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                                           Personality Type
E or I

You find out a group is going to the beach. Which sounds more like you?
A                                                    B
Call up lots of friends to make sure they‟re going   Agree to go if you know one other friend is going
Sit with different people throughout the day,        Stick with one or two close friends for most of
    enjoying being a part of a big group                 the day
Eat and visit with a big group as you roast hot      Roast your hot dog, then pull away from the big
    dogs and marshmallows                                group to chat with just a couple people
Jump in with a joke or new idea if there‟s a lull    Get lost in thought when there‟s a lull in
    in conversation                                      conversation
Join the group for volleyball, water polo, water     Join the group only if one or two of your close
    skiing, or whatever else you can                     friends joins you

You‟re supposed to work with a group on a school project. Which describes your
approach to the assignment?
A                                                    B
Have fun working as a group, scheduling joint        Divvy up the assignment so you can do your part
    trips to the library, etc.                           alone
Call a friend to talk through ideas                  Think through ideas alone
Turn the group session into a chance to socialize    Keep the group session shorter unless working
Share ideas rapidly                                      with a close friend
Leave the group session full of energy, ready to     Share ideas when asked
    go out for burgers after                         Be ready for solo time after longer meetings

Circle the group of words and phrases that best describes you.
A                                                    B
Doing; lots going on                                 Reflect on thing going on
Find interruptions refreshing                        Find interruptions distracting
Outgoing                                             Protective
Invite others in                                     Wait to be invited
Say what you‟re thinking                             Keep thoughts to yourself
Outer energy                                         Inner energy
Act                                                  Reflect
Live it first                                        Understand first
Focus outside                                        Focus inside
Take over                                            Step aside

S or N

Your teacher assigns a report on Greek mythology. How would you tackle it?
A                                                    B
Want to know the rules – how many pages,             Want to know the possibilities – can you write a
   which references to use, typed or hand-              story, design a game so others can learn the
   written, etc.                                        names of the gods, put on a play?
Ask for a list of suggested topics                   Brainstorm your own topic, then ask for
Want to know the requirements for an A, B, or C         approval
   grade – and do what you have to for the           Write what you want, not worrying about the
   grade you want                                       requirements if you find the topic interesting
Regurgitate the facts you know you can give the      Find new information on related topics you
   “right” answers, the facts                           discover
                                                     Choose a topic where you can write on themes,
                                                        analogies, or general concepts
You‟re with a group of friends at lunch, discussing what you did over the weekend. How
  would you describe your days?
A                                                    B
Start by telling what you did Friday night, then     Start with whatever comes to mind first, then
     continue in order to Saturday morning,              jump around from day to day
     afternoon, evening, etc.                        Jump from facts to ideas you had or what you
Relate facts about where you went and did                might like to do next
Stick to what happened (“I had pepperoni pizza       Use what happened to bridge to far-out topics or
     – next time I might try it with mushrooms.”)        fantasies (“We ate pizza out under the stars
Describe an event in detail – directions for how         and I thought, „What a great scene for ending
     you got there, what you ate, who you met            a movie.‟”)
Fill their weekends with tried and true activities   Describe an event by comparing it to other
     you enjoy                                           events, stating generalizations or conclusions
                                                         about what you saw
                                                     Try to find new things to do or experience

Circle the group of words and phrases that best describes you.

A                                                    B
Practical, common sense                              Innovative, insightful
Accuracy                                             Creativity
Use past experience for current work                 Use inspiration for current work
Methodical approach                                  New-fangled approach
By the book                                          Create the book
Current reality                                      Future possibilities
Stick with it until you‟re done                      Stick with it until you find a better way
Real world                                           Ideal world
Applied                                              Theoretical
Identify pieces                                      Identify connections

T or F

Summer is coming and mom or dad says you have to find something to do – either a part-
  time job or volunteer position to keep you busy.
A                                                   B
Set goals or objectives for you summer activities   Decide what might be meaningful to you for the
Decide on objective criteria – hours, pay, store       summer
    discounts                                       Check out what your friends are doing and see if
Choose something that will add to your resume          you can join them
Use logic to analyze your choices                   Choose something that allows you to help people
Concentrate on the flaws in each choice             Ask for opinions from others about your choices
                                                    Concentrate on the positive points in each choice

It‟s the start of a new school year and time to meet all the new teachers. How do you
    separate the good teachers from the bad?
A                                                   B
Look first for what‟s wrong with the teacher        Look first for what‟s right with the teacher
    (dress, organization, quality of assignments)   Develop alternative explanations for why a
Judge a teacher as smart or stupid based on             teacher may be struggling (“She must not
    minimal output (“If that‟s all she knows            have been feeling good…”)
    about Lincoln‟s second inaugural address, she   Be concerned with whether the teacher likes you
    doesn‟t know history…”)                         Want information presented in a personal way
Want information presented in a logical, concise    Prefer that the teacher treat students as
    manner                                              individuals
Be concerned with how competent the teacher is
Prefer clear standards and goals for a class

Circle the group of words and phrases that best describes you.

A                                                   B
Logical, analytical                                 Harmonious, personal
Ideas for data and things                           Ideas for people
Fair but firm – few exceptions                      Empathetic – making exceptions
Business first                                      Friendship first
Recognition for exceeding requirements              Praise for personal effort
Analyze                                             Sympathize
Impartial                                           Subjective
Decide with head                                    Decide with the heart
Find the flaw                                       Find the positive
Reasons                                             Values

J or P

It‟s Friday, the weekend is coming, and everyone is grabbing stuff from their lockers and
    heading out the door. How do you approach the two days ahead?
A                                                    B
Consider the time available and schedule exactly     Do your homework when you feel like it or last
    when you‟ll do your homework                         thing Sunday night because you didn‟t get
Feel guilty “playing” before your work is done –         around to it earlier
    maybe even checking off your list of things to   Forget about your work or find ways to work or
    do                                                   find ways to find ways to work and play at
Study the TV or movie schedule and plan your             the same time, ignoring your list of things to
    day so you can watch a certain show                  do – if you even bothered making one
Make set plans for Saturday with a friend before     Turn on the TV and flip channels when you feel
    leaving school on Friday – plans guarantee a         like it
    good time                                        Start calling friends some time Saturday and go
Complete your homework from start to finish              wherever with whoever is available – plans
                                                         might keep you from a better option
                                                     Skip the hard parts in homework so you can
                                                         keep going, maybe even leaving the toughies
                                                         until Monday‟s free period

You‟re about to buy a new “toy” – a CD player, a guitar, or a new video game. How do
  you go about making the decision?
A                                                    B
Limit how long you‟ll spend shopping                 Shop as long as needed to check out all the
Decide in advance which models or games you‟ll           options
   try based on price, features, or other set        Try as many models or games as you can, not
   criteria                                              wanting to tie yourself to criteria in advance
Quickly narrow down the selection from many          Be overwhelmed by too many choices, find it
   choices                                               hard to limit your options
Reach your decision quickly – even before you        Get as much input from friends and experts as
   have all the facts                                    possible – even postpone your decision
Do not second-guess your choice once you‟ve          Revisit your decision if you find out new
   bought it                                             information

Circle the group of words and phrases that best describes you.
A                                                    B
Organized, efficient                                 Flexible, multiple tasks
Planned events                                       Serendipitous events
Stress reduced by planning ahead                     Stress reduced by having options
Settled and decided                                   Open to late-breaking information
Work before play                                     Work and play coexist
Regular, steady effort leads to accomplishment       Much is accomplished at the last minute
Systematic                                           Spontaneous
Scheduled                                            Spur of the moment
Definite selection                                   Several possible choices
Enjoy finishing                                      Enjoy starting