Managers’ Checklist Duration of Leave

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P Checklist            Duration of Leave

For All Employees Requesting Leave:
 o	 I confirmed that my company’s method for defining the FMLA leave year is in
    writing, in our FMLA leave policy.

 o	 If our company has not yet defined its leave year or has decided to change
    methods of defining the leave year, I either
    o	 provided all employees with notice of this change at least 60 days before
       they requested leave, or
    o	 gave employees the benefit of whichever leave year calculation method
       provided them with the most leave.

 o	 I calculated the FMLA leave time available to the employee requesting leave
    according to my company’s leave-year method.

 o	 I recorded all FMLA leave the employee has taken, but I have not included the
    following types of time off as FMLA leave:
    o	 time the employee actually spent working
    o	 time taken off for the company’s convenience, and
    o	 weeks during which the company was shut down.

For Employees Requesting Intermittent or Reduced-Schedule Leave
 o	 I determined that the employee’s requested intermittent or reduced-schedule
    leave is medically necessary.

 o	 I determined that the employee is able to perform the essential functions of his
    or her job.

 o	 If the employee works the same number of hours each week, I used that
    schedule to calculate the FMLA leave available to the employee.
P Checklist            Duration of Leave, continued

 o	 If the employee’s hours are irregular, I calculated the average hours worked per
    week by the employee requesting FMLA leave, and
    o	 I have a written agreement of the average workweek signed by the employee,
    o	 I calculated the pro rata time off that the employee is entitled to under the

 o	 If the employee is exempt from overtime, the employee and I reached an
    agreement as to the employee’s average weekly hours, and
    o	 I have the employee’s sign-off on this average.

 o	 I included all mandatory overtime hours in the workweek hours of the
    employee requesting FMLA leave.

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