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									Date:          06/12/09
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Minimally Invasive Medical Technologies Center

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Contact Information

Minimally Invasive Medical Technologies Center
UC College of Engineering
2901 Campus Drive.
Cincinnati, OH 45221
(513) 556-3745


Chuck Doarn, MBA
Administrative Director, Minimally Invasive Medical Technologies Center
UC Research Associate Professor of Surgery and Biomedical Engineering


The Minimally Invasive Medical Technologies Center (MIMTeC) is a collaborative research center that allows biomedical companies to pool
their funding to develop new medical technologies for minimally invasive surgical procedures.

MIMTeC is a collaboration between UC’s biomedical engineering department and the Center for Surgical Innovation, a research and teaching
facility housed in the department of surgery.

The center’s overriding goal is to develop fundamental enabling technologies that member companies can use to develop minimally invasive
interventions. Balakrishna Haridas, PhD, director of the center, spent more than 10 years designing biomedical devices prior to joining UC.

Established in February 2007, the center received initial funding from a five-year National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative
Research Center grant (February 2007—February 2012) and membership fees from a consortium of national biomedical device companies.

Membership is open to reputable biomedical device companies that are willing to commit to a three-year, renewable membership in the
center. Membership entitles companies to suggest, review and vote on proposed research projects that may be beneficial for the entire

Affiliate membership rights, which allow companies to stay up to speed on the emerging technologies they will need to produce future
devices, are also available to device manufacturers.

MIMTeC’s underlying model allows for timely public disclosure of research in the form of publications, which students working at the center
will have the opportunity disseminate.

Research Focus                                                                                            Page 1 of 2
MIMTeC currently funds six research projects at UC and its institutional collaborator, the University of Minnesota. The number of projects will
increase as more companies join and contribute funds to the center.

Projects fall within four broad research themes:
    q Tools and algorithms to measure in vivo properties of tissues and organs

    q Laboratory and computational models of tissues and device interactions that mimic in vivo conditions

    q Instrumentation design for image-guided interventions, and

    q Miniature embedded sensors (nanotechnology) used to measure the biophysical properties of device-tissue interactions during


All projects address specific design methods and experimental techniques that can be used to test new interventions. Examples could
include computer-simulated scenarios to predict how human tissue responds to a device made of a specific material, or noninvasive methods
to determine the physics of interactions between a device and tissue.

Industry Partners

    q   Boston Scientific
    q   Ethicon-Endo Surgery
    q   Greatbatch Inc.
    q   Procter & Gamble
    q   Medtronic
    q   Cordis Corp.
    q   U.S. Army
    q   Nanocoepia                                                                                             Page 2 of 2

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