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									                 HOURLY AGENT FEE AGREEMENT

____________________________, the seller(s) of the real property located at
__________________, in the City of ______________, County of __________,
California, hereby engage _______________, a licensed real estate agent in the State of
California, to advise them as to the mechanics involved in selling their own house, with
the intention that the agent shall act as needed as an advisor as to typical sales
procedures, the preparation of routine forms, comparable sales prices, information on
available financing, and suggestions as to competent professionals, such as attorneys,
accountants, pest control inspectors, and general contractors.

Agent shall not receive a commission, but shall be compensated at $________ per hour,
not to exceed a total amount of $________, based on the agent's estimate that the
advice required shall not call for more than _______ hours of the agent's labor. Agent
shall be paid as follows:
If the seller and agent agree that more of the agent's time is needed, an additional
written contract will be prepared.

It is understood that sellers are handling their own sale and are solely responsible for all
decisions made and paperwork prepared. In addition, it is expressly agreed that agent
will not provide any legal direction or tax or estate planning advice, and shall make no
representation concerning the physical condition of the property or the legal condition
of title to any party. Agent expressly recommends that sellers seek the appropriate
professional advice offered by attorneys, tax accountants, pest control inspectors,
and/or general contractors as needed.

Agreed this date of ________________________, by:




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