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    Monterey Institute of International Studies Ranks in Top Ten MBA Programs in the Nation for

Monterey, CA (September 15, 2006) – In a survey of over 700 schools just released by The Princeton
Review and Entrepreneur magazine, the Fisher Graduate School of International Business of the Monterey
Institute of International Studies was distinguished as one of the top graduate schools in the U.S. for
entrepreneurs. The Fisher School ranks eighth in the survey and is included with other well known
entrepreneurial programs such as those at Northwestern (Kellogg), UCLA (Anderson), and Babson College
(see list below).

With the announcement of the survey results, a growing number of students selecting entrepreneurship as a
focus of their studies now have a credible resource for locating the top educational providers in this field. The
results of the survey, along with the analysis, appear in the October issue of Entrepreneur, which hits
newsstands on September 26th.

A number of criteria were factored in to evaluate the Monterey Institute and other colleges and universities,
including the entrepreneurial emphasis of the business curriculum, mentoring, experiential learning, faculty
credentials, and the success of graduating students and alumni. High-ranking schools demonstrated a
commitment to practical, hands-on experiential learning to provide the skills that translate into real-world

Dr. Ernest J. Scalberg, Dean of the Fisher Graduate School of International Business, stated: We have a
distinctive MBA program in that all of our graduates are able to apply the entrepreneurial way of thinking to
international business opportunities. Their focus may be as individual entrepreneurs with a new start-up or as
intrapreneurs who are launching new overseas ventures for existing companies. All MBAs are required to do
an international business plan in cross cultural student teams for a real company, and to understand the rigors
of the differences in starting and financing a business across borders.

The joint efforts of The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur provide a highly credible tool for individuals
interested in furthering their education in entrepreneurship. The survey brings together the renowned research
strengths of The Princeton Review with Entrepreneur’s in-depth understanding of the challenges and
opportunities facing entrepreneurs today.

The Monterey Institute of International Studies, a private graduate institution located in Monterey, CA, is at
the forefront of international professional education preparing students for global careers in the private, public,
nonprofit and educational sectors. Its Business School has also been ranked as one of the top MBA programs
in the world by the Financial Times for its unique international educational environment and for the cross
border career mobility of its graduates. The Institute also offers graduate degrees in translation and
interpretation, international policy studies and language teaching. The Institute’s approximately 780 students
come from nearly 60 countries. Further information about the Monterey Institute may be found at For more information and a complete listing of the schools, go to

                                  Best Schools for Entrepreneurs

Top 25 Undergraduate Programs                       Top 25 Graduate Programs

   1.    The University of Arizona                      1.    Syracuse University
   2.    Syracuse University                            2.    DePaul University
   3.    DePaul University                              3.    Northwestern University
   4.    Temple University                              4.    California State University, San
   5.    University of Dayton                                 Bernardino
   6.    Drexel University                              5.    University of Washington
   7.    Fairleigh Dickinson University                 6.    The University of Arizona
   8.    University of North Dakota                     7.    Temple University
   9.    University of Illinois, Chicago                8.    Monterey Institute of International
   10.   Babson College                                       Studies
   11.   Xavier University                              9.    Indiana University, Bloomington
   12.   Brigham Young University                       10.   University of Louisville
   13.   Loyola Marymount University                    11.   University of California, Los Angeles
   14.   University of Southern California              12.   University of Illinois, Chicago
   15.   Chapman University                             13.   Tulane University
   16.   Columbia College Chicago                       14.   Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
   17.   Rowan University                               15.   The Pennsylvania State University
   18.   Baruch College, City University of             16.   University of Dayton
         New York                                       17.   Wake Forest University
   19.   Miami University                               18.   Simmons College
   20.   The University of Alabama                      19.   Fairleigh Dickinson University
   21.   University of Notre Dame                       20.   Boston University
   22.   Clarkson University                            21.   Southern Methodist University
   23.   Northern Kentucky University                   22.   Babson College
   24.   Iowa State University                          23.   University of Virginia
   25.   The University of Iowa                         24.   University of North Carolina, Chapel
                                                        25.   University of San Francisco