BUSINESS SCHOOL
                                                            How to Create Wealth Quickly
                                                             in Any Business You Choose
                                                      If you’re going to work hard anyway, you might as well get
                                                      rich — and the quicker the better. At Guerrilla Business School,
                                                      a panel of expert millionaire business owners share their secrets
                                                      of success so you can quit wasting your time with strategies that
                                                      produce mediocre results and begin creating wealth in ANY
                                                      business you choose.

                                                      You will learn from the best about street-smart financing, maverick
                                                      marketing methods, real-world negotiation strategies and how
                                                      to generate million dollar ideas every 60 seconds! Once you
                                                      discover these powerful business strategies you will be on your
                                                      way to high speed success and a lifetime of passive income.

                                                      Peak Potentials Master Trainers and other millionaire business
                                                      owners will help your business and personal income skyrocket.

                                                         Here are just a few of the things you will learn:
                                                      • How to generate million-dollar ideas every 60 seconds
    GUERRILLA                                         • How to make or save a fortune using guerrilla negotiation tactics

 BUSINESS SCHOOL                                     • How to start any business or division with little or no money down
                                                      • Become a marketing genius in 6 hours flat
                                                      • How to raise $10,000 to $500,000 without asking anyone to
                                                        finance anything
                                                      • Win-win sales strategies that work in the real world
  PARTICIPANT COMMENTS                                • How to set up your business for massive passive income or sell it for
                                                        millions if you choose to
“I’ve spent the last 15 years in marketing, sales,    • And much more
 and production, but I got more useful knowledge
 in only five intense days at Guerrilla Business
                                                          COURSE DATES & INFO : 5 DAY INTENSIVE
 School. What an awesome value and amazing
 experience! This course actually lets you leave
 richer, on so many levels, than when you arrived.”   MARCH 23 – 27, 2010 : Los Angeles, CA
                                  SARAH HORTON        • Location: Hyatt Regency Orange County, 11999 Harbor Blvd.
                                                      • Check In: March 23rd, 5pm - 6:30pm • Start time: 7pm
                                                      • Hotel Information:

                                                       Regular Price: $5,995              

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