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									     Offshore Outsourcing – result of expertise gained over decades of experience and research

Highlighting lesser cost as the only reason for the growth of Offshore Outsourcing in India is like not
doing justice to the developments that have taken place in the IT Industry. Talking about Offshore
Outsourcing means to talk about 25 to 30 years of effort, expertise, specialization and growth gained
within so much of a short period of time.

The general definition of Offshore Outsourcing is that a client company hires (contracts or outsources)
another company based in a foreign country to provide a few of the services intended by the client.
Offshore Companies are hired for cost related benefits with the cost and effort being lower than an in-
house operation.

There are a lot of reasons that could be attributed to the growth of Offshore Outsourcing. Here are a few:

       Huge demand for best labor in the Industry.
       Demand for best labor at a lower cost.
       Clients in Search for quality manpower and services.
       Offshore companies’ ability in tapping quality manpower and services.
       Case studies and success stories bringing in more of transparency on the growth and the plight of
       Stiff competition in IT sector.

There is equal number of problems as there are benefits. Problems in Offshore Outsourcing are:

       Rising service and labor costs due to increased demand.
       Lesser possibilities of supervision of work.
       Different cultural milieus.
       Differences in communication modes and behavior.
       Important decisions and information may be divulged.

These may be considered potential problems in Offshore Outsourcing and they are not problems per se.
This means to say that such situations may arise but the industry is sufficiently trained to avoid these
problems beforehand. The Offshore Outsourcing firms in India are worth $47 billion at the moment.

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