Australian Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI)

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					Australian Spatial Data
Infrastructure (ASDI)

                C. Kottman
                 May 2002
         What is the ASDI?

• The ASDI is a national initiative to
  provide better access for all Australians
  to essential spatial data.
• It aims to ensure that users of spatial
  data will be able to acquire consistent
  datasets to meet their requirements,
  even though the data is collected and
  maintained by different authorities.
  Foreseen Uses of Spatial Data
• Environmental Assessment &
• Property Administration - including
  Native Titles
• Navigation - road, marine & air
• Resource Management - agriculture, mining,
  energy, forestry & marineEmergency Services
  Response - fire, ambulance & police
• Business Planning
• Census
• Disaster Management
Who is implementing the ASDI?

• ANZLIC - the spatial information council, is the
  peak inter-governmental council responsible for
  the coordination of spatial information
  management in Australia and New Zealand. It is
  responsible for leading the development of the
• Within the Commonwealth, a three-tiered
  structure has been implemented to coordinate its
  spatial information interests. The Commonwealth
  Office of Spatial Data Management (OSDM)
  acts as the operational part of the structure.
           ASDI Structure
• The ASDI comprises four linked, core
  – the institutional framework,
  – fundamental datasets,
  – technical standards and protocols
  – clearing-house networks.
• The ASDI will use the newGeocentric
  Datum of Australia (GDA)
       ANZLIC Achievements
• ANZLIC metadata guidelines
• ANZLIC Metadata Entry Tool (MET) (to assist
  with the implementation of the metadata
• In addition to the MET, there are a number of
  commercially and freely available metadata
  collection and management tools that have been
  developed to meet various needs.
• Geographic Extent Name (GEN) Register
 Geoscience Australia Initiatives

• the Australia Spatial Data Directory (ASDD).
• the ASDI Partership Grants Program
• Metadata management
 Coordination Bodies, Australian

• Commonwealth Spatial Data Policy Executive (CSDPE)
• Commonwealth Spatial Data Management Group
• Commonwealth Office of Spatial Data Management
• ANZLIC - the spatial information council
• Committee for Geographical Names in Australia (CGNA)
• Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping
          Coordination Bodies,
• Global Mapping Project
• The Antarctic Geographic Data Integration Project.
• Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI)
• International Steering Committee on Global Mapping
• Permanent Committee on GIS Infrastructure for Asia and the
  Pacific (PCGIAP)
• Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research Working Group
  on Geodesy and Geographic Information (SCAR WG-GGI).
• United Nations Regional Cartographic Conferences
Commonwealth Spatial Data
   Committee (CSDC)

•   Supporting ANZLIC.
• The lead responsibility for ASDI implementation in the
Commonwealth Government is with the Australian Surveying and
Land Information Group (AUSLIG), the National Mapping Agency.
• CSDC is also developing the ASDI by implementing a number of
projects, including:
•   Australian Spatial Data Directory (ASDD)
•   Spatial Data Clearinghouse Trial
•   ASDI Fundamental Data
•   ASDI Compliance Testing
 Spatial Data Infrastructure Standing Committee

      Terms of Reference
    Role of the Standing Committee
• The ANZLIC SDI Standing Committee
  will coordinate ANZLIC ASDI technical
  implementation projects and ASDI-
  related activities of ICSM and ANZLIC
  sub-committees and working groups.
• The Standing Committee shall determine the
  budget required for all elements of the Work Plan.
  It shall recommend which of the elements should
  be funded by ANZLIC and shall advise Council on
  proposed funding arrangements for those
  elements not covered by ANZLIC funding.

• ANZLIC will consider the advice of the Standing
  Committee in the determination of its overall
  budget and will subsequently advise the Standing
  Committee of its approved budget. Funds will be
  administered by the Executive Officer with the
  advice of the Chairperson. The Chairperson will
  report to Council on expenditure against the
      Budget and Timeframe (2000)

              Task Description                Timeframe     Budget        Lead

1. Coordination and Project Mgt

1.1 Appoint ANZLIC ASDI Project Officer      Feb 2000     $93,000    SA

1.2 Establish liaison with national groups   Mar 2000     Nil        Chair SC

2. Institutional Framework / Policy

2.1 Principles for national datasets         Mar 2000     Nil        WA

2.2 Custodianship guidelines                 Mar 2000                SA

2.3 Principles for national sponsors         Mar 2000                ICSM

2.4 Role of public and private sectors       Mar 2000                C'wealth
     Fundamental Datasets (2000)
3.1 Define framework and              Mar 2000    Nil   Proj
fundamental datasets and priorities                     Officer

3.2 Identify national sponsors        June 2000         SDI SC

3.3 Develop ASDI Compliance           Next Yr           TBA

3.4 Compliance audit program          Next Yr           TBA
                    Standards (2000)
5.1 Identify and develop national           June - Dec             Proj Off
standards for priority themes.              2000

5.2 Monitor and provide input to            Mar 2000     $16,000   SA
international standards development
being undertaken by ISO TC211

5.3 Undertake Stage 1 of Australian         May 2000     $20,000   AMWG
metadata standard development
(Review of current guidelines)

5.4 Undertake Stage 2 of metadata           Sep 2000     TBA       AMWG
devt. (develop draft Aust profile for ISO
      Outreach, Promotion (2000)
6.1 Provide and maintain Internet   On-Going   Nil       Exec
site with current information                            Officer

6.2 Develop visual identity and     June 2000 $4,000     Proj Off
simple brochure

6.3 Develop metadata education      Mar 2000   $25,000   QLD

TOTAL                                          $160,00
     ASDI Workplan (2002)
ANZLIC Work Plan

3. Review and finalise an ANZLIC paper
   that defines framework and
   fundamental datasets for the ASDI.
   This paper will provide a common
   understanding that can be applied
    ICSM's core focus for the
         ASDI will be:

• Geodetic,
• Bathymetry,
• Spatial Representation of Topographic Data
• Spatial Cadastral;
• Nomenclature (geographical names); and
• Street Addressing.