15 Golden Tips in Managing Office Politics

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					15 Golden Tips in Managing Office Politics

 1. Stay positive

 2. Treat coworkers with respect

 3. Offer help to coworkers whenever possible

 4. Give credit when it is due

 5. Stay neutral and no to align too strongly with any one group

 6. Communicate persuasively

 7. Stay open and welcome feedback from coworkers

 8. Observe how things get done in your workplace

 9. Get buy-in and seek agreement on all sides

 10. Over communicate your plans

 11. Profile powerful individuals within your organization and observe

    the power structure

 12. Know who your “enemies” are and not to be naïve

 13. Develop a good personal track record as someone who always

    gets results

 14. Use workplace politics to your advantage

 15. Be true to yourself.

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Description: After working in corporate environment for more than 16 years, I have read many career development books and resources. Compiled these 15 golden tips for managing office politics.