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					                       CHILDCARE ASSOCIATION OF LOUISIANA
                             PREREGISTRATION FORM

                                 2009 LAST CHANCE EDUCATION

                            SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2009

                                 HOLIDAY INN LAFAYETTE-US167
                                 2032 NE EVANGELINE THRUWAY
                                     LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA

Last Chance Education Conference Chairman
Jonathan P. Pearce, President
Sugar 'n Spice Preschools Inc.

For further information about the Childcare Association of Louisiana,

Cindy Bishop, Executive Director
P.O. Box 80053
Baton Rouge, LA 70898-0053
(225) 923-1599

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"These workshops are approved by the Louisiana Department of
Social Services/Office of Family Support/Division of Child Care and
Early Childhood Education/ Quality Improvement Unit for the total
number of clock hours designated on the Conference Certificate of

                  SATURDAY DECEMBER 12th, 2009

                       TRAINING SESSIONS

9:00 AM – 12:00 NOON      Tummy Time Tools
                          Emily Smith
                          First Years, Excellence for Children
                          (3 clock hours)

9:00AM – 12:00 NOON       Managing Stress and Burnout
                          Lyn Camus
                          Steps of Development
                          (3 clock hours)

10:00AM – 11:00AM        Back to Sleep (SIDS)
11:00AM – 12:00NOON      Health and Safety: Food Safety
                         Dianna Constant, Region IV Coordinator
                         Agenda for Children
                         (2 clock hours)

1:15PM – 4:15PM           Five Star Communication
                          Elizabeth Ratcliff Dent
                          (3 clock hours)

1:15PM – 4:15PM           Health and Safety and the Environment Rating Scales
                          Dianna Constant, Region IV Coordinator
                          Agenda for Children
                          (3 clock hours)

         lunch will be served at approximately 12:00 Noon

    COURSE DESCRIPTIONS – SATURDAY, December 12th, 2009

                                  TRAINING SESSIONS

**Tummy Time Tools – Emily Smith, First Years, Excellence for Children
The Tummy Time Tools materials developed by Healthcare of Atlanta will be used in this
session. Babies need tummy time because they’re spending more and more time on their
backs. In the early 90s, the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Back to Sleep campaign
successfully decreased the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome in the United States by
40 percent. Also, in the early 90’s, a number of infant carriers that double as car seats became
widely used, and some car seats can be attached to a stroller base. Babies can now go to the
car, ride in the car, be carried out of the car, and strolled without ever being re-positioned. In
addition, families and caregivers were already using many other existing types of infant seats,
such as bouncy seats that can also be attached to a swing. This combination of back sleeping at
night and daytime pressure on the back of the infant’s head led to unintended consequences:
delay in developing/strengthening neck and back muscles with some babies developing more
serious physical problems. This session will provide you with a variety of activities to help make
sure young babies get enough time on their tummies, while they are awake and supervised. The
trainer, Dr. Emily Smith, received her doctorate degree in early childhood development from
LSU and currently serves as a curriculum specialist with First Years (the CCR&R for DSS
Regions 5 & 6) and as an Infant/Toddler Specialist with the Louisiana Head Start State-based
Training & Technical Assistance Office. Dr. Smith has extensive experience as an early
childhood consultant and monitor for governmentally funded early childhood programs, working
with the Louisiana Department of Education and as an independent consultant. Emily can be
reached by email at

**Managing Stress and Burnout - Lyn Camus, Steps of Development
Providing for the physical, emotional, and intellectual well being of children can be both
extremely rewarding and unbelievably stressful! Come learn how to find renewed purpose in
your career as an early childhood professional through the use of stress management
techniques. Learn tips to use daily to prevent and handle burnout.
Lyn Camus is a registered nurse with a current Louisiana and Texas license. She is a Child
Care Health Consultant in Louisiana, a Certified Trainer for Child Care facilities in Louisiana, a
Certified Infant Massage Instructor, and an Independent Certified Instructor of the Baby Signs®
Program. As a nurse she has worked in Labor and Delivery and the Neonatal Intensive Care
Unit, as well as private duty in the home. Ms. Camus has more than ten years of experience
working with children of all ages in a variety of settings, from the hospital to the classroom. Lyn
may be reached by email at

**Back to Sleep (SIDS) - Health and Food Safety, Dianna Constant, Agenda for
This three hour session is designed to inform participants about the high risk population and the
best way to protect infants from SID. Objectives include the following:

   □   SIDS – Definition and Facts
   □   Trends in Louisiana SIDS Rates
   □   SIDS in the Child Care Setting
   □   Risk Factors and Risk Reducing Practices
   □   Implementing A Sleep Position Policy
   □   First Response Emergency Procedures
   □   National and State SIDS Resources

This session also covers food safety. The goal is to ensure that safe food handling procedures
are followed by ensuring that the following objectives are met:
    □ Examine the micro-world and learn how we can control or prevent food related illness
    □ Examine our cleaning and disinfecting practices to better control micro-organisms
    □ Examine our handling of food items and how we model those for children

Session overview includes inviting participants to examine their own practices and how they can
improve the quality and safety of the food. Social emotional is included as snacks and lunch are
an extension of the classroom and prime learning time for the children. Dianna may be reached
by email at

**Five Star Communication - Elizabeth Ratcliff Dent
In this 3 hour session, participants will accomplish the following:
     Learn 5 important principles of Communication
     Discuss the importance of establishing clear internal and external lines of communication
     Discover the 5 fundamentals necessary when today’s challenging marketplace demands
         that we re-visit important communication issues:
         Re-Define, in order to Re-spond in new ways to get better Re-Sults!
     Answer, discuss & develop a ten point action plan for the following question:
        “If you could be king/queen for the day, what would you do to improve the
          provision of child care services and the regulation of the child care industry
          in Louisiana?”

Elizabeth Dent is a nationally known consultant, trainer and seminar leader and is the President
of Financial and Management Services, a Baton Rouge based management consulting firm.
Her clients, both small businesses and Fortune 500 Companies in the areas of business,
education, government and industry have included: The US Veterans Administration, Freeport
McMoran, Ernst and Young, LLC, Exxon Corporation, Scientific Learning Corporation, University
of Louisville Athletic Directors, the Office of the Louisiana State Treasurer and U.S. Senator
Mary Landrieu. Elizabeth is a community activist and has served in various leadership roles on
numerous boards including the Sunrise Rotary Club, the Baton Rouge Ballet Theater, the Baton
Rouge Chamber of Commerce, the Baton Rouge Symphony Auxiliary, the Louisiana Women’s

Foundation and St. Josephs Cathedral. She is currently serving as state Vice-chair of the
Louisiana Center for Women and Government’s Leadership Council. Elizabeth may be reach by
email at

**Health and Safety and the Environmental Rating Scales – Dianna
Agenda for Children
This session is designed to encourage participants to improve the quality of the
environment for the children they care for. Objectives would be as follows:
   □ Protection of health and safety
   □ Building relationships
Opportunities for stimulation and learning from experience

Ms. Constant is the Region IV Agenda for Children/Child Care Resources Coordinator.
She holds a Bachelor of Arts Sociology and Youth and Family Services. She is also an
Office of Public Health, Maternal and Child Welfare Child Care Health Consultant and a
consultant with University of Montana Rural Institute on Disabilities – Child Care Plus
Team; Consultant with Utah State University Ski - High Institute on Children with
Disabilities and a statewide trainer on Inclusive Ideologies. Dianna may be reached by
email at

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