Exercise 1: Brainstorm Work Traits

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					                     Exercise 1: Brainstorm Work Traits
This exercise will help you figure out which work traits you want to attract—and which
you want to avoid—through your job description.

   1. On the chart below, quickly write five positive traits—things that you like to see
       in your employees—on the plus side, and five negative traits on the minus side. It
       may help to think about the best person who has ever worked for you, and the
       worst—what made these employees good or bad?

                         +                                         -

        1.                                          1.

        2.                                          2.

        3.                                          3.

        4.                                          4.

        5.                                          5.

   2. Consider whether the characteristics you've listed are personality traits or work
       traits (if you aren't sure, review the discussion and examples in Chapter 3).

   3. If they are work traits, write them down in the "Brainstorm Work Traits" section
       of the Job Description Worksheet.

   4. If they are personality traits, write down three ways that each trait affects you or
       your team's work. Now you should be able to translate them into work traits and
       include them in your worksheet (see Chapter 3 for more information on
       translating personality traits into work traits).

       Personality Traits                      How This Affects Our Work
1.   1.



2.   1.



3.   1.



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