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									Job Title:                  Postgraduate Careers Adviser

Salary:                     £35,469 - £43,622 per annum, depending on qualifications and
                            experience (salary can progress to £50,569 per annum, subject to

Location:                   Nottingham University Business School

Responsible to:             Director of Administration

Location:                   Nottingham University Business School, Jubilee Campus

Job Summary:
To engage with employers to facilitate opportunities for Business School postgraduates and to
provide a comprehensive careers service to postgraduate students and alumni.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

 To proactively cultivate relationships with employers at local, regional, national and
  international level in order to facilitate postgraduate student engagement with businesses
  through work placements, projects, internships, information and networking events in
  order to maximise employment opportunities and experience.
 To work closely with academic internship co-ordinators in order to ensure that
  opportunities for dissertation linked projects are maximised.
 To promote Nottingham University Business School and its postgraduate students/alumni
  to employers.
 To develop and maintain an active programme of employers’ presentations, skills
  workshops and other recruitment activities for postgraduates within the Business School, in
  liaison with the Undergraduate Business School where appropriate.
 To encourage employers to advertise vacancies to postgraduates, advising on
  content/relevance where necessary, in order to facilitate the acquisition of appropriate jobs
  for Business School postgraduate students and graduates.

 To research, write, deliver and annually update the Career Management Skills Programmes
   for Business School postgraduate students comprising structured lectures/workshops on
   strategies and skills for career management, career development and job search.
 To assess, negotiate and organise professional development talks and workshops, involving
   external expert speakers where necessary.
 To facilitate Business School postgraduate students’ understanding of their employability
   and the processes involved in career decision making and career management to achieve
   optimum performance in employers’ selection processes.

 To provide careers advice and in-depth, individual guidance to enable Business School
  postgraduates to make timely and effective career decisions based on assessment of their
  specific needs.
 To deliver careers services through appointments, quick query drop-in sessions and by
  email and telephone.
 To offer advice and guidance to a diverse international student cohort on job search
  strategies and self-promotion.
 To offer guidance in the use and interpretation of interactive career guidance packages
  such as Prospects Planner, Career Leader and Career Leader College.
 To respond to careers related queries from prospective students, via e-mail, telephone, or
  ‘face to face’ at open days and recruitment events.
 To enable Business School postgraduate students to make effective career and
  occupational decisions based on current and accurate employer, occupational and careers
 To develop and maintain, in conjunction with other members of the Postgraduate Careers
  Service, specialist information resource areas, tailored to the needs of postgraduates in the
  Business School, taking into account the international dimension of the student audience.
 To research, develop and update discrete and bespoke careers guides and materials for the
  use of postgraduate students and alumni.
 To contribute to the development of the Service’s online resources including podcasts and

 To analyse, interpret and present first destination data for use in the Business School.
 To monitor recruitment trends and demands of labour markets and use labour market
  information to inform careers service activities with current and prospective students and
  with alumni.
 To evaluate service delivery by gathering and analysing feedback to inform future
  developments within the Postgraduate Careers Service.
 To contribute to the School’s involvement in external surveys and rankings where careers
  service provision and career progression feature. To contribute to accreditation
  assessments such as AMBA, EQUIS and others identified by the School.
 To represent and promote Business School postgraduate programmes to prospective
  students at events such as MBA and Postgraduate Study Recruitment Fairs and School
  Open days, in order to assist in the recruitment aims of the Business School.

To develop effective working relations at a strategic and operational level with colleagues in
the School and University. This includes:

   Working with members of the Postgraduate Careers Service, External Relations Manager,
    Corporate Development Manager, Alumni Manager and Undergraduate Learning Officer to
    ensure that all corporate relationships/links/contacts are developed and managed in an
    integrated fashion.
   To work with the School’s Database Programmer and Process, Quality and Systems
    Manager to further the strategic development of the careers databases and online
   Liaison with postgraduate office staff and academic colleagues within the Business School
    to ensure internal awareness of Postgraduate Careers Service activities.
   To liaise with colleagues, where relevant, in several areas of the University including the
    Centre for Career Development, Graduate School and the International Office.
   To network with fellow professionals in other Business Schools in order to facilitate market
    research, competitor analysis and sharing of best practices.
   To improve professional capability and expertise through continuous professional
    development and to attend relevant conferences, training courses and to keep abreast of
    research relating to: the guidance process; job search techniques and labour market
    information, in order to update and improve the necessary professional skills underpinning
    the role.

Any other duties appropriate to the role and level.
Person Specification:
                    Essential                                Desirable
Qualifications/     An Honours Degree and a recognized
Education           professional qualification in career
                    guidance/coaching and/or a proven
                    track record of relevant work
Knowledge/          Excellent networking skills.             British Psychological Society
Skills/Training     Excellent presentational and teaching    (BPS) Level A.
                    skills.                                  Trained in the use of Myers Briggs
                    Effective guidance skills and group      Type Indicator and/or Level B
                    work facilitation.                       Qualified (BPS).
                    Articulate and persuasive.
                    Excellent negotiating and influencing
                    Sound planning and organisational
                    Good statistical and analytical skills
                    IT literate and good understanding of
                    database management.
Experience          Experience of networking and building    Experience of developing
                    relationships with employers and         relationships with international
                    professional bodies to deliver           organisations.
                    effective collaborations.                Understanding of the business
                    Experience/understanding of the          school environment.
                    Higher Education employability           Experience of working as a
                    agenda.                                  careers guidance practitioner in
                    Experience of providing career           Higher Education.
                    guidance to individuals.                 Experience of working with
                    Experience of working with a             postgraduate students.
                    culturally diverse student community     Understanding and experience of
                    and an appreciation of employment        international student issues.
                    differences between the UK and
                    Creative with a high level of
                    entrepreneurial flair.
                    Enthusiastic and highly motivated.
                    Ability to work independently and to
                    exercise initiative.
                    Collegiate and effective team player.
                    Ability to meet and deliver results
                    against tight deadlines.
                    Sensitive, discreet and diplomatic.
Other               Awareness of the implications of
                    legislation on equal opportunities and
                    data protection for career guidance.

Informal enquiries may be addressed to Miss J Blant, Postgraduate Careers Service Manager,
tel: 0115 846 6478, Email: Please note that applications sent
directly to this Email address will not be accepted.

Please quote ref. SM/32555L.

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