Legal Issues Checklist

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					                               Legal Issues Checklist

[ ] Is each of the bullets in your description focused solely on the job?

[ ] Does your language refer to race, religion, or other protected characteristics?

[ ] Is your language gender specific?

[ ] Does your language imply any preference regarding age?

[ ] Is each of your bullets essential to doing the job (unless otherwise noted)?

[ ] Do your bullets describe the desired results of the function rather than how to achieve
the results?

                                   At-Will Employment

[ ] Is there anything in your job description that might lead candidates to believe they
will have job security?

[ ] Is there anything that would lead applicants to believe that they can be fired only for
specific reasons?

[ ] Have you promised (or implied) raises or promotions?

               Implied Contracts (Making Promises You Cannot Keep)

[ ] Did you put anything in the job description that may not actually happen (for any
possible reason)?

[ ] In your zeal to make the job look attractive, have you crossed the line between truth
and false statements?

                                        Privacy Issues

[ ] Does your job description include any reference to candidates' private lives?

[ ] Do you mention marital status?

[ ] Do you refer to the applicant's political opinions?

[ ] Do you make any reference to off-duty conduct?
                               Job Classification Issues

[ ] Does the description lock the company into paying or not paying overtime?

[ ] Have you included any references to exempt/nonexempt status without running it by
an expert?

Remember: This is an informal checklist and not a substitute for a thorough legal or
human resources review.

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