Meta-Door Metadata collection, management and sharing by cpf16541


Metadata collection, management
and sharing

6/24/2010                         1
 Meta-Door is a second generation metadata entry
  tool which extends the capabilities of an earlier
  developed ‘Cast-Net’ tool
 Currently provides FGDC compliant metadata
  records for FGDC Clearinghouse search
 Plan to support metadata collection and sharing
  as community and service needs develop
 Provided as an existing online application and as
  an open source product which has been
  developed in Java using a Struts framework

6/24/2010                                             2
Register and login at

6/24/2010                       3
Main form (following slide)
 Create or edit existing metadata or
  metadata templates
 Upload existing FGDC XML
 Document status of template,
  unpublished or published

6/24/2010                               4
6/24/2010   5
Metadata entry context features
                           - Collapsible forms organized
                           into tabbed sections
                           - Fields color coded by
                           requirement need

                  - Help context link for each field
                  - Listbox selections and calendars
                  - Form presents only subfields needed
6/24/2010         based on listbox selection           6
Review entered metadata in multiple
formats (HTML, XML, FAQ, …)

  6/24/2010                           7
Error check, publish and search

6/24/2010                         8
Planned metadata support for
    FGDC forwarding specific elements such as linkage <onlink> , thesaurus <themekt>


       <themekey>EARTH SCIENCE &gt; Oceans &gt; Coastal Processes &gt; Sea Surface Height</themekey>
       <themekey>EARTH SCIENCE &gt; Oceans &gt; Bathymetry/Seafloor Topography &gt; Bathymetry</themekey>
       <themekey>EARTH SCIENCE &gt; Oceans &gt; Ocean Temperature &gt; Sea Surface Temperature</themekey>
       <themekey>EARTH SCIENCE &gt; Oceans &gt; Ocean Temperature &gt; Water Temperature</themekey>
       <themekey>EARTH SCIENCE &gt; Oceans &gt; Salinity/Density &gt; Salinity</themekey>
       <themekey>EARTH SCIENCE &gt; Oceans &gt; Ocean Winds &gt; Surface Winds</themekey>
  <themekt>ISO 19115 Topic Category</themekt>

6/24/2010                                                                                                      9
Planned metadata support for
 marineXML
 sensorML
     – Platforms and Sensors
     – Observations and Measurements
     – OGC Sensor Web
   Other metadata harvesters
     – OGC Catalog services
6/24/2010                              10
Future development
   Continued focus on ease of use when collecting and
    managing metadata while also remapping and sharing
    collected metadata with a variety of existing and developing
    metadata protocols
   Additional development may include features for facilitating
    data upload or transformation, incorporating the use of
    datatypes and associated input templates to aggregate,
    error check and reformat user datasets for use with other
   Anyone is free to register and use the existing service or
    set up their own separate installation. Outside
    development of the tool is encouraged although our ability
    to communicate and coordinate development is currently

6/24/2010                                                     11
 Source code and additional demos at
 TWiki website
 Listserv

6/24/2010                                 12
Acknowledgements – Cast-Net

   Southern Association of Marine Laboratories
   Southeastern Universities Research Association
     – Baruch Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences at the
       University of South Carolina
     – Dauphin Island Sea Lab Alabama
     – Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium
     – Skidaway Institute of Oceanography of the University
       System of Georgia
     – University of Southern Mississippi

6/24/2010                                                        13
Acknowledgements – Meta-Door
   Requirements and Feedback
     –      Baruch Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences at the University of South
              •   Dr. Madilyn Fletcher
              •   Dr. Dwayne Porter
              •   Dr. Braxton Davis
              •   Dr. Sam Walker
              •   Jeremy Cothran
              •   Charlton Purvis
     –      Hollings Marine Lab (Charleston, SC)
              •   Dr. David White
   Development
     –      Advanced Solutions Group at the University of South Carolina
              •   Rana Vedre
              •   Susanna King
              •   Ed Yu
              •   Randy Shelley
              •   Hanna Habashy

6/24/2010                                                                                 14

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