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					Volume XXVII No. 3 March 2009                                                                                              

FAMAS launches Bb. Pilipinas ‘09
                                                                                                                                          Montreal, March 18, 2009 - The
                                                                                                                                 Philippine Association of Montreal and
                                                                                                                                 Suburbs (FAMAS) invited the local
                                                                                                                                 media to a press conference to present
                                                                                                                                 its candidates vying for the title of Bb.
                                                                                                                                 Pilipinas Montreal 2009. All the
                                                                                                                                 candidates, ranging in age from 16 to
                                                                                                                                 22, were asked a variety of questions,
                                                                                                                                 some are relevant to their personal
                                                                                                                                 career goals and values while others
                                                                                                                                 were hypothetical questions. Realistic
                                                                                                                                 questions were answered but those
                                                                                                                                 which sounded too remote to the
                                                                                                                                 candidates were hardly responded to.
                                                                                                                                          It was interesting to note what
                                                                                                                                 these young ladies want to pursue as a
                                                                                                                                 career. Candidate No. 1, Hana Jane
                                                                                                                                 Jamil, wants to be a nurisng assistant,
                                                                                                                                 Candidate No. 2, Diandra-Llana
                                                                                                                                 Cartago wants to be a Special Care
                                                                                                                                 Counsellor, Candidate No. 3, Kriza
                                                                                                                                 Lacsamana        wants     to    be     a
                                                                                                                                 physiotherapist, Candidate No. 4,
                                                                                                                                 Amanda C. de Guzman wants to be an
                                                                                                                                 airline pilot, Candidate No. 5, Mishael
                                                                                                                                 Pat de la Cruz wants to be a social
                                                                                                                                 worker, and Candidate No. 6, Lynn
May Ann Miras, Bb. Pilipinas 2008, is flanked by the candidates for this year’s beauty pageant to select the 2009 Bb. Pilipinas- Llaguno wants to be a nurse.
Montreal. From left are: Eva Lynn Llaguno, Mishael Pat de la Cruz, Amanda C. de Guzman, Kriza Lacsamana, Diandra-Illana
Cartago, and Hana Jane Jamil. Photo taken after the press conference on March 18, 2009.                                          See Page 4           FAMAS Pageant

City signs partnership agreement

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Mayor Gerald Tremblay poses with the signatories of the social economy partnership agreement which was held at City Hall on       Classified Ads       . . . . . . . p. 21
Wednesday, March 11, 2009. Madame Johanne Lavoie (right) is the Social Economy Commissioner (Commissaire à l’économie
sociale, Direction du développement économique et urbain). (See article on Page 4 - Social Economy Development)


 6210 Decarie Boulevard, Montreal, QC (cor. Van Horne)
 Telephone: 514-731-8881    From head to toe ..... beauty and care!

 •Hair Cut, Set, Cclouring   •Make up          •Manicure
 •Facial & Skin Treatment    •Body Massage     •Foot Spa/Pedicure
                                                                      Tom & Alicia Lee

2                                                                       The North American Filipino Star                                                       March 2009

                                                                                                                Letter to the Editor
                  EDITORIAL                                                                Dear Editor,
                                                                                                    I picked up the November
                                                                                           2008 issue of "The North American
                                                                                                                                        formulating peaceful and constructive
                                                                                                                                        policies, for a peaceful world.
                                                                                                                                                 I wish he tackles the Afghan
Spring brings hope and inspiration for renewal                                             Filipino Star", from the March 8, 2008       matter in a more delicate and in-depth
          Lately, we have been talking        do not all have backyards or land to         Conference of, "The March 8                  manner.
about recession a lot and it makes us         plant vegetables, they can still do it       Coordination and Action Committee of                  I pray for his success!
feel depressed and pessimistic. But the       indoors, or in their balconies while         Women of Diverse Origins".
spring thaw can change our                    those who have even a small piece of                  I fully share your optimism and     Jalal Hussain
perspective, if we want to and make us        land in their front or backyard can          join you in hoping that President            450-443-1847
feel better. We can see signs of              easily have a nice garden. Common            Barack Hussein Obama will also               5910 Bergevin,
renewal, new growth, revival of               vegetables like tomatoes, peppers,           inspire other world leaders towards          Brossard, Quebec, J4Z 1Z2, Canada
dormant life which characterizes the          cucumbers can be planted and
winter months. Even though the                provide a small family with fresh food
weather       can     be     fickle    and    for at least three to four months of the
                                                                                                                  Marché Coop Pinoy
unpredictable some times, we can still        year. It also allows friends, families and                          The Filipino Solidarity Cooperative
take things in stride, that is, if we         neighbors to get together and enjoy                                 4711 Van Horne Avenue
maintain our calm and optimistic              harvesting the fruits of their labor.
                                                                                                                  Montreal, QC H3W 1H8
attitude. Our resiliency helps us cope                  Spring is also a good time to
with the bad times and enable us to           take a refresher course for self-                                   Tel.: 514-733-8915
pick ourselves up from being down             improvement. With the recession                                     E-Mail:
and start all over again. Of course, this     comes the problem of looking for
may not be true in every case but             another job when one gets laid off.
perhaps, it is a good idea to try to take     Instead of taking this as a crisis of
a break from the doldrums of our              sorts,      one     can    make      some
routines and look up. Take time to            adjustments and find out what other
“smell the roses,” and don’t worry            skills they have or improve upon to get
about the future too much. Make the           engaged in another field or another                                  To All our Kababayan,
best of today, and let tomorrow take          job. Community colleges and schools                                Members or Non-Members:
care of itself. Nothing will make us          offer new programs in many fields. A                   b            We need your support and we
worse than constantly worrying of what        person with an ambition to succeed in
                                                                                                                welcome all of you to shop at
tomorrow may bring.                           life can find out what courses to take in
          The traditional spring clean up     reaching one’s personal career goals.                                 Marché Coop Pinoy.
is one of the ways we can take as an          Technology is so advanced that there                        All nationalities are also welcomed.
example of taking time time out from          is no excuse not to be able to find out
working two or three jobs. Making our         about almost anything.              Radio,
                                                                                                         In our desire to serve you better, we
surroundings clean and organized will         television, newspapers and the internet
decrease our level of stress because it       are wonderful ways to get information                     keep our shelves full of merchandise,
feels good to be living in a place that is    that can be used in making important                        including fresh vegetables weekly.
beautiful, clean and tidy. Our Scouts         decisions. With the stimulus package                           We would appreciate it very much
group will be involved in the spring          from the government, there are many                     if you could visit us first before going to
clean up and they will start with the         good things we can benefit from, if only
area around the monument of our               we can get through the system of
                                                                                                      the other stores. We are just a few feet
national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. The            bureaucracy that often times are                               away from Metro Plamondon.
annual distribution of plants and             difficult to deal with, but with patience,             Join us and be a member now!
flowers by the members of APO (a non-         persistence and determination, it is
profit organization in our community) is      possible to get assistance in terms of                       Enjoy spring shopping at
also another activity that is relaxing and    expert advice or subsidy for a project
fun. They help the City distribute free       that is both innovative and viable. For                        Marché Coop Pinoy!
flowers      which     are     aimed     at   example, there is a new initiative called
encouraging homeowners to beautify            “knowledge infra-structure” which
their surroundings.                           sounds like a novel idea.              The
          The plant distribution reminds      government will help re-train workers in
us of a wonderful hobby. Gardening is         order to be better equipped or                                                              Order lechon for Saturday pick
not only helpful and useful but also a        prepared for other kinds of jobs in the                                                       up but we need at least a
healthy way to relieve stress and             global economy. Some people need                                                             minimum order of 15 lbs no
exercise. It may not be everyone’s            to re-evaluate themselves and realize                                                            later than Thursday.
hobby but it is probably going to be the      that there are other interesting options
“in” thing to do for economic reasons.        to make a living, like opening a                                                               Call us at 514-733-8915
The U.S. First Lady, Michele Obama,           business which is both challenging                                                               to place your orders.
does not mind getting her hands dirty.        and rewarding, given the right tools                              Lechon $11.99 lb        Delivery service fee ranges from $5 to
                                                                                            Litsong Manok
She is engaged in promoting healthy           and managerial knowledge. It is said                               Whole - med $210            $8 for orders of $50 or more
                                                                                             $11.49 each
eating among families in her local            that when God closes the door, a                                           big $240                (Tuesday/Friday only)
district of Washington. She said that         window opens. It is up to us to make
by gardening, people will be able to eat      the next move.
more fresh vegetables than junk food.                   For all the above reasons, let’s
She was shown on TV doing gardening           all enjoy Spring and watch trees come
in one area of the White House. We            alive and flowers bloom again.
think it is a good idea, too, to promote
gardening in Montreal. Even if people                    Zenaida Ferry Kharroubi
                                                                                           4950 Queen Mary Road Penthouse             Tel.: 514-485-7861
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March 2009                                                          The North American Filipino Star                                                                  3
                                                                                      0392-06 Solomon, Lilia                   Easier PR for live-in
COOPERATIVE NEWS                                                                      0384-06 Soriano, Elizabeth
                                                                                      0052-05 Sotto, Sheila
                                                                                      0510-06 Subad, Eden
                                                                                                                               Participants in the live-in
                                                                                                                               caregivers program (LCP) may
Everyone is welcomed to                                                               0279-05 Sumatra, Rose
                                                                                      0463-06 Sunga, Marelit                   now have an easier time
                                                                                      0161-05 Surio, Alejandra                 seeking permanent residence
shop at the Filipino Coop                                                             0058-05 Suzon, Marivel
                                                                                      0132-05 Tabiolo, Ofelia
                                                                                                                               in Canada.

          We have heard from the            running fast. We need to look around      _______ Tablan, Antonio                  Olivia Chow, a New Democratic Party
grapevevine that someone is passing         for a good location, if there is          0354-06 Taculog, Gerry                   member of Parliament in Toronto,
the rumour that only members can buy        something better than the current one.    0362-06 Tagata, Florida                  Ontario has proposed changes to
from the Filipino Cooperative. This is a    If any of our members can help the        0363-06 Tagata, Renato                   include those in the live-in caregivers
surprise for us to hear that some           search for a good location, we would      0255-05 Tamata, Sylvia                   class on the list of foreign nationals
people have been discouraged from           be very grateful.                         0417-06 Tandugo, Christine Lourn         who are not included in the “excessive
buyihg from the Coop because of this                  Some members have been          0005-05 Tandugon, Eduardo                demand” categorization of being
rumour. Since the store opened on           calling and wondering if they are still   0416-06 Tandugon, Jean                   admitted into Canada.
July 15, 2005, no one has been barred       members when they saw a partial list      0317-06 Tapado, Adelina
from buying here, even non-Filipinos        published recently.         Please be     0038-05 Taplac, Josefina                 The amendment, based on the Juana
are welcomed, either as a customer or       informed that all fully paid members      0228-05 Tavera, Concesa                  Tejada Law, would allow caregivers to
as a prospective member. In fact, we        were published first in the October and   0520-06 Tejero, Asuncion                 receive permanent residence as long
are always asking everyone to               November 2008 issues. The names           0266-05 Temporal, Emily                  as they’ve worked at least two years
patronize the store to help it become       published lately have not paid their      0409-06 Tenebro, Isabelito               and paid their taxes, no matter their
sustainable to serve the community.         shares in full as prescribed by our       0173-05 Tenorio, Bernardita              medical condition.
          There are about 12 000            constitution and they are not             0297-05 Tenorio, Bryan
Filipinos living in Cote des Neiges         considered members until they have        0174-05 Tenorio, Rod                     Other proposed changes include:
alone, and many more live in Brossard,      fully paid We are appealing to them to    0296-05 Tenorio, Rubie
Ville St. Laurent, West Island, and the     come and pay their balances. After all,   0127-05 Tremocha, John Joseph **            * Make those in the LCP eligible for
South Shore.         They all come to       it is a small amount but when everyone    0128-05 Tremocha,Joselito**              the Interim Federal Health Plan.
Montreal to do their Philippine product     pays up, it will amount to more than      0040-05 Tremocha, John Russel            Currently, participants who are
shopping. If 50% of all these people        $30 000 which will certainly help us      0021-05 Trinidad, Joecel                 applying for permanent residence are
come to buy from the Filipino Coop, it      pay for our high overhead costs.          0247-05 Ubando, Nono Estella             not allowed extensions to their health
would have become a bigger store by                   We are completing our list of   0528-06 Ugalde, Orlina                   coverage in Ontario.
now. But as everyone knows, it is hard      people who have partially paid their      0083-05 Ungab, Bebiana
to unite the community for a common         shares (continued from previous           0381-06 Uy, Jacqueline                     * Reducing processing time for work
cause. It takes time to pass the word       0569-06 Rochette, Jovita                  ______ Valderama, Celia                  permits for new entrants to the LCP
around and it even becomes more             0194-95 Rodolfa, Prescila                 0230-05 Valentino, Cherry                and for those eligible for permanent
difficult when someone is deliberately      0441-06 Rodriguez, Leonida                0229-05 Vargas, Antonio                  residence, including their family
sabotaging our efforts. We hope that        0160-05 Roferos, Zoe                      0277-05 Velarde, Jocevel                 members.
those who cannot say anything               0394-06 Roga, Leoanrd                     0064-95 Velasco, Conchita Lilia
favorable about the Cooperative             0480-06 Romero, Joseph                    0157-05 Verginizia, Andy                   * Reviewing wages and benefits for
should      be      think    about    the   0301-05 Rosales, Margarita                0212-05 Verginia, Stephane               participants in the LCP.
consequences of their actions.              0481-06 Rosialda, Belen                   0263-05 Versoza, Liberata
Besides, there are still many more          0119-5 Ruance, Evangeline                 0197-05 Vilda, Sheila                    Deliberation for this has just begun
people who believe in the same thing        0345-06 Ruiz, Cresencia                   0208-05 Villa, Josephine                 and these changes will be considered
we do. I just met Josefina Lalina (the      0554-06 Ruiz , Lilibeth                   0202-05 Villafranca, Luisa               by the Federal Standing Committee on
sister of Dolly Villarino) and Ching who    0257-05 Ruiz, Roberto                     0432-05 Villalongja, Jainto              Citizenship and Immigration from now
volunteered to distribute membership        0145-05 Sabariaga, Magdalena              0104-05 Villamor, Estrella               until March 12, 2009.
forms in church. Another kababayan,         0061-05 Salazar, Felix                    0027-05 Villanueva, Marilyn
Gloria Magtibay, just came to the store     0570-06 Salazar, Jose                     0232-05 Villarante, Alfredo              To read more about the experiences of
and expressed her interest in               0060-05 Salazar, Lucia                    0059-05 Villarino, Alfredo                                            ,
                                                                                                                               workers involved in the LCP check out
becoming a member to support the            0154-05 Salinas, Ma. Salvacion            0125-05 Villoria, Virgie                 the article “Maid to Order?”
Coop. We are indeed delighted to            0153-05 Salinas, Ritchie                  _______ Viloria, Gloria                           You can email your letter to
meet many more people like them who         0055-05 Salva, Aveline                    0176-05 Vivar, Emmanuel         Please
agree that it would be better for all of    0073-05 Samaniego, Domy                   0041-05 Wakat, Erlinda                   include Letters to the Editor as your
us to patronize our own. After all,         0372-06 Samillano, Genalyn                0406-06 Wylie, Erlinda                   subject line and ensure your letter is in
when we need help, it is our fellow         0436-06 San Pedro, Merly                  0551-06 Yassis, Roberto                  the body of the email (no attachments
citizens who will come to our side.         0242-05 Sanchez, Catherine                0286-05 Yu, Blanche                      please).
          With the coming of Spring and     0053-05 Sarcon, Hayde                     0530-06 Zagala, Rosemarie                Migrante-Ontario               member
nicer weather, we are counting on           0478-06 Sardovia, Belen                                                            organizations:
having an improved sales record.            0241-05 Selispara, Myra                   ** Paluagan account pending
People tend to shop more when the           0502-96 Selispara, Myra                                                            Filipino Migrant Workers Movement;
weather is good. For this reason, we        0502-06 Serion, Ma. Teresa                        If there is any error in our     AWARE; Philippine Advocacy Through
will try to keep our shelves full of        0063-05 Sevilla, Franco                   record, and you have a receipt           Arts and Culture (PATAC); Damayan
merchandise in order to serve our           0079-05 Siega, Medardo                    showing your payment, please let us      Migrant Education and Resource
customers better.                           0383-06 Silao, Leodegario                 know.                                    Center; Migrante Youth; Migrant
          We have not yet decided on        0373-06 Siya, Cecilia                             We thank you for your            Workers and Family Resource Center -
whether or not to relocate the store as     0450-06 Solis, Annabelle                  cooperation and understanding.           Hamilton; Pilipinong Migrante sa
it is not easy to move. Our lease is        0412-06 Solis, Eva                                hEasier    PR   for    live-in   Canada (PMSC) - Ottawa; Pilipinong
expiring by May 2010, and time is           0107-05 Solo, Josephine                   caregivers                               Migrante sa Barrie (PMB) -
                                                                             The North American Filipino Star
4                                                                                                                                                               March 2009
                                                                                              proposing to the stakeholders of the
Social Economy Partnership with the City of                                                   social economy to commit themselves From page 1              FAMAS Pageant
           By Zenaida Ferry Kharroubi                                                         to the shared responsibility of realizing
Montreal                                                                                                                                           When the candidates were
       Montreal, March 11, 2009 - A brief       speeches on the common theme of               an action plan on a long term basis.        asked about their observation of
ceremony highlighting the signing of            solidarity, collaboration, innovation,                 The Partnership has three community life and what they find
the partnership agreement between               and sharing of better practices for a         objectives:                                 missing, Candidate No. 5, Mishael Pat
the City and the various community              sustainable economic development of                    1 – to recognize formally the de la Cruz, pointed out the lack of
agencies     for    social    economy           Montreal. The speeches were followed          contribution of the social economy to unity. She did not elaborate on why
development was held on Wednesday,              by the official signing of the                the development of Montreal                 she said this. The other candidates did
March 11, 2009 at City Hall at 5:00 P.M.        partnership agreement. Mayor Gerald                    2 – to sustain the social not add to the discussion, but Pat
which was followed by a cocktail                Tremblay led the group of people in           economy by supporting what has been Magallanes pointed out that the young
reception. Invited guests were from             the signing ceremony.                         done, reinforcing the existing methods
various sectors of the social economy                    A handbook was distributed to        and developing new ways for
network.                                        all the guests. This handbook is only         improvement
            Mayor Gerald Tremblay               available in French. Reading this                      3 – to consolidate and
delivered a speech acknowledging the            document is very useful in the                increase       the      contribution     of
                                                                                              stakeholders in the social economy to
                                                                                              the sustainable development of the
                                                                                              Quebec         metropolis        by     the
                                                                                              development          and      creation   of
                                                                                              community enterprises that meet the
                                                                                              needs of its citizens.
                                                                                                       Moreover, there are three great
                                                                                              orientations in its reach – the
                                                                                              complementarity            of the social
                                                                                              economy and the mission of the City of
                                                                                              Montreal; the citizens’ involvement in          Shelley Quintos, FAMAS Director
                                                                                              the economic activity and anchorage            Chairperson, Bb. Pilipinas Pageant
                                                                                              of the social economy in the local
                                                                                              development,          notably     by    the people do not get involved in the
                                                                                              intervention of corporations of the community as much as they should.
                                                                                              regional       community         economic She stated that she and her husband
                                                                                              development of Montreal-Laval and the have been participating in community
                                                                                              technical resources group (GRT – affairs while young people do not
                                                                                              groupes de ressources techniques) seem to be interested. Shelly Quintos,
                                                                                              and solidarity financial groups.            the chairperson of the 2009 FAMAS
                                                                                                       Fruit of the efforts of Pageant and a director said that it is
                                                                                              stakeholders in the social economy her first time to be involved in the
                                                                                              and the City of Montreal which favors community. She felt that young people
                                                                                              the solidarity and success of social may be too busy with their studies and
                                                                                              economy enterprises, the Partenariat do not have the time to participate.
                                                                                              presents a true way of economic                      Towards the end of the
Mayor Gerald Tremblay gladly posed for souvenir with Zenaida Kharroubi, president of the      growth which relies on five axes of conference, the candidates were
Filipino Solidarity Cooperative, and Merle Valiente, treasurer, after the signing ceremony.   intervention:                               asked about their willingness to
                                                understanding of the language and                      1 – The accumulated and participate as volunteers in community
importance of the agreement which is            terminology associated with social            collective entrepreneurial support to organizations.               Most of them
intended to consolidate all efforts of his      economy         –     its    definition,      consolidate local anchorage to sustain expressed an interest in doing so and
administration and social economy               characteristics or elements, why it           collective entrepreneurs and to
enterprises on the plan of action               developed and how it operates. Social         develop support to the major projects
anchored in concrete projects and               economy is a term used to describe an         of social economy
innovative practices with the view of           enterprise that has a social purpose                   2 – The support of social
ensuring      and     sustaining       the      which distinguishes it from an                economy to the big projects that favor
development of Montreal. He cited the           economic enterprise which has only            its    integration       in     sustainable
progress made over the past 20 years            one purpose – to make a profit.               development
during which time the various                              The project is titled “Le                   3 – A greater role for social
organizations played an important role          Partenariat en économie sociale pour          economy in the improvement of the
in the economic life of the community,          un développement solidaire et                 quality of life of the population, without
producing goods and services needed             durable” (A partnership in social             limit to innovations in the fields of
by the people. The spirit of initiative,        economy for solidarity and sustainable        culture, sustainable development,
participation and solidarity have               development). It is based on the              housing, collective real estate, leisure          Flor Rillo, Acting President
always been important values for                recognition of the social economy as a        and tourism.                                           FAMAS 2007-2009
Montrealers.       He said that his             way of regrouping activities and                       4 – Open business practices to
administration shares these values              organizations        with    non-profit       favor the growth of social economy it is just a matter of time before they
which make our city life more open,             objectives for the purpose of                 enterprises                                 would actually get more involved.
more inclusive, more dynamic and                producing, distributing goods or                       5-     A      better    promotion           Bb. Pilipinas of Montreal is an
more creative. In fact, he cited that his       services for the benefits of their            integrated into the social economy that annual fund raising drive of FAMAS. It
administration already supports these           members and the community at large            distinguishes it from that of other is usually held around this time of the
social economy organizations by                 under democratic principles, which at         places by our own creativity                year which is going to be on Saturday,
means of different contributions, and           the same time, as the case maybe,                      In order to ensure an adequate April 25, 2009 at the Hellenic
by using their services and buying their        offer support to professional training        follow up and coordination with the Community Center, 5757 Wilderton
products. He wants to reinforce the             for integration into the cultural or          City of Montreal boroughs and service Avenue. Dinner ticket costs $40. The
relationship between the municipal              social re-insertion.                          centers, different organizations of the community is encouraged to attend
government and the social economy in                     The Partnership is conceived         social economy, the Partnership will be this event in order to help raise funds
order to make this sector an important          as an agreement between the City and          supported by a working committee for the upkeep and maintenance of the
partner for the prosperity and                  the different actors or stakeholders of       composed of people who are Philippine community center as well as
sustainable development of our city.            the social economy by which each              responsible        for    the    economic to support other activities like the
He believes that this creative approach         party engages in realizing projects in        development file in the Executive Heritage class, sports, and the other
will open new avenues of collaboration          different areas of endeavours such as         Committee, senior bureaucrats of the community-based projects.
which will be beneficial to all citizens of     sustainable development, cultural             different municipal services and the                 Mr. Flor Rillo, acting president
Montreal.                                       development, housing and real estate,         members         of     the     Consultative of FAMAS, thanked the people who
        Other leaders of various social         leisure and tourism. In the present           Committee of the Partnership.               attended the press conference.
economy groups also delivered                   project, the City of Montreal is

March 2009                                                             The North American Filipino Star                                                                           5

RP women more intelligent and Pacquiao ads for BIR to air on TV
live longer than Filipino men                     Radio dzXL reported that while
                                               Pacquiao had earned a fortune with
      Filipino women are more literate        of men.                                                                                 commercial endorsements, he will
and expected to outlive their male                 More boys die during infancy at 35                                                 be endorsing this time the Bureau of
counterparts, a government fact sheet         per 1,000 live births, compared to 25                                                   Internal Revenue (BIR) and its tax
reported on Tuesday.                          girls. Mortality rate among boys under                                                  payment campaign.
     Filipino women have a projected          five years old were also higher at 48                                                       The report said the 30-second
life expectancy of 71.6 years, higher         per live birth against girls' 34.                                                       ads feature Pacquiao urging
than Filipino men's 66.1 years, the                Surprisingly, however, more males
                                                                                                                                      taxpayers to pay the right taxes.
Updates on Women and Men in the               have been served by the Department
                                                                                                                                          It said BIR Commissioner Sixto
Philippines by the National Statistical       of Social Welfare and Development of
                                                                                                                                      Esquivias IV and Finance Secretary
Coordination Board said.                      Social Welfare and Development at 47,
     Besides having longer life, 86.3-        136 against 33,480 women.                                                               Margarito Teves will join the boxing
percent Filipino women have functional             Although males had higher labor                                                    champ in the ad.
literacy rate, higher than 81.9 percent       force participation rate at 78.9 percent                                                    The BIR cited Pacquiao for his
of men, while 94.3 percent of Filipino        against females' 48.6 percent, the               He may be training in the United       timely payment of taxes. a
women have simple literacy rate,              average annual income of household          States,     but     boxing    champ
compared to 92.6 percent of Filipino          headed by a man was only at P167,013        Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao will
men.                                          against those headed by a woman at          have a new endorsement ad on
     While men prefer to take up              P197, 629.                                  television to start airing Wednesday
engineering and technology programs                The elective positions in the          evening.
as their major, majority of women             Philippines remain men's territory as
chose medical and allied programs.
     As for health and nutrition, Filipino
                                              they occupy 76.8 percent of these
                                              posts, against 23.2 percent occupied
                                                                                          Beyond poll automation
men generally fared better than the           by women.
                                                                                               Finally, a special budget has been     with electoral watchdogs and other
women. More Filipino women were                    The NSCB also noted that 33.2
                                                                                          signed into law for poll automation in      concerned groups, should do its best
obese at 5.7 percent of the 45.9 million      percent of Filipino males would
                                                                                          2010. Not a hybrid type – automated in      not to frustrate those expectations.
population compared to three percent          approve of a woman having an
                                                                                          most parts of the country, manual in a           The other day President Arroyo
of 46.4 million of men.                       abortion against four percent of
                                                                                          few areas… such as Maguindanao,             signed into law the supplemental
     Despite this, more Filipino women        females.
                                                                                          perhaps? The greatest fear of those         budget for poll automation. Palace
are still under weight with 14.2 percent           However, more Filipino women
                                                                                          who opposed hybrid elections was that       officials said she wanted to make
compared to 10.6-percent of men.              would support a bill to legalize divorce
                                                                                          manual voting would be retained in          modern elections part of her legacy.
     However, the NSCB also said that         in the Philippines with 40.2 percent
                                                                                          selected areas so that those not yet        The enactment of the supplemental
Filipino women usually received better        against 8.4 percent of men.
                                                                                          familiar with manipulating automated        budget lifts the last barrier to the
medical care than men.                             Still, Filipino women remained
                                                                                          voting could still cheat the old way. The   holding of fully automated elections.
     Some 71.3 percent of Filipino            conservative with only 10.8 percent of
                                                                                          fear went both ways, with some              The next step is to ensure that the new
women received vaccinations between           Filipino women agreeing for unmarried
                                                                                          quarters believing that it would be         system lives up to its promise of clean
12 months and 23 months, against              people to live together even if they
                                                                                          easier to cheat using vote counting         and orderly elections and a quick vote
men's 68.4 percent. However, only 75.7        have no plans of marrying against 33.2
                                                                                          machines.                                   count.
percent of Filipino women when they           percent of men. More men also had
                                                                                                                                           Problems can start right at the
were children between six months to           premarital sex, with 31.2 percent of
                                                                                                                                      procurement         of    vote     counting
59 months received Vitamin A                  them against 15.9 percent of women. a
                                                                                                                                      machines. The nation is still stuck with
supplements , lower than 76.3 percent
                                                                                                                                      P1.2 billion worth of automated
                                                                                                                                      counting machines, all delivered and
Panlilio camp willing to form                                                                                                         fully paid for, that are deteriorating,
                                                                                                                                      unused, in a rented warehouse. For
coalition                                                                                                                             2010, the bidding and awarding of the
                                                                                                                                      contract for the machines must be
      The civil society group supporting      Grace Padaca is a member, in their                                                      aboveboard. The machines must then
Pampanga Gov. Ed Panlilio is willing to       search for a presidential candidate.                                                    be tested for glitches and protected
join forces with other political parties to        Padaca is being eyed by the group                                                  against hacking and tampering.
endorse and support a common                  to be the running mate of Panlilio if the                                                    It will take more than voting
candidate for the 2010 presidential           latter decides to pursue his presidential                                               machines to make elections credible.
race.                                         bid next year.                                                                          The Comelec must clean up voters’
                                                   Keh said they are also willing to                                                  lists. It must level the playing field for all
                                              register the movement as a political                                                    candidates by enforcing elections laws
                                              party to serve as a vehicle for the              Regardless of where one stands         on campaign spending and premature
                                              Panlilio-Padaca tandem.                     on poll automation, concerns about          campaigning.          Law     enforcement
                                                   The movement, Keh added, is now        electoral fraud in 2010 persist. That       authorities must also do their part by
                                              in talks with Bro. Eddie Villanueva,        fear can be useful if it increases public   preventing poll-related violence and
                                              head of the Jesus Is Lord Movement.         vigilance against cheating. Public          harassment of voters. There are many
                                                   "We really want to know his            expectations are unusually high that        ways of undermining the true will of the
                                              intentions for the 2010 elections," Keh     the general elections next year will        electorate. Poll automation is just one
                                              said at a media forum this morning in       herald long-awaited reforms. The            step in making the 2010 elections
                                              Greenhills, San Juan City.                  Commission on Elections, working            credible. a
                                                   Detained Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim has
                                              also requested to meet and sit down
                                              with Kaya Natin Movement, Keh                       ART CORTEZ
                                              added. Lim has been arrested and                B.Sc, Civil Engr.
                                                                                              Professional Home &
                                              facing charges for his alleged
                                                                                              Property Inspector
                                              involvement in the failed 2006 coup.                                       Don’t buy/sell house without consulting professional
                                                   "Bukas din kami para tignan ang                                       inspector. Save thousands of dollars and enjoy our
                                              ibang kandidato (We are also willing to                                    prompt and professional inspection services. Written
                                              check out other candidates)," Keh said.                                    report with pictures provided. Serving Filipinos since
                                                                                                                         2001. For inspection booking and free orientation
             Gov. Ed Panlilio                      If Panlilio decides to back out, Keh
                                                                                                                         seminar, please call 514-862-9912
                                              said the movement would simply
                                              endorse Padaca as its presidential bet.                                                     OUR SERVICES
     Lawyer Harvey Keh, lead convenor
                                              a                                                                                Pre-Purchase and Pre-Sale Inspections
of the Kaya Natin Movement, said they
                                                                                                                            Expense and/or Single Component Inspections
open to coalescing with Ang Kapatiran                                                                                           Project Management and Monitoring
and Liberal Party, in which Isabela Gov.                                                                                             Seminar and Consultation

6                                                                     The North American Filipino Star                                                    March 2009

 Land Of The World's
  Most Perfect Cone

Our Lady of The Gate Church, Daraga, Albay - The beautiful spanish era stone church of   Cagsawa ruins church tower - Today, only the belfry remains as a mute testimony of
Daraga that is entirely made of volcanic rocks constructed by the locals. An elevated    Mayon’s unpredictable fury and devastating strength.
place, it affords great views of the volcano.
     The Albay province is a paradise whole family.                                          Agriculture dominates most of          like scad, tuna, siganid, anchovy and
located in the Bicol Region of the              During the exploration of Juan de        Albay's land area. Their major products    mackarel. Aside from farming and
Philippines, 460km south of Manila. Salcedo in 1573, the province and its                include coconut, rice, abaca and corn.     fishing industries, the Albaynons are
Albay is home to the spectacular neighboring areas were known as                         The province is also rich in mineral       good in handicraft making. Some of
Mayon Volcano, the region’s crown 'Ibalon'.                                              deposits like gold, copper, iron,          their famous products are Sinamay
jewel and one of the great wonders of           A small settlement by a mangrove         mercury and deposits of coal, marble,      and Pinolpog, fabrics woven from
the world. Only one hour away is the swamp was a town called Albaybay                    ceramic clay, perlite, silica, guano and   abaca hemp and the mats made from
natural habitat of the fascinating Whale (meaning "by the bay"). The town was            phosphates. Lying around the               pandan.
Sharks in Donsol, an amazing first renamed Albay, then Legazpi, as                       province is a mass of fishing grounds           Bicolano cuisine is famous for its
interactive eco-experience for the Albay went on to refer to the province.               that contain a selection of fish species   rich and spicy dishes, which are

                                                      Mayon Volcano, otherwise known as the perfect cone volcano
March 2009                                                                The North American Filipino Star                                                                    7
mostly cooked using coconut milk                    Albay is filled with many natural
called gata and spiced with a very hot,        wonders and notable attractions in the
local variety of chili called siling           area include the Hoyop-Hoyopan,
labuyo.      Well    known      Bicolano       Calibidongan and Pototan Caves, the
specialties are Bicol Express (a very          surfing beach at Sto. Domingo and
hot dish cooked in coconut milk with           also Misibis Island, a paradise for
green chilies), Pinangat (fish or shrimp       beach lovers, artists, and nature lovers
wrapped in gabi or yam leaves and              and an ideal place to enjoy swimming
cooked in coconut milk), Laing (gabi           and discover the exotic marine life
leaves and stalks boiled into a stew           underneath; Busay Falls and the Tiwi
with ginger, chili and coconut milk) and       Hot Springs; San Miguel and Rapu-
Ginataang Langka (young jackfruit              Rapu Islands are among the lesser
stewed in coconut milk with shrimp             known, but unspoiled dives sites in the
paste called bagoong).                         country.
      Legazpi, the capital of Albay                 Mayon Volcano: The world’s most
Province, is best known for its                perfect cone, Mayon Volcano has a
surrounding attractions, in particular,        height of 2,242 meters (8,189 feet) and
the majestic Mayon Volcano. Mayon is           a base of 10 kilometers embracing
world renowned for its perfectly               several towns. Her name was derived
symmetrical cone, which billows                from the Bikol word “Magayon,” which
smoke daily, a reminder that the               literally means beautiful. The peak,
volcano still erupts at frequent               likened to the legendary beauty
intervals. The buried remains of               Daragang        Magayon,     is    often
Cagsawa, with only the church steeple          concealed by clouds urging first-time Local handicraft store, daraga, albay - Curtains & hanging lamps made from seashells,
still standing, are proofs of the strong       visitors to stay longer to admire her ball lamps from abaca twine, native fans & hand bags made of "sinamay" cloth, a
powers of this beautiful, but dangerous        charm.                                   material woven from fibers of a maguey plant (pineapple family).
wonder of nature.                                   Albay also celebrates its own
      Historical sites found in the            festivities. The Karangahan Festival is
province are the Battle of Legazpi             celebrated in May is a grand Albayano
Trylon, Jose Ignacio Paua Monument,            celebration as an expression of wealth
Old Albay, Simeon Ola Monument,                brought about by a good harvest.
Guinobatan and the Andres Bonifacio            Katalingkasan Festival, held every July
monument in Sto. Domingo. The                  21-25, is celebrated in conjunction with
National Museum in Cagsawa contains            the town fiesta of Libon. Bicol Food
geological finds from Mayon.                   Festival is a feast of the famous Bicol
      Notable ancient churches include         cuisine. Bancathon is a water sport
Our Lady of the Gate in Daraga, St.            activity participated in by fisherman
John the Baptist in Camalig and St.            from the different municipalities of
Rose in Bacacay.                               Albay. a

Sleeping Lion Hill - Kapuntukan Hill is called so because its contour and shape are like
a sleeping lion, lying a kilometer away from the busy Legazpi pier. Atop this hill affords
viewers to relish the beautiful vista of the entire city of Legazpi and the neighboring
municipalities as far as the town of Manito and the alluring islands of Rapu-Rapu.

 Misibis Island Beach - A paradise for beach lovers, artists, and nature lovers, Misibis is
an ideal place to enjoy swimming and discover the exotic marine life underneath.                 The town of Tiwi, in Albay province, is known for their exquisite pottery.
8                                                                   The North American Filipino Star                                                    March 2009

Philippine militants linked to Al Qaeda threaten Red Cross hostage
Abu Sayyaf vows to kill one of three hostages if government troops do not withdraw
from their stronghold.
    Al Qaeda-linked militants in the       Patikul and Tagbak in Indanan.                                                                 The rebirth of Abu Sayyaf
Philippines have threatened to                     The hostages, all workers of                                                  raises renewed fears of terrorism.
behead a Red Cross hostage if              the International Committee of the                                                    So far, Abu Sayyaf has focused on
government       troops   do     not       Red Cross (ICRC) — Italian                                                            raising         money           through
withdraw from their stronghold,            national Eugenio Vagni, Swiss                                                         kidnappings, but it is likely to
signaling an alarming new                  national Andreas Notter and                                                           pursue high-profile assaults to
comeback for terrorist groups in           Filipino Mary Jean Lacaba — were                                                      reassert its stature as a terror
the Philippines.                           seized by the group in Jolo Island                                                    group, the report noted. Abu
                                           on Jan. 15. Today is their 69th day                                                   Sayyaf also has allowed foreign
                                           in captivity.                                                                         militants, mostly members of the
                                                According to Agence France-                                                      regional terror group Jemaah
                                           Presse, Abu Sayyaf "is the smallest       Philippines Sen. Richard Gordon, also the   Islamiyah, to make the region their
                                           but most radical of several Islamic       head of the Philippine National Red         home.
                                           militant groups in the southern           Cross, speaks to the press in Makati,               "As long as they are there,
                                           Philippines. It is blamed for the         Philippines on Wednesday March 18,
                                                                                                                                 they can provide safe haven for
                                           country's worst terrorist attacks and     2009. Gordon said the three Red Cross
                                                                                                                                 Jemaah Islamiyah where they can
                                           is on the US government's list of         hostages, including two Europeans,
                                                                                     survived two days of fierce jungle          train the next generation of
                                           foreign terrorist organizations."                                                     bombers and terrorists. That's why
                                                                                     clashes that killed three marines and up
                                                The Philippines' GMA News                                                        they're a threat," said Col. William
                                                                                     to seven al-Qaida-linked Abu Sayyaf
                                           says that Abu Sayyaf is asking for        captors in southern island of Jolo.         Coultrup, who heads the U.S.
                                           two-thirds of the island of Jolo, and                                                 counterterrorism          forces      in
                                           has given the government until                    In an interview on dzBB             Mindanao.
                                           March 28. But the government has         radio, Lieutenant Colonel Ernesto                To contain the most recent
                                           categorically denied the demand.         Torres said they will not heed the           standoff, the military moved to cut
                                                                                    Abu Sayyaf's reported demand for             off supplies to Abu Sayyaf's
                                                                                    a larger pullout of government               stronghold in a bid to put pressure
                                                                                    troops in Sulu in exchange for the           on the militant group, Voice of
In this Jan. 15, 2009 file photo, Roland                                            release of one of the ICRC
Bigler, delegate of the Red Cross, shows                                                                                         America reports.
                                                                                    volunteers....                                        A military spokesman said
pictures of kidnapped workers, Filipino
Mary Jean Lacaba, top, Swiss Andreas
                                                                                            Torres said they also doubt          Tuesday that government troops
Notter, bottom left, and Italian Eugenio                                            that the Abu Sayyaf will fulfill its part    have cut food, water and other
Vagni.                                                                              of the "bargain" because last week,          supplies to keep pressure on the
                                                                                    the bandits reneged on [an]                  Abu      Sayyaf      militants.     The
     The threat of beheading comes                                                  agreement to release one of the              spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel
days after "[M]arine snipers ... fired                                              ICRC volunteers after government             Edgardo Arevalo, said soldiers are
at the [Abu Sayyaf] militants trying                                                forces repositioned its troops in            maintaining their cordon around
to breach a loose military cordon,                                                  Indanan town.                                the dense jungle area where the
sparking two days of clashes that                                                       This week's tense standoff and           militants are holding the aid
killed three marines and up to                                                      other recent attacks are reversing           workers.
seven guerrillas," reports the                                                      hopes that the Abu Sayyaf group                  The Inquirer reports that as the
Associated Press.                                                                   was successfully neutralized, the            standoff continues, a military
     The militants have given the                                                   Associated Press reports.                    offensive to rescue [the hostages]
government one week, beginning                                                              Not long ago, the al-Qaida-          remains a last resort, according to
Monday (March 23), to complete                                                      linked Abu Sayyaf group was                  Sulu Gov. Sakur Tan.
the withdrawal from part of Jolo                                                    dismissed as all but dead, thanks                   "Well, if there is really no way
Island (also called Sulu), reports                                                  to a much-heralded joint effort              of getting the hostages peacefully
                                           Filipino Red Cross volunteers and
The Inquirer, a leading English-                                                    against terrorism by the U.S. and            then we'll have to resort to that," Tan
                                           sympathizers hold a candlelight prayer
language newspaper in the                  rally near Manila in late February.      the Philippine military. Now there is        said.
Philippines.                                                                        fear that the Abu Sayyaf may be                a

          In a telephone interview                    The spokesperson of the coming back....
Tuesday morning, Abu Sayyaf                Armed Forces of the Philippines on
leader Albader Parad told this             Wednesday said they will not give
reporter that the new ultimatum is
for the "serious implementation of a
military pull-out" on areas they
                                           in to the latest demand supposedly
                                           made by the Abu Sayyaf group
                                           holding       three        International
                                                                                               Need Money?
indicated in their talks with Sen.         Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
Richard Gordon, namely, Santol in          workers captive in Sulu.                        Do you have a full time job?
                                                                                            If yes, call (514) 344-1499
 SURGEON                                                                                         AND GET CASH NOW!
    5790 COTE desk NEIGES RD.
    SUITE A-024
                                            PHONE: 514-340-8222 (4077)                    Good & Bad Credit Accepted
    H3S 1Y9

March 2009                                                             The North American Filipino Star                                                                9

P6-billion insurance fund for unemployed planned
     President Arroyo has ordered      unemployed SSS members have                           “We keep track (of the              can do for them, but ask what they
economic managers to study the         been paying their taxes and dues to              international developments) but          can do for the country.’
proposal     of     Socioeconomic      the pension fund, “the job of the                what’s more important is to monitor           “On the part of the people, this is
Planning Secretary Ralph Recto for     government is to show that (it)                  our own departments and agencies,        the time that we should bond and
the government to set up a fund to     cares.”                                          that they deliver on their targets and   focus our attention on our families
extend temporary unemployment               He said the SSS board should                commitments as far as (the P330-         and community and we should
insurance to workers who lose their    begin to deliberate on having a                  billion) ERP (Economic Resiliency        begin a new era of volunteerism and
jobs, with money to be provided by     program such as unemployment                     Program) is concerned,” Recto told       community spirit,” she said in
the Social Security System (SSS)       insurance “because that’s what                   reporters.                               Filipino during an interview with the
and the national government.           social security is all about.”                        He said the advantage of GRIM       state-owned Radyo ng Bayan here.
                                            “Like a pension plan, if you have           is that “we can fine tune our moves           “The government is with you, the
                                       difficulties and you’re unemployed,              and responses and tweak the ERP          religious and civic groups, the non-
                                       you get certain benefits from                    as well.”                                government              organizations,
                                       government as well. This is just                      “Things are not static, things      harnessing our people to engage in
                                       temporary so that they would look                change so we need to make                coordinated volunteer activities,”
                                       for work and not become lazy,” he                necessary adjustments just like in       she said.
                                       said.                                            the US,” Recto said.                          She said Filipinos can focus on
                                            GRIM determination                               Mrs.     Arroyo      said     her   “simple initiatives like cleaning up
                                            The President has also set up a             administration will continue to focus    the environment, putting up parks,
                                       monitoring system to keep close                  on the basics in addressing the          planting trees.”
                                       track of international developments              spillover of the global economic              She said during these trying
                                       as well as the government’s                      crisis to the Philippines, including     times, “the Filipino spirit and
                                       programs to make sure the country                creating more jobs, keeping              commitment of caring should make
                                       will not slip into recession.                    consumer prices stable and               each one of us (help the less
                                            Mrs. Arroyo said the Global                 extending more direct assistance to      fortunate).”
ISecretary Ralph Recto proposed the Recession Impact Monitor (GRIM)                     the poor.                                     Mrs. Arroyo said the people can
plan                                   was put up to make sure that the                      She said the government will        still count their blessings as the
                                       country’s growth would continue                  also continue to help the private        Philippines is not experiencing the
     Recto proposed during the even if the global economic crisis                       sector to spur the economy.              full-blown economic crisis that other
Cabinet meeting that P5,000 or continues to deepen.                                          She said there are about 41,000     countries like the US are facing.
P10,000 be given monthly for six            “We have to keep close watch                overseas jobs lost to Filipinos but           She said many relatives living
months to SSS members who lose on the impact of global recession to                     this is miniscule compared to the        abroad can attest to this.
their jobs due to the economic crisis. make sure that the global recession              millions out of work in the US and            “Our country needs all of us
     He said the unemployment would not become a Philippine                             China.                                   pulling in the same direction so we
insurance would not be expensive recession,” she said in a radio                             Mrs. Arroyo reiterated that she     should volunteer our time, our skills,
because the administration has interview prior to the Cabinet                           has ordered the implementation of        our resources. That is a noble
allocated P10 billion for the meeting at the residence of                               emergency employment programs            undertaking that we should all take
conditional cash transfer to the poor. Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group                funded from savings of government        seriously,” the President said.
     “If you have P10 billion for chief Antonio Villar here.                            departments and agencies, which               Mrs. Arroyo, who is celebrating
conditional cash transfer, for              “Two-thirds of the world is in              have been ordered to set aside 1.5       her birthday next month, said her
unemployment insurance, assuming recession and so far the Philippines                   percent of their maintenance and         birthday wish is that for the global
100,000 lose their jobs at P10,000 a is not. That’s what we’re avoiding,”               other operating expenses (MOOE).         crisis “not to become a Philippine
month for six months that’s only P6 she said.                                                ‘Reviving bayanihan spirit’         crisis and that we are able to
billion,” Recto told reporters.             Recto said the GRIM is a bi-                     She also appealed to Filipinos,     continue on our sustainable
     “But if you do it at P5,000 a weekly monitoring and meeting by                     civic groups and other non-              development towards First World
month for six months then that’s economic managers where the                            government organizations to revive       status in 20 years.” a
200,000 jobless people benefited,” National              Economic         and           the spirit of volunteerism and
he said.                               Development Authority (NEDA)                     undertake “simple initiatives” that
     Recto and Labor Secretary makes presentations on global                            would help the country survive the
Marianito Roque, however, stressed economic developments.                               global economic crisis.
that unemployment in the country            The GRIM would immediately                       Mrs. Arroyo paraphrased the late
triggered by the global economic make assessments on the impact of                      US President John F. Kennedy’s
crisis appears to be tapering off.     such international developments for              famous quote that the people
     Recto     said     that    since quick response.                                   ‘should not ask what their country

                                               SALE ENDS MARCH 13


10                                                                   The North American Filipino Star                                                   March 2009

20th Anniversary Celebration of the Seafarers
Brotherhood of Montreal a great success
    The Filipino Seafarers Brotherhood      member of Maritime Division and a
of Montreal celebrated its 20th             Labor Attache in Canada before his
Anniversary foundation on Saturday,         appointment         as      Philippine
February 28, 2009 at Holiday Inn, in        Ambassador to Canada. Highly
Cote de Liesse with 270 guests in           praising the Filipino Seamen for their
attendance. Although over booked by         perseverance and persistence on their
20 guests, the organizers managed to        chosen vocation”, he underscored the
accommodate even unconfirmed ticket         fact that they have now brought home
holders who came to join the affair.        the badly needed dollars to the
                                            economy of the Philippines”. Mr.

                                                                                       Ambassador Brillantes and Shinette Khoury trying to put a crown on Jack Gavile as
                                                                                       the evening’s Ms. Valentine.
                                                                                       only program host in the community
                                                                                       who was the added attraction of the                CPR COURSE
                                                                                       evening. Planned activities:                       Organized by
                                                                                       July 17-19, 2009 Camping & Tour,           Gilmore International College
                                                                                       Camp Tamaracouta
                                                                                       Oct. 31, 2009 - Halloween                     on April 19, 2009
The new officers of the Seafarers Brotherhood of Montreal are shown here taking        Dec.        26,      2009    Family            9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
                                                                                       Christmas Party
their oath of office, led by Anthony Fernandez, president.
                                                                                       FSBM Civic Participation: Philippine
                                                                                                                                    Call 514-485-7861 for
                                                                                       Independence Day Parade. Canada               more information.
With a full capacity hall, the Blacksmith   Patrice Caron I.T.F Inspector gave high    Day Parade
Band had to eat in adjacent room            praise to the Filipino Seafarers for       Community Benevolence
together with the FSBM officers.            being “hard-working and loyal to their     For particulars, contact:
       Guests were entertained by live      duty      If the global industry is        Anton Fernandez, President
band music of the ever popular              experiencing economic slow-down            Telephone: 514-239-5746
Blacksmith Band. Dancing was the            and recession, the job security of
                                            Filipino seafarers is highly secured. If
                                                                                               Advertise now in
theme even before the special guests,
Philippine Ambassador to Canada,            you see them hanging around Tim                    North American
                                                                                                 Filipino Star

                                                                                                        LA MAISON NEW KUM MO
                                                                                                                                 5047 Henri Bourassa Est
                                                                                       6565 Cote esk Neiges
                                                                                       6565 Cote ddes Neiges,
                                                                                                                                 Montréal, QC H1G 2S1
                                                                                       Montreal, QC (Corner Appleton)            Tel.: (514) 322-3133, 322-3130
                                                                                        Bean Curd Seafood Soup                   Fish Maw Seafood Soup
                                                                                        1/2 Crispy Chicken                       Baked Lobster with Ginger
                                                                                        Salt and Pepper Pork Loin                Seafood with Chinese
                                                                                        Stuffed Bean Curd with                   Broccoli
                                                                                        Shrimps                                  Saltand Pepper Cuttle Fish
                                                                                        Sauted Seasonal Vegetables               Fried Sea Bass Fish
                                                                                        Steamed Rice
                                                                                                                                 Steamed Rice
                                                                                                                     4 Persons                                   $58.95
These Hawaiian dances captured the audience: Glen Severino, Danny Florentino, Gary                                                                            4 Persons
Pantaleon and Jhun Paluyo.
Jose S. Brillantes and guest speaker                                                     Bean Curd Soup                           Fish maw seafood soup
Mr. Patrice Caron, International Horton or in Plaza Cote des Neiges,                                                              2 Baked Lobsters with Ginger
                                                                                         1/2 Crispy Chicken
Transport Federation inspector arrived. they are in their Winter break. They                                                      Seafood with Eggplant
                                                                                         Shrimp Cake with Chinese                         in Hot Pot
Program started on schedule to save work four to five months in a year and
                                          they automatically qualify for U.I.C.          Broccoli                                 Stuffed Bean Curd with
enough time for dancing.
       Mr. Jake Maguigad, a formidable during winter time. And in early March
                                                                                         Sweet and Sour Pork                      Shrimp
PBAM supporter recited              the they are call back to their old job.             Seafood with Bean Curd in                Seafood with Chinese broccoli
invocation. All other numbers were Montreal Seafarers have a secured job.                Hot Pot                                  Fried Sea Bass Fish
performed during dinner-time. Bert Even neighboring provinces like                       Salt and Pepper Squid                    House Fried Rice
Abiera gave the Brotherhood’s story Toronto came and also got same job”.                 Fried Sea Bass Fish                      Special Fried Noodles
and referred to the seafarers as                  Guests were entertained by             Steamed Rice                                                        $125.95
“champions” like Dr. Jose Rizal, the special numbers choreographed and                                                $63.95
“champion of human rights.” Today’s performed by the members.                  A
                                                                                                                   6 Persons                                  10 Persons
OFW are often times called the modern Hawaiian Dance that kept the crowd
heroes. They are champions, not only standing and the usual “Stupid Cupid”
of human rights but also of the right to show led by Gary Pantaleon that made
                                                                                       F R E E D E L I V E RY
                                                                                       Minimum order of $10
                                        . the audience laugh to their hearts’
life, the “right of existence.”
Ambassador Brillantes, a die-hard content.
                                                                                       Delivery hours:
                                                                                       11:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
supporter of our seafarers, a board           Kudos to Mr. Freddie Espinosa, the                                                 For party menu, call Kenny
                                                                                       5:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
                                                                      The North American Filipino Star                                                                                                  11
                                                                                       pork, laurel leaves, bell pepper and a                            OPEN HOUSE
                                                                                       cup of water. Bring to a boil and let
                                                                                                                                                   Laging Handa Scout Group
                                                                                       simmer for 10 minutes.
                                                                                          *    Add tomato sauce, salt and                             Date: May 30, 2009
                                                                                       pepper to taste then let simmer for                           Time: 12:00-3:00 P.M.

           Philippine Cuisine                                                          another 10 minutes
                                                                                          *    Add brown sugar and
                                                                                       hotdogs. Continue to simmer for an
                                                                                                                                                          Place: T.B.A.

                                                                                                                                                               Pot Luck Lunch
                                                                                       additional 5 minutes.
                                                                                          *    Serve with the cooked
Chicken Afritada Recipe                    minute or two.                              spaghetti noodles and grated cheese                      Video presentation of Scouting
                                              *    Salt and pepper to taste            on top.                                                  and educational activities and
                                              *    Serve this chicken recipe hot
                                                                                          Read the Filipino Star                                     games demonstration
                                           with steamed rice.
                                                                                         regularly or click on the                              All parents with young children
                                           Filipino Style Spaghetti                              website:                                        are invited to attend. Please
                                           Recipe                                                                   mark this on your calendar.

                                                                                                                  Mon. Tue. Wed. - 8 am - 5 p.m.
                                                                                                                  Thu. Fri - 8 am- 6 pm Sat. 8 am-5 pm
                                                                                                                  Closed on Sundays

Estimated cooking time: 50 minutes                                                           Pork loin                                 Beef                                   Picnic ham
                                                                                           Approximately                            Blade steak                               (with bone)
Chicken Afritada Ingredients:                                                                 15 lbs
         1 kilo chicken, cut into pieces
         5 pieces potatoes, peeled and
                                           Estimated & preparation & cooking
                                           time: 40 minutes.
                                                                                              2.69lb                               3.49lb                                     1.29lb
halved                                                                                     Half or Whole                 Front quarter of beef                              Boneless leg
  *     1 red onion, diced                 Spaghetti Ingredients:                               pork                     Approximately 200 lbs                                of ham
  *     1 head garlic, minced                                                             Cut & Wrapped

  *     1 green bell pepper, sliced into      *      1 kg. spaghetti noodles
1 red bell pepper, sliced into strips
                                                     1/2 kg. ground beef
                                                     1/2 kg. ground pork                      1.39 lb                                                                        3.99lb
                                                                                                                                                                              1 litre of fresh
   *    2 cups pork or chicken stock          *      1/4 kg. hotdogs, diagonally                                                                                           blood with purchase
(broth)                                    sliced                                                                                    Beef
                                                                                             Home smoked                           short ribs                                when available
   *    1 cup tomato sauce                    *      1 kg. tomato sauce                                                                                                           1/2 pork
        2 tablespoons of patis (fish          *
                                                     3 pieces laurel leaves (bay
                                                                                            8.79lb                               1.99lb                                   Regular smoked
   *    3 tablespoons of cooking oil          *      1/4 cup brown or white sugar                                          Pork Spare Ribs
Chicken Afritada Cooking Instructions:
                                                     2 green bell peppers, diced
                                                     2 onions, chopped
                                                     1 head garlic, minced
                                                                                              Fresh Belly
                                                                                               with skin
                                                                                                                                                                           10 lbs & over
    *   In a cooking pot or wok, heat         *        3 tablespoons of cooking oil
                                                                                             2   .99                               2.99lb
        Sauté garlic and onions.
        Add chicken and slightly
                                                     1 cup of water
                                                     Salt and pepper to taste
                                                      1/2 cup grated cheese
                                                                                                              St.Chrysostome St. Remi St. Edouard
brown.                                                                                                                                                                                      Napierville
    *   Pour the tomato sauce and                                                          Fresh pork blood                                Barrington
                                           Spaghetti Cooking Instructions:                 Fresh bacon                   203                             219                  202          Lacolle
stock. Bring to a boil and allow to                                                                                                      Hemmingford
                                                                                           Fresh liver        Havelock
                                                                                                                               Jackson Road
simmer for 20 minutes or until the             *  Cook spaghetti noodles                                                                                       Canada      Parc
                                                                                                                                                                                            Exit No.6
                                                                                           Pork skin
chicken is almost cooked.                  according to package instructions.                                                                          219                 Safari   Class        15
                                                                                         Available                                   Covey Hill Road
    *   Add potatoes and continue to           *   In a sauce pan or wok,                                                        Boucherie Viau Inc.
cook for 10 minutes or until the                                                                                                                               U. S. A.
                                           sauté garlic and onions in cooking                                                   Malone                                         Champlain
potatoes are cooked.                                                                                                                               Moders
    *   Add the green and red bell
                                                *  Add ground beef, ground                               83 Covey Hill, Hemmingford QC J0L 1H0
peppers, simmer for an additional                                                                    Tel.: (450) 247-2130 or (450) 247-3561

    SUGARING OFF / Cabane à Sucre
                                      Gilmore International College
                                       cordially invites all alumni,
                                     their friends and family to take
                                      a break and enjoy Spring by
                                        going to the Sugar Bush
                                          Erabliere au sois bois,
                                             Mont St. Gregoire
                                         Sunday, April 12, 2009
                                         Departure time: 9 A.M.
                                               Return: 3 P.M.
                                          All you can eat buffet
                                        Reserve your tickets now
                                             Call 514-485-7861
12                                                       The North American Filipino Star                                                       March 2009

               Laging Handa Winter Camping
             Camp Tamaracuta, March 6-8, 2009

                                                                           The Cubs and Scouts take time out to rest after tobogganing on the snowy hills in
Cubs and Scouts display their certificates of excellence they received Tamaracouta.
for participating in different activities during their camping



                                                                                                                       Greek Specialties
                                                       Campers above have just finished                                 Bring your wine
                                                       barbecuing marshmellows on the
                                                       bonfire built in front of the Lodge.                         BUSINESS HOURS
                                                                                                             Tuesday-Saturday 11 am - midnight
                                                       Photo on the left shows Cristy                         Sunday-Monday - 11 am - 11 pm
                                                       Tiburcio and Doris Medina on the
                                                       frozen swimming pool of Camp                                     For reservations
                                                       Tamaracouta. Behind them is the                                   and Take-Out
                                                       lifeguard post.
                                                                                                                      (514) 738-5758
                                                       Cristy and Doris led the Cubs and
                                                       Scouts in doing many activities
                                                       including contests in building a                           3543 Van Horne Avenue
                                                       pyramid, and decoding games.                             Montreal, Quebec H3S 1R7
                                                                                                              Website: w w w. e

                                                                                     For all your Real Estate Needs

                                                                                                                            towards your Notary Fees if you sell
                                                                                                                               or buy your property with us.
                                                                                                                              Expires May 31, 2009

March 2009   The North American Filipino Star   13

14                                                                    The North American Filipino Star                                                      March 2009
                                                                                        •         Would you be glad to choose it     they need. If you notice any problems
                                                                                        as a daily job?                              that many people tend to experience,
                                                                                        •         Do you have some unique            think how you can help them. See if
                                                                                        skills or knowledge in that field?           there is some serious competition in
                                                                                        •         Who would be interested in         your field. As always, write down and
                                                                                        your proposition?                            think over your new ideas. And,
                                                                                        •         Would you like to work with        besides conducting your research
                                                                                        those people?                                intentionally, always write down the
                                                                                                  After that, you should have a      "incidental" ideas that come to you
                                                                                        list of areas of interest that have the      during a walk in the park, or during
                                                                                        best chances to bring you the success.       your lunch. The best ideas often
                                                                                        Now, you can pick one of those areas         appear at the moments like that, so
Choosing The                                value. Your product must be valuable and start structuring your knowledge.               make sure you don't forget them.
                                            for your customers, solve their
Business Model                              problems, fulfill their wishes, and
That Suits You Best                         generally make them happy.
          While businesses are folding      Your “Target Market Niche” is your
right and left and people are filled with   audience, your potential customers.
panic and fear, we should continue to       Your target niche should have a
stay positive and not to forget the "I      reasonable size - large enough to
refuse to participate in a recession”       make a good profit, small enough to fit
slogan . A simple affirmation like this     the resources of a small business and
one can help a business minded              avoid competing with the large
person focus on success instead of          corporations. And your target audience
getting caught up in all the worries and    should be easy to reach online through
turmoil on the news. Because he or          the specialized web sites, online
she is focused on success,           the    forums, mailing lists, phone, etc.
business idea will be open to               Your      “Unique Selling Proposition
opportunities that others overlook.         (USP)” is what connects your product
While other business owners are             with the target audience. It is the heart
spending time locked in their offices       of your business idea. It can be defined
staring at the red ink in their financial   as your marketing strategy, or your
report.... why not take a short break,      business mission. It is the concept that
enjoy the freshness of spring and you       makes your product something more
will be surprised how fast a more relax     than one of the items on the shelf for
person can create good ideas for a          sale. It must make your product stand Write down the list of all the basic               Lastly read articles, stories, or be
new business or a business that needs       out of the crowd and persuade your things one needs to learn to reach your               surrounded by people that can really
positive results.                           prospects that your product is the one level of success in that area. Then put           inspire you and lead you to the road of
What makes a good business idea for         perfect solution to their problems.         them in a logical order, so that your        success no matter what the economy
a beginner:                                           If all three parts of your customer could learn them in                        is.
Let's look closer at the three parts of     business idea meet the above criteria, sequence. Then, do the same for each                        No matter how much you like
what we call a business idea. The           your chances to succeed are quite item in your list - break it into smaller              your idea, don't be in a hurry. Don't
"Product" term is self-explanatory, The     good. But how can you find such an parts, and then arrange those small                   invest your time and money into a new
"Target Market Niche" is also widely        idea? Read on, and you'll learn several parts in a logical order.                        business until you make sure you'll be
used, Unique Selling Proposition” or        ways to do it.                                        When you finish such two-level     able to profit from it. It would be very
USP" is somewhat less known, but we                   Find a niche that matches your lists for several areas of interest, you'll     disappointing to spend half a year and
want to make some comments on               knowledge and skills. The best policy have some ideas about what you can                 thousands of dollars into a new
each of those terms, regardless of their    when determining your product and offer to other people. Look through                    product, and then to be unable to sell it
popularity.                                 target market is to do what you enjoy your lists, and think over each item.              to anyone. First of all, think, would you
Your “Product” is, pretty obviously,        doing. You'll achieve the best results if •           Do you know anything special       buy such a product yourself? If you
what you are trying to sell. It can be a    you love your work. So, first of all, think about it?                                    have any doubt, then you should
tangible item, like a book or a bar of      about the things you like to do most of •             Do you have any related skills?    probably work on another idea. Make
soap. It can be an electronic item, like    all. It may be your current job, or your •            Can you try and create some        sure your target audience is easily
an e-book or downloadable software.         previous one, special skill, your hobby, product to help people solve that               reachable online or by phone. You can
And last, it can be an online community     your favorite kind of sports, or anything problem?                                       even estimate the price of your product
membership,        your     professional    else you like. Write down all those •                 Can you offer something            or the services you will be offering by
service, or anything else you are going     possible areas of interest, and then outstanding, not presently saturated                simply asking people how much they
to charge your customers for. We call       think about each one of them anywhere else in the market?                                would pay for the solution to their
all those things "a product." The most      separately. Try to answer the following               Write down your ideas and try      problems, and how much they usually
important attribute of a product is its     questions:                                  to imagine and describe a business           pay for similar products.
                                                                                        built on every one of those ideas.                     Over time, your business will
                                                                                        Some of them might look weird, but           likely come to incorporate more than
                                                                                        some may be quite viable. Show your          one business model, but take it slow at
                                                                                        lists and ideas to your friends, listen to   first for a couple of reasons:
                                                                                        their opinion. They'll surely tell you       •         Always take a focused
                                                                                        what ideas they like most, and maybe         approach with your business and
                                                                                        they'll even give you some more ideas.       introduce things slowly, so you can test
                                                                                        They can also point out some logical         and improve your results before
                                                                                        mistakes you might have made. Ask            adding        more      workload      and
                                                                                        your friends what products they might        responsibility to your plate.
                                                                                        need, or what they would be willing to       •         It takes time to understand
                                                                                        learn. Think how you can help them.          your target market and what they really
                                                                                        Many other people could have the             want. Offering a few products to start
                                                                                        same problems as your friends. Again,        with and growing your selection as you
                                                                                        write down all new ideas and imagine         have a deeper understanding of their
                                                                                        developing a business.                       needs is always the smartest route to
                                                                                                  Do some research on the            take.
                                                                                        Internet. Find the web sites related to      Now, For the owner that needs a
                                                                                        your areas of interest and your specific     booster for their sleeping business
                                                                                        ideas. Learn what other people say           before it falls to comatose.
                                                                                        about those things. Find some related        Read through your options again. Re-
                                                                                        online forums, or newsgroups. Listen         check your personality, time and
                                                                                        to what people say, especially to what       financial constraints in making new

March 2009                                                             The North American Filipino Star                                                                          15

decisions and consider if it needs to
                                                                                 Minister of Industry
                                              for the best pricing on materials and
                                                                                                                                         provincial list for consideration.
                                                                                 Launches $2 Billion                                     Projects could be announced as early
take a detour.. like new strategy or          labor. Keep size of the product to a                                                       as April 2009.
inventing your own product. (Did you          minimum (which takes up less Knowledge Infrastructure                                                 The Government of Canada
know that the giant “Microsoft” of Bill
                                              space on the store shelf). Provide Program                                                 will provide up to 50 percent of the
Gates launched his own product                                                            HALIFAX, March 9, 2009 — The
                                              periodic surprising new add-on                                                             eligible costs for selected projects, with
during recession?)                                                                        Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of
                                              products to keep the buyer interested,                                                     the balance to come from provincial
          Let’s look through some of the                                                  Industry,      today       launched      the
                                              grow your solitary item into a full                                                        and territorial governments, the
hallmarks that make for good retail                                                       Knowledge Infrastructure Program,a
                                              product line; and help the retailer                                                        charitable sector, the private sector, or
inventions: It is functional and simple to                                                two-year $2-billion measure to support
                                              satisfy consumers who are always                                                           the       post-secondary      institutions
use. It makes life easier, while making                                                   infrastructure enhancement at post-
                                              looking for "what's next" (regardless of                                                   themselves. In the case of federally run
the user feel better, smarter, more                                                       secondary institutions, including
                                              the economy.)                                                                              institutions, such as those accredited
efficient or more attractive. It’s fun to                                                 universities and community colleges,
                                                        Why this is the right time for                                                   by a First Nations government, up to
use. It retails for $40 or less, yet has an                                               across Canada. The program will
                                              you, The inventor? You may be                                                              100 percent of project funding may be
element of magic. It saves both time                                                      promote employment and provide
                                              unemployed, or in need of extra                                                            provided by the Government of
and money, and is reliable, durable,                                                      economic stimulus, and create jobs for
                                              money. You may be scared to take that                                                      Canada.
safe and performs well. It is convenient                                                  engineers, architects, tradespeople
                                              next step. You may have been waiting                                                                  Projects chosen to receive
to store. During a recession, other                                                       and technicians. It will also generate
                                              for the “perfect time” to launch your                                                      federal funding will be selected based
attributes of successful inventions                                                       the        advanced           technological
                                              invention. But now is the time to put                                                      on project readiness, including the
would include items that help                                                             infrastructure       needed      to   keep
                                              your idea into action. Now is the time to                                                  ability to start work quickly on the
consumers repair/improve or re-use                                                        Canada's research and educational
                                              push yourself to compete, and                                                              project, the generation of economic
what they already own.. Ex. flexible                                                      facilities at the forefront of scientific
                                              complete your vision. Take advantage                                                       activity and job creation, the project's
shopping bag made of cheap materials                                                      advancement.
                                              of recessionary times. If your invention                                                   enhancement of research capacity,
than can be found in liquidation store).                                                            “This initiative to renew
                                              is successful during a recession, it can                                                   and its ability to provide for a better
Most inventions are currently sold to                                                     Canada's colleges and universities will
                                              really thrive during good times. As                                                        educational experience for our next
wholesale buyers and/or sold directly                                                     provide        significant       short-term
                                              Frank Sinatra’s most famous song                                                           generation of researchers.
to the public through internet. In                                                        economic stimulus to communities
                                              said, “If you can make it here, you can                                                               Canada's Economic Action
selling to wholesale buyers, it is critical                                               across the country and will put many
                                              make it anywhere”, I say “If you can                                                       Plan sets out to stimulate the Canadian
to keep in mind their perspective.                                                        Canadians to work,” said Minister
                                              make it now- go for it!” and hopefully                                                     economy over the next two years and
Wholesale buyers are on the lookout                                                       Clement. “Investing in leading-edge
                                              you continue that by the tune of “Ï did                                                    to       improve       our      long-term
for something that will cut through the                                                   facilities will also enable these
                                              it my way”.                                                                                competitiveness through $12 billion in
jungle of “stuff” already out there, that                                                 institutions to attract, train and retain
                                              **For your comments or suggestion                                                          new infrastructure investment, which
will sell itself, and is so novel it needs                                                the highly skilled researchers of the
                                              you        can     reach      me       at                                                  includes the $2-billion Knowledge
little to no advertising. In cash poor                                                    future.”
                                                                                                       Infrastructure Program. This new
times, buyers are looking to tighten                                                                “The Government of Canada is         support is the next substantive
inventories by buying and stocking             Learn the fast and easy                    investing in innovation to create jobs,        investment in the Government of
less, and paying less for products in           way to speak French.                      help our economy recover quickly and           Canada's multi-year Science and
order to increase profit margins, while           Enroll at Gilmore                       improve the quality of life for                Technology        Strategy,    Mobilizing
offering value to customers. Some of                                                      Canadians,” said the Honourable Gary
                                                International College                                                                    Science and Technology to Canada's
the ways to appeal to a buyer and help                                                    Goodyear, Minister of State (Science
                                                    514-485-7861                                                                         Advantage.
them market your product are: Source                                                      and Technology). “The renewal of                         For more information about the
                                                                                          college and university facilities will         Knowledge Infrastructure Program,
                                                                                          encourage           more        world-class    including program criteria and application
                                                                                          researchers to work in Canada and              instructions,           please         visit
                                                                                          give them the tools they need to make
                                                                                          more discoveries that will benefit             For further information (media only),
                                                                                          Canadians and people around the                please contact: Pema Lhalungpa
                                                                                          world.”                                        Press Secretary. Office of the Honourable
                                                                                                    In order to ensure that              Tony Clement, Minister of Industry. 613-
                                                                                                                                         995-9001. Media Relations. Industry
                                                                                          Knowledge Infrastructure Program
                                                                                                                                         Canada. 613-943-2502. Gary Toft,
                                                                                          funding is delivered efficiently, Minister
                                                                                                                                         Director of Communications
                                                                                          Clement and Minister of State                  Office of the Honourable Gary Goodyear
                                                                                          Goodyear have written to the provincial        Minister of State (Science and
                                                                                          and         territorial      governments,      Technology)613-943-7599
                                                                                          universities and community colleges to         John Papadimas,Conseiller Régional,
                                                                                          ask them to submit their post-                 Communications, Cabinet de l'honorable
                                                                                          secondary         infrastructure    priority   Christian Paradis, Regional Cmmuniations
                                                                                          projects. The first round of project           Advisor. Office of the Honourable Christian
                                                                                          submissions is due by March 31, 2009;          Paradis 6e étage, suite 60, 400 Place
                                                                                          these can be directed to the                   d'YouvilleMontréal, Québec, Tel: 514-283-
                                                                                          Government of Canada or through a              8695 Cell: 514-451-0065

16                                                                     The North American Filipino Star                                                       March 2009
Backgrounder                                           Many of us pay into
                                                                                           CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE PREVENTION KIT           the public to know that our agency has
FOSTERING ENTREPRENEURSHIP                   Employment Insurance for years. Most
                                             of us rarely give it a second thought,        RELEASED IN RESPONSE TO                     the resources available to help them
AND CREATING JOBS                                                                          NATIONWIDE CHILD PORNOGRAPHY                deal with their concerns and to
BY INVESTING IN THE CANADIAN                 but when we do it’s a comforting one.
                                             We think EI will be there when we need        ARRESTS                                     address       their    questions,"   said
YOUTH BUSINESS FOUNDATION                                                                  Teatree Tells: A kit to help educators      McDonald.
                                             it. But the truth is that Employment
                                             Insurance is failing the middle class.        and parents prevent child sexual                      In addition to the numerous
          As part of Canada’s Economic                                                     abuse                                       materials and resources available to
Action Plan, the Harper Government is                  Unfair      eligibility    rules,
                                             insufficient benefits and the two week        Ottawa, ON: On the heels of the             the      public      at   its    website,
investing $10 million in the Canadian                                                      nationwide child pornography arrests, the Canadian
Youth Business Foundation (CYBF), a          waiting period are making things tough
                                             for many of the 300,000 Canadians             announced this morning, the Canadian        Centre for Child Protection today
national charity that provides start-up                                                    Centre for Child Protection has             launched Teatree Tells: A Child Sexual
mentoring, financing and business            thrown out of work since the last
                                             federal election. As few as 40% of            responded with resources to help            Abuse Prevention kit, to help parents
resources to help young Canadians,                                                         Canadians deal with the enormity of         and educators with children four to six
aged 18-34,           create their own       worker’s qualify for EI and just 3 in 10
                                             women. Many miss out even if they’ve          the investigation and its implication for   years of age deal with issues related to
successful businesses.                                                                     children.                                   child sexual abuse.
          Founded in 1996, CYBF              been paying in for years.
                                                       Stephen       Harper’s     latest            "Child pornography is child                  The kit includes a parent guide
supports youth who would not                                                               sexual abuse. The scope and size of         on child sexual abuse and disclosure;
otherwise have the opportunity to            budget did nothing to fix those
                                             problems. Workers need help now far           this investigation underscores the          two teacher guides with lessons and
realize their full potential and launch a                                                  importance of educating Canadian            activities for nursery, kindergarten and
business. Modeled after the UK's             more than an extra five weeks at the
                                             end of the benefit period. By refusing        parents and those who work with             grade one children; as well as three
Prince's Trust, CYBF is an accredited                                                      children on this serious issue.             posters, a Teatree book and a Teatree
member         of     Youth      Business    to take seriously the flaws in EI,
                                             Stephen Harper is failing the middle          Canadians are going to want answers         puppet for use in the classroom.
International, and has been recognized                                                     on how to prevent child sexual abuse        Teatree is one of the Centre's already
as one of the most efficient                 class Canadians that are the backbone
                                             of this country.                              from happening, and we want them to         established characters used to teach
organizations of its kind globally. As                                                     know that our agency is here to help,"      children important safety skills.
such, CYBF is often called upon to                     EI is meant to be insurance
                                             against losing your job, so that the          said Lianna McDonald, Executive                       "We recognize the issue of
mentor       youth      entrepreneurship                                                   Director of the Canadian Centre for         child sexual abuse and disclosures
programs in other countries.                 sudden closure of your tech firm, call
                                             centre or factory doesn’t reduce your         Child Protection.                           may bring about a certain level of fear
          CYBF provides the foundation                                                    , which is operated     or discomfort for parents and
for new business start-ups with loans        family to poverty right away. It’s
                                             supposed to bridge the gap between            by the Canadian Centre for Child            guardians or any professional who
of up to $15,000 and on-line business                                                      Protection, has received more than          works with children. This kit is meant to
resources. The repayment period              being laid off and finding new work.
                                             It’s not a hand-out – it’s your insurance.    35,000 reports from Canadians. Data         help guide them through it," added
varies with the loan amount. Amounts                                                       collected by reveals that       McDonald.Earlier today the National
up to $7,500 are repayable over 3            Workers usually stay on EI for around
                                             20 weeks.                                     almost 70% of the confirmed child           Child Exploitation Coordination Centre
years. Amounts over $7,500 are                                                             pornography images involve children         (NCECC), in coordination with law
repayable over 5 years. The first year's      qEI is good for the economy, too. Lay-
                                             offs don’t stop middle class families         less than 8 years of age, and 30% of        enforcement units across Canada,
payments are interest-only at chartered                                                    those capture sexual assaults against       held a press conference announcing
bank prime plus two percent. There is        from needing to spend money on food
                                             and other essentials. EI means that           the child victim.                           the arrest of more than 50 individuals
an initial start-up fee of $50 plus a $10                                                           "These statistics demonstrate      for possession and distribution of child
monthly administration fee.                  money keeps going into local
                                             economies. Think of it as reducing the        the need for Canadians to recognize         pornography.
          The critical difference between                                                  signs of child sexual abuse. We want
a new company's sustainable success          ripples in the pond when a rock is
and failure is the mandatory world-          thrown in. EI should keep economies
class mentoring program. CYBF                afloat, so that job losses don’t simply
individually qualifies, interviews and       lead to more and more job losses.
trains every volunteer mentor, hand-                   New Democrats want to give
matching each one with a CYBF                middle class Canadians a fair deal
entrepreneur for a minimum of 2 years        under EI. With the support of the
during the critical start-up period.         other opposition parties, we recently
          Delivery partners are located      passed a motion calling on the Harper
across Canada and most sectors are           government to fix EI by:
eligible.                                         * Lowering the hours worked
          Last year CYBF funded 400          needed to qualify and make them the
new start-ups across the country,            same in every province
bringing      their    total   to   2,800        * Allowing self-employed workers
entrepreneurial companies. These             to participate in the program.
businesses have created $300 million             * Raising the wage replacement
in sales revenue, $69 million in tax         rate from 55 per cent to 60 per cent.
revenue, $33 million in export revenue,          * Eliminating the two-week waiting
and more than 15,000 new jobs. On            period to start receiving benefits.
average, each new company creates 5              * Making it easier for workers to get
jobs. CYBF also boasts an impressive         training.
repayment rate of 95%, with received                   These are sensible reforms
money reinvested in the next wave of         that will help middle class Canadians
entrepreneurs.                               now, by reducing the impact of job
          By working collaboratively         losses on the economy and keeping
through existing infrastructure, with        families afloat in difficult times. We
generous support from the private and        are calling on the Prime Minister to
public sectors, and with its network of      enforce these changes. Demand fair
more than 150 local Community                access to your Employment Insurance
Partners and with more than 2,600            when you need it.
volunteers, CYBF delivers its vital
program coast to coast.
          For additional information or to       ADULT VOLUNTEERS
obtain a loan application, please go to       FOR SCOUTING ACTIVITIES mployment Insurance is              TWO HOURS WEEKLY
failing the middle class
                                                We also accept children
The Hon. Jack Layton, M.P P
                         . .C.                   aged 7 to 14 years old
Leader of the New Democratic Party of              to be involved in
Canada                                                 Scouting
                                              Please call 514-485-7861 for
                                                   more information
March 2009                                                            The North American Filipino Star                                                                          17

  Tributes to a Great Community Leader -
        Camerlita Ongpauco Sideco
tMonreal, February26, 2009                 Women's Club, Montreal Chamber                 Carmelita Ongpauco-Sideco.                      the first president of the Philippine
         It is with profound sadness       Orchestra, political organizations and                   The Sideco Family wishes to           Folk Art Society. She exemplified the
and loss that I share with you the news    many more.                                     thank everyone for their prayers.               best in the Filipino, and she will surely
of Tita Lita's passing away today at the            She       believed       in     the   Details of the viewing arrangements             be missed.
Royal Victoria Hospital.                   importance of education so she helped          will be e-mailed as soon as available.
         She is a beloved and              various schools such as Ecole des              Thank you for all your prayers and              Member of Parliament - Outremont:
cherished mother of Erik, Ian, Neil and    Nations, Ecole de petit chapiteau,             friendship in this time of need.                Thomas Mulcair and Catherine
Arne and a constant partner of Tita Ed,    among others, connect with the                 --                                              Mulcair:
Dr. Ed Sideco and hip friend and           Filipino community to address issues           Riza Trillanes Esmeralda
mother-in-law to her daughters-in-law      concerning         a     Filipino-majority     Director of Public and Government               To the Family and Friends of
and a loving Lola to Katie and Allison.    population in these schools.                   Relations                                       Carmelita,
         Among her numerous Filipino                She personified Philippine            Philippine Association of Montreal and                  My wife Catherine and I sent
community involvements, she was the        graciousness combined the Filipino             Suburbs (FAMAS)                                 our heartfelt condolences to the family
Founding President of the Philippine       values      of    community         service,   Serving the community since 1963                and friends of Carmelita.
Folk Art Society of Quebec (PFASQ),        compassion and kindness and quite              4708 Van Horne Ave.                             We've had the pleasure and honour for
the first female President of the          determination.                                 Montreal, Quebec                                many years to work with and admire
Philippine Association of Montreal and              The loss of one of the finest         Metro Plamondon                                 this generous, caring and amazing
Suburbs (FAMAS), a steadfast               and beloved pillars of our community           Tel. 514-341-7477                               woman.
member and supporter of the Filipino       is unconveivable when her youthful                                                                     Her devotion not only to her
Nurses' Association of Quebec (FNAQ)       spring of optimism remains palpable                                                            community but to the greater Quebec
and the Federation of Philippine           and vivid to this moment.                                                                      and Canadian Community has been a
Canadian Association of Quebec and a                Yet, I believe this loss is gained    Member of Parliament - Mont Royal: Irwin        model and an inspiration to us all.
                                           and will live in us if we let her legacy of    Cotler and Mrs. Cotler:                         Our deepest sympathies are sent in the
founding member of the Philippine
Centre of Greater Montreal Foundation      relentless       community          service,                                                   sincere hope that her memory will
                                           compassion and kindness and                               “Ariela and I were deeply
and supported many associations.                                                                                                          continue to inspire new generations of
                                                                                          saddened – indeed shocked – to learn of
                                                                                          Carmelita’s passing.
                                                                                                                                          dedicated volunteers and professionals
                                                                                                     Carmelita made an enormous           whose lives have been touched by
                                                                                          contribution to the Filipino community, as      knowing her.
                                                                                          the first female President and ongoing
                                                                                          leader of FAMAS, as a devoted member of         Michael Applebaum - Mayor Borough
                                                                                          the Filipino Nurses Association and of the      of Cote des Neiges - Notre Dame de
                                                                                          Federation of Philippine Canadian               Grace, Marvin Rotrand - City Councillor
                                                                                          Associations of Quebec, to name a few.          - Snowdon, Saulie Zajdel - City
                                                                                                     Indeed, her leadership and           Councillor - Darlington:
                                                                                          engagement went beyond the Filipino
                                                                                                                                                   Permit us on behalf of our
                                                                                          community – involved as she was with a
                                                                                          myriad of intercultural, university, artistic
                                                                                                                                          colleagues of the Cote des Neiges -
                                                                                          and political organizations and projects, all   Notre Dame de Grace Borough Council
                                                                                          of which benefited from her seemingly           to convey our sincerest condolences to
                                                                                          endless generosity, courage, and energy.        Dr. Ed Sideco and family on the sudden
                                                                                                     She was one of the great and         passing of Carmelita Sideco.
                                                                                          beloved pillars not only of the Filipino                 We will all miss Carmelita's
                                                                                          community but of the larger community of        warmth and energy. She was such a
                                                                                          Quebecers and Canadians. She                    presence in so many causes that so
                                                                                          personified the best of Filipino values of      positively touched so many people. A
                                                                                          commitment, compassion, community
                                                                                                                                          proud Filipino and a proud Canadian,
                                                                                          service, and selfless giving of herself for
                                                                                          the well-being of others.
                                                                                                                                          Carmelita was a trailblazer helping
                                                                                                     She will be sorely missed by all     found organizations such as the
                                                                                          who knew her – including my family              Philippine Folk Art Society and
                                                                                          and myself – and all those whose lives          becoming the first women President of
                                                                                          she touched over the years.                     the Philippine Association of Montreal
                                                                                                  May you be inspired by her              and Suburbs (FAMAS).
                                                                                          memory, and may that memory serve                        But she was involved in the
                                                                                          as a blessing for all.”                         broader community as well working to
                                                                                                                                          improve the working conditions of
                                                                                           Alvin & Hilda Veloso, Ex President,            nurses and educators. Her work in
                                                                                          Philippine Folk Art Society of Quebec,          training nurses at Vanier College is
                                                                                          Washington, D.C., USA:                          fondly remembered by may who went
                                                                                                   The Veloso family joins the            on to successful careers in the health
                                                                                          Filipino community in expressing our            care field.
                                                                                          deepest sorrow in the sudden demise                      Carmelia believed in a
                                                                                          of Carmelita Sideco, a good Christian,          democratic multicultural Canada. She
                                                                                          a real community leader and a                   served on the Board of organizations
                                                                                          passionate human being. Hilda and I             that defend civil rights and equality
                                                                                          and our childlren, Melvin and Michele,          before the law regardless of colour or
                                                                                          wish Dr. Ed Sideco and his children,            creed. She was involved in federal as
                                                                                          our heartfelt condolence in this hour of        well as municipal politics and believed
Carmelita Sideco (left) at Park Jean Drapeau with Riza Esmeralda                          bereavement. May your faith in God              that voting is a citizen's most solemn
                                                                                          and in His promise of eternal life give         duty.
         She believed Filipinos should     unshaken faith on who we are as a              you strength and courage.                                She was a wonderful wife and
reach out to different communities and     people and the possibilities therein,          REQUIESCAT IN PACE! MAY SHE                     mother. She was also a wonderful
promote and share our culture and          inspire us to act on these values.             REST IN PEACE!                                  citizen and friend to so many in our
participate fully in the community as               The Philippine, Canadian and                   I have known Lita like most            Borough and city. She will be missed.
Quebecers and Canadians. As such,          Quebec flags, symbols of identities            Filipinos for a long time, and had a
she was also an active member and/or       Tita Lita lived with pride, will be flown      good working relation during our
officer of various organizations such as   half mast at FAMAS, in hommage to              early days with the FAMAS, as an
the Shield of Athena, University           FAMAS' first female President,                 officer of the the Federation, and as
18                                                                 The North American Filipino Star                                                     March 2009
                                                                                     hindi ko naman talaga kinopya yung         parati sa mga eksena niya. madami

     FILIPINO STAR                                                                   galaw niya. I just watched it to be
                                                                                     familiar and see how he does it. I think
                                                                                     deserving siya to win Best Actor. I
                                                                                                                                akong gustong films niya pero the one
                                                                                                                                na nagustuhan ko talaga yung
                                                                                                                                performance niya is in The Aviator. Ang

 SHOWBIZ GOSSIP                                                                      didn’t watch Brokeback Mountain,
                                                                                     baka ma-trauma na ako (laughs). Pero
                                                                                     I heard maganda yung movie so I want
                                                                                                                                galing niya dun eh, sobra. I also
                                                                                                                                watched     The     Beach,     Titanic,
                                                                                                                                Revolutionary Road, The Departed,
                                                                                     to watch it na rin,” he adds.              Blood Diamond… basta andun siya,”
                                                                                         AJ also admits that when it comes      he says.
Model student AJ Perez enjoys                                                        to acting, he really looks up to               For more updates on AJ and other
                                                                                     Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio.         Kapamilya stars, keep logging on daily
learning from veteran actors                                                         “Ang favorite actor ko is Leonardo kasi    to a
                                                                                     andun yung lalim sa acting niya eh.
                                                                                     Whenever I watch him, nadadala ako

                                                                                     No rift with Dennis, Carlene
                                                                                     Aguilar says
                                                                                                                                lasted only less than an hour; "45
                                                                                                                                minutes," Carlene beamed.
                                                                                                                                     Looking at her wide black and
                                                                                                                                white photo on display that evening,
                                                                                                                                Carlene couldn't help but gush:
                                                                                                                                "Maganda parang alive na alive talaga.
                                                                                                                                Kahit na black and white siya, makikita
                                                                                                                                mo talaga na buhay."
                                                                                                                                     BALANCING ACT. Carlene is
                                                                                                                                currently seen in GMA 7's primetime
                                                                                                                                series, Ang Babaeng Hinugot Sa Aking
                                                                                                                                Tadyang, where she portrays the role
                                                                                                                                of Clarisse.
                                                                                                                                     Juggling her time, admittedly, is
                                                                                                                                never easy. Aside from show business,
                                                                                                                                the former beauty queen is also taking
                                                                                                                                up architecture at the University of the
                                                                                                                                Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City.
      Commercial model-turned-actor        though I’ve worked with Lauren Young                                                 She is also a mom to son, Calix
AJ Perez has always been a good            and Empress Schuck before, but it’s                   Carlene Aguilar                Andreas — her lovechild with actor
student. As an honor student at La         my first time to work with sina Matt                                                 and former boyfriend Dennis Trillo.
Salle Greenhills where he is a high        Evans, Melissa Ricks, Rafael Rosell,          Model-turned-actress      Carlene           "Buti na lang nakikisama 'yong EP
school sophomore, AJ makes sure to         and sina Tita Sylvia Sanchez. Si Tita     Aguilar was ecstatic with the result of    [executive producer] ng show kaya
still keep his studies a top priority      Sylvia is already a veteran actress and   her pictorial with ace photographer,       kahit papaano na-a-accommodate pa
despite his showbiz schedule. “Final       marami na silang nagawa so parang         Mark Nicdao.                               rin ng schedule ko," she said.
exams ko this coming week so sana          it’s an experience getting to work with       The photo exhibit held last March           PEP (Philippine Entertainment
pagbutihin ko kasi wala na akong           other people and at the same time,        11 at the Greenbelt 5 in Makati City       Portal) took the opportunity to ask
taping. Kahit dito nga sa taping nag-      yung role ko, parang mas nag-mature       showed various celebrities in black        Carlene regarding the latest issue
aaral pa rin ako. Half day ako sa          na, as compared to my previous            and white images as captured through       saying that she and Dennis are at odds
school minsan so yung ginagawa ko          projects,” he explains.                   the lens of the top fashion                once again, which consequently
na lang is bumabawi talaga ako sa                                                    photographer. Other celebrity subjects     affects the young actor's visitation
nami-miss ko na homework or any                                                      that evening included KC Concepcion,       rights to their son.
tests. Basta priority talaga yung exams                                              Enchong Dee, Richard Gomez, Regine              "Wala," replied a perplexed
so sabi ko basta walang gagalaw sa                                                   Velasquez, Jericho Rosales, and            Carlene. "Okay naman," she added,
exam schedule ko,” he shares.                                                        CamSur Governor LRay Villafuerte.          "kasi friends naman kami ni Dennis
      Outside the classroom, AJ also                                                     Mark, according to Carlene, was        kaya wala namang problema." a
enjoys learning from veteran actors of                                               easy to work with. Her session actually
whom he has been lucky enough to
work with like Christopher De Leon                                                   Anti-Willie Revillame posters
and Dawn Zulueta, whom he met while
filming last years Metro Manila Film
Fest entry Magkaibigan. “It was a great
                                                                                     sprout in Cebu
                                                                                                                                responsible for putting up the anti-
experience for me to be working with
                                                                                                                                Revillame posters. They suspect that
them because they give me advice on
                                                                                                                                the culprits are not residents of
how to attack my role. Like in
                                                                                                                                Barangay Kamputhaw.
Underage, Tita Sylvia Sanchez gives
                                                                                                                                     Village chairman Dondon Donaldo
me pointers and some tips sa acting                                                                                             assured that his men would double their
tapos masaya ako if it’s just one take                                                                                          efforts in patrolling the area to catch the
lang for that scene. Tapos ang ganda                                                                                            culprits and avoid a repeat of the
nung eksena. So natuwa naman ako                                                                                                incident.
dun. In Magkaibigan, I played the role         In Underage, AJ plays the role of                                                     As of posting time, it is not year
of Tito Christopher’s son. Medyo           good guy Gary, who pretends to be                                                    clear whether the incident was
nahiya ako kasi si Christopher de Leon     gay in order to get close to his crush                                               connected to the latest Pulse Asia
na yun eh, ang tagal na niya dito sa       Corazon, played by Lauren Young. AJ                                                  survey results showing Revillame as
industriya na ito tapos he’s still here    says he doesn’t mind playing a gay                                                   among those who could win a senatorial
being a great actor and he still has the   role since he’s comfortable with his                                                 seat if elections were held today.
charisma. So it’s very inspiring to work   sexuality. “I’ve done it before, pero                 Willie Revillame                    According to the Pulse Asia survey
with one of the greats,” the Star Circle   when I act yung pagiging bakla, hindi                                                conducted from February 2 to 15,
                                                                                       At least 10 posters branding
Batch 13 member admits.                    yung kagaya ng ini-expect ng tao na                                                  Revillame, who has not yet indicated his
                                                                                  popular "Wowowee" host Willie
      As part of the current series Your   loud, it’s just subtle lang naman. Kasi                                              interest in running for public office,
                                                                                  Revillame as "Capitalist Whore" and
Song Presents: Underage, AJ says he        hindi naman talaga ako bakla dito eh,                                                could land in 17th to 23rd place.
                                                                                  "Wowpera" have mysteriously appeared
enjoys the opportunity to work with a      nagpre-pretend lang. Napanuod ko                                                          Recently, the popular "Wowowee"
                                                                                  on      Escarrio      Street,  Barangay
whole new set of actors. “It’s really      yung original na Underage sa YouTube                                                 host was named the most powerful
                                                                                  Kamputhaw in Cebu City.
different kasi unang-una, I’m working      tapos recently pinanuod ko rin yung                                                  entertainer in local show business by
                                                                                       Village officials said they are still
with a totally different cast. Even        Milk. Bakla si Sean Penn dun. Pero                                                   entertainment magazine YES! a
                                                                                  facing a blank wall on who might be
March 2009                                                        The North American Filipino Star                                                                 19

Juday, Ryan move wedding date Charice                                                           denies                                     Oprah                  is
                                         at saka wedding nung brother ni Rye,
                                         so napag-usapan 'yon. Pero malas
                                                                                      adopting her
                                         daw kasi sa Chinese ang May 4,                                                         she would be adopted by Oprah.
                                         parang it means death. Napag-                                                              “Hindi naman totoo 'yan, natutuwa
                                         usapan yon, pero hindi na siya May                                                     lang si Ms. Oprah sa akin pero wala
                                         4.”                                                                                    naman akong nabalitaan na ganun.
                                              But not to worry. “Mangyayari po                                                  Ang alam ko na nagdyo-joke ng
                                         this year, hindi na rin naman tayo                                                     ganyan ay si Sir David Foster. May
                                         bumabata, ngayong taong 'to                                                            limang daughters siya, niloloko niya na
                                         magiging 31 na rin naman ako,” she                                                     ako raw ang pang-anim. Si Ms. Oprah
                                         assured her fans and friends.                                                          naman talaga, tumutulong siya sa mga
                                              Asked     which    months     are                                                 bata kaya minsan naiisip nila na 'Baka
                                         considered lucky by feng shui                                                          ia-adopt na nito si Charice.' Kung
                                         experts, she said, “Ang nababasa ko                                                    mangyayari yun, dapat kasama ang
                                         lang September, November, and                                                          mommy pati kapatid ko.”
                                         August yung mga suwerteng month.                                                           The diminutive singer will soon
                                         Yun yung mga nabasa ko sa feng                                                         launch her international album.
                                         shui, pero sa amin ni Ryan, hindi ko                                                       “Happy yung feeling pero sa
                                         alam [kung susundin namin]. Siguro                                                     project na ito, masasabi ko na isa ito
 Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo      yung date lang kung sakali kasi yung                                                   sa pinakamahirap na gagawin ko, kasi
                                         month fate na rin naman yun, e, di                                                     bukod sa debut album ko ito, whole
     Okay, Judy Ann Santos and Ryan                                                             Charice Pempengco               world po ito ibebenta. Mamimili na
Agoncillo are not tying the knot on                                                                                             kami ng ng mga songs, pag nakapili
                                              Juday reiterated their desire to             Singing sensation Charice has
May 4 but the wedding will definitely                                                                                           na kami, diretso na kami sa recording.
                                         have a simple, solemn and very               denied rumors that Oprah Winfrey is
be this year. This was confirmed by                                                                                             Umabot lang po ito ng gold, okey na
                                         elegant wedding.                             her manager and that the Queen of
Juday herself, who admitted earlier                                                                                             sa akin, masayang-masaya na ako
                                              She confirmed that Sharon               Talk is adopting her.
reports that she and Ryan were                                                                                                  dun.”
                                         Cuneta will be the matron of honor                “Ang manager ko ay yung
initially considering May 4 for their                                                                                               Her recent gigs in the US were
                                         while Dondi, Ryan’s brother, will be         manager ni Andrea Bocelli,” she
wedding date. But they changed their                                                                                            during the birthday party of a Sony
                                         the best man. It’s her older brother         clarified. “Si Ms. Oprah ang nagmo-
mind when they learned that the date                                                                                            Pictures executive and in one of the
                                         Jeffrey, not her father, who will give       monitor ng career ko, siya yung
connotes death in the Chinese                                                                                                   after-parties at the Oscar's Awards
                                         her away to the groom. .                     nagsasabi kung ano ang dapat kong
calendar.                                                                                                                       Night.
                                              And she couldn’t wait to have a         gawin, kung ano ang ayaw niya, siya
     “Napag-usapan 'yon before,” she                                                                                                Fox News predicted that Charice
                                         baby immediately. “Ako, ideally, I           yung nagmo-monitor. Kumbaga siya
told reporters. “Dahil bandang May                                                                                              would be one of the three shining stars
                                         wanna get pregnant as soon as                yung tumutulong, siya yung nagsasabi
din, first week of May yung wedding                                                                                             in 2009 – British actor Robert
                                         possible because I'm not getting any         kay Sir David Foster kung ano ang
nung parents ni Rye [Ryan Agoncillo]                                                                                            Pattinson, 2009 Oscar Best Actress
                                         younger.” a                                  mga dapat kong gawin sa career ko.”
                                                                                                                                winner Kate Winslet and Charice. a
                                                                                           She dismissed the loose talk that
Pops Fernandez shocked by her Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda share
breakup with Jomari Yllana    showbiz explosives daily!
                                         Pops mutually decided to go on
                                         separate ways.                                                                         sizzle with the hottest and freshest
                                              But Pops kept mum about this                                                      showbiz scoops daily!
                                         "mutual decision" when she was                                                              Hosted by undisputed King and
                                         asked by Ricky. Like Jomari, she also                                                  Queen of Talk, Boy Abunda and Kris
                                         doesn't know the possible cause of                                                     Aquino, SNN will feed viewers with up-
                                         their breakup.                                                                         to-date intrigues, unknown celebrity
                                              "I didn't expect it, I didn't see it                                              facts, behind-the-scene drama and
                                         coming," stated Pops. "Maybe it was                                                    inside information that they are dying
                                         due to pressures before, during, and                                                   to know. All these delivered fresh, hot
                                         after the concert. I don't know. I am                                                  and fast!
                                         clueless." (The concert Pops was                    Kirs Aquino & Boy Abunda                Showbiz explosives ignite as Kris
                                         referring to was Missing You, her                                                      and Boy deliver news not just by the
                                                                                             Filipinos all over the world get   hour but by the minute on Showbiz
                                         reunion concert with ex-husband              their daily dose of showbiz news and
                                         Martin Nievera.)                                                                       News Ngayon, only on TFC.
                                                                                      lifestyle as ABS-CBN’s first primetime         For more updates, log on to
   Pops Fernandez & Jomari Yllana             On the other hand, Jomari already       entertainment news show, Showbiz
                                         clarified that the reunion concert of                                         a
       "Sa totoo lang, I was shocked,"                                                New Ngayon (SNN), makes television
                                         Pops and Martin, which was held last
says Pops Fernandez in her post-
                                         February 6 at the Araneta Coliseum,
breakup interview with entertainment
                                         had nothing to do with their breakup.
columnist Ricky Lo. Pops's boyfriend,
                                              "Hindi naging issue o problema sa
Jomari Yllana, confirmed the breakup
                                         amin yung reunion concert. Masaya
two days ago by citing their
"irreconcilable differences" as one of   kami pareho sa outcome no'n. In fact,
the possible reasons.                    breaking all the records sa local
     "Hurting but healing." This was     [concert scene] yung Missing You,
how the Concert Queen Pops               and we're happy about it. Walang
Fernandez described her current          immediate na plano para sa repeat,
status     in   an     interview  with   kasi nga na-break mo na yung record,
entertainment columnist Ricky Lo,        e. Parang hindi maganda kung
which was published in his "Funfare"     magre-repeat pa," he told PEP     .
column in Philippine Star today,              Despite the sad ending of their
March 5.                                 nearly three-year romance, Pops still
     Two days after Jomari Yllana        managed to show courage in coping
confirmed their breakup, Pops said:      with the breakup.
"Sa totoo lang, I was shocked."               "I can manage, I can take care of
     It would be recalled that in a      myself. I was shocked for only a few
phone interview with PEP contributor     days. Yes, as I've said, I'm still hurting
Rey Pumaloy, Jomari admitted that it     but I am healing," said Pops. a
has been two weeks since he and
20                                                                 The North American Filipino Star                                                       March 2009

Showbiz Gossip                        Continued from p.19                             Heart isn’t ready to fall in love
Marian: ‘I’m only human’                                                              again
                                                                                                                                         Heart, who turned 24 last
                                          everything I buy is truly useful.”                                                       Valentine’s Day, broke off with her
                                               She’s really quite practical, unlike                                                boyfriend of seven months, Francisco
                                          her TV alter ego, the flighty and flaky                                                  Delgado, last January. But she does
                                          Proserfina of the Kapuso network’s                                                       not want to discuss it in public.
                                          new prime time series, “Ang Babaeng                                                            “Actually, coz he comes from a
                                          Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang.”                                                               very private family, I don't wanna keep
                                               “Challenging,” she described the                                                    on talking about it. Ayoko namang
                                          new soap. “More mature and a bit                                                         sabihin nila na. . . but you know that's
                                          sexy. I’m not api-apihan here.                                                           life, the only constant thing is change.
                                          Proserfina is a fighter.”                                                                      To be sure, Heart is not wanting in
                                               She said Proserfina possessed                                                       admirers. For starters, there’s Dennis
                                          traits both lovable and loathsome. “I                                                    Trillo, who has publicly declared he
                                          can’t relate with her because I’m a                                                      has a big crush on the actress. Heart
                                          homebody. Proserfina is footloose. But                                                   and Dennis were slated to appear
                                          she’ll do anything for her family.”                                                      together for the first time in a new soap
                                               Actually, there’s is talk that fans                                                 for GMA-7 but it was abruptly
                                          find the daring soap too drastic a                                                       cancelled after Heart’s manager,
                                          departure.                                                                               Annabelle Rama, complained about
                                               Marian said she and the network                                                     the assigned time slot.
                                                                                                 Heart Evangelista
                                          execs constantly listen to audience                                                            Asked to name the five sexiest
            Marian Rivera                 feedback.                                       Heart Evangelista is still smarting      male stars today, she named Sam
                                          “We always have meetings to discuss         from another failed relationship and         Milby, John Lloyd Cruz, Richard
    The last few months have been
                                          which direction to take next.”              says she is not ready to fall in love        Gutierrez, Dennis Trillo and Aljur
stressful for Marian Rivera, who
                                               In one story conference, for           again soon.                                  Abrenica. a
continues to parry rumors that she
                                          instance, they decided to “soften”
stole Dingdong Dantes from Karylle
and that she’s not the sweet martyr she   Proserfina’s brashness. “We will show       Martin admits trying to save
played on GMA 7 drama shows               her back story so that people will
“Marimar” and “Dyesebel.”                 understand her. That’s what viewers         marriage
    When the going gets tough,            seem to want -- seeing me
                                                                                                                                   settled for the ones we feel na dapat ay
Marian gets a massage. At a recent        persecuted.”
                                                                                                                                   irecord. We save the rest for the next
gathering with the press, the actress          Marian also got the chance to
                                                                                                                                   album. We also give in to requests
said she has learned to be kind to        show a more vulnerable side after she
                                                                                                                                   from fans who want a particular song
herself.                                  was deluged with negative publicity
                                                                                                                                   included. “
    “I used to think only of work and     resulting from the Dingdong-Karylle
                                                                                                                                         For Always marks Martin's 27th as
business ventures,” she confessed.        split-up.
                                                                                                                                   a recording artist. It kicks off with the
“Now, I’ve learned to reward myself for        At the height of the controversy,
                                                                                                                                   single, "Maybe This Time," originally
my hard work.” Last time she did, she     she recalled, “A lot of press people told
                                                                                                                                   popularized by Michael Murphy during
went on a trip to Guam.                   me to ignore the intrigues and not to
                                                                                                                                   the 80s.
    “I bought a Chanel bag and            be too palaban.”
                                                                                                                                         Without any doubt, the CD is a trip
shoes,” she related. “Among the                She said she listened to all the
                                                                                                                                   down memory lane. There are liner
designer labels, I only go for Gucci,     advice. “I’m only human. I accept
                                                                                                                                   notes in the album which Martin
Chanel and Louis Vuitton.”                constructive criticism, but I also get
                                                                                                                                   himself wrote wherein he shares
    But she hastened to add that she’s    hurt and fight back if I’m stepped on.”
                                                                                                                                   personal thoughts about every song.
no shopaholic. “I make sure that                                                                                                         “Every song has a story to tell.
KC Concepcion is grateful but                                                                                                      Putting them all together would sum
                                                                                                                                   up the story of my life. As a rule, I
wants to make her own name in                                                                                                      always keep a journal and jot down
                                                                                                                                   little piece of events. It should come in
showbiz                                                                                            Martin Nivera                   handy one day when I decide to write
                                                                                                                                   my autobiography. Where would you
                                                                                           Concert       king      and       now
                                          compared to her mom, Sharon                                                              want me to start? Sa downfall agad ng
                                                                                      acknowledged King of Remakes
                                          Cuneta.                                                                                  aking marriage?,” he said with a poker
                                                                                      Martin Nievera has recorded his new
                                               KC thinks that she has finally                                                      face.
                                                                                      album under Polyeast Records to
                                          moved slightly away from her mom’s                                                             If and when Martin writes his
                                                                                      which he has pledged his allegiance
                                          shadow after the phenomenal                                                              “memoirs,” we are positively sure it will
                                                                                      by exclaiming, "I will never move on to
                                          success of her movie with Richard           another recording company." It is            be a sell-out because he is a frank
                                          Gutierrez titled “When I Met You.” She      entitled For Always featuring classic        person who calls a spade a spade. His
                                          even commented that Sharon and              songs from the 80s and the 90s.              humor might even be mistaken for
                                          Kiko were very proud of her and that             Does he mind being called king of       something else. When he told us in
                                          her movie reminds them of Sharon’s          remakes or revivals?                         passing how he tried to “repair” his
                                          movies which made big hits in the                “Not at all because this trend has      marriage with a pastor at their side, we
                                          80’s.                                       been going on for quite sometime. I          could only presume the different
                                               Although KC has emerged with a         grew up listening to songs like "The         reaction he will get from his ex-wife
                                          lot of better young actresses her age,      Nearness of You" or "Misty." I like          once she hears his story.
                                          she has always been humble and              singing these songs because they are               Anyway, back to the songs of
            KC Concepcion
                                          readily accepted her capabilities since     simple and meaningful. We don't come         yesteryears. Choice cuts include: Now
      “Ang hirap lang minsan parang       she does not have all the experiences       out with magical songs like this. Ang        and Forever, Old Photographs, All at
palagi kaming kinu-compare. Mommy         the other lady actresses have had.          mga notes ngayon ng kanta eh halu-           Once, Sometimes When We Touch,
ko sya at ang laki ng respeto ko sa       “Alam      kong     mas     maraming        halo and it is hard to follow their rhythm   Heaven (and Everything I Do,I Do It for
mommy ko. Sana huwag na lang              experience ang ibang artistang              kung meron man. The songs of                 you) and The Search is Over to name a
kaming i-compare, di ba? I mean, 30       kaedad ko ngayon na hindi pa kilala         yesteryears are so romantic you feel         few.
years na rin po ang experience nya.       ang pagkatao ko talga. Pero pati sila,      proud choosing one and dedicating it               No love duet with Pops Fernandez
Ako, ilang taon ko pa lang at marami      may judgment. Pero, it’s okay. I mean,      to your girlfriend.”                         with whom he got reunited even
pa rin po akong pagdadaanan.”             sobrang grateful lang na naa-                    How do you choose which songs           through a Valentine concert?
These are the exact words of KC           ppreciate naman ng tao ang effort ko        to include in the album?                           They sung Reunited, a ballad
Concepcion when asked about her           na gumawa ng mabuting work sa                    “We list down as many as we             about lovers getting back which was
feelings whenever she is being            trabahong ‘to.”a                            could and the list could really be long.     done by Peaches and Herb in the 80’s.
                                                                                      Then we started crossing out until we
March 2009                                                    The North American Filipino Star                                                                    21

Ara admits P1.8 M debt to Francis Magalona passed away
Cristine                                 (October 4, 1964 -March 6, 2009), one
                                         of the Philippines’ successful Master
                                                                                                                            Rapper. He is also popularly known as
                                        own instead of making it                                                            the “King of Pinoy Rap” and is one of
                                        public.                                                                             the most idolized, and celebrated
                                           Ara explains that she                                                            influential rappers in the country.
                                                                                                                                 Reports are coming in that he died
                                        borrowed money from Cristine
                                                                                                                            of leukemia Friday Mar 6, 2009 at the
                                        when she ran out of cash                                                            Medical City in Mandaluyong. The
                                        during the production of the                                                        popular Rapper-Eat Bulaga TV Host has
                                        movie, Ate for her own outfit. It                                                   been fighting leukemia since 2008.
                                                                                                                                 At 44 years of age, we bid Francis
                                        was, after all, Cristine's                                                          Magalona goodbye. We also like to
                                                                                   Francis       Durango     Magalona
                                        launching      movie      which                                                     express our condolences to his family. a
                                        unfortunately, didn't make it at
                                        the box-office. In any case, Ara       Nora to make a comeback
                                        promises to settle this as soon                                                     Nangarap na Maging Nora Aunor. This
                                                                                                                            US movie is the first time we’re
                                        as she gets her fees from                                                           successful.”
                                        GMA7 where she has projects                                                              There are also persistent reports
                                        now.                                                                                that the original Superstar will do two
                                           Aside from two teleseryes,                                                       other mvie projects. The first one is said
                                                                                                                            to be an epic film with award-winning
                                        she might go back to Bubble                                                         independent filmmaker Lav Diaz.
              Ara Mina                  Gang where she was a                                                                     The second project will reportedly
                                        mainstay for several years                                                          cast her in the lead role in the planned
    Ara Mina is surprised that                                                                                              film adaptation of the first novel by
                                        before she decided to jump to                                                       acclaimed scriptwriter Ricky Lee. Titled
the P1.8 million she owes her
                                        ABS-CBN. She just doesn't                                                           Para Kay B, the novel has become a
sister Cristine Reyes could                                                                                                 bestseller after it was launched in
                                        know if she will still be
cause so much talk. In the first                                                                                            November last year.
                                        welcomed with open arms by                                                               Subtitled O Paano Dinevastate ng
place, she never denied that
                                        her co-stars.                               Nora Aunor is staging a comeback        Pag-Ibig ang 4 Out Of 5 Sa Atin, the
and she has no intention of
                                           Ara admits that Cristine is         via a film to be directed by Celso Ad.       novel is the first of its kind in the
running away from it. What                                                     Castillo. The news was announced by          Philippines because it doesn’t follow the
                                        now asking her money back
she's just wondering about is                                                  Castillo, who said the movie, to be shot     usual novel format with a beginning,
                                        as the latter plans to buy a           in the US, is entitled Do Filipinos Cry in   middle and end.
how it came out in the open,
                                        condo for herself. Well, we            America?                                          La Aunor and Lee had worked
since only she and Cristine                                                         “There have been many attempts,         together in numerous award-winning
                                        can't blame Cristine if she
knew about it. Still, no matter                                                as early as the 1970s, for us to work        movies, including Himala, which CNN
                                        really needs the money, but            together,” Castillo told the Philippine      adjudged as one of the greatest Asian
what happens, they are sisters
                                        maybe she should give Ara              Daily Inquirer. “One project was             movies. The two are good friends. a
and they can settle it on their                                                supposed to be titled Ang Lalakeng
                                        enough time to settle it.     a

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22                                                               The North American Filipino Star                                                    March 2009

BIDA march is largest vs. illegal drugs – Guinness
    The Grand Batang Iwas Droga                                                                                                    "This is the time to take a stand
(BIDA) rally staged on Saturday                                                                                               as a nation," Genuino said. "By
made it to the Guinness World                                                                                                 participating in the Grand BIDA
Records (formerly the Guinness                                                                                                March, we do not only show the
Book of World Records) as                                                                                                     entire nation, but the whole world
"Largest March Against Illegal                                                                                                that Filipino people are one against
Drugs."                                                                                                                       the fight versus illegal drugs. Let us
    BIDA was participated in by                                                                                               work together to make our country
tens of thousands of public school                                                                                            a safer place to live. We owe it to
children accompanied by their                                                                                                 our children and to future
parents and teachers. Many                                                                                                    generations."
celebrities also joined the march,                                                                                                 BIDA Foundation corporate
acknowledging their responsibility                                                                                            secretary Josephine Evangelista
to serve as role models of the                                                                                                explained that the march was all
youth.                                                                                                                        about creating awareness.
    BIDA is a massive information                                                                                                  "We want to grab the public’s
campaign launched in 2003 to                                                                                                  attention not only locally but in a
educate children between 6 and 12                                                                                             global scale," she said. "The march
years old on the dangers of                                                                                                   is a massive event in which our
substance abuse. President Gloria       Thousands of participants are seen as they take part in an anti-drug campaign in      schoolchildren will play a vital role
Macapagal Arroyo then lead the          Luneta, Metro Manila March 21, 2009. A government campaign directed at youths         in leading a battle cry against
oath taking of thousands of             attempted to create a Guinness World Record for the first and biggest march against   illegal drugs. Our children want to
children into the BIDA Kids Club.       illegal drugs.                                                                        win this war and this is their
    Guinness        representatives                                                                                           venue."
awarded the certificate at about                                                                                                   Saturday's march took a lot of
5:30 p.m. to Chairman Efraim                                                                                                  coordination         to    pull     off.
Genuino       of   the    Philippine                                                                                          Spearheaded by Pagcor and the
Amusement          and       Gaming                                                                                           BIDA Foundation, it had the
Corporation       (Pagcor),     who                                                                                           support from various government
received in on behalf of Pagcor                                                                                               agencies and nongovernment
and the BIDA Foundation.                                                                                                      organizations, like the Department
    Representing Guinness were                                                                                                of Education, the Philippine Drug
adjudications executive Lucia                                                                                                 Enforcement Agency, and the
Sinigagliesi from Italy and digital                                                                                           Dangerous Drugs Board.
content manager Denise Anlander.                                                                                                   The         Department          of
    Pagcor vice president for                                                                                                 Transportations                    and
corporate communications Dodie                                                                                                Communications provided free
King said the exact number of                                                                                                 MRT and LRT rides for all
marchers would be announced                                                                                                   registered participants and the
later.                                                                                                                        Department of Public Works and
    "We are very excited because                                                                                              Highways allowed BIDA to make
this is a statement to the world that                                                                                         use of their railings apart and
we Filipinos made to the world                                                                                                provided at least 1,800 volunteers.
record as the first nation to do and    A soldier throws confetti onboard on a helicopter while hovering over a crowd of           Maynilad help provide free
this is a stand that we are against     thousands who joined an anti-drugs gathering in Rizal park in Manila March 21,        water stations in the area, while the
drugs," King said.                      2009.                                                                                 Philippine Charity Sweepstakes
    The BIDA march started at 1                                                                                               Office (PCSO) provided medical
p.m. with the assembly point set at     marchers passed by Rajah                  where a program and free concert            volunteers and set up first-aid
the Cultural Center of the              Sulayman Park to be scanned and           featuring some of the country’s             booths. a
Philippines. From there, the            counted before proceeding to the          hottest bands and young stars
                                        Quirino Gandstand at the Luneta           were held.

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March 2009                                                        The North American Filipino Star                                                           23

ex-Philippine leader                                          in        hot Sharon buys                                     P3-M             bag          to
water for replica gun                                                       reward self
    Disgraced former Philippine                                                                                             herself for working so hard in the
president Joseph Estrada is being                                                                                           industry for 30 years.
investigated after he was allegedly                                                                                             “Pwede na ‘yon ipamana
seen riding around town in a jeep                                                                                           ngayon,” she said.
with a replica machine-gun mounted                                                                                              Aside from bags, the megastar
on top, police officials said.                                                                                              is also into collecting books,
    National police chief Director                                                                                          magazines and DVDs.
General Jesus Verzosa said they                                                                                                 Daughter KC Concepcion,
were looking into the possibility of                                                                                        meanwhile, said her mother
charging Mr Estrada with violating                                                                                          “earned it.”
laws against the brandishing of guns,                                                                                           “She earned it. She worked all
including replicas, in public.                                                                                              her life… it’s not like [gastos lang
    "Our legal people are studying
                                                                                                                            siya ng gastos] may katumbas [din
the matter," Mr Verzosa said.
                                                                                                                            naman] na goodwill,” Concepcion
    Mr Estrada's companion in the
jeep, opposition leader Jejomar                                                                                             said.
Binay, who is Mayor of Manila's                                                                                                 Cuneta is not the only one
financial district of Makati, may also                                                                                      splurging these days. During her
be charged, he added.                                                                           Sharon Cuneta               birthday celebration, Anne Curtis
    The replica machine-gun has                                                                                             was wearing a headband designed
already been surrendered to local                                                         For her hard work in the past     by Jennifer Behr that reportedly
police, Mr Verzosa said.                                                             30 years in show business,             costs P35,000. Nicole Ritchie,
    Mr Estrada, unseated in a            Former Philippine president Joseph          megastar Sharon Cuneta has             Sophia Bush and Natalie Portman
popular uprising in 2001, was later      Estrada, seen here trying out a grenade     rewarded herself with a designer       were some of the big personalities
sentenced to life in prison for          launcher captured from Muslim rebels in     bag that costs millions of pesos.      who have worn the expensive
corruption but was pardoned in 2007      November 2000, is being investigated            Cuneta’s Hermes Birkin bag is      headband. a
by the woman who deposed him,            after he was allegedly seen riding around   worth P3 million. It is made from
President Gloria Arroyo.                 Manila in a jeep with a replica             crocodile skin. The luxury item
    But the former movie star still      machinegun mounted on top, police
                                                                                     would add to Cuneta’s collection of
retains a large following and has        officials have said.
                                                                                     bags. She said she decided to buy
hinted that he may run again for                                                     the item when someone reminded
president in the 2010 elections. a
                                                                                     her that it was about time to reward
24                                                   The North American Filipino Star                                     March 2009

                 Education raises the bar
     but lowers the barriers to a rewarding career.

       Daycare Assistant          Administrative Assistant              Certified International Trade      Personal Support Worker
                                                                           Professional (C.I.T.P.)              (Nursing Aide)

 Souvenir photo of the Sunday French Class: Mary Ann
 Solidarios, Christe Lusdoc, Hesil Bariguez, Maricel Mamuad,
 Helen Rose Molino and Esmeralda Roldan with Mrs. Z.
 Kharroubi, teacher.

 •    Languages - English, French,
         Spanish, Mandarin, Tagalog
 •   Accounting & Bookkeeping
 •   Keyboarding (Touch Typing)
 •   Computer Literacy
 •   Microsoft Word, Excel, Access
 •   Personal Support Worker
      (Nursing Aid, PAB)
 •   Early Childhood Education
 •   Office Technology
 •   International Trade (C.I.T.P.)
 •   Integration of Foreign Graduates                                                         GILMORE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE
      of Nursing (Permit Pending)                                                             4950 Queen Mary Road
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