Here are 30 rood words, prefixes, and suffixes that by zfz19897


									Vocabulary building

Here are 30 root words, prefixes, and suffixes that have been identified that provide the basis for
more than 14,000 commonly used words in the English language:

Source: Literacy Strategies for Grades 4-12: Reinforcing the Threads of Reading, Karen
Tankersley, ASCD Publishing: 2005, pages 93-95

ab                                             away from
ad                                             to, toward
co, con, com, col, cor                         together, with
de                                             away, down, out of
dis                                            not, opposite
ex                                             out of, formerly
in, im, il, ir                                 in, not
pre                                            before
pro                                            forward
re                                             back, again
un                                             not, opposite
able                                           capable of, worthy of
ance, ence, ancy, ency                         act or fact of doing, state, quality
er, or                                         person or thing connected with, agent
ful                                            full of, abounding in
less                                           without, free from
ly                                             like, characteristic of
ment                                           state of, quality of
tion, sion, xion                               action, state, result
phon                                           sound, speech
tele                                           distance
meter                                          measure
cap                                            to seize, take, or contain
audio                                          to hear
vid, vis                                       to see or look at
spect                                          to observe, watch
inter                                          between
sub                                            under
mis                                            wrong
trans                                          across or beyond

Latin verbs that will assist in deciphering word meanings
Tenere                                         to have, hold (as in tenable, tenacious, and
Mittere                                        to send, launch (as in message, missile, and
Facere                                         to do, make (as in faction, artifact,
Scribere                                       to write (as in scribble, scribe, and script)

Vocabulary building

Lengthy words can be overwhelming. The following list of Latin roots should help unlock the
meaning of such words more quickly:

Aud                                         To hear
Dict                                        To speak or tell
Min                                         Small
Mit, mis                                    To send
Ped                                         Foot
Port                                        Carry
Scrib, script                               Write
Spect                                       See
Struct                                      Build, form

Some common Greek roots that might be helpful include:
Astro                                     Star
Bio                                       Life
Geo                                       Earth
Meter                                     Measure
Phon                                      sound

Source: Literacy Strategies for Grades 4-12: Reinforcing the Threads of Reading, Karen
Tankersley, ASCD Publishing: 2005, pages 93-95

Vocabulary building

More common Greek (G) and Latin (L) roots with examples:


   Root (source) Meaning          English words
   aster, astr (G) star           astronomy, astrology
   audi (L)        to hear        audible, auditorium
   bene (L)        good, well     benefit, benevolent
   bio (G)         life           biology, autobiography
   dic, dict (L)   to speak       dictionary, dictator
   fer (L)         to carry       transfer, referral
   fix (L)         to fasten      fix, suffix, affix
   geo (G)         earth          geography, geology
   graph (G)       to write       graphic, photography
   jur, just (L)   law            jury, justice
   log, logue (G) word, thought, monolog(ue), astrology,
                  speech         biology, neologism
   luc (L)         light          lucid, translucent

   manu (L)        hand           manual, manuscript
   meter, metr
                   measure        metric, thermometer
   op, oper (L)    work           operation, operator
   path (G)        feeling        pathetic, sympathy, empathy
   ped (G)         child          pediatrics, pedophile
   phil (G)        love           philosophy, Anglophile
   phys (G)        body, nature   physical, physics
   scrib, script
                   to write       scribble, manuscript
   tele (G)        far off        telephone, television
   ter, terr (L)   earth          territory, extraterrestrial
   vac (L)         empty          vacant, vacuum, evacuate

Vocabulary building

   verb (L)        word             verbal, verbose
   vid, vis (L)    to see           video, vision, television

Prefixes showing quantity
   Meaning         Prefixes in English Words
   half            semiannual, hemisphere
   one             unicycle, monarchy, monorail
   two             binary, bimonthly, dilemma, dichotomy
   hundred         century, centimeter, hectoliter
   thousand        millimeter, kilometer
Prefixes showing negation
   without, no,    asexual, anonymous, illegal, immoral,
   not             invalid, irreverent, unskilled
   not, absence    nonbreakable, antacid, antipathy, contradict
   of, opposing,
   opposite to,    counterclockwise, counterweight
   do the          dehorn, devitalize, devalue
   opposite of,
   do the          disestablish, disarm
   opposite of,
   deprive of
   wrongly, bad    misjudge, misdeed
Prefixes showing time
   before          antecedent, forecast, precede, prologue
   after           postwar
   again           rewrite, redundant
Prefixes showing direction or position
   above, over     supervise, supererogatory
   across, over    transport, translate
   below, under    infrasonic, infrastructure, subterranean,

Vocabulary building

   in front of   proceed, prefix
   behind        recede
   out of        erupt, explicit, ecstasy
   into          injection, immerse, encourage, empower
   around        circumnavigate, perimeter
   with          coexist, colloquy, communicate,
                 consequence, correspond, sympathy,


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