Plasma Technology Systems HMI-PLC Control System Option by zfz19897


									Plasma Technology Systems
HMI-PLC Control System Option

The Plasma HMI System monitors and controls the
Plasma System Process Controller, allowing the operator
to initiate a process in automatic mode, change recipes,
change set points, and manually activate devices, view
trends, view alarms and export data for analysis. The
system consists of or allows:

  Allen Bradley PLC
  Wonderware (21 CFR Part 11 compliant)
  HMI 15” touch screen
  Windows XP                                               Separate screens for:
  Mounting Arm                                             − Recipe management
  Applicable software licenses                             − Lot information
  Simultaneous viewing of parameters                       − Manual set points
  Recipe management through Wonderware allowing            − Displaying active, acknowledged and historical
  for storage capabilities for 600 process recipes with       alarms
  up to five separate steps each                           − Trend viewing and plotting of all parameters
  Control for external optional relay-driven liquid        − Viewing process variables for present recipe step
  pump(s)                                                  − Setting limits
  Visual and audible alarms                                − Data logging of parameters
  Alarm banner                                             Connection for USB, Network Cable, Keyboard and
  Multiple user levels controlled by Administrator         mouse
  Manual and Automatic mode operations for                 Uninterruptible Power Supply to prevent damage due
  authorized user                                          to unexpected power outages or inadvertent system
                                                           shut downs

        Alarm Banner
        displays current
        Alarms for the

        Area Detail
        displays a view
        of the major
        components of
        the system and
        their current

        Bottom Banner
        used for
        operating the
        system, as well
        as time, date
        and alarm
                                                            SAMPLE GRAPHIC HMI MENU SCREEN
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HMI-PLC Upgrade

                    SAMPLE RECIPE

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