specific Journalist, “EP” Photographer, “EPs” Sport Specific Photographer, “ET”
Technician, “EC” MPC Support Staff and “ENR” Non-rights holding broadcast organization.

An Ex and EPx category will also be allocated for the local press in the co-host cities of
Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang or Qinhuangdao (football), Qingdao (sailing) and Hong Kong
(equestrian). These Ex and EPx accreditations will be an exclusive own sport venue
access and will not offer access to any venue, including the MPC, in Beijing.

The IOC will also work closely with the NOCs and International Federations throughout the
press accreditation process in order to maximize the opportunities for specialist media to
cover their sports at the Games, especially in the co-host cities.

There are three key initiatives in the Beijing process – firstly, an earlier allocation which will
assist NOCs and media organizations prepare for the Games, secondly, an increased
communication and education programme undertaken by the IOC and thirdly, a change in
the MPC support staff allocation and accreditation process.

MPC support staff EC accreditations for Beijing will not be included in the quotas
distributed to NOCs in August. Instead, allocation will be directly by the IOC to those
organizations who rent space in the MPC, with the number depending primarily on the size
of the space rented by each organization. Not all organizations that rent space will be
granted an EC allocation, and once allocated, EC accreditations will not be upgraded.

The purpose for this policy is to ensure that organizations do not need to allocate an E
accreditation for support staff purposes and to limit the number of requests for upgrades.
For larger NOCs which have multiple organisations renting space in the MPC, the IOC and
the NOC may come to an agreement whereby the NOC may coordinate the EC requests
from its press organisations and negotiate directly with the IOC on their behalf.

A dedicated page will be launched on in June 2006 which will contain all
relevant press accreditation information and timelines, and will be constantly updated in
the lead up to Beijing 2008.

For further information contact media.operations@olympic,org

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                                                 BEIJING 2008 - PRESS ACCREDITATION

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Press Accreditation process - Key Dates

                                                                                       Months to
      Action                                                             Date           Games
      IOC working group determines NOC press accreditation quotas,      July-06             25
  1   Lausanne
  2   IOC notifies all NOCs of their press accreditation quota          Aug-06             24
  3   1st World Press Briefing, Beijing                                 Sep-06             23
  4   Deadline for NOCs to have allocated their press quota           End Feb-07           18
  5   Press By Number process                                         Mar-Jun-07          17-14
  6   ENR accreditation application process                           Mar-Jun-07          17-14
  7   Press By Name process                                          Nov 07-Feb-08         9-6
      BOCOG to produce and distribute the Olympic Identity and          May-08              3
  8   Accreditation Card (OIAC)
  9   OIAC acts as a VISA into China                                    July-08             1
 10   Main Press Centre opens                                          08 July-08           1
 11   Opening Ceremony                                                 08 Aug-08            G
 12   Closing Ceremony                                                 24 Aug-08            G

Dates subject to change.

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