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					Tips before buying meat
You must understand the various types of livestock and meat quality, watch not one familiar type of
meat, do not buy goat meat when you intend to buy mutton. Read the following articles so that you
understand what it is meat, meat characteristics and properties of various types of livestock and how
to determine its quality.
Meat is one of the food products of animal origin that have a high nutrition because it contains
carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are defined as part of the meat obtained from
cattle slaughtered, both large livestock such as cattle, buffalo and horses, small animals goats, sheep
or poultry.
Meat is not healthy if consumed can cause illness due to food poisoning source for humans, it is
necessary to note the various types and criteria for a healthy and good meat.
In general, a healthy and good meat is meat that comes from a healthy animal, slaughtered in the
abattoir official, then inspected, transported by special vehicles and sold in supermarkets or in dairy
markets and higien net.

The properties of various types of beef cattle:

1. Beef
   Pale red color, red or brownish purplefish and Chery will change to color when the meat is subject
    to oxygen.
   Fine meat fibers but not easily destroyed and less fatty
   The consistency of clay, if the fiber is pinched off when the meat was not good.
   Yellowish fat
   Odour and taste aromatic
Buffalo 2.Daging
   Color is more red than beef
   Coarse muscle fibers and fat white
   It's almost the same as beef
   In general, clay, because generally slaughtered at older ages
3. Horseflesh
   Brownish red meat color, when exposed to outside air became darker.
   More rugged and long fibers
   Among the fibers are not found in fat
   Solid consistency
   Fat yellow gold, with soft consistency because many contain oleine.
4. Lamb
   Pink color.
   Meat consists of fine fibers are very tightly jaringanya.
   Fairly solid consistency.
   Among the muscles and there are a lot of fat under the skin.
   White fat.
   The smell is very distinctive on the goat meat.
5. Mutton
   Meat color is paler than mutton
   White fat
   Peculiar smell the goat meat
6. Pork
   Flesh color pale to pink
   Back muscles that contains a lot of fat, usually appear gray-white
   Fine fibrous meat, consistency and smell specific dense
   In old age, older-colored pork, less fat and crude fiber
   Much more flaccid fat than cow's or goat's fat
7. Chicken
   Meat color is generally pale white
   Fine meat fibers
   Consistency is less dense
   Among the no-fat meat fibers
   Fat color to yellow-colored with a soft consistency
   Slightly fishy odor to odorless.
8. Duck Meat
   Do not choose meat duck if you do if the skin and flesh colored kebirua even slightly less green
    and pleasant aroma, it indicates the condition of the duck meat is no longer good enough to eat.
   The flesh is more clay and wet, but it was tasty compared to other poultry meat.
   Duck meat has a more fishy flavor, so penangannya certainly more complex than chicken
    meat. Especially for mengempukkan flesh clay and also eliminate the stinging smell fishy, it takes
    time and cooking experience.
9. Turkey Meat
   The meat is much harder than the domestic chicken.
How to Determine the Quality Meat
    1. Tenderness or tenderness. Healthy meat will have a rubbery consistency (solid) when pressed
          with finger.
    2. Or Marbling fat content. Marbling is the fat that terdapatdiantara muscle (intra muscular),
          marbling effect on rasadaging ideals.
    3. Flesh color varies, depending on the type of genetically and age
    4. Flavor and aroma. Good quality meat has a relatively savory flavor and aroma of savory
    5. Humidity. Normally the meat has a relatively dry surface so that it can restrain the growth of
          the organism from outside.
Not always buy at the supermarket is more expensive, sometimes cheaper prices at supermarkets
compared to prices at traditional markets. And not necessarily in the supermarket meat also assured
his health. It never happened several times available in the supermarket meat quality was poorer than
in traditional markets.
The most important thing you should be careful before buying.Decide what home to buy meat, do not
disconnect when already on the market or supermarket because we can not think if it is there, the
hunting of meat ... .. congratulations!

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