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Telecommunications Sales Resume Example


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									Jesse Kendall                            123 Elm Street ▪ Auburn, ME 04211 ▪ 207-555-5555 ▪ jkendall@notmail.com

     Award-winning Telecommunications Sales Manager with a wealth of experience and a proven record of
     accomplishment in servicing clients through excellent interpersonal and managerial skills. Highly skilled in
     growing existing business and winning customer loyalty. Committed to growing bottom-line revenues while
     providing the highest levels of customer service. Strategic and performance-driven leader with keen
     presentation, negotiation, and communication skills.
     Demonstrated employer loyalty; over 15 years of experience with a single, dynamic company.

Telecommunications Sales Leadership

     ABC MOBILITY, Auburn, ME
     Manage and motivate a team of top-performing Business Care Managers to resolve escalated issues, correct
     billing errors, and provide exceptional customer service. Oversee special projects, new contract
     implementation, rate plan changes, and billing analysis for key accounts. Train customers on new products
     and billing procedures. Devise tools and incentives to ensure optimal team performance. Interface closely with
     the leadership team to quickly resolve complex/critical customer issues and identify trends. Supervise Web
     site updates to ensure a smooth ordering process. Clearly communicate strategies, quality standards, and
     best practices to all remote employees through weekly conference calls.

         Grew business from $10 million to $14.9 million within three fiscal quarters, maintaining a fantastic churn
         rate with superior client service.
         Developed Bank of America from a $22 million account in 2005 to a $48 million account in 2007; grew the
         subscriber base from 37,489 to 72,125.
         Won an award in recognition of achieving the largest Premier adoption and penetration in the Central
         Region; dramatically improved the use of Premier, an online ordering Web tool in 2007.
         Efficiently and permanently resolved major issues, such as hundreds of customers simultaneously
         experiencing discontinued service and troubleshooting problems when 19 billing systems consolidated into
         four. Investigated root causes of billing errors and worked with various teams to reactivate accounts.
         Led 20% of staff into promotions, minimized turnover, and directed a recipient of a Service Excellence
         Award; constantly worked with employees to accelerate through individual career paths and ensure high
         staff morale.

     REGIONAL SALES M ANAGER ▪ 19xx – 20xx
     Promoted to fulfill corporate strategic plans for a seven-state territory; challenged to implement staffing,
     improve marketing, and grow the client base. Directed a team of six Team Managers and 60 Business Care
     Managers. Provided post sales support to Fortune 500 clients and the company's top revenue-generating
     customers. Trained customer service representatives throughout the region to provide excellent account
     management, consultation services, cost management advice, and product education/training.

         Won a Service Excellence Award in 20xx.
         Consistently earned high rankings in customer service surveys.
         Maintained the highest levels of profitability and revenue by skillfully prioritizing clients and up-selling
         Continually found effective new ways to control client costs by changing plans and service strategies to
         deliver personalized service.


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