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123 Elm Street
Asheville, NC 28801

                       Energetic, dependable, and solutions-oriented Sales Associate with expertise in building
                       long-term relationships with customers to win repeat business. Demonstrated skill in
                       increasing sales, planning promotions, and performing inventory control. Possess a track
                       record of maximizing efficiency through automation.


                       SALES ASSOCIATE, 20xx to Present
                       ABC LIMITED, Asheville, NC
                       Helped customers choose and purchase the items that best suited their unique tastes; provided
                       excellent customer service, sold men’s and women’s apparel, and processed POS transactions.
                       Expertly discussed the features, merits, and quality of merchandise.

                       •   Quickly resolved customer issues and complaints.
                       •   Merchandised products and maintained an inviting sales floor.

                       SALES ASSOCIATE, 20xx to 20xx
                       BCD MERCHANDISE, Asheville, NC
                       Promote sales using direct mail, Internet marketing, community networking, warm calling and
                       lead generation. Negotiate sales prices and contractual terms; execute all sales-related
                       documentation to complete transactions. Consult with clients to identify requirements on
                       specific areas of importance to assist in the purchasing process. Organize and conduct product
                       demonstrations. Perform regularly scheduled follow-up contact with all leads; regularly
                       contact clients to inform them of new projects and area project specifics.

                       •   Developed targeted e-mail and flyer distribution system which segmented marketing
                           efforts based upon geographical data.
                       •   Achieved more than double the number of registered clients than fellow sales associates.
                       •   Introduced over 40 new developments to the customer base; maintained a 100% targeted
                           product line distribution.


                       Associate’s Degree Program, Marketing Course Completed
                       XYZ College, Asheville, NC, 20xx to 20xx

                       Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook PowerPoint

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