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Resort Sales Resume Example by mplett


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									                                                       JESSE KENDALL
123 Elm Street                                              Home: 843-555-5555                             
Hilton Head Island, SC 29938                                 Cell: 843-444-4444                                      Available for relocation

                                           RESORT SALES MANAGEMENT
Dynamic, top-performing professional with a proven track record of revenue-generating success, including six years of award-
winning timeshare sales experience. Adept at assessing problems and instituting long-term solutions that improve sales
revenues, workplace efficiency, and morale. Keen business instincts coupled with an unwavering commitment to achieving
mutually satisfying outcomes. Highly regarded interpersonal skills with a reputation for authenticity, congeniality, and warmth.
Backed by solid academic credentials.

———————————————— SALES MANAGEMENT RESULTS ————————————————

ABC RESORTS INCORPORATED, Hilton Head Island, SC ▪ 20xx to 20XX
$600 million plus firm that markets a point-based vacation ownership plan providing access to over 47 resorts and an exchange network of over 3700
resorts and other vacation experiences such as cruises and hotel stays.

GROUP PRESENTATION MANAGER (20xx to 20xx): Led six group speakers and a high-performing sales team of 60 at
the Preview Center for the Smoky Mountain Resort. Ensured a strong sales line and optimized average per guest (APG) rating by
assigning the best Sales Representatives to the first daily tours. Maximized results by supervising the sales floor; visited tables and
assisted sales professionals/managers in closing deals. Provided clear communication and expectations by holding regular
meetings with management, sales staff, and various departments. Ran and verified marketing and sales reports.
Steered the resort to an all group presentation format so that guests would have extra attention and follow up from a
Sales Representative as well as group presentations. Accomplishments during this initiative include:
         Produced $20 million in 20xx by directing group presentations and over 14,000 guest tours.
         Drove personal sales volume from $1 million to $1.9 million within nine months.
         Raised the overall APG from 1200 to 1500 in one year.
         Brought over $4 million as a speaker while simultaneously managing the entire Group Presentation Program.
         Recognized as the #1 or #2 speaker every single month during tenure.
         Traveled to the XYZResort and Myrtle Beach, SC, to help implement, build, and ensure success of those group
         presentation programs.

SENIOR SALES MANAGER (20xx): Directed the selling strategies for the $40 million Sales Center and managed a $34
million budget. Developed compelling PowerPoint presentations for use at all EFG resorts and road shows. Helped open the
JKL Preview Center.
         Closed over $3 million in sales and oversaw 25,000 tours.
         Gained proficiency and effectiveness in running all aspects of the entire resort.

SALES MANAGER (20xx to 20xx): Held an additional role as an Inventory Specialist/TO.
         Received the 20xx MVP Award from the TUV Resort.
         Won the GUNG-HO Award for Net Efficiencies in 2005 for 4th quarter performance.
         Closed over $2 million in sales and maintained a 1300+ APG.

GROUP PRESENTER (20xx to 20xx): Attended the Corporate Specialized Group Presentation Seminar.
SALES REPRESENTATIVE (20xx to 20xx): Wrote $800,000+ in sales volume.


XYZ UNIVERSITY – Hilton Head Island, SC
  M.S. in Human Resource Development, 20xx
  B.S. in Business Administration, 20xx
  4.0 GPA in All Graduate Studies

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