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    Infinite Campus Grade Book 
    A GPISD Technology Training Manual 

                                          Last updated August 18, 2008

                                           Created by Sharon Thornton 
                           Infinite Campus Grade Book

Step 1: Login to Infinite Campus and reset your password.
Navigate to:

Note: There are also links to Infinite Campus on both the Intranet and Internet GPISD web pages.

Intranet: On the left panel (Only accessible through the district)
Internet: Under Employee Information link.

                                 Login to Infinite Campus

                                 Username: Your Novell Login username.

                                 Password: Default password is gpisd1 to all new employees

                                 Your name should now appear at the top left menu bar.

Note: You will not be prompted to change your password, and these are not set to expire. So if
you do not change it, then it will remain gpisd1.

We strongly recommend, however, that you go ahead and change your password for security.

                                                                          1. Click on Account
                                                                          Settings located on the
                                                                          left menu bar.

                                                                          2. Type in gpisd1

                                                                          3. Enter your new

                                                                          4. Save Changes.

2                                                          Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 
Step 2: Set up General Preferences

Before you begin using your grade book, you need to set up the options and features you want.

                                                                      Open Instruction Module.

                                                                      Open Admin Folder.

                                                                      Click on Preferences.

                                                               Check the following:

                                                               -Show Student Numbers
                                                               -Use Canned Comments

Step 3: Create a Seating Chart

                                                                 Click on Seating Chart under
                                                                 Admin folder (inside of Instruction

                                                                 Type in the number of rows and

                                                                 Click on Auto-Fill Alphabet or
                                                                 random to assign seats

If you want to leave a seat empty or create an aisle, check the box: Exclude Seat:

                                       Now you can use the drop down arrows next to the
                                       student’s names to move them around.

                                       You will get this message to confirm you want to move.

3                                                         Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 
When the layout for your seating chart is complete click Save.

                                                                 You can create a different seating
                                                                 chart for each subject if you like by
                                                                 choosing another class using the
                                                                 drop down arrow.

                                                        To print your seating chart: click on the
                                                        print icon. It will create a pdf file you will
                                                        then send to the printer.

You can also create a separate Computer Lab Seating Chart. (Please do this)
Click display lab chart to make computer lab seating chart.

Step 4: Set up Term (Six Weeks) Preferences

Click on Lesson Planner in the left pane (inside the instruction module.)
Use the drop down arrow and select your 1st Term: 1st six wks which is Language Composition.

                                            Lesson Plan Preference

                                            1. Click on Term 1st 6-wks Six-Wks Grade and a
                                            gray box will come with options to choose.
                                            Check both boxes:
                                                o Use Weighting on groups.
                                                o Use each score’s percent value for
                                                   calculations (rather than points.)

                                            2. Select NUMERIC for Grading Scale
                                            3. Repeat this for each six weeks. (ignore others)
                                            4. Click the Save icon.

4                                                         Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 
Step 5: Set up your Categories (Groups) for each term (six weeks)
You will now set up one daily category (group) for each subject that is weighted 100%.

*Exception: Language Composition is the only subject that will have 3 groups with these weights:
Composition: 50%
Spelling: 25%
Grammar: 25%

                                                                1. Use the drop down arrow to
                                                                select your first class in the first
                                                                term (six weeks).

                                                                -This class name will now appear
                                                                at the top.

                                                                2. Click on New Task Group.
                                                                Which will be the class categories.

*Note: Since this first class is Language Composition, it will have 3 weighted groups (categories.)

                                                                      A. Name of Group (category)

                                                                      B. Weight= 50

                                                                      C. Do not check any option

                                                                      Now you will apply this group
                                                                      (category) to all six weeks
                                                                      classes for the year.

                                                                      D. Check ALL six weeks terms
                                                                      that end in Grade.

                                                                      Term 1st 6-wks Six-Wks Grade

                                                                      E. Click on the Save icon.
5                                                          Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 
                                                      Notice that once you clicked on save,
                                                      now there is a + sign outside of each
                                                      Term (Six Weeks)

                                                      Click on the + sign to see the Category
                                                      (group) your created.

                                                      Next, since this is Language
                                                      Composition, you will need to create
                                                      two more groups: Spelling and
                                                      Grammar with these weights:

                                                      Spelling: 25%
                                                      Grammar: 25%

                                                      Follow the same steps as above.

                                                      Begin by clicking on New Task Group

*You are now ready to go to your next subject to add your groups (categories)

                                                                              1. Use the drop
                                                                                 down arrow to
                                                                                 choose your
                                                                                 next section.

6                                                    Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 
                                                                 Repeat the same steps by
                                                                 clicking on New Task Group.

                                                                     A. Name of Group= Daily

                                                                     B. Weight:= 100

                                                                     C. Do not check any option

                                                                 Now you will apply this group
                                                                 (category) to all six weeks classes
                                                                 for the year.

                                                                 D. Check ALL six weeks terms
                                                                 that end in Grade.

                                                                 Term 1st 6-wks Six-Wks Grade

                                                                 E. Click on the Save icon.

Repeat this for all your other subjects. Remember they will all have only one group (category)
which is Daily that is weighted 100%.

Note to P.E. Teachers
Each of your classes will have two groups (categories)
Knowledge &Skills: Weighted 50%
Participation: Weighted %50

         Don’t forget to SAVE as your go!

                                The system will log you out after 60 minutes of inactivity.

7                                                         Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 
       Now you are ready to go into your grade book and enter assignments!

Step 6: Enter Assignments through Grade book view.

                                                                   Open the grade

                                                                   Click on the grade
                                                                   book icon
                                                                   (located inside the
                                                                   Instruction module.)

                                                                   You may get this Java
                                                                   message the first

                                                                   Click Run.

                                                                   Reason: This is a
                                                                   secure site so it must
                                                                   be added as a trusted
                                                                   cite for your computer
                                                                   security to allow it.

                                                                          You can hide
                                                                          the tool bar on
                                                                          the left by
                                                                          clicking on the


8                                             Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 
                                                         Add an assignment:

                                                         1. Do a right click on the group.

                                                         In this case there is only one group
                                                         Note: If we were in ELA you would see
                                                         three groups to choose from to select.

                                                         2. Left Click on New Assignment.

                                                            1. Type Assignment Name

                                                            2. Choose Group (category) if there
                                                            are more than one. All classes except
                                                            have just one.
                                                            Note: Here is where you could choose a
                                                            different group such as grammar if you were in
                                                            your ELA class if you didn’t add the assignment
                                                            under the right group to begin with.

                                                            3. Type Abbreviation: It will only allow
                                                            five characters. This is the actual
                                                            name you will see in your grade book.

                                                            4. Type the Due Date with this format.
                                                            Note: there is no calendar in this grade
                                                            book view. You would have to add an
                                                            assignment under the Lesson Planner
                                                            to see this feature.

                                                            5. Type points possible which should
                                                            be 100.

                                                            6. You can change the sequence as to
                                                            where the assignment will show up.

7. Use the multiplier if you want to weigh an assignment.
Our district grading policy does not allow a category for both Daily and Major grades-only daily…so
you might want an assignment to count as two grades.
Examples: Count a project or a test as two assignments to increase their weight.

8. If you uncheck Active- then the assignment will not be calculated into their class average.

9. Click OK.

9                                                          Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 

       You must have at least 6 graded assignments for each subject per six weeks.

       In Language Composition, you need to have 2 of each group (category) (composition,
       spelling and grammar.)

       You must have 3 graded assignments for each progress report submitted.

**Refer to your Grading Policies and Procedures Handbook for any questions about grading
or district policy.

Step 7: Enter grades.

                                                                        Notice my Fraction Assignment is
                                                                        now posted.

                                                                        To add grades, simply type in the

                                                                        You can use your arrow or tab keys
                                                                        on your keyboard to navigate from
                                                                        cell to cell just like a regular

                                                                        As scores are entered the student’s
                                                                        current average will show up in the

Note 1: The Averages are not showing up now in the yellow because date is before school for this example.
Note 2: No Averages will show up in the green area until you submit (post) your grades.

Grading Notes:

       Leaving a score blank does not affect the student’s average.
       Typing an “M” calculates the assignment as a zero and places a flag.
       Typing an “X” to exempt a student from an assignment does not affect their average- it turns
       the cell to a dark gray.
10                                                                  Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 
      Step 8: Use helpful commands on an assignment: Time Savers!

                                                                            1. Do a right click on the
                                                                            assignment name.

                                                                            You will see this pop up
                                                                            menu shown at the left.

                                                                            Here is where you can
                                                                            edit or delete the

                                                                            You can also Fill Empty
                                                                            Scores- which is a time

Example: If all of your students did well on an assignment, you can give all the students In your
class a 100 on the assignment at one time.
Then you can go back and change the scores on the few students who scored lower.

                                                                                      1. Choose
                                                                                      Fill Empty

                                                                                      With this added

                                      Type in score and click OK.

11                                                         Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 
Step 9: Add Flags to Assignments: Great for Documentation

You may enter a series of codes to make notations on individual student assignment grades.

                                                                                      Right click on
                                                                                      the student’s

                                                                                      Choose a flag.

Late: Puts a blue flag, but does not affect student average.

Exempt: Cell turns dark gray- does not affect student average

Missing: Places a blue flag .Calculates the assignment as a zero.
Note: Once the student turns in the assignment and you try to enter that grade, you will get a pop
up box like the one below.

                                                                      Keep it checked=
                                                                      still averages
                                                                      as a 0.

                                                                      Uncheck it = removes flag.

Change to Late= Keeps the flag to document the assignment was late, but the new grade entered
is calculated into the student’s average instead of a 0.

Incomplete: Puts a blue flag, but does not affect student average.

Cheated: Missing: Puts a blue flag .Calculates the assignment as a zero. Cheating will appear on
the parent portal (once it is available.)

Dropped: Puts a blue flag: But grade can only be dropped if you had checked to “drop lowest
score” when you set up preferences when you created your groups (categories.)

12                                                         Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 
                                                  To see flag notes, hover your mouse over the
                                                  cell with the flag.

                                                  Notice the tiny blue flag in the bottom right
                                                  hand corner.

Adding Comments:
(First Flag Option in example shown above)

You can add two types of comments in Infinite Campus that may be included on reports and on the
portal: Score comments and Student level comments.
These comments are different than report card comments, which are entered in another screen.

1. Add a Score Level Comment: Right click on the assignment score and select Edit Comments.

                                      Type in your comment and click OK.

                                      You will now see a red flag in the top right hand corner of
                                      the student’s score.

                                      Put your mouse over the flag on the score to see the

2. Add Student Level Comments: Right click on the student’s name and select Edit Comment.

                                         Type the comment and click OK.

                                         To see the comment:

13                                                       Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 
                                                           You will now see a red flag in the top
                                                           right hand corner of the student’s name.

                                                           Put your mouse over the flag on the
                                                           student’s name to see the comment.

Step 10: Create an Activity

Important Note: This feature is only available when you add assignments through the lesson
planner view.

                                                            An activity is a non-scored event that
                                                            you can add to your grade book so
                                                            that it can be seen by parents but it
                                                            has no due date and is not scored.

                                                            Examples: Checklists to return forms,
                                                            assignments that are not graded…

                                                            Click on Lesson Planner located
                                                            inside the Instruction Module.

                                                            Click on New Activity

                                                            Add just like an assignment.

**Step 11: Copy an Assignment(s).
This tool is useful if you want to copy the same assignment into several sections or subjects.
Example: You teach 3 sections of Math.

**Important Note: This feature is only available when you add assignments through the lesson
planner view.

Two Ways to Copy: You can either copy all assignments from one class to another, or just copy
one specific assignment.

14                                                         Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 
                                            A. Copy all Assignments to
                                            another class.

                                            Click on Lesson Planner located
                                            inside the Instruction Module.

                                            Locate the Group Folder of the
                                            Assignment(s) you want to copy.

                                            1. Click on the + in front of the Six
                                            Weeks folder to show group.

                                            2. Click on group Daily.

Click on the Copy Assignments icon.

                                           1. Click on the plus (+) sign in front
                                           of the class you want to copy the
                                           assignments to.

                                           2. Leave Preserve Active
                                           Assignments box checked.

                                           Here you only see two classes,
                                           because the rest are not set up yet.
                                           This is for demo purposes.

                                           3.Click the group folder in the term
                                           that you want to add the

                                           4. Click: Copy Assignments to
                                           Selected Groups.

                                           5. Make sure to save.

15                                    Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 
B. Copy one Assignment to another class.

                                                Click on the plus (+) sign in front of
                                                daily group to show individual

                                                Click on the assignment you want
                                                to copy- In this case, Fraction

                                                You will see this window.

                                                Click on Copy Assignment

Step 12: View Reports

                                                A. Blank Spreadsheet: this
                                                produces a blank roster you can
                                                use for check off sheets- really a
                                                handy thing to have- especially for

                                                Note: You can modify the Cell
                                                count and line height.
                                                Check to show student I.D if

                                                Click on Generate Report

                                                It will create a pdf file that you can
                                                send to the printer.

16                                         Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 
                                                            B. Missing Assignments Report

                                                            This report displays list missing
                                                            assignments per student.

                                                            Choose the assignments you'd like
                                                            to appear in the report.

                                                            Those students that have scores
                                                            with the missing flag set for the
                                                            assignments you've selected below
                                                            will appear.

                                                            Students will also appear as
                                                            missing an assignment if the due
                                                            date has past and you selected the
                                                            assignment below.

                                                            Generate Report

**There are many other reports that you will find useful if you browse.

If you see any errors or corrections that need to be made, please add
these in red and then send the file back to me.

Need to Explain Portal- Hide or Unhide

If they hide the portal does that mean that the parent’s cannot see the
comments….. Is Gina the only one this year who will pilot using the Portal? I
need more clarification on this from anyone….

17                                                     Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 
     Using the help feature

                                       Click on Help on the top left tab.

                                       Click on a topic to see help.

                                       You can also print the articles.

                                       It will open up in a pdf file that
                                       you can then print.

18                            Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 
Not finished… Should we add this to the handout or just tell them about it? It
does have the calendar feature…..

Step 3a: Add an assignment within the Lesson Planner (Option 2)
Note: Entering assignments here will let you access the calendar to choose dates.

                                                                         Fields in red are required.

                                                                         Enter name of assignment.

                                                                         Enter abbreviation
                                                                         *This is what will be listed in
                                                                         your assignments.

                                                                         Enter Total number of points

                                                                         Multiplier- here is where you
                                                                         can weight an assignment. For
                                                                         example: You might want to
                                                                         count a test as two daily
                                                                         grades so you would type to
                                                                         multiply by 2.

                                                                         You can type in notes

19                                                       Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 
Below is for the future…. Will finish. We will have to show them this soon that we
think! The six weeks fly by so soon.

Step 8: Posting (Submitting) Grades:

Adding a canned comment:

Choosing Conduct- Did we find out where they will do this?

Someone needs to decide on what rights the teachers are going to have in entering
missing six weeks averages and overwriting incorrect or missing six weeks averages
after grades are posted (submitted) if any…..

20                                                Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 
Grading by Student…

Grading by Task…

21                    Sharon Thornton‐ Instructional Technology 2008 

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