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Re: Request for Nonprofit Corporation Information
I am in the process of forming a domestic nonprofit corporation. I would appreciate
receiving the following forms, material, and other information from your office:
        please correct the address of your corporate filings office above if it is incorrect or
         not completely current;
        the telephone number and contact person for inquires related to incorporating a
         domestic nonprofit corporation;
        Articles of Incorporation and other corporate forms (with instructions)
         promulgated by your office for domestic nonprofit corporations. If your office
         reviews nonprofit Articles of Incorporation for correctness prior to filing, please
         advise me of the procedure I should follow to obtain this prefiling review;
        the name and price of a publication which may be ordered from your office or
         from a commercial publisher which contains the corporate statutes regulating
         nonprofit corporations in this state;
        the telephone number or address of the division in your office which I can call to
         determine if a proposed corporate name is available for my use (plus any
         additional information available related to checking and reserving a proposed
         corporate name);
        a current schedule of fees for statutory filings, forms, and publications;
        All other forms, statutes, publications, and other materials available from your
         office detailing requirements for the formation, operation, and dissolution of a
         domestic nonprofit corporation.
If there is a fee for any of the above material (such as the nonprofit corporation statutes),
please advise. I enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope for your reply. My name,
address, and telephone number are listed below if you wish to contact me regarding this

Name:        _______________________
Address:     _______________________
Phone:       _______________________
Thank you for your assistance.

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