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									                                            MCGM’ 2009
                       AUGUST 24--26 , 2009        Shenyang,   CHINA
     The 8 International Conference on MCGM will be held in Shenyang, China from 24 – 26 Aug.., 2009. It
will be a milestone of MCGM development for IFMCGM to have 8 International Conference in its
own field. The MCGM Conferences have experienced for 20 years long history since the first one was
opened in 1988 in Shenyang, China, and attendees from 18 countries at the First Conference
sponsored and then set up the International Federation of Measurement and Control of Granular
Materials (IFMCGM) commonly. Nowadays, they have united as a global academic organization
keeping at their research works and scientific projects with their perseverance and achieved the
great results in their research areas. MCGM field has concerned with many other sciences and promoted the
industries development and growth of world economies. More and more researchers and scientists and also
enterprises have had their great attentions to surmount practical difficulties in this field. It is
known that MCGM field has globally become an important multi-purpose science and MCGM Science
will have bright future. IFMCGM warmly welcomes more and more researchers, experts and th
professors attending the 8 International Conference on MCGM2009. There will be academic exchanges
and exhibition for attendees to present their papers and show
newest products in MCGM field.
     Shenyang is most heavy and modern industrialized city in China and has most famous
historic sceneries and tourist landscapes there. It is located at northeastern China. Hundreds of
thousands of t ravelers from all over the world are visiting there everyday in whole year. Airlines
and inner train systems are all very convenient for tourists traveling to and from Shenyang and
everywhere in the world. The city area is 13000 Km², Population is more than 6.80 million. It
will be a golden o pportunity for all attendees to have the great time staying in Shenyang, China and get
significant and active results from the academic exchanges in 8th International Conference on MCGM. You
will be the most honorable guests of Shenyang’s people and warmly welcome during the Conference.
It can be firmly convinced that the MCGM2009 Conference will be a successful one in mutually efforts
from all a ttendees and you. Looking forward to seeing you in Shenyang!

International Federation of Measurement and Control of Granular Materials ( IFMCGM )

Chinese Society of Particuology, China
Society of Powder Technology, Japan
The Chinese Society for Measurement, China
China Instrument Society, China
The Architectural Society of China
Center for Bulk Solids and Particulate Technology, Australia
Chinese Ceramic Society, China
Institute of Powder Technology, Tsinghua University, China
Antiexplosion Center for Powder Materials, Germany
Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, China
Shenyang Society for Science and Technology, China

Northeastern University, China

    Prof. Zhang Hongxun                      (China)
    Mr. Kinnosuke Watanabe                   (Japan)
    Prof. J.S.O.Adeniyi                  (Nigeria )
    Prof. J.Coulthard                            (UK)
    Prof. Habib Kallel                      (Tunisia)
    Prof. K.Sh.Kaddah                         (Egypt)
    Prof. Paolo Massacci                        (Italy)
    Prof. J. C. Roth                       (France)
    Prof. E. A. de Siegel                      (Chile)
    Dr. V.Voronov                           (Russia)
    Prof. Wang Shi                          (China)
    Prof. Mieczyslaw W. Teisseyre             (Poland)
    Prof. Won-Ching Yang                        (USA)
    Prof. Adullayev Isa             (Azerbaijan )
    Prof. P.J.Jansens                (Netherlands)
    Prof. Hiroaki Masuda                  (Japan)
    Prof.W.Peukert                    (Germany)

  Prof. Xie Zhi                        (Chair, China)
  Prof. Shuji Matsusaka          (Vice-Chair,Japan)
  Prof. Mark G Jones        (Vice-Chair,Australia)
  Prof. Siegfried Radandt (Vice-Chair,Germany)
  Prof. George Klinzing                 (Member,USA)
  Prof. Wang Fuli                   (Member,China)
  Prof. Dieter Mewes            (Member,Germany)
  Prof. Guosheng Gai                (Member,China)
  Prof. Sangchul Won                (Member,Korea)
  Prof. Stefan Luding     (Member, Netherlands)
  Prof.P.J.Jansens         (Member, Netherlands)
  Prof. Shrikant Dhodapkar          (Member,USA)
  Dr. Jian-Yong Zhang                  (Member,UK)
  Dr. Floriana La Marca              (Member,Italy)
  Prof. V.M. Puri                     (Member,USA)
  Prof. Peter Siegel                 (Member,Chile)
  Dr. Li Xin-Guang        ( Secretary-General, China)
  Prof.W.Peukert               (Member,Germany)
  Prof. Yasushige MORI             (Member,Japan)
Secretary-General: Li Xinguang
Members: Wang Yutao, Yang Gang, Lu Zengxi,Mei Guohui,Wang Jian,Ren Chunli,Ji Bin, Jin Zhixian
Tel. & Fax:024-24891977,Tel.:83689395

1. All measurement on granular materials, powder, lump, pulp, etc:
   Temperature, Density, Pressure, Humidity, Flow, Viscosity, Velocity, Turgidity,
   Level, Size,
Weight, Shape, Moisture, Composition, etc.
2. Process Control:
----Mining and Mineral: Material handing, Grinding, transportation, Classifying, Mining Equipment,
Crushing , etc.
----Metallurgy: Material Preparation, Pyrometallurgy, Sintering, etc.
----Cement and Ceramic: Materials preparation, Roast, Forming, Packing, Staving, Firing .
----Coal Processing: Pulverization, Transportation, Fluidizing, etc.
----All process Control of granular materials in following industries:
    Coal, Oil, Chemistry, Medicine, Food, Grain, Textile, Paper Making, Water & Air Treatment, Dust &
3. All papers related to measurement instrument, sensors, devices and control systems in
   field can be accepted.

     All sensors, devices, instruments for detecting, testing and measurement and control systems
manufacturing, transportation and delivery processes can be shown in the conference sites. Many
factories in China and from abroad will exhibit their products.

The abstracts should include: The title of paper, name(s) of the author(s), mail and e-mail addresses and
fax number. A full paper should have more than 4 pages. The abstract (400-600 words and more than 5
key words) and full paper should be written in English and be sent to the following address:
Dr. Li Xinguang
MCGM ’2009 Secretariat
P.O.Box 321, Northeastern University
Shenyang, 110004, China
Tel & Fax: 0086-24-24891977, 0086-24-83689395
And E- files of abstracts and full papers should be mailed to following E-mail: or
For more information at Website:
     All abstracts and papers should be written in English, but Chinese, English, Japanese and
can be spoken at the conference site and in exhibition for trade and introduction to products.
---Submission of abstract:      26 May , 2009
---Preliminary Acceptance:      5 June , 2009
---Submission of full paper:   26 June , 2009
1.   Beijing   (3 days)   2. Hangzhou (3 days)   3.   Other Courses (To be planned later)
All information should be sent to ( by e-mail or post-mail):
  Dr. Li Xinguang
  MCGM’2009 Secretariat
  P.O.Box 321, Northeastern University, Shenyang ,
  110004, China                       E-mail: or

                                REGISTRATION FORM
     (8 International Conference on Measurement and Control of Granular Materials,
August 24-26,2009, Shenyang,China, MCGM’2009)
(Please fill in the following form and send it to MCGM’2009 Secretariat by
e-mail and or by post mail address: Box 321,
IFMCGM,Northeastern University,110004China)
                  PAPER              FORMAT TO AUTHORS OF MCGM2009
  Submission to 8th International Conference on Measurement and Control of Granular Materials
(MCGM2009) should have the same format for Editors requests:

          Notification and Requests for Manuscripts of Printed Papers
                    :                            Jin Zhixian, Li Xinguang, Wang Jian
                                               School of Information Science and Engineering,
                                                      Northeastern University, China
                                    No.11, Lane 3, Wenhua Road, Heping District, Shenyang, 110004 China
                                       Tel. & Fax: +86-24-23891977 E-mail:

       Abstract: All full papers to be presented at the International Conference on Measurement and Control of Granular
Materials (MCGM2009) will be edited and published by Editorial Department of the Journal of Northeastern University, China. The
formats of the papers are all requested as the same style of this sample to have Editors checking and editing your papers easily. The
Abstract should have at least more than 200 words in English.
      Keywords: Editorial, Format, Style, Published, International, Conference.

Introduction                                                                  volume of Proceedings.……(Omitted)
The style of your paper is introduced in this paper Please arrange              .
all parts of your full paper in following sequence in convenience for           5. Conclusion
Editors reediting later: (1) Title of paper – (2) Authors Information – (3)     Submit your paper in good quality in English grammar and
Abstract – (4) Keywords – (5) Introduction – (6)Chapters of Text – (7)          good logic in content to keep your paper for high level in
Conclusion – (8) References. Choose the letters sizes and types as               International Academic activities……(Omitted).
follows: Title of full paper (size 18), Authorization(s) Names(s) (size
11 in boldface), Authors Information ( size11), Subtitles (size 12) ,Text       References
(size 10) and all letters in the type of “Times New Roma”.…….                        [1] Author Name(s)1, title of reference paper, the name
(Omitted)                                                                       Journal, Date of Publishing, Page(s).
                                                              [2] Author Name(s)2, title of reference paper, the name of
1. Paper Size and Printed Area                                 Journal, Date of Publishing, Page(s).
The number of chapters in your paper can be decided according [3] Author Name(s)3, title of reference paper, the name of
to your requests. The paper size should be standard A4 and         Journal, Date of Publishing, Page(s).
leave the empty margins as follows: 23mm on the top of page, [4] Author Name(s)4, title of reference paper, the name of
14 mm on the right and lower margins and 18 mm on the left.     Journal, Date of Publishing, Page(s).
The space between of tow columns is 10 mm wide. One column                      [5] Author Name(s)5, title of reference paper, the name of
has 56 lines for text..……. (Omitted)                                            Journal, Date of Publishing, Page(s).
                                                                                [6] Author Name(s)6, title of reference paper, the name of
2. Second Chapter of Your Paper                                                  Journal, Date of Publishing, Page(s).
The text of second chapter can consist of your consideration to
the paper………………..(Omitted).                                                   -----End -----

3. Third Chapter of Paper and Your Paper
Type your paper in the form of this paper to make Editors
working well and conveniently.…… (Omitted).

4. How Many Chapters in a Paper
The number of Chapters can be decided by Author’s need. The
number of reference items can be decided by authors. However,
please remember that the limitation of a paper is in 4 pages. All
Tables and Figures should have their numbers and titles just
below them and can be placed in two columns when their sizes
are too big in one column. However, the number of pages of
your paper should be limited in 4 pages because of limitation

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