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Filipino Star - November 2007 Edition by rur27363

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									     November 2007, Vol. XXV, No. 11a                                                                                         

Rendez-vous 07 to restore Montreal’s past glory
                                                                                                                                             Rendez-vous November 2007
                                                                                                                                     a special moment in the cultural history
                                                                                                                                     of Montreal thta brought together about
                                                                                                                                     1300 participants who believe in the
                                                                                                                                     strenght and future of Montreal. Two
                                                                                                                                     days of meetings and discussions
                                                                                                                                     centered on the presentations of
                                                                                                                                     various individuals and organizations
                                                                                                                                     that provided the government with
                                                                                                                                     numerous viewpoints and proposals to
                                                                                                                                     make Montreal regain its former status
                                                                                                                                     as a major cultural metropolis over the
                                                                                                                                     period of the ocming 10 years.
                                                                                                                                             The big turnout is an evidence
                                                                                                                                     of the success of the conference. The
                                                                                                                                     orgqnizing committee hoped to draw
                                                                                                                                     around 800 people.
                                                                                                                                             “The clear interest of the public
                                                                                                                                     and private sectors, as well as cultural
                                                                                                                                     and community groups, shows how
                                                                                                                                     important this major historic meeting is
                                                                                                                                     seen to be - and rightly so,”
                                                                                                                                     commented Gérald Tremblay, Major of

A view of the Rendez-vous conference in session at the Palais de Congrès, November 12-13, 2007                                       See Page 4       Rendez-vous 07

                         Albay Province
                                              Panday Tinig a hit at Carnegie Hall
                                                                                                                                               It was a captive audience to the
                                                                                                                                      last note as the Panday Tinig Choral
                                                                                                                                      Ensemble ended their afternoon
 Page 10                                                                                                                              concert at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital
                                                                                                                                      Hall in New York on Saturday, October
            Contents                                                                                                                  20, 2007.
                                                                                                                                               Aptly called Kapalaran, the
                                                                                                                                      concert traced the destinies of three
 Cooperative Movement. . . . p. 6
                                                                                                                                      daughters of a family as they moved
                                                                                                                                      from province to province in the
 Travel Advertisement . . . . p. 8
                                                                                                                                      Philippines. Their story was captured
                                                                                                                                      through choral music representing
 Classified Ads . . . . . . . . p. 9
                                                                                                                                      traditional songs, haranas, kundiman,
                                                                                                                                      and contemporary compositions in
 Philippine Cuisine . . . . . . p. 9                                                                                                  various Philippine languages.
                                                                                                                                               A rendition of Pambansang
 To u r i s m   . . . . . . . . . . . p. 10                                                                                           Awit, O Canada, and Star Spangled
                                                                                                                                      Banner opened the program. Setting
 Filstar Photo Gallery . . . p. 12                                                                                                    the tone for the concert was Sa Mahal
                                                                                                                                      Kong Bayan by Lucio San Pedro
 Showbiz Gossip . . . . . . . p. 14                                                                                                   depicting the love for our Philippine
                                                                                                                                      music. The scene moved to the slum
 Political Press Releases . p. 17                                                                                                     area of Manila with the song Bahay
                                              Seated L-R: Willie Gomez, Jowen Soguilon, Editha Fedalizo (pianist & coordinator), describing homes built with boxes,
 Philippine News         . . . . p. 18-23     Edward de las Alas, and Jake Calizar.Standing L-R: Paul Imperial (Music director), galvanized material and cardboard.
                                              Jessie Pascual, Amir Billones, Dindo Miras, Peter Apelo, Gerald Castillo, Jun Diaz, and
 Global Perspectives . . . . p. 20            Domingo Lorica Jr., Ruel Arevalo (not in picture).                                      See Page 5          Panday Tinig

                                                               Electronic Solutions Inc.
                                                                                                     B K
                                                                                              N of the AN
                                                                                             U IION Philippines

2                                                                      The North American Filipino Star                                             November 1-15, 2007

                                                                                          Coffee Club opens at the
                 EDITORIAL                                                                Coop starting December 16
                                                                                                    Members with their friends or                       Eufemio
How do we make our government                                                              associates are invited to take some           January 20 - Alex Robles
                                                                                           time out during Sundays, from 1 to 5          January 27 - Domingo Lorica, Jr.
transparent and accountable to us?                                                         p.m., to drop in at the Coop (Divisoria-                Those who are interested in
                                                                                           Cubao) store to keep themselves up-           volunteering their time and who have
    The current debate over the former            After having learned about               to-date with the news - how things are        some creative ideas in making the
Prime Minister Mulroney’s affairs begs       different issues, particularly those that     going and what they can do to help            coffee club sessions more interesting
an answer to the question of whether         are controversial, we must not just sit       their own store become successful in          are welcomed to call the Coop at 514-
or not there is transparency at all in the   around and do nothing about them.             its goal to offer better services and         733-8915, or 514-485-7861, and
different levels of government –             We have a duty to express our                 lower prices. A volunteer member is           submit their names.
municipal, provincial and federal. Do        opinions and let our lawmakers know           assigned to be the animator or host for                 In our desire to improve the
we keep ourselves informed of how            how we feel either by telephone or in         each of these coffee club sessions.           sales of the Coop, we are also
our political leaders make their             writing. We must learn how to ask             Freshly brewed coffee will be available       requesting all members to buy even
decisions?                                   questions for it is only by asking            for only $1 a cup.                            $10 a week. If all 600 members buy
    As citizens and taxpayers, it            intelligent questions that we can put                  Some of the proposed                 this amount, we will have at least
seems quite important to know who            the pressure on them to be                    activites are watching popular Tagalog        $6000 sales per week and in a month,
are our representatives in each district     responsible or accountable to us.             films, playing board games, or having         this will be $24 000. Hence, we will
so that when the time comes, we can               Although all political parties have      some information sessions about the           soon achieve our break-even point. In
easily call on them to voice our             had their share of scandals, we as            cooperative movement.                         a short time, we will be making a profit.
opinions, or to seek their assistance.       citizens should not accept them as                     The      following  volunteer        On the other hand, if members do not
However, it is a common experience           part of politics. Politics need not be a      members have graciously agreed to             patronize the Coop, it will be difficult if
that no one seems to know neither            “dirty game.” It is the type of people        start the ball rolling:                       not impossible to achieve any of the
their names nor their addresses. It is       who enter it that make it so. If there        December 9 - Remy Monteagudo                  goals of a cooperative.
only during elections when everyone          are many good people who will enter           Decemer 16 - Estrella Gascon                            We hope to see you all and
is aware of their candidates’ names          this field, it is possible to have ethical    2008                                          bring along a friend who will be
but once elections are over, people          leaders we can look up to.                    January 13 - Luz Dizon & Leony                interesting in becoming a member.
forget them and never bother to see               The current case of Mr. Brian
how they are doing their job. Will it not
be a good idea if we all decide to
                                             Mulroney may make us wonder about
                                             many things. How is it possible for
                                                                                                                 FILIPINO SOLIDARITY
make it our business to know how our
political leaders are protecting our
                                             someone like him to be receiving such
                                             huge amounts of cash in an envelope
                                                                                                   2004          COOPERATIVE
interests? How do we make them               in various hotel rooms? The fact that it                            Coopérative de Solidarité Filipino
accountable to us?                           has been quite a long time ago when it                              4711 Van horne Avenue, Montreal H3W 1H8
    In order to keep our government          happened and yet still remains as a
accountable and transparent, there is        question leads us to ask many more
a need for all of us to learn how our        questions. If it is true that the payment
elected officials make their decisions.      was for past or future services, why did
There are many ways we can                   Mr. Schreiber use cash? The black
accomplish this. The most practical          market or the hidden market is the
way is to gather all information about       only place where cash is often used to
every issue of the day by reading            avoid the payment of taxes.
newspapers, magazines, watching                   As Mr. Mulroney has been
television news, listening to talk           declared innocent of the airbus                        Rice
shows, going to council meetings, and        scandal, and he claims that he will be                                                                   Philippine frozen products
                                                                                                                          Nature’s Virgin Oil
surfing the internet,. If one is really an   vindicated again, we must really be
avid follower of political people, sitting   interested in finding out how he could               Not yet a member? Support your first and only
at the gallery of the Parliament or the      explain away this cash payment. Will               Filipino cooperative in Canada. Be a member now!
National Assembly whenever an                the public inquiry help him clear his
important debate is going on will            name? How can this case serve as a
surely be an advantage. If we do all
thee things, we can be sure to be
                                             lesson for politicians not to be involved
                                             in a similar situation?
prepared to vote the right person to                  Zenaida Ferry Kharroubi                                 Store Hours:
represent us in future elections.
                                                                                                   Monday to Friday - 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
                                                                                                   Saturday-Sunday - 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
    We thank all our readers
       and advertisers for                                                                                Tangkilin ang sariling atin.
    allowing us to serve you                                                                   Working together for common prosperity.

     for the past 25 years.
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November 1-15, 2007                                                   The North American Filipino Star                                                                    3
ROTRAND TO MARK 25th ANNIVERSARY                                                        in his chair. "That's it. You're done."    1993, Brian Mulroney accepted an
                                                                                                 He also called Mr. Szabo a        envelope containing $100,000 in cash
AS CITY COUNCILLOR                                                                      "son of a b***h." But Szabo said later     from Karlheinz Schreiber, a promoter
                                            and 2009.                                   that Mr. Martin is a friend who made the   who had once successfully lobbied his
                                                      Rotrand, who is the President     remarks in the heat of the moment. "I      government on the matter of a contract
                                            of the Borough of Cote des Neiges -         forgive him for the comment," he told      involving Air Canada and Airbus. The
                                            Notre Dame de Grace's Intercultital         reporters.                                 transaction was not in itself illegal. No
                                            Commission, has been a close friend                  Mr. Martin said he remained       evidence has emerged to suggest it
                                            of the Filipino community working to        furious at what he saw as Mr. Szabo's      had anything to do with Schreiber 's
                                            facilitate cultural events and obtaining    attempt to "sabotage and hijack" his       previous       lobbying    efforts.   But
                                            municipal grants for various social and     efforts.                                   especially given the many recent
                                            cultural organizations of the Filipino               Tempers began to boil as Mr.      revelations about the culture of
                                            community. He is currently working the      Szabo questioned the admissibility of      corruption       in    Liberal    Ottawa,
                                            Borough of Cote des Neiges - Notre          several motions aimed at getting a         Mulroney's reluctance to explain his
                                            Dame de Grace and Filipino                  parliamentary inquiry rolling before a     relationship with Schreiber has
                                            merchnats toward an improvement             government-ordered public inquiry          continued to cloud Mulroney's
                                            plan for Victoria Avenue.                   into the Mulroney-Schreiber affair gets    reputation. Many ask: Was the conduct
                                                      When asked, Rotrand says his      underway.                                  of the last Conservative PM beyond
                                            main accmplishment is an intangible.                 The final blow-up occurred        reproach?
                                            He was first elected when Montreal          when Mr. Szabo suddenly adjourned                    It has become conventional
                                            Council was secretive and citizens          the meeting in the midst of an             wisdom that in his years of office,
                                            excluded. He has been instrumental in       argument by Bloc Quebecois MP              1984-1993, Brian Mulroney was a
                                            the democratic reforms that have seen       Michel Guimond, who challenged Mr.         better prime minister than Canadians
             Marvin Rotrand                 the City add question periods and           Szabo's authority to prevent a vote on     thought at the time. He is widely
         November 14 will mark the          consultative mechanisms such as             Mr. Martin's motion to launch an inquiry   credited as the father of free trade, the
25th anniversary of Marvin Rotrand’s        Commissions.                   Rotrand’s    immediately.                               facilitator of good relations with the
first election as Snowdon ’s City           outspokenness has changed the way                    Mr. Guimond "was in full flight   Americans and the leader who began
Councillor.                                 Councillors do their job. City Council is   and then he was going to start             facing up to Canada's crisis in public
         Rotrand has been a strong          no longer a rubber stamp.                   lecturing me," Mr. Szabo said as he        finance. Taxation experts maintain that
voice for democracy, social justice,                                                    ruled the MP out of order.                 Mulroney's courageous introduction of
minority rights and environmental           Ethics committee in chaos                            Conservative MPs quickly and      the GST was the real key to the mid-
protection.                                 over Mulroney hearings                      quietly filed out of the packed
                                                                                        committee hearing room. Conservative
                                                                                                                                   1990s turnaround in Canadian
                                                                                                                                   government finances and Paul Martin's
         Just before the last municipal
election Rotrand was termed “a public                                                   MP Russ Hiebert later accused the          surpluses today.
conscience and a voice for fairness                  OTTAWA -- The abrupt               opposition parties of turning the                    The Liberals, remember, broke
and fair play” by the Gazette.              adjournment of a Commons ethics             committee into a circus and called it "a   their commitment to change the GST,
         Snowdon voters have stuck by       committee meeting Tuesday provoked          horrible waste of time." He declined to    just as they went back on their
Rotrand whether he was with the             a chaotic shouting match and left           say whether Conservatives, who hold a      commitments to alter the free trade
governing party or the opposition. First    dangling the question of whether            minority on the committee, would           agreement and various other Mulroney
elected with the Montreal Citizens          Karlheinz Schreiber and Brian               support any of the motions.                policies. In particular, Jean Chretien
Movement (MCM), Rotrand was                 Mulroney will be summoned to testify                 The motions before the            and Paul Martin have implemented
instrumental in 1990 in founding the        before MPs.                                 committee would summon Messrs.             many of the concessions to Quebec
Democratic Coalition of Montreal                     The committee is scheduled to      Schreiber and Mulroney to the ethics       and the other provinces contained in
(DCM) when the MCM broke its                take the matter up again Thursday           committee (NDP); launch an inquiry         Mulroney's failed Meech Lake and
election promise to create strong           after committee chairman Paul Szabo         into whether ethics codes have been        Charlottetown Accords. And virtually
Borough Councils.                           considers whether MPs have any more         broken in the Schreiber-Mulroney affair    every day, the Gomery inquiry into
         Rotrand was also instrumental      than "a sliver" of authority to subpoena    (NDP); and review the Conservative         Adscam generates more evidence
in 2001 in bringing the various City Hall   the two men before a government-            government's handling of the affair        supporting Mulroney's complaint that
opposition together to form the             ordered public inquiry gets underway        (Liberal and Bloc Quebecois).              he was a mere novice at the patronage
Montreal Island Citizens Union under        next year.                                           The        government-ordered     game as played by veteran Quebec
Gerald Tremblay to win that year’s                   Mr. Mulroney, Progressive          public inquiry is looking into the         Liberals.
election. Indeed, the new party’s           Conservative prime minister from 1984       Mulroney-Schreiber financial dealings                All of this would add up to a
structure was negotiated in Rotrand’s       to 1993, will testify if summoned, his      and whether new allegations by Mr.         powerful brief -- though in my view, not
living room bring the MCM, the DCM          spokesman said. Mr. Szabo, a Toronto        Schreiber have any bearing on a $2.1-      a fully convincing one -- for awarding
and the Union group together!               Liberal, also told reporters that the       million payment to Mulroney made by        Brian Mulroney greater historical
         Rotrand is currently the Vice      committee could delay Schreiber's           the Liberal government of Jean             respect. But first, he must find a way to
President of the Societe de Transport       extradition to Germany from a Toronto       Chretien in 1997. That payment             disassociate himself from the last
where he working toward a major             detention centre, scheduled for Dec. 1,     covered Mr. Mulroney's legal and           odours of the scandals that have
increase in transit services for 2008       by securing a Speaker's warrant to          public relations fees in his libel suit    dogged his reputation during and after
and 2009. His work at the STM also          compel him to testify about his             against the federal government after a     his years in power.
deals with the introduction of hybrid       dealings with Mr. Mulroney.                 Justice Department document named                    For a few years, between 1998
buses that use less fuel and pollute        NDP Pat Martin had an argument with         him a target of an RCMP investigation      and 2003, it seemed as though
less. He also serves as Deputy Leader       ethics committee chair Paul Szabo           into alleged kickbacks from Mr.            Mulroney was completely vindicated. A
of the Majority and Vice President of       over the Mulroney-Schreiber affair.View     Schreiber, related to the sale of Airbus   humiliated government of Canada
the Speaker’s Commission which              Larger Image View Larger Image              jets to Air Canada in the late 1980s.      apologized to the former prime
oversees City Council’s rules of            NDP Pat Martin had an argument with                  Mr. Szabo said if a Speaker's     minister, and compensated him for
procedure.                                  ethics committee chair Paul Szabo           warrant is obtained, Justice Minister      what then appeared to be a
         Some         of      Rotrand’s     over the Mulroney-Schreiber affair.         Rob Nicholson would be in contempt         groundless legal investigation of
accomplishments include the creation        Jean Levac/CanWest News Service             of Parliament if he enforced the           1980s-era aircraft contracts. A
of the Quebec Police Ethics                 Email to a friendEmail to a friendPrinter   extradition order against Schreiber that   thorough 1998 book about these
Commission assuring civilian oversight      friendlyPrinter friendly                    is now scheduled for Dec. 1. He            matters by respected historian and
of law enforcement, the green space         Font:                                       expected Mr. Schreiber's lawyer to         lawyer William Kaplan, Presumed
acquisition plan which lead to the                   However, Mr. Szabo's effort to     appeal to the Supreme Court the latest     Guilty: Brian Mulroney, the Airbus
creation of the regional park network,      ensure the committee acts within its        lower court ruling upholding the           Affair, and the Government of Canada,
work on launching the first minority        mandate dissolved into a confrontation      extradition order, and said that could     appeared to set the historical record
hiring plans, and work on the Montreal      with New Democratic Party MP Pat            give the committee another 60 days to      straight. From Kaplan's pages,
Charter of Rights and Responsibilities.     Martin, who pitched his pencil over a       act.                                       Mulroney emerged guiltless.
         Rotrand's work also lead to the    committee table and stormed over to                           Ottawa Citizen                     But the wheels of history and
adoption in 2005 of the Montreal-           Szabo to accuse him of stalling his         A Secret Trial                             justice ground on. First in newspaper
Manila agreement through formal             efforts to get an ethics committee          William Kaplan                             articles and now in a powerful new
resolutions of each of the respecrive       inquiry off the ground.                                                                book, A Secret Trial: Brian Mulroney
                                                                                        National Post - Review
municipal councils. Rotrand hopes to                 "You're a disgrace," Mr. Martin                                               Stevie Cameron and the Public Trust,
                                            told Mr. Szabo, who remained seated         The scandal that won't go away;            Kaplan has changed his view of Brian
see this agreement broadened in 2008
                                                                                                Shortly after leaving office in
4                                                                       The North American Filipino Star                                          November 1-15, 2007
                                              Minister of Public Works and Govern-        pedestrianization that is well-suited to     structures, the imposing Wilder
From Page 1       Rendez-vous 07              ment Services Canada and Minister           Montreal’s climate. All in all, by           Building, might have to be demolished.
                                              responsible for the region of Motnreal;     expanding sidewalks, reducing traffic        If this is the way the creative enterprises
Montreal and Chair of the event. “I am        Christine St-Pierre, Québec Minister of                                                  already located in the Quartier des
                                                                                          lanes, opening up blank façades and
pleased at this heavy turnout in              Culture, Communications and Status of                                                    spectacles will be treated, it’s not a
                                                                                          creating new squares where parking
respone to our decision to call together      Women; Raymond Bachand, Quebec                                                           terribly good sign. Already, arts groups
                                                                                          lots currently exist, this plan will
the movers and shakers on the culturae        Minister of Economic Development,                                                        are worrying that the neighbourhood’s
                                                                                          significant improve the pedestrian
scene so that they can consider               Innovation and Export Trade, Minister                                                    redevelopment will force up rents and
                                                                                          experience in the area around Place
methods of enhancing its reach and            of Tourism and Minister responsible for                                                  push them away.
                                                                                          des Arts.
influence. More thane veer, I am              the region of Motnreal; Isabelle Hudon,                                                             Another concern is the quality
                                                                                                    But what about the rest of the
convinced that together we will chart         President and CEO of the Board of                                                        of design. Given the area’s existing
                                                                                          Quartier des spectacles? At the corner
the course for Montreal to remain             Trade of Metropolitan Montreal; and         of Ste. Catherine and the Main, a new
culturally dynamic and             to be      Simon Brault, President of Culture          $20 million cultural centre called the       From Page 1               Panday Tinig
recognized as an international cultural       Montreal.                                   Red Light will replace an abandoned
metropolis. I therefore welcome aone          To learn more about th event, go to :                                                      Vignettes of daily life were represented
                                                                                          building and a vacant lot. The name of
and all: we have a rendezvous to shape                                                        by a medley of traditional songs from
                                                                                          the building suggests a somewhat
the history of Montreal.:                     Source: Susan Ellefsen                                                                     Chitchiritchit, Kundiman in 1800, Ang
                                                                                          cynical appropriation of the area’s
         The meeting had two main                      Montreal, Cultural Metropolis -                                                   Alibangbang, Atin Cu Pong Singsing to
                                                                                          seedy heritage, and the building’s
“stages’ where participants made              November 2007 Rendez-vous                                                                  Leron Leron Sinta.
                                                                                          renderings don’t reveal too much — it
themselves heard. Firts, the plenary          Information: Elizabeth Boileau, Media                                                               The harana was a special
                                                                                          would be about 13 stories high and
sesions were held to improve and              Relations Manager, 514-789-3456.                                                           moment in the lives of the three sisters
                                                                                          luminescent — but I’m inclined to think
agree on the 2007-17 Action Plan                                                                                                         as they moved from province to
submitted by the Steering Commitrtee.         $120 million to build the                   that this would be an appropriate
                                                                                          landmark for a notorious crossroads            province. They recalled songs like
This document set out 28 separate             Quartier des spectacles
                                                                                          that has lately become more                    Hatinggabi (Tagalog), Malinac Lay Labi
objectives and now fewer than 65                        After years in the making, the                                                   (Pangasinan), Nu Duduaem Pay
                                                                                          pathetically tacky than seductively
actions asscociated with five major           plans for the Quartier des spectacles                                                      (Ilocano), Sarung Banggi (Bicol) and
                                                                                          deviant. People have been worrying
approaches: 1. Enhance access to              are finally coming together. Yesterday, it                                                 Kahibulongan (Visayan).
                                                                                          about the Times Square-esque
culture; 2. Invest in the arts and culture;   was announced that all three levels of                                                              Other songs included Tatlong
                                                                                          “Disneyficiation” of the lower Main for
3. Improve the cultural quality of the        government will be chipping in with                                                        Dalaga, an adaptation of Sa Lungsod
                                                                                          years, but Gérald Tremblay is no
living environment; 4. Enhance                $120 million to reshape the area                                                           Sa Buenavista and a Visayan
                                                                                          Rudolph Guiliani and Montreal is no
Montreal’s status in Canada and               around Ste. Catherine St. between                                                          traditional, Laylay Agolaylay.
                                                                                          New York.
internationally; 5. Secure for Montreal       Bleury St. in the west and St. Denis St.                                                            Completing the program were
                                                                                                    What concerns people most
the means of a cultural metropolis.           in the east. Four phases of                                                                interpretations of L’important C’est La
                                                                                          about the Quartier des spectacles is
         At the same time, large              development will be spread over four                                                       Rose by Gilbert Becaud and Tatak Ng
                                                                                          that, as interesting as it all sounds,
numbers had visited “Place du                                                                                                            Pilipino by E. Dodgie-Simon. Mabuhay
                                              years.                                      there is a big potential for things to go
Rendezvous.:            Close     to    70                                                                                                                               .
                                                                                                                                         Panday Tinig, composed by P Imperial
                                                  So what do we make of all of this?      terribly, terribly wrong. The Balmoral
organizations presented invitatives and                                                                                                  and lyrics by E. Fedalizo, depicting the
                                              The first thing to consider is the plan’s   Block, which is at the centre of the
projects that could give Montreal a                                                                                                      choral life as a Panday Tinig member
                                              treatment of public space. The so-          plans, has already been the victim of
boost - each in its own style and in                                                                                                     was premiered in this Carnegie Hall
                                              called “Place du Quartier des               government incompetence. In 2002,
enjoyable. detailed way.                                                                                                                 concert.
                                              spectacles” sounds promising, since it      when it was slated to be redeveloped
         “In order to realize Montreal’s                                                                                                          Members of the Panday Tinig
                                              includes a reduction in the number of       into government offices and a new
full potential and promote greater                                                                                                       Choral Ensemble include sopranos
                                                 lanes on Jeanne Mance St. and a          symphony         hall, the      provincial
access to culture for citizens, we need                                                                                                  Marivic Aplaon, Magnolia Camat,
                                              dramatic widening of its sidewalks.         government purchased the block,
to provide ourselves with the means to                                                                                                   Raquel Estoque, Elvie Flores, Mellie
                                              (Apparently, the garage doors and           evicting dozens of artists and small
achieve our goals.           This is the                                                                                                 Francisco, Anita Lo. Jee Mae Ojoylan,
                                              blank walls of the Musée d’art              businesses. When the symphony hall
challenge that we face,” said the Mayor.                                                                                                 Theresa Pasiolan, Mynia Penaranda,
                                              contemporain will be renovated to           plans were shelved, the block was left
         Mr. Tremblay was pleased to                                                                                                     and Sahmee Roux; altos Minerva
note that the very great majority of                                                                                                     Barriga, Lilibeth Flores, Gelyn Gao-ay,
cultural         event         promoters,                                                                                                Erlinda Gascon, Marissa Meneses,
administrators of cultural facilities,                                                                                                   Marina Ocumen, and Carmela
cultural entrepreneurs and directors of                                                                                                  Raquepo; Tenors Ruel Arevalo, Joselito
local cultural groups and committees                                                                                                     Calizar, Jun Diaz, Willie Gomez, and
were on the list of participants. He also                                                                                                Jessie Pascual; and basses Edward de
hailed the involvement of many                                                                                                           las Alas, Peter Apelo, Amir Billones,
businesspeople who have accepted                                                                                                         Gerald Castillo, Domingo Lorica Jr.,
the invivitation to come and take part in                                                                                                Dindo Miras, and Jowen Soguilon.
the conference.                                                                                                                          Pianist and coordinator is Editha
         Several federal and Quebec                                                                                                      Fedalizo. Music director is Paul
government ministers participated                                                                                                        Imperia.
actively inthe presentations and                                                                                                                  The Panday Tinig Choral
discussions.                                                                                                                             Ensemble was especially invited to
         The idea to hold a Montreal                                                                                                     mark the 35th anniversary of the
Rendez-vous on Cuture begain to form                                                                                                     founding of Artists International of New
in 2005. Aside from Major Tremblay,           Premier Jean Charest making the announcement about the 3-way partnerhsip in building the
                                              Quartier des Spectacles whereby the municipal, provincial and federal government will chip York City by its founder and executive
the Steering Committee for the                                                                                                           director Leo B. Ruiz.Watch for the 2008
                                              in $40 million each.
November 2007 Rendez-vous is made                                                                                                        spring presentation of the Kapalaran
up of Jos?e Verner, Minister of               include retail space.) The renovation of
                                                                                                                                         concert to be showcased in Montreal.
Canadian Heritage, Status of Women            Ste. Catherine will calm traffic and allow to rot for five years, decaying to such
                                                                                                                                         Further announcements will follow.
and Official Languages’ Michael Fortier,      for     a      flexible   approach        to an extent that one of its historic

                                                                                            F. FARHAT
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                                                                      For Students
                                                                                                   •   and many more
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                                                                 Eye examination on site
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                                                                                                                               10% discount.

                                                                  5540 Cote desk Neiges (cor. St. Kevin) 514-340-0135
                                                                  1274 Mount Royal East                  514-527-8201

November 1-15, 2007                                               The North American Filipino Star                                                          5
                                                                                                                         the project details and the
Government of Canada                                                                                                     parameters for federal financing,
Supports Quartier des                                                                                                    and on compliance with the
Spectacles in Montréal                                                                                                   obligations set out in the framework
         Montréal,              Québec                                                                                   agreement.
(November 12, 2007) - The                                                                                                         Through its unprecedented
Government of Canada, through its                                                                                        $33-billion     Building      Canada
brand new Building Canada                                                                                                infrastructure plan, the Government
infrastructure plan, will consider the                                                                                   provides long-term, stable and
Quartier des spectacles cultural                                                                                         predictable funding to help meet
precinct as a funding priority. This                                                                                     infrastructure     needs       across
financing could cover as much as                                                                                         Canada. Building Canada supports
one third of eligible costs, for a                                                                                       a stronger, safer and better country.
federal contribution of a maximum of                                                                                     For further information contact:
$40 million for the cultural precinct                                                                                    Karine White
of the Quartier des spectacles. The        Province of Québec under the            completion    of  environmental       Press Secretary
Government of Québec and the City          Building Canadainfrastructure plan.     assessments required under the        Office of Minister Cannon
of Montréal have also confirmed a          Funding is also conditional upon        Canadian          Environmental       613-991-0700
financial commitment for this              the completion of a due diligence       Assessment Act, the signing of a
project, both for an amount of $40         review of the project, the successful   contribution agreement outlining
million each. The Honourable Josée
Verner, Minister of Canadian
Heritage, the Status of Women and
Official Languages, and the
Honourable Michael M Fortier,
Minister of Public Works and
Government Services, made this
announcement today, on behalf of
the Honourable Lawrence Cannon,
Minister of Transport, Infrastructure
and Communities.
         The Quartier des spectacles
is centered on the intersection of
Sainte-Catherine Street and Saint-
Laurent Boulevard, covering almost
a square kilometre bound by City
Councillors Street, Berri Street,
Sherbrooke Street, and René-
Lévesque Boulevard. This area is
home to 30 performance halls
totalling almost 28,000 seats,
numerous international festivals, art
galleries and centres for the
exhibition and broadcast of
alternative culture. The Quartier des
spectacles supports more than
7,000 jobs linked to cultural
activities, from education through to
              outreach,       including
                    exhibition,    and
                                                     SPECIAL PROMOTION
         "Promoting the cultural
development of our cities is
important for the Government of
Canada," said Minister Verner. "This
is a priority of our Building
Canadainfrastructure plan, which is
                                                     $70                                     $80                                 $85
ensuring       access      to    quality
infrastructure. Our govern-ment's
support for Montreal's Quartier des
spectacles        is     a     concrete
demonstration of the value we place
on cultural development in all its
forms, ensuring the enrichment of                                                           We will match any other competitor price.
citizens' lives."                                          Kahon, hindi binubuksan,hindi                     Oxygenated Pi water available at:
         "The      Building     Canada                     binabawasan, inihahatid ng buo sa                 PAT LOUNG
infrastructure plan is advancing                           inyong pintuan.                                   5328 Queen Mary Road, Montreal
quality infrastructure," said Minister                     NOTE: PLEASE DONOT OVERPACK.                      Telephone: 514-485-3689
Fortier. "Through Building Canada,
our government acknowledges the                                                                      RR SOUTHERN FREIGHT FORWARDER
importance           of     preserving,                                                              BLOCK 10 LOT 12 MARTINVILLE SUBD BF HOMES
developing and improving access to                                                                   MANUYO II, LAS PINAS CITY, PHILIPPINES
culture."                                                                                            RRSFF Contact person: Robert Durano
         Financial support for the                                                                   (Tel) 541-7224
project, for a maximum of $40                                                                        Highlights Inquiry Office:
million, is conditional on the signing
                                                                                                            Rex De Lusong (Tel) 931-1780
of a framework agreement with the
6                                                                       The North American Filipino Star                                              November 1-15, 2007
                                                                                          on coops was nil.                               Populaire Desjardins of Canada, with
                                                 Cooperative                                       Since     then,    I    became         more than a hundred branches in
                                                                                          interested on credit unions and the             Quebec was not by chance, but rather
                                                  Movement                                different kinds of cooperatives. Four
                                                                                          years after, I met Atty. Mordino Cua in
                                                                                                                                          the result of immense preparations
                                                                                                                                          and skills developed through hardwork

                                               It’s bigger than                           the northern part of Mindanao, who
                                                                                          traveled ten countries (including
                                                                                                                                          and dedication of Alphonse and
                                                                                                                                          Dorimene (his wife).
                                                                                          Canada) to study cooperatives. From                      As for Alphonse he knew well
                                                   you think                              him I heard about Desjardins
                                                                                          (Canada), Raiffeisen (Germany),
                                                                                                                                          that the fate of his plan depended
                                                                                                                                          upon what the people did with it. If they
                                                       By                                 Schulze-Delitzsch (Germany), Father
                                                                                          Masterson, SJ (Philippines) and other
                                                                                                                                          accepted the idea and built their
                                                                                                                                          Caisse Populaires, they could have the
                                                                                          coop pioneers. I also learned from him          advantages. If they did not, all would
                                                Jerry Estrada                             that Desjardins was influenced and
                                                                                          inspired by the efforts of Raiffeisen and
                                                                                                                                          fail and he would be remembered only
                                                                                                                                          as a fool. That was the risk he was
                                                                                          Schulze-Delitzsch in helping their              taking.
                                               better livelihood.                         people. Likewise, the life-story of                      Dorimene was so worried

        If only
          In 1998, I took a vacation in my
                                                         What happened to the
                                               Philippines? In 1961, many Asian
                                               countries used to envy the Filipinos.
                                                                                          Desjardins influenced Fr. Masterson
                                                                                          (SJ), who also convinced church,
                                                                                          school and political leaders in
                                                                                                                                          during the early stage of the Caisses.
                                                                                                                                          Dorimene summarized it all and
                                                                                                                                          bombarded Alphonse with the
                                               They dreamt to study in the University     Northern Mindanao to join coops in the          following concerns: (a) “We started a
hometown in Southern Mindanao                  of the Philippines (UP), La Salle or       1960s, and subsequently coops                   coop in our own house to help the
where I was born. One day, I woke up           Ateneo. Today, these countries are the     thrived all over the Philippines.               people. Isn’t it absurd? Please, let’s
listening to the story of my friend, a         employers of Filipino workers. Some                 It was then that I was so              close it now, before we get in deeper
farmer, who relates the worsening              Asian nations have sent an astronaut       convinced that cooperativism can                and deeper.” (b) We are not bankers
economic situation over the years - in         into space, while Filipinos are still      really help in re-distribution of wealth        why are we trying to be bankers? We
his gradual inability to spend for his         quarrelling      about    government       and empowering the people. In 2003, I           are just people like everyone else. Why
family’s basic needs. Ten years ago,           contracts and alleged rigging of           found myself working with Atty. Cua in          don’t we be like everyone else and just
he couldn’t send his children to               elections whilst the majority of the       organizing coops for transport drivers,         work for the family that’s growing up?
school. Then five years ago, he could          poorest of the poor are gnashing their     workers and small farmers in urban              Everyone was a potential accuser if
hardly buy clothes anymore.                    teeth due to starvation.                   and rural areas of Northern Mindanao.           something went wrong.” (c) “They say
          Lately, I heard again from the
                                                                                                                                          definitely that you are also a fool.
same man that at present he wakes up           EARLY INFLUENCE                            THE DESJARDINS EXPERIENCE                       Sooner or later when you are working
and realize he could hardly buy food                    Back in 1998, upon hearing                Alphonse Desjardins of Lèvis,           with others, there is trouble. You are
for his family from a kilo of fish, to a can   the story of my friend, we started         Quebec, then 24 years old, once                 sure to lose. When that comes, our
of sardines and now even a kilo of             thinking together how could we help        mentioned, “It is my dream to do                children will be on the street and will be
dried fish is difficult to buy.                the rest of the people in the barrio       something someday to help the poor,             condemned to utter poverty.” (d) You
          I think of his situation that        (village). One early morning, inside a     something that would help the people            give your time to that. What do you get
reflects the difficulties of the majority of   100 sq. m. chapel, we were listening to    of our race in their needs.” He was             out of it? What does the family get out
our people where many are forced to            an invited speaker from a small            determined to make a difference in              of it? (e) We might even lose the
work outside the Philippines and that          agricultural coop talking about            people’s lives.                                 house that we struggled for years to
there are more than 3,000 Filipinos            cooperativism. That was my first coop              Of    course,   the   Caisse            own. (f) They say, too, that if Monsieur
leaving the country everyday to earn a         encounter. Before that, my knowledge

                                                                       are pleased to invite you to
                G i l m o r e I n t e r n a t i o n a l C o l l e g e the “Writers Helping Writers”
                & t h e Wo r l d A c a d e m y o f L e t t e r s                workshop
                                                                                                 inter-active, multi-cultural, motivational
                   Your ideas should not remain locked up in your head - find a way to
                   express them and feel fulfilled by doing so. This workshop will help you
                   get started easily in the most interesting way. Find out the secret by
                   attending this unique workshop which will start soon.       Seminars to be held in
                                               What they say about writing:                    March and April 2008
    Who should attend:                      There’s only one way to learn to write - read!
    People from all walks of life, fields   Every person who has the ability to read can learn how to write.
    and occupations - nurses, doctors, What do writers do? They write.
    architects, engineers, clerks,          What do good writers do? They write and re-write.
    secretaries, teachers, students -       What do excellent writers do? They write, re-write, re-write, re-
    anyone who wants to live a fuller life. write until they get it “right.”
                                                                                                                                 Workshop Leaders
    Why you should attend:                      Proof of Attendance:
    Everyone has to write, whether you          An attractive certificate and tax receipt will be given at the
    earn your living by writing or              end of the workshop.
    working for yourself or others, your        Proceedings will be videotaped. You may purchase a
    ability to express yourself in English      copy for your future reference.
    is absolutely essential. Since              NOTE:
    English has become the language of          In addition to establishing a writers’ network, a public
    business around the world,                  speaking course will be a follow-up to this workshop.
    mastering the art of writing and
    speaking is the key to your success
                                                Schedule: (Tentatively set for Jan. 08)                               Isaac T. Goodine                  Zenaida F. Kharroubi
    in your personal and professional                                                                                 BsC., B.Ed. C. Eng.             B.A. English, M.A. Ed. Studies
    life.Learning to write well helps you       Friday - 6:00 to 10:00 p.m.                                        International Speaker & Author      Diploma in Education, TESL
    win friends and influence people!           Saturday & Saturday - 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.                          “Leaders Leding Leaders”          Founder & Director-General
                                                                                                                  Resource Person, Transparency         Gilmore International College
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    Gilmore International College                                                                                  International, Fomrer Principal,          Editor & Publisher,
    4950 Queen Mary Rd. Penthouse
                                                2 1/2 days seminar for the low rate of $495 including             Director of Schools & Colleges,       North American Filipino Star
    Montreal, QC H3W 1X3                        taxes and materials.                                              Human Resources Development           Group Commissioner, Scouts
                                                                                                                 Specialist, Consultant, World Bank      Canada, Quebec Council
                                                                                                                                                            “Laging Handa” 0592                      Call 514-485-7861 to register

November 1-15, 2007                                                        The North American Filipino Star                                                                           7
Desjardins knows so much about                                                                                                                hearing schedule came in the heels of
banking, why is it that he remains poor        Palace to Senate: Don't waste time on 'cash gifts'                                             House Deputy Speaker and Kabalikat ng
with only the small income of a civil          November 8, 2007                                 passed into law. But senators chose           Malayang Pilipino (Kampi) secretary Ma.
servant? If he’s so good in these                    Malacañang opposed the upcoming            instead to waste the people's time            Amelita Villarosa’s admission that cash
questions of finance and economics,            Senate investigation into the alleged            conducting investigations that tend to        gifts distributed to various local
why is it that he doesn’t make some            bribery of lawmakers and local                   generate demoralization)," Ermita said in     government officials were from the party’s
money?”                                        government executives during meetings            an interview on dzRH radio.                   funds.
          But Alphonse said, “Is there         in the Palace last month.                              Ermita noted that the Palace is              Villarosa’s statement supported
anything that they do not say? You and              Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita          rushing the passage of the cheap              sentiments      that   President   Gloria
                                               said senators should be concentrating            medicine law, the P1.227-trillion national    Macapagal Arroyo – who heads Kampi –
I will carry on with the load and the
                                               on key legislation pending in the Senate,        budget for 2008, and a presidential           knew of the distribution of “cash gifts" to
risks. If we can hold on a little longer,
                                               instead of wasting their time in their           proclamation for amnesty.                     congressmen and local government
things will be better. When we help
                                               investigations     into     the      alleged           He said the Palace is also pursuing a   executives.
those who need help, we will not                                                                law that will provide amendments to the            In the interview, Ermita maintained
                                               distribution of “cash gifts" to officials last
measure and expect a reward. The                                                                power sector reform act (EPIRA).              President Arroyo knew nothing of the
                                               October 11.
caisse –that is for the people. We have             "Napakaraming         panukala        na          The Senate has scheduled for next       bribes, although he admitted Arroyo has
known what the poor suffer; let us not         maaring makatulong sa kababayan, di              week the start of hearings on the “cash       been keeping tabs on developments in
forget it in our own fears. If we arouse       tuwing nakikita natin ang mga kuwento            gift", with Pampanga Gov. Ed Panlilio and     the mess.
the interest of good people and                at istoryang may imbestigasyon. Imbes            Bulacan Gov. Jon-jon Mendoza – who                 "Siyempre si Pangulo di gumagawa
influential people, they could help carry      makabuti sa atin nakakasira ng kalooban          both admitted receiving P500,000 after        ng komento. Pinagmamasdan niya ang
it on. When I started this work, I made        ng marami. Napakahabang oras ang                 attending a meeting in Malacañang – as        pangyayari      (The    president    won't
up my mind that I wouldn’t be turned           ating nauubos (There are so many bills           resource persons.                             comment on the matter. She is keeping
aside by the gossip of those who didn’t        that could help our people once they are               Senate’s announcement of the            an eye on developments)," he said. a
know any better.”
          If only, the majority of Filipino
people think like Desjardins, who
dreamed to be useful to his fellowmen,
          If only, a significant number of
government officials help to eradicate
poverty in the Philippines, not
selfishness and greed,            then the
country would become great again.
          If only, some of us realize that
we don’t need abundant material
things for ourselves, and share some of
our blessings, time, talent and skills to
help other people, then the poor
people would have a chance to build
better lives.
          When       a   news       reporter
interviewed Brad Pitt what has inspired
him to become more involved as part of
the Global initiative. He answered, “I
am tired of thinking about myself. Time
to think of others. ”
          Perhaps, our fellow kababayan
who are enjoying all kinds of luxuries
could be reminded to be like Alphonse
Desjardins, or Brad Pitt. Of course,
there are some people in our
community who have already taken up
the challenge of helping out but we
need more to come forward. It is
hoped that those who have the ability
and the means to share their good
fortune, will do so. After all, Christmas
is almost upon us. It is the time of
giving. If only we can all believe that “it
is more blessed to give than to receive”
then it will be much easier to convince
people to join the cooperative
movement. Let us not let the first
Filipino Solidarity Cooperative down.

  Let’s join the big fund
       raising drive
for the Filipino Solidarity
 Saturday, Dec. 8, 2007
           8 p.m.
      Studio 26 Mtl
       855 Decarie
    (near Cote Vertu)
Dance music provided by
      the QP8 band

   Buy your tickets now!
    Call 514-733-8915
     or 514-485-7861

8                            The North American Filipino Star                                     November 1-15, 2007

     Call 514-485-7861 for reservations or for more information.

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                                               Montreal, QC (Corner Appleton)
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November 1-15, 2007                                                   The North American Filipino Star                                                                   9

                                                                                         * 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
                                                                                         * 1 pound ground pork
                                                                                         * 2 cloves garlic, crushed

             Philippine Cuisine                                                          * 1/2 cup chopped onion
                                                                                         * 1/2 cup minced carrots
                                                                                         * 1/2 cup chopped green onions
                                                                                         * 1/2 cup thinly sliced green
                                                                                       cabbage                                                   Afritada
                                             (checking occasionally for the water
                                             not to get dry, just add a little water     * 1 teaspoon ground black pepper         Ingredients
                                             each time you see its almost dry up).       * 1 teaspoon salt                        1 kilo pork
                                             You may adjust the seasoning                * 1 teaspoon garlic powder               2 Tbsp. cooking oil
                                             according to your taste and liking.         * 1 teaspoon soy sauce                   1 1/2 tsp. garlic (7-10 gloves), peeled
                                             Drain and reserve sauce. Set aside.         * 30 lumpia wrappers                     and minced
                                                                                         * 2 cups vegetable oil for frying        1 big onion, peeled and chopped
                                             4. Meanwhile, heat oil in a pan over                                                 3 pieces tomatoes, chopped
                                             medium heat. Fry the meat until lightly   number of stars                            3 tsp. salt       6 Tbsp. vinegar
                                             brown on all sides. Set aside and                                                    4 pieces potatoes, peeled and cut
                                             keep warm.                                DIRECTIONS                                 into quarters
                                                                                          1. Place a wok or large skillet over    2 pieces red bell pepper
                                             5. Pour off all remaining oil from the    high heat, and pour in 1 tablespoon        1/2 cup tomato sauce
          Adobong Baboy                      pan. Pour in back the meat and            vegetable oil. Cook pork, stirring         1/8 cup bread crumbs
           (Pork Adobo)                      reserve sauce. Mix for about a few        frequently, until no pink is showing.       Tbsp. vinegar
                                             minutes while scraping up the bits on     Remove pork from pan and set aside.
Ingredients :                                the bottom of pan.                        Drain grease from pan, leaving a thin      Slice pork into 2 inch cubes.
· 1-1/2 lb. pork, cut into serving pieces                                              coating. Cook garlic and onion in the      Heat oil in pan. Sauté in garlic,
· 3 cloves garlic, crushed                   6. Remove from heat. Serve hot.           same pan for 2 minutes. Stir in the        onions, and tomatoes. Season with
· 1/3 cup vinegar                                                                      cooked pork, carrots, green onions,        salt. Add pork.
· 3 tbsp. soy sauce                                                                    and cabbage. Season with pepper,           Add vinegar and let boil for 5
· 1 bay leaf                                                                           salt, garlic powder, and soy sauce.        minutes. Then add enough water or
· salt to taste                                                                        Remove from heat, and set aside until      stock to make meat tender.
· 1/4 tsp. pepper or 1 tsp.                                                            cool enough to handle.                     Add potatoes. When almost done,
peppercorns                                                                               2. Place three heaping tablespoons      add sliced pepper and tomato sauce.
· 1 tbsp. sugar (optional)                                                             of the filling diagonally near one         Thicken the resulting sauce with
· 1/2 cup water                                                                        corner of each wrapper, leaving a 1        bread crumbs. Cook for 5 minutes
· oil, for frying                                                                      1/2 inch space at both ends. Fold the      thereafter.
                                                                                       side along the length of the filling       Remove from fire.
(Measurement Guides)                                                                   over the filling, tuck in both ends, and
                                                                                       roll neatly. Keep the roll tight as you    Makes approximately 8 servings.
Cooking Procedures :                                                                   assemble. Moisten the other side of        *You can use chicken instead of
                                                                                       the wrapper with water to seal the         pork.
1. Combine all ingredients in a big pot                                                edge. Cover the rolls with plastic
except the oil and let stand for at least                                              wrap to retain moisture.
30 minutes.                                                                               3. Heat a heavy skillet over medium
                                                                                       heat, add oil to 1/2 inch depth, and
2. Place pot over medium heat and                       Filipino Lumpia                heat for 5 minutes. Slide 3 or 4
bring to a boil.                                                                       lumpia into the oil. Fry the rolls for 1
                                                                                       to 2 minutes, until all sides are
3. Lower the heat and simmer covered                                                   golden brown. Drain on paper towels.
until meat is tender for about an hour                                                 Serve immediately.

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       ADVERTISING                           CLEANERS WANTED                                     DRIVING                                 PERSONAL
Cheapest way to advertise!                       Commercial building cleaning          Licensed driving instructor with many-
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                                                                                                                                      comnpanionship, age 35 & up,
First 3 lines           $10.00                          with experience                  to pass the road test. Good price.
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10                                                                    The North American Filipino Star                                        November 1-15, 2007

 Land Of The World's
  Most Perfect Cone

Our Lady of The Gate Church, Daraga, Albay - The beautiful spanish era stone church of   Cagsawa ruins church tower - Today, only the belfry remains as a mute testimony of
Daraga that is entirely made of volcanic rocks constructed by the locals. An elevated    Mayon’s unpredictable fury and devastating strength.
place, it affords great views of the volcano.
     The Albay province is a paradise whole family.                                          Agriculture dominates most of          like scad, tuna, siganid, anchovy and
located in the Bicol Region of the              During the exploration of Juan de        Albay's land area. Their major products    mackarel. Aside from farming and
Philippines, 460km south of Manila. Salcedo in 1573, the province and its                include coconut, rice, abaca and corn.     fishing industries, the Albaynons are
Albay is home to the spectacular neighboring areas were known as                         The province is also rich in mineral       good in handicraft making. Some of
Mayon Volcano, the region’s crown 'Ibalon'.                                              deposits like gold, copper, iron,          their famous products are Sinamay
jewel and one of the great wonders of           A small settlement by a mangrove         mercury and deposits of coal, marble,      and Pinolpog, fabrics woven from
the world. Only one hour away is the swamp was a town called Albaybay                    ceramic clay, perlite, silica, guano and   abaca hemp and the mats made from
natural habitat of the fascinating Whale (meaning "by the bay"). The town was            phosphates. Lying around the               pandan.
Sharks in Donsol, an amazing first renamed Albay, then Legazpi, as                       province is a mass of fishing grounds           Bicolano cuisine is famous for its
interactive eco-experience for the Albay went on to refer to the province.               that contain a selection of fish species   rich and spicy dishes, which are

                                                      Mayon Volcano, otherwise known as the perfect cone volcano
November 1-15, 2007                                                       The North American Filipino Star                                                                                                 11
mostly cooked using coconut milk                   Albay is filled with many natural
called gata and spiced with a very hot,       wonders and notable attractions in the
local variety of chili called siling          area include the Hoyop-Hoyopan,
labuyo.      Well    known      Bicolano      Calibidongan and Pototan Caves, the
specialties are Bicol Express (a very         surfing beach at Sto. Domingo and
hot dish cooked in coconut milk with          also Misibis Island, a paradise for
green chilies), Pinangat (fish or shrimp      beach lovers, artists, and nature lovers
wrapped in gabi or yam leaves and             and an ideal place to enjoy swimming
cooked in coconut milk), Laing (gabi          and discover the exotic marine life
leaves and stalks boiled into a stew          underneath; Busay Falls and the Tiwi
with ginger, chili and coconut milk) and      Hot Springs; San Miguel and Rapu-
Ginataang Langka (young jackfruit             Rapu Islands are among the lesser
stewed in coconut milk with shrimp            known, but unspoiled dives sites in the
paste called bagoong).                        country.
      Legazpi, the capital of Albay                Mayon Volcano: The world’s most
Province, is best known for its               perfect cone, Mayon Volcano has a
surrounding attractions, in particular,       height of 2,242 meters (8,189 feet) and
                                                                                              Local handicraft store, daraga, albay - Curtains & hanging lamps made from seashells,
the majestic Mayon Volcano. Mayon is          a base of 10 kilometers embracing
                                                                                              ball lamps from abaca twine, native fans & hand bags made of "sinamay" cloth, a
world renowned for its perfectly              several towns. Her name was derived
                                                                                              material woven from fibers of a maguey plant (pineapple family).
symmetrical cone, which billows               from the Bikol word “Magayon,” which
smoke daily, a reminder that the              literally means beautiful. The peak,
volcano still erupts at frequent              likened to the legendary beauty
intervals. The buried remains of              Daragang        Magayon,     is    often
Cagsawa, with only the church steeple         concealed by clouds urging first-time
still standing, are proofs of the strong      visitors to stay longer to admire her
powers of this beautiful, but dangerous       charm.
wonder of nature.                                  Albay also celebrates its own
      Historical sites found in the           festivities. The Karangahan Festival is
province are the Battle of Legazpi            celebrated in May is a grand Albayano
Trylon, Jose Ignacio Paua Monument,           celebration as an expression of wealth
Old Albay, Simeon Ola Monument,               brought about by a good harvest.
Guinobatan and the Andres Bonifacio           Katalingkasan Festival, held every July
monument in Sto. Domingo. The                 21-25, is celebrated in conjunction with
National Museum in Cagsawa contains           the town fiesta of Libon. Bicol Food
geological finds from Mayon.                  Festival is a feast of the famous Bicol
      Notable ancient churches include        cuisine. Bancathon is a water sport
Our Lady of the Gate in Daraga, St.           activity participated in by fisherman
                                                                                                    The town of Tiwi, in Albay province, is known for their exquisite pottery.
John the Baptist in Camalig and St.           from the different municipalities of
Rose in Bacacay.                              Albay. a                                                                          Hours:
                                                                                                                                Mon.-Tues. Wed.                           8 AM-5 PM
                                                                                                                                Thursday -Friday                          8 AM-9 PM
                                                                                                                                Saturday                                  8 AM-5 PM
                                                                                                                                Closed on Sundays.

                                                                                                     Fill up your freezer for the fall season.
                                                                                                     Pork loin                                                                     Picnic ham
                                                                                                   Approximately                            Beef                                   (with bone)
                                                                                                      15 lbs                             Blade steak

                                                                                                      2.19lb                            2.99lb                                     0.99lb
                                                                                                   Half or Whole                                                                 Boneless leg
                                                                                                        pork                    Front quarter of beef                              of ham
                                                                                                  Cut & Wrapped                 Approximately 200 lbs

Sleeping Lion Hill - Kapuntukan Hill is called so because its contour and shape are like
a sleeping lion, lying a kilometer away from the busy Legazpi pier. Atop this hill affords
                                                                                                      1.09                              1.99lb                                    3.79lb
viewers to relish the beautiful vista of the entire city of Legazpi and the neighboring
                                                                                                                                    Pork Spare Ribs                           1 litre of fresh
municipalities as far as the town of Manito and the alluring islands of Rapu-Rapu.                 Home smoked                                                             blood with purchase
                                                                                                      meat                                                                        1/2 pork

                                                                                                    8     .29lb                       2.29lb                                   Regular smoked

                                                                                                    Fresh Belly
                                                                                                     with skin
                                                                                                                                          short ribs                              4.79lb
                                                                                                                                                                                10 lbs & over

                                                                                                   2   .99                              2.99lb
                                                                                                                     St.Chrysostome St. Remi St. Edouard
                                                                                                Fresh pork blood                               Sherrington
                                                                                                                                203              Barrington                        202          Lacolle
                                                                                                Fresh bacon                                                   219
                                                                                                Fresh liver                         Jackson Road                                                 Sortie
                                                                                                                     Havelock                                                                    Exit No.6
                                                                                                Pork skin                                                           Canada      Parc
                                                                                                                                                            219                 Safari   Class        15
                                                                                              Available                                   Covey Hill Road

                                                                                                                                      Boucherie Viau Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                    U. S. A.
                                                                                                                                     Malone                                         Champlain

                                                                                                              83 Covey Hill, Hemmingford QC J0L 1H0
 Misibis Island Beach - A paradise for beach lovers, artists, and nature lovers, Misibis is                Tel.: (450) 247-2130 or (450) 247-3561
an ideal place to enjoy swimming and discover the exotic marine life underneath.
12                                                                    The North American Filipino Star                                           November 1-15, 2007

                             Star Photo Gallery

     Panday Tinig at Carnegie Hall post concert reception Front from L: Peter Apelo, Dindo
     Miras; kneeling from left: Amir Billones, Jake Calizar, Jowen Soguilon, Gerald Castillo.
     Jessie Pascual, Jun Diaz, Willie Gomez; semi-standing from left: Mellie Francisco,
     Marivic Aplaon, Mynia Peñaranda, Gelyn Gao-ay; standing from left: Elvie Flores,
     Raquel Estoque, Anita Lo, Theresa Pasiolan, Jee Mae Ojoylan, Paul Imperial (Music
     director), Editha Fedalizo (pianist), Erlinda Gascon, Minerva Barriga, Marissa Meneses,
     Carmela Raquepo, Marina Ocumen, Ruel Arevalo, Lilibeth Flores; back from left:             Vigie Asiatique Committee at the Testimonial Dinner at the Cabaret of the
     Domingo Lorica Jr., Sahmee Roux, Magnolia Camat, Edward de las Alas.                       Montreal Casino held on October 22, 2007

     Mary Joy Lizarondo showing off some of the parols made during the workshop
     held on November 11, 2007 sonsored by the Phil. Folk Art Society of Quebec.            The participants pose with the officers of the Phili. Folk Art Society of Quebec

November 1-15, 2007                                                        The North American Filipino Star                                                       13

                18th Anniversary of Gilmore International College
                Silver Jubilee of the North American Filipino Star
                        both were founded in the same month of November.
                      Thank you for your support!

                                                                                       • Personal Support Worker
                                                                                         (P.A.B. or Nursing Aid)
                                                                                       • Early Childhood Education
                                                                                         Assistant (ECA)
                                                                                       • Administrative Assistant
                                                                                       • Integration Program
                                                                                       • International Trade
                                                                                       • Accounting Technician
                                                                                                                         Certified International Trade Professional

Students of the Tuesday French class at Gilmore College pose with Mrs.                 • Language Courses
Zenaida Kharroubi (standing at left), their teacher and director of the school.              - English ESL
                                                                                             - Toefl
                                                                                             - French FSL
                                                                                             - Spanish
                                                                                             - Mandarin
                                                                                             - Filipino (Tagalog)
                                                                                       • Computer Literacy
                                                                                       • Keyboarding
                                                                                       • Microsoft Office
                                                                                       • Accpac Simply
                                                                                       • Desktop Publishing
                                                                                       • Tutorials - Math, Science,               Personal Support Worker
                                                                                       • Seminars
                                                                                             - Writers Helping Writers
     A group photo of the students Christmas party traditionally held annually at            - Leadership Training
     Gilmore International College.
                                                                                             - Public Speaking
  raises the
     bar but
  lowers the
 barriers to a
   rewarding                                                                                                                      Administrative Assistant

     now!                                      Gilmore International College
                                               4950 Queen Mary Road Penthouse
                                               Montreal, Quebec H3W 1X3
                                               (near Snowdon Metro)
                                               Telephone: 514-485-7861
                                                                                                                                      Daycare Assistant
           Founded 1989              

14                                                                   The North American Filipino Star                                      November 1-15, 2007
                                                                                            May nagbalita sa PEP (Philippine     sa kanila ng dalaga, ayaw rin nitong

      FILIPINO STAR                                                                     Entertainment Portal) na break na
                                                                                        sina Rachelle Ann Go at Christian
                                                                                        Bautista after two years of being
                                                                                                                                 magsinungaling. Si Christian pa
                                                                                                                                 naman, pagdating kay Rachelle ay
                                                                                                                                 non-stop ang mga kuwento. Ano nga

 SHOWBIZ GOSSIP                                                                         together. Matagal na raw break ang
                                                                                        dalawa at sa last trip nila sa United
                                                                                        States for a series of shows ay wala
                                                                                                                                 naman ang itsitsika niya sa press
                                                                                                                                 kung wala na sila?
                                                                                                                                     Balita pa ng PEP mula nang
                                                                                        na sila. Pero ngayon lang lumabas        malaman ng mga dating manliligaw
Fil-Canadian Jessica Nicole                                                             dahil hindi nila sinabing tapos na ang
                                                                                        kanilang relasyon.
                                                                                                                                 ni Rachelle na wala na sila ni
                                                                                                                                 Christian, bumabalik ang mga ito at
Trisko crowned Ms. Earth 2007                                                               Sa concert ni Beyonce Knowles
                                                                                        sa The Fort noong November 7, ang
                                                                                                                                 muli siyang nililigawan. Kasama kaya
                                                                                                                                 sa mga muling nanliligaw sa singer si
                                                                                        dating manliligaw na si Jed Madela       Mark Bautista?
                                                                                        ang kasama ni Rachelle. Niyaya raw           Nag-text ang PEP sa publicist ng
                                                                                        siya ng binata at dahil wala na siyang   Stages, ang management company
                                                                                        boyfriend ay sumama naman.               ni Christian, upang kumpirmahin ang
                                                                                            "Hindi kami magkasundo sa            balitang breakup ng dalawang
                                                                                        ugali," ang sagot daw ni Rachelle        singers ng ASAP '07. Ang reply sa
                                                                                        nang usisain sa breakup nila ni          amin ni Oliver Oliveros ay saan daw
                                                                                        Christian pero hindi na siya nag-        nakuha ng PEP ang istorya.
                                                                                        elaborate. Hindi rin nito sinabi kung        Nang sabihin namin na reliable
                                                                                        sino sa kanilang dalawa ang              ang pinanggalingan ng balita,
                                                                                        nagbago ang ugali.                       kakausapin daw muna niya sina
                                                                                            Ang breakup din daw nila ni          Rachelle at Christian at saka
                                                                                        Rachelle ang rason kung bakit hindi                           .
                                                                                                                                 babalikan ang PEP But as of press
                                                                                        pumayag si Christian na magkaroon        time ay hindi pa uli nagti-text sa amin
                                                                                        ng presscon ang show niya sa St.         si Oliver. a
                                                                                        Francis Square. Bukod sa ayaw
                                                                                        siguro nitong matanong sa nangyari

                                                                                        Amalia Fuentes denies robbery allegation of
                                                                                        estranged husband
                                                                                                                                 helped her in getting the cash and
                                                                                                                                 other important documents.
                                                                                                                                       Investigations showed that Amalia
In the picture (from left to right): Miss Earth-Water Silvana Santaella Arellano from                                            was with a certain Jeric Stevens, SPO3
Venezuela, Miss Earth 2007 Jessica Nicole Trisko from Canada [Images], Miss Earth-Air                                            Rodel Tuano, one Edmar Ramirez of
Pooja Chitgopekar from India, and Miss Earth-Fire Angela Gomez from Spain.                                                       24/7 Locksmith and Safe Vault
     new queen was chosen yesterday,        Jessica is a political science Ph.D.                                                 Services, and two unidentified person
November 11, during the coronation      student at McGill University in                                                          when she was allowed to enter the
night of Miss Earth 2007 at the         Montreal, Quebec. Her mother, Maria                                                      establishment. These men allegedly
University of the Philippines Theater inElizabeth Asuncion Domingo, hails                                                        helped her in opening the main door of
Diliman, Quezon City. Ms. Canada        from Manila. The newly crowned                                                           the office and stealing the documents
Jessica Nicole Trisko bested 87 other   beauty queen was born and raised in                                                      contained inside the vaults.
delegates for the title, which was      Vancouver, British Columbia.                                                                   Through a text message, People’s
previously held by Hil Hernandez of         A total of 88 environmentally aware                                                  Journal was able to get the side of the
Chile.                                  and     concerned       young     ladies                                                 veteran actress. Amalia’s message
     The pageant, which was aired live  competed in the Miss Earth beauty                                                        read, “I can’t answer until I see what he
last Sunday night on ABS-CBN, was       pageant, which is organized by                                                           [Stevens] filed, you are the first one I
hosted by MTV Asia VJ Greg "Utt"        Carousel Productions. Now on its                                                         hear this. Last night we were both in
Panichkul and Ms. Earth 2004 Priscilla  seventh year, Miss Earth is a                                                            Manila Polo Club. So let me read his
Meirelles. The Brazilian beauty queen   pioneering beauty pageant that serves                                                    case first, I will ask my lawyer to get a
                                                                                       Joey Stevens accused his wife,
is currently the flame of actor John    as a vehicle for environmental veteran actress Amalia Fuentes, of                        copy of the case.”
Estrada.                                advocacy. a                                                                                    In the following phone interview,
                                                                                 robbery in his business establishment
                                                                                                                                 Amalia defended that she merely
                                                                                 in Quezon City last Saturday,
Rumored breakup of Rachelle Ann Go and November 10.                                                                              picked up personal papers. She was in
                                                                                                                                 a hurry, the actress said, so she picked
Christian Bautista getting more buzz                                                 Stevens      reportedly   filed   a
                                                                                                                                 up a stack of documents, with the
                                                                                 complaint for robbery, as represented
                                                                                                                                 intention of returning them later.
                                                                                 by his corporate secretary Editha
                                                                                                                                       Amalia clarified, “I only picked up
                                                                                 Bernardo Lopez, against Amalia at the
                                                                                                                                 personal papers from Joey’s secretary.
                                                                                 Quezon City Police district—Criminal
                                                                                                                                 I didn’t barge in. I had the key to the
                                                                                 Investigatigation and Detection Unit.
                                                                                                                                 office of Joey. Technically we’re still
                                                                                     According to a report in People’s
                                                                                                                                 husband and wife. Whatever is in his
                                                                                 Journal published today, November
                                                                                                                                 name is still considered conjugal.
                                                                                 14, Joey claimed that Amalia stole 20
                                                                                                                                       “I have no intention of selling the
                                                                                 stocks certificates from various
                                                                                                                                 certificates. What I don’t need, I will
                                                                                 companies; a folder containing
                                                                                                                                 return. That is not a robbery.”
                                                                                 documents for a Ford Expedition,
                                                                                                                                       The veteran actress further
                                                                                 Pajero and Daewoo vehicles reportedly
                                                                                                                                 explained that she and Joey are still
                                                                                 owned by Stevens; a digital camera; a
                                                                                                                                 technically husband and wife, that they
                                                                                 manual camera; various original titles;
                                                                                                                                 still own the said conjugal property.
                                                                                 deed of absolute sale; cash worth
                                                                                                                                 Amalia added, “A husband cannot sue
                                                                                 P99,721.44; manager’s check payable
                                                                                                                                 his wife for theft.”
                                                                                 to SSS amounting to P131,000;
                                                                                                                                       During the interview, Amalia added
                                                                                 various foreign currencies—collector’s
                                                                                                                                 that Joey stopped giving her the
                                                                                 item;    checkbook;       and     other
                                                                                                                                 P100,000 monthly support. She has
                                                                                                                                 also filed a case for temporary
                                                                                     Amalia Fuentes denies robbery
                                                                                                                                 protection order against her husband
     Although Christian Bautista denied simmer down. According to a report, the allegation       of   her     estranged
that he and Rachelle Ann Go have singing couple ended their relationship husbandAmalia is being accused with
                                                                                                                                 before the QC court.. a
broken up, the rumor just refuses to long before their U.S. concert tour five other persons who allegedly

November 1-15, 2007                                                   The North American Filipino Star

Lea Salonga back from                                                        the Richard Gutierrez and Marian Rivera
success of "Les Miserables"                                                              to star in a Valentine movie

                                                                                             For the past three years mula nang     kung kaya't susubukan for the first time
                                                                                         bumalik ang GMA Films in production,       na pagsamahin sina Richard and
                                                                                         isang Richard Gutierrez-Angel Locsin       Marian for the 2008 Valentine movie ng
                                                                                         parati ang pang-Valentine movie ng         GMA Films and Regal Entertainment.
                                                                                         film arm ng Kapuso Network in                   With the tentative title A Very
                                                                                         cooperation with Regal Entertainment.      Special Love, the script will be written
                                                                                             It started with 2005's Let The Love    by Suzette Doctolero and directed by
                                                                                         Begin introducing another loveteam,        Mark Reyes. Sa Thursday, November
                                                                                         sina Jennylyn Mercado and Mark             15, magsisimula ang shooting ng
                                                                                         Herras, and it broke box-office records.   pelikula, na magtatampok din sa
                                                                                         Noong 2006, isang out of the country       dalawa pang alaga ni Annabelle Rama
                                                                                         movie naman ang pinagsamahan nina          na sina JC de Vera at Ehra Madrigal.
                                                                                         Richard and Angel for their second              Ang original title ng movie ay My
                                                                                         Valentine movie, ang I Will Always Love    Best Friend's Girlfriend dahil kuwento
                                                                                         You. Light romance ang naunang             ito ng magkaibigan (Richard and JC),
                                                                                         dalawang Valentine movies nina             pero mai-in love si Richard sa girlfriend
                                                                                         Richard at Angel.                          ni JC na si Marian.
                                                                                             But for this year, sumubok ang              Sa presscon ng Kamandag
                                                                                         loveteam nila sa isang serious and         kagabi, November 12, sa Studio 3 ng
                                                                                         gothic type na pelikula, ang The           GMA Network, ayaw pang magsalita ni
                                                                                         Promise, na updated version ng             Richard about the movie dahil nasa
                                                                                         Hihintayin Kita sa Langit nina Richard     presscon daw siya ng bago niyang
                                                                                         Gomez at Dawn Zulueta.                     fantaserye. Pero may isang statement
                                                                                             Pero middle of this year ay lumipat    siyang pinakawalan patungkol sa
     Dumating sa Pilipinas ang              siya habang idinedetalye ang pag-            si Angel sa ABS-CBN kung kaya't            unang pagsasama nila ni Marian: "I'm
international Filipino star na si Lea       aaalaga niya sa kanyang panganay na          parang naging malabong magkaroon           very excited."
Salonga kagabi, November 13.                si Nicole.                                   ng Valentine movie ang GMA Films                Sa pagsasama nina Richard at
Kasama ni Lea ang kanyang anak na si              "She runs now! If you can just         and Regal for next year, unless may        Marian sa pelikula bilang Valentine
Nicole at ang kanyang equally-              imagine, hinahabol na siya ng lola           makuhang bagong partner si Richard.        offering ng GMA Films at Regal
celebrated mom na si Mrs. Ligaya            niya. Ako hinahabol ko siya kahit saan.          Enter Marian Rivera.                   Entertainment, mukhang hindi muna
Salonga.                                    Nakakatuwa! She's such a sweet and               Launched in Marimar, Marian's          matutuloy ang napabalitang pelikula
     Halatang pagod si Lea, pero            wonderful kid. She also talks a little bit   stock rose phenomenally the same           na gagawin ni Richard with superstar
malugod pa rin siyang nagpaunlak ng         now. So it's really nice when I talk to      way her primetime show did. Dahil dito     Judy Ann Santos. a
interview sa ilang miyembro ng media        her. Nakakatuwa talaga!" pagmamalaki
na sumalubong sa kanya sa airport.
     Tuwang-tuwa ang international star
dahil naging matagumpay ang
                                            ng Tony-winning actress-singer.
                                                  Natuwa rin si Lea nang mabalitaan
                                            niyang may plano si Ai-Ai delas Alas na
                                                                                               Pearl of Manila
kanyang pagganap bilang Fantine sa          gawan siya ng tribute concert. Wala
timeless musical play na Les
Miserables. "It was an honor and quite
                                            raw problema kay Lea kung gawin ng
                                            comedienne na katatawanan ang mga
a challenge to have played Fantine in       kantang pinasikat niya. Basta ang                     5839 Decarie (near Bourret)
Les Miz," pahayag ni Lea.                   importante raw ay huwag mawala ang
     Ikinuwento rin ni Lea na labis         respeto kung paano isinulat ang mga                        Montreal, Quebec
siyang     naapektuhan        dahil    sa   nasabing kanta.
nagaganap na stagehand strike sa                  "Wow, I feel so honored and so                   Telephone: 514-344-3670
Broadway sa New York. Ayon sa balita,       flattered!" bulalas ni Lea. "You know
work rules at staffing requirements,        that's Ai-Ai and you pretty know what to
pati na ang mga balangkas sa pagbuo
ng isang mamahaling Broadway show,
                                            expect when you watch her. She's a
                                            great comedian."
                                                                                            Christmas Special Buffet
ang naging dahilan ng welga ng mga
                                                  Sa isang cruise ship daw magpa-
                                            Pasko si Lea at ang kanyang pamilya.            15 choices with Lechon
     "There's not much going on there       Wala pang ibang plano ngayon ang
right now because of the strike and I
hope it stops," sabi ni Lea, na labis ang
                                            aktres kundi tutukan ang kanyang
                                            bagong musical play sa Pilipinas, ang
                                                                                                  $7.99 + tax
                                                                                                    Regular Buffet                   Special rate for private parties -
pag-aalala para sa kapwa niya               Cinderella.
Broadway actors.                                  Sa July 29 hanggang August 24,             Starts Friday - 5:30-9:00 P .M.                max. 60 persons
     Samantala, tuwang-tuwa naman si        2008 ipapalabas ang Cinderella sa               Sat. & Sun. - 11:30 am - 9 pm                     Business Hours:
Lea habang ikinukuwento niya ang            Cultural Center of the Philippines at                                                            Mon. & Tues 2 - 9 pm
                                                                                          Crispy pata available starting Friday              Wed. - Fri. 12 to 9 pm
kanyang pagiging ina. Kilig na kilig pa     ililibot pa sa ilang bahagi ng Asya. a
                                                                                                                                         Sat. & Sun. - 11:30 am - 9 pm
16                                                                 The North American Filipino Star                                          November 1-15, 2007

Cristine Reyes filed case against Manny Pacquiao and Ara Mina resume
Carlene Aguilar for protection    shoot for "Anak ng Kumander"

     Inamin ni Cristine Reyes na labis    ginugulo ng kahit sino.                           Filipino prize fighter Manny           training. Manny won the bout via
siyang naapektuhan sa pagkumpronta            "Mabuti na lang itinatayo ngayon        Pacquiao once again donned his               unanimous decision last October 7 at
sa kanya ni Carlene Aguilar dahil kay     ang Serve," pagbabalita ni Cristine. "Ito   showbiz persona as his movie, Anak           the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in
Dennis Trillo. Ayon kay Cristine, hindi   ang bagong negosyo namin na disco           ng Kumander, resumed shooting. The           Las Vegas, Nevada.
raw niya inaasahan at hindi dapat         club. Yung dating Klownz sa Araneta         crew of GMA-7's StarTalk reportedly               The man dubbed as the
ginawa ng beauty queen ang nangyari       Coliseum, nakuha na namin ang               visited the set last Sunday, November        "Pambansang           Kamao"        also
sa taping ng All Star K noong             puwesto. Kasama ko rin dito sina Lito       11.                                          downplayed the rumor that he
November 7.                               Alejandria at Mark Herras, at may ilan            In his column that appeared today      personally sought to pull Ara out of the
     Sa kuwento ni Cristine, hindi        pang non-showbiz na partner namin.          in Abante Tonite, Abu Tilamzik spills        project to quell the malicious rumor.
naman daw estranghero sa kanya si             "Mabuti nga ito kahit walang            the details regarding the much-awaited            "Para     tayong    loveteam     na
Carlene. May ilang beses na raw           shooting at taping ngayon, talagang         meeting between Manny and his co-            iniintriga!" Ara reportedly snickered to
tumawag sa kanya ang ex-beauty            pinagkakaabalahan ko ito. Anyway,           star Ara Mina. Over the past months,         Manny.
queen nang nasa United States pa ito.     mahilig naman ako sa disco kaya             the two have been favorite tabloid                "Ang dami ko nang nagawang
Hindi na ikinuwento ni Cristine ang       nakakalimutan ko ang problema ko            subjects due to reports that they're         pelikula at naiintriga sa mga leading
detalye ng usapan nila ni Carlene, pero   ngayon."                                    allegedly       carrying    an     affair.   man ko, ito yung pinakagrabe,"
naging maganda naman daw ito kaya't           Nagpapasalamat naman si Cristine        Unfortunately, the rumor gave birth to       lamented the sexy actress.
hindi niya maintindihan kung bakit        dahil mula nang pumutok ang                 other damaging issues, like Manny
ganoon na lang ang pakikiharap sa         kontrobersiya sa pagitan nila ni            purportedly presenting Ara a new             In defense of Christine
kanya ng 2005 Bb. Pilipinas-World.        Carlene ay marami na ang nagpadala          house, along with a luxury vehicle, as
     "For protection na rin kaya ako      ng mensahe ng suporta sa kanya.             gift.                                            Speaking in behalf of her sister,
nag-file ng demanda," sabi ni Cristine        "Nagpapasalamat ako sa mga                    Ara has denied the issue               Cristine Reyes, Ara said that she was
sa GMA News at PEP (Philippine            kaibigan kong hindi nawawala sa tabi        incessantly        while     expressing      more affected by the confrontation
Entertainment Portal).                    ko," sabi ni Cristine. "Ilang araw din      disappointment at Manny for failing to       issue that transpired between Cristine
     Ikinuwento rin ng young sexy star    akong nagkulong sa bahay at hindi           comment on the issue.                        and ex-beauty queen Carlene Aguilar,
na may ilang pagbabanta sa                tumatanggap ng tawag o text, pero                 The strain, according to Tilamzik,     allegedly over young heartthrob
pamamagitan ng text message na            sobra ko naa-appreciate ang mga             was still evident during the shoot last      Dennis Trillo.
galing diumano sa pinaniniwalaang         messages sa akin. Hindi n'yo lang           Saturday, November 10, prompting                 "Mas ako pa nga ang nag-react
cell phone number na pag-aari ni          alam kung paano ko naa-appreciate           director Kaka Balagtas to personally         nang husto. Kahit si Cristine, parang
Carlene.                                  ang mga ‘yon. I hope they all               coax the two stars to settle their           wala lang sa kanya," confided Ara
     Dagdag ni Cristine, hindi na raw     understand that I have to be silent for a   differences for the sake of the movie.       before voicing out her sister's request,
muna niya kinakausap si Dennis. Pero      while because I need some time for                Defending himself and his actions,     "Huwag na lang daw patulan at
kinumpirma niyang humingi na ng           myself.                                     Manny said, "Naka-concentrate ako            pansinin."
paumanhin sa kanya at sa kanyang              "Sobra rin akong nagpapasalamat         nun sa laban ko. Pagbalik ko rito, ang           Ara revealed that Dennis send a
pamilya ang young actor, na ama ng        sa Ate [Ara Mina] ko. Hindi talaga niya     dami ko nang ginawa at hinarap. Hindi        text message and even called her
anak ni Carlene.                          ako iniiwan sa mga ganitong                 ko sinagot nun dahil hindi naman             personally to say sorry for Carlene's
     Ayaw nang magkomento ni              pagkakataon. Thankful din ako kay           talaga totoo."                               actions. Cristine, however, failed to
Cristine tungkol sa totoong relasyon      God dahil talagang lumalakas ang                  Manny, of course, was then busy        answer directly if she accepted
nila ni Dennis. Gusto muna raw niyang     loob ko," pagtatapos ng StarStruck 1        preparing for a boxing rematch against       Dennis's apology. a
kalmahin ang kanyang pag-iisip dahil      Avenger. a                                  Mexican slugger Marco Antonio
hindi naman daw siya sanay na                                                         Barrera and was consumed by his

Liz Almoro is picking up the pieces, according to Maricel Laxa
      Though saddened by the court's                                                  'yon ang totoo."                             ‘yong      naging     outcome       nung
decision, actress Maricel Laxa-                                                            Maricel was a neighbor of the           resolution. Kasi apparently nauna
Pangilinan is not bothered by some                                                    Revillames and when Liz abandoned            'yong media makaalam kesa sa
people expressing doubts about her                                                    her marriage and filed a case against        lawyers," said Maricel.
testimony in defense of Willie                                                        the comedian-host. Maricel stood up               he's doing very well. She's going to
Revillame's estranged wife Liz Almoro.                                                for the beleaguered wife by testifying in    finish her Master studies. She's
     Speaking to Showbiz Central in a                                                 support of Liz's claims that her             working on her thesis, 'tapos she's
taped interview aired yesterday,                                                      marriage was detrimental, both               moving on her with life. And I think ang
November 11, Maricel calmly said:                                                     physically and emotionally.                  pinaka-importante sa kanya ngayon ay
"May mga taong nagsasabi nga sa                                                            Willie was charged for allegedly        si Juamee, ang kanyang anak," said
akin na dismissed 'yong kaso. Ang sa                                                  violating Republic Act 9262 or the           Maricel.
akin naman, hindi ako naaapektuhan                                                    "Anti-violence Act Against Women and              Maricel concluded her statement
kung anong sasabihin ng tao or ano                                                    their Children." Just recently, the          by saying: "I wish her the best, both of
'yong iniisip ng mga tao tungkol sa                                                   Department       of     Justice   (DOJ)      them the best." a
akin or sa kaibigan ko. Basta ang                                                     dismissed the case for lack of merit.
importante, alam ko ‘yong totoo at        makakatulog ako sa gabi, knowing                 "Actually kasi hindi ko naman alam

November 1-15, 2007                                                         The North American Filipino Star                                                                       17

POLITICAL PRESS RELEASES                                                                        Immigration System Failing Under Conservative’s Watch
                                                                                                          The               Conservative     immigration was to cancel hundreds
 Bernier’s Decision to Skip                     international meeting.                          government's recent immigration              of millions of dollars that the previous
                                                     “What kind of message are we               targets are misleading and do not            Liberal government had earmarked to
 International Meeting on                       sending to the international community by       reflect the reality of what is going on in   deal with the growing backlog of
 Pakistan Demonstrates Skewed                   sending a junior official to be Canada’s        our immigration system, said Liberal         immigration applications," said Mr.
 Foreign Policy Priorities                      representative in discussions on how to         Citizenship and Immigration Critic           Bevilacqua. "Departmental figures
                                                hold Pakistan accountable for its actions?”     Maurizio Bevilacqua.                         show that the overall backlog of
          OTTAWA- Foreign Affairs Minister      asked Mr. Wilfert.
Maxime Bernier’s decision to skip the                                                                     "Although Citizenship and          immigration applications grew by
                                                NOVEMBER 1, 2007
Commonwealth Ministerial meeting on                                                             Immigration Minister Diane Finley            more than 20,000 last year alone."
                                                CONSERVATIVE               IMMIGRATION
Pakistan’s future in the Commonwealth is        REPORT MISLEADING: NDP
                                                                                                claims she will maintain the current                  Processing        times      for
the latest example of the Harper                Fails to outline major problems and hides       annual immigration target levels set by      immigration applications have also
government’s skewed priorities on               reduction by 10,000 new immigrants              her government last year, this does          risen substantially over the past year.
Canadian foreign policy, Liberal Foreign             OTTAWA        –    Stephen     Harper’s    not reflect reality," said Mr. Bevilacqua.            "Parents and grandparents
Affairs Critic Bob Rae said today.              Conservative government continues to            "The Harper government actually              waiting to be reunited with their
                                                disappoint hard-working families hoping to      accepted 10,500 fewer immigrants             families will now have to wait longer,"
                                                bring their relatives to Canada. The newly-     last year than the previous year."           said Mr. Bevilacqua. "The average
                                                released 2007 annual immigration report                   Over the past decade,              time it takes to process their
                                                failed to outline the major complaints and      immigration has accounted for 70 per         applications has jumped to three and
                                                systemic       problems      in    Canada’s
                                                                                                cent of Canada’s net labour force            a half years from three years.
                                                immigration system and confirmed a
                                                decrease over the previous year by over
                                                                                                growth. Statistics Canada predicts                    "It is tragic that new
                                                10,000 new immigrants.                          that between 2011 and 2015 all - 100         Canadians have to suffer undue
                                                     “Canada needs at least 320,000 new         per cent - of our net labour force and       hardship       because        of     this
                                                immigrants each year in order to meet the       population growth will come from             government's lack of a long-term
                                                1% target of the total population,” said        immigration.                                 vision or commitment to Canada's
                                                NDP immigration critic Olivia Chow. “As a                 In 2005, the previous Liberal      immigration system."
                                                vast country with a declining birth rate and    government allocated $418 million of         Contact:
                                                an aging population, bringing enough            new funding to streamline the                Office of Honourable Maurizio
                                                families to Canada represents the future        immigration system and deal with a           Bevilacqua
                                                economic growth of this country. The
                                                                                                growing backlog of applications.             (613) 996-4971
                                                Conservatives have failed by allowing only
                                                251,649 new immigrants last year.”
                                                                                                          "The first act of the
                                                     A 2004 Canadian Council on Social          Conservative government regarding
                                                Development report projects that by 2020,
           Hon. Maxine Bernier                  the number of children and youth under
     “Giv en that Canada’s mission in           age 25 is expected to decline to 9.3
Afghanistan is our country’s top foreign        million, a drop from the current 32% of the
policy priority and the success of that         population to 26%.
mission depends on political stability in            Canada is already lacking skilled
neighbouring Pakistan, it seems strange         workers and under the current regulations,
that Mr. Bernier would decide to send his       international students are only allowed 90
junior counterpart to the Commonwealth          days to find a job. Chow vowed to
meeting,” said Mr. Rae.                         introduce legislation to change this law in
     “Canada has a responsibility to speak      order to retain these highly educated
out about against recent actions taken by       young people in Canada.
Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, yet            “Major problems in our system are
the Minister of Foreign Affairs has decided     missing from this report,” continued Chow,
that the state of emergency in Pakistan         outlining the lack of action on family
isn’t important enough to merit his             reunification and on Canada’s refugee
attendance this important meeting.”             program. “Canadian families sponsoring
     Foreign ministers from more that 50        their loved ones are often rejected or
countries are meeting in Uganda Thursday        forced to wait for years to be reunited or
to decide whether to suspend Pakistan           even be granted a visa. This frustrating
from the British Commonwealth. The              practice is cruel and hurts the reputation of
Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group,          Canada overseas.”
of which Canada is a member, has given          There is also a disturbing ten percent drop
President Musharraf a deadline of               of the number of refugees approved last
November 22 to lift the emergency rule          year.
imposed earlier this month, resulting in the         “There is absolutely no reason why
arrest of thousands of opposition and           Canada cannot accept more refugees
human rights activists, the removal of          from war-torn countries. Bringing fairness
members of Pakistan’s Supreme Court and         to immigrant families will increase
the silencing of independent domestic           economic productivity as we need
media outlets.
     Liberal Associate Foreign Affairs Critic
Bryon Wilfert expressed disappointment at
                                                newcomers to fuel our growing economy,”
                                                said Chow.                                                                                     Pat-Loung
                                                For more information, please contact:
the Conservative government’s decision to
send Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
                                                Rupinder Kaur, NDP media officer, 613-
                                                222-5048 or
                                                                                                                                             Marché Oriental
Helena Guergis to such a high profile
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                                                                                                                                                Tel.: 514-485-3689
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                                                                                                                                             goods, fresh or frozen meat,
                                                                                                                                              Philippine Groceries dry goods,
                                                                                                                                             frozen or fresh meat, vegetables,
                                                                                                                                              seafood, rice, noodles, spices -
                                                                                                                                                     Distributor: Pi Water

                                                                                                                                                      Business Hours:
                                                                                                                                               Monday to Friday- 9 am to 10 pm
                                                                                                                                                Saturday-Sunday - 9 am-8 pm
18                                                                    The North American Filipino Star                                              November 1-15, 2007

Glorietta blast was an industrial accident - PNP                                         Erap says he's still with political opposition
November 15, 2007                            dzRH radio.                                 November 5, 2007                                    Estrada, who said he has adjusted
    Last month’s deadly explosion at              When asked if the report will               A week after he was pardoned and          to normal life, said he wants to help put
the Glorietta 2 mall in Makati City was      indicate that the blast stemmed from        released from detention by President           a closure to investigations of
an “industrial accident." This will be the   an "industrial problem," Razon replied:     Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, former                irregularities in the government.
substance of the Philippine National         "Opo (Yes)."                                president Joseph Estrada on Thursday                Estrada received a warm welcome
Police’s (PNP) final report that will be          At least 11 people were killed while   said he remains to be a leader of the          at the San Juan cemetery where he
released soon.                               more than 100 others were injured after     political opposition.                          visited the tomb of his father after his
    In an interview on dzRH radio, PNP       a blast ripped through the Glorietta 2 in        Estrada also said he will refuse          six-year detention.
chief Dir. Gen. Avelino Razon Jr on          Makati City last October 19.                any position in the government.                     "Ang kasiyahan ko doble-doble,
Saturday said the inter-agency task               Inter-agency investigators, aided           "'Di na ako pwede bumaba, ang             tagal ko rin 'di nabisita papa ko," he
force that investigated the mall blast       by foreign experts, found no traces of a    huling position ko presidente. Kung            said.
headed by Chief Superintendent Luizo         bomb in the blast site, leading             may mag-offer sa akin ng position                   Estrada said he got his knack for
Ticman is finalizing the report.             authorities to believe that a gas leak      dapat hindi bababa sa presidente, di           public service from his father, Emilio
    Razon said he expects to receive         that led to a buildup of methane gas in     ba?" said Estrada.                             Ejercito Sr., who served as a
the final investigation report "anytime      the mall’s basement caused the                   He said he can still serve the            government employee.
soon."                                       explosion                                   people as a private citizen. The ousted             Estrada arrived at the cemetery
    "Patapos na ang investigation, si             Ayala Land Inc., which owns the        leader earlier said he will support Mrs        about 6:30 p.m. and left after after two
Gen. Ticman is about to finish his           Glorietta malls, had contested the          Arroyo's efforts to fight poverty.             hours. a
report (The investigation is in its final    findings, saying its own experts found
stages. I expect Ticman to finish his        no trace of a gas buildup in the mall’s
report)," Razon said in an interview on      basement. a
                                                                                         ‘Un-pardon’ me, Erap dares state
                                                                                         November 15, 2007                              Macapagal Arroyo pardoned him on Oct.
                                                                                                                                        25 over the objections of government
RP Goverment vows to probe corruption after                                             Convicted plunderer Joseph Estrada
                                                                                   yesterday dared the government to recall             prosecutors.
world bank scraps road loan                                                        his pardon following his fight to stop the                That pardon allowed him to leave
                                                                                                                                        Tanay, Rizal, where he had been under
                                                                                   anti-graft court from confiscating his
November 15, 2007                            place."                               properties to satisfy the penalties cited in         house arrest during his trial.
         The Philippine government               President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo his conviction.                                           “I’m ready if they want to return me to
promised Tuesday (20 Nov) to                 and top Cabinet members were                                                               jail—even Muntinlupa [the national
investigate reports of bid-rigging that      attending a summit of Southeast Asian                                                      penitentiary]—if they can prove that I’m
led the World Bank to suspend a              leaders in Singapore and did not                                                           guilty,” he told dzMM radio.
US$232 million loan for a national road      comment immediately.                                                                            He said he accepted Mrs. Arroyo’s
project.                                          Her Cabinet secretary, Ricardo                                                        pardon because he had lost hope of
     The bank's vice president, Jim          Saludo, said the government was                                                            getting justice after six years of litigation
                                             committed to curbing corruption and                                                        before the anti-graft court, adding he did
Adams, said in a statement from
                                                                                                                                        not have a chance of being acquitted even
Washington that the lender had               was working with the World Bank to
                                                                                                                                        if his lawyers brought his case to the
rejected two large road contracts            address the issues of transparency in                                                      Supreme Court.
between 2003 and 2006 "because of            all projects.                                                                                   He vowed “to fight to the end” to stop
strong signs of collusion and excessive           "We expect that anti-graft agencies                                                   the Sandiganbayan from confiscating the
pricing"     linked   to    government       will look into and act on any solid                                                        properties that he said he had acquired
procurement.                                 evidence of corruption," he said.                                                          before he became president in 1998.
     The contracts are part of the                Arroyo has been struggling to                                                              “If I stole the people’s money, I would
national roads improvement and               shake off the image of a graft-ridden                                                      not appear before the public. That is why I
management program, which is partly          administration amid several corruption                                                     am fighting this,” he said.
financed by the World Bank and which         scandals.                                Former Philippine President Joseph Estrada             “Modesty aside, my family is quite
Adams described as the country's main                                                    talks to a crowd during a medical mission in   well-off,” he said, adding his grandmother
tool for modernizing infrastructure.         She has canc led a US$330 million           Manila November 3, 2007                        had an ancestral home in Laguna, and
                                             (?232 million) broadband contract with                                                     that they had the biggest house in
     He said bank and government
                                                                                               The former president said he was         Greenhills, San Juan, when they moved
officials have developed "stringent anti-    China's telecommunications company
                                                                                         willing to go back to jail to continue his     there.
corruption measures" to address              after a Senate hearing implicated                                                               Earlier, Special Prosecutor Dennis
                                                                                         fight against confiscation, adding he was
anomalies in the bidding process, but        Commission on Elections Chairman                                                           Villa-Ignacio said he would ask for a recall
                                                                                         used to it.
that the second phase of the project will    Benjamin Abalos as a broker in the                                                         of the executive clemency granted to
                                                                                               “This government had put me in jail
remain on hold "until the government         allegedly overpriced deal, as well as       for six years and six months,” he said.        Estrada, citing his refusal to pay in full the
and the board members receive the            Arroyo's husband who has been                     Estrada, a former actor, San Juan        assets stated in the forfeiture order.
information they have requested."            accused of pocketing kickbacks.             mayor and vice president, was ousted in a           Yesterday, Villa-Ignacio said the grant
     World Bank spokesman Peter                  Abalos later resigned, and Arroyo's     peaceful Army-backed people power              of pardon to Estrada was done in haste
Stephens told The Associated Press he        husband has denied any wrongdoing.          revolt in 2001, and later was tried in a       and would set a bad precedent.
expects the board to discuss the                 In a speech recently, Arroyo said       P4.1-billion plunder case.                          He said that pardon would encourage
projects again in the next few weeks         corruption was no longer "a problem               The Sandganbayan found him guilty        other dishonest officials to commit crimes
because it wants "to be sure that all of     within the system, it may have become       on Sept. 12 this year and sentenced him        because “they could later seek a pardon.”
the safeguards and precautions are in        the system itself." a                       to life in jail, but President Gloria

November 1-15, 2007                                                      The North American Filipino Star                                                                         19
                                                                                             announced that Mrs Arroyo granted             than Generals Mendoza, Berroya, Dapat,
Binay gets death threats on birthday                                                         executive clemency to Estrada.                and their henchmen," he said.
November 12, 2007                             (Sunday, October 11).                               De Venecia told GMA News that he             The three flatly denied the younger
    Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay                     Inonog said it was the eighth text        left on October 26 to visit his mother in     De Venecia's claims.
received 11 death threats via text            message that alarmed Binay. It read:           the United States.
message on his birthday, radio dzMM           “katapusan      mo    na       ngayon               He expressed relief that that the
reported Monday.                              hinahatulan ka na ngayon sa kawalang           relations between President Arroyo and
                                              hiyaan mo huwag mong subukan ang               his father, House Speaker Jose de
                                              Ka Gloria mahal na mahal ko iyan, ka           Venecia Jr, appear to remain intact in
                                                                                             spite of the ZTE controversy.
                                              Bobot (Your time is up. You are being
                                                                                                  "That's a positive development. At
                                              judged for your misdeeds. Don't try Ka
                                                                                             least the events won't be too politicized,"
                                              Gloria I love her so much, Ka Bobot).”
                                                                                             he said.
                                                   Inonog said the mayor received                 The businessman had accused
                                              the threat at 10:23 a.m. Sunday. He            Transportation      Secretary     Leandro
                                              added that the other messages were             Mendoza and two other former police
                                              sent from 1:02 a.m. to 10:37 a.m.              generals of hatching an assassination                  Jose “Joey” De Venecia III
                                                   He said the messages came from            plot.
                                              cellular phone # 0920-4129555.                      He claimed to have received                   The businessman said he learned
                Mayor Binay                        Senior Superintendent Gilbert             information that the "elimination plot" was   about the assassination plot through
     Binay's security officer, Vincent        Cruz, Makati City police chief, said           headed by Mendoza, Transportation             retired Lieutenant Gen. Jaime de los
Inonog, went to the Makati City Police        authorities are now coordinating with          Assistant Secretary Reynaldo Berroya          Santos, whom he described as
Office on Monday to inform them about         the National Telecommunications                and Ricardo Dapat, director of the            Mendoza's roommate of three years at
11 text messages received by the              Commission to identify the owner of            Bureau of Corrections.                        the Philippine Military Academy.
mayor on the day of his birthday              the cellular phone number. a                        "Should anything happen to me or              De los Santos, Berroya and
                                                                                             my father in the coming days, no other        Mendoza are all members of the PMA
Joey de Venecia back in RP                                                                   persons will be responsible for it other      Class 1969. a

November 8, 2007                              Jarius Bondoc."                                Philippines inflation steady on strong peso
      Jose "Joey" de Venecia III is back in        The businessman left the Philippines
                                              a day after testifying that President Gloria   November 6, 2007                              percent of its value against the peso so
the Philippines less than two weeks after
                                              Macapagal Arroyo knew about alleged                A strong peso offset rising oil           far this year. The dollar was trading at
slipping out of the country amid the
media frenzy on the pardoning of former       bribe offers for the passage national          prices and kept the Philippines inflation     43.89 pesos Tuesday, compared to
President Joseph Estrada.                     broadband network (NBN) project.               rate steady at 2.7 percent in October,        49.03 pesos on the last trading day of
     De Venecia, who had dropped                   He said Mrs Arroyo ordered former         the government said Tuesday.                  2006.
bombshells on the $329.48-million ZTE         socioeconomic planning secretary               .   Last month's inflation rate was                Core inflation, which excludes
controversy, said there will be no more       Romulo Neri to approve the project             within market expectations and the            selected food and energy items prone
exposés in his future testimonies in the      anyway.                                        central bank's forecast range of 2.5-3.0      to volatile price swings, rose at 2.4
Senate.                                            During the same testimony on              percent.                                      percent from a year earlier in October,
     "There's nothing else for me to say,"    October 25, De Venecia quoted business         .   "Price pressures from major food,         compared to 2.7 percent in September,
De Venecia told GMA News at a Manila          tycoon Enrique "Ricky" Razon as saying         non-food and fuel items were broadly          the National Statistics Office said.
airport.                                      that First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo        mitigated by the peso appreciation,"          .    Overall, the inflation rate for the 10
     He added in Filipino that, "Everything   stood to gain $70 million in kickbacks         central bank governor Amando                  months to October stood at 2.6
that I had said was corroborated by the       from the ZTE deal.                             Tetangco told reporters.                      percent. a
affidavit of [Philippine Star columnist]           That same afternoon, Malacañang           .   The US dollar has lost 10.49

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20                                                                   The North American Filipino Star                                             November 1-15, 2007

                                                 Global                                 Labor to assure foreign employers of
                                                                                        the integrity and competence of the
                                                                                                                                      effectively match Canadian employers
                                                                                                                                      with the workers they are seeking in a
                                                                                        Filipino worker and provides general          wide range of professions and trades.
                                              Perspectives                              support to contract workers while
                                                                                        abroad to ensure that employers meet          Isaac Goodine may be reached at:
                                                                                        international standards for terms and
                                                                                        conditions of employment. The POEA
                                                                                        is also the only body authorized to           Government of Canada
                                                                                        approve and oversee practices and
                                                                                        procedures for recruitment of overseas        Supports Quartier des
                                                                                        workers        under      contract    and
                                                                                        accomplishes this by issuance of a
                                                                                        License to approved agencies.                           Montréal, Québec (November 12,
                                                                                        Foreigners are cautioned to deal only         2007) - The Government of Canada,
                                                                                        with valid Licensees in all matters of        through its brand new Building Canada
                                                                                        employment of contract workers.               infrastructure plan, will consider the
                                                                                                                                      Quartier des spectacles cultural precinct as
            Isaac T. Goodine                                                                  Canada established strong links
                                                                                                                                      a funding priority. This financing could
                                                                                        with the Philippines when Democracy           cover as much as one third of eligible costs,
The Loonie and the Greenback: A tale of two dollars                                     was restored at the end of the Marcos         for a federal contribution of a maximum of
                                                                                        Presidency        and     a   group      of   $40 million for the cultural precinct of the
    OTTAWA SENATORS SALARIES               have been saving or investing for a
                                                                                        international agencies agreed to              Quartier des spectacles. The Government
               2007-08 (US$)               retirement nest-egg in greenbacks?
                                                                                        collectively         provide       official   of Québec and the City of Montréal have
Current (Cdn$)*In 2002 (Cdn$) **           Look at the chart above again, count                                                       also confirmed a financial commitment for
                                                                                        development assistance (ODA) to help
                                           your losses, swallow hard, and prepare                                                     this project, both for an amount of $40
                                                                                        build the capacity that would enable
Wade Reddin            $6.5 million        to move on.                                                                                million each. The Honourable Josée Verner,
                                                                                        the     Philippines      to   catch     up
$6.11 million   $10.52 million                   This oversimplified statement of                                                     Minister of Canadian Heritage, the Status of
                                                                                        economically with its South East Asian
Dany Heatly            $5.5                the situation helps to explain that the                                                    Women and Official Languages, and the
                                                                                        neighbors. Canada accepted the role           Honourable Michael M Fortier, Minister of
$5.17           $8.90                      economic situation has just undergone
                                                                                        of capacity building and focused its          Public Works and Government Services,
Jason Spezza           $5.0                a “paradigm shift”. The United States is
                                                                                        share of the ODA on human resource            made this announcement today, on behalf
$4.71           $8.09                      no longer the only world-class-act on
                                                                                        development. This was accomplished            of the Honourable Lawrence Cannon,
Daniel Alfredsson      $4.69               the intercontental stage as other major
                                                                                        largely by education and training             Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and
$4.41           $7.59                      players have arrived, including                                                            Communities.
                                                                                        projects that linked Canadian and
Martin Gerber          $3.7                newcomers such as China, India, and                                                                  The Quartier des spectacles is
                                                                                        Filipino institutions in partnership and
$3.48           $5.99                      the Philippines. We are no longer in a                                                     centered on the intersection of Sainte-
                                                                                        some       resulted     in   long    term
• * Nov. 9, 2007 rate of $1.06 vs.         splendid solitude and the Canadian                                                         Catherine Street and Saint-Laurent
                                                                                        relationships. Some Canadians opted
U.S. dollar                                workforce is not prepared for the                                                          Boulevard, covering almost a square
                                                                                        to stay in the Philippines and some           kilometre bound by City Councillors Street,
• ** Jan. 21, 2002 rate of 0.6179          competition. A former Canadian,
                                                                                        Filipinos opted to immigrate to               Berri Street, Sherbrooke Street, and René-
cents vs. U.S. dollar                      Conrad Black, the media baron who is
                                                                                        Canada. For example, the Association          Lévesque Boulevard. This area is home to
                                           on bail awaiting sentence in the USA
                                                                                        of Canadian Community Colleges                30 performance halls totalling almost
     What a difference the exchange        for corruption in international financial
                                                                                        (ACCC) was linked with a counterpart          28,000 seats, numerous international
rate makes! Of course the Senators         dealings, has recently pointed out that                                                    festivals, art galleries and centres for the
                                                                                        Association for Non-formal Training
named here are the ones who play the       the last time the Cdn$ traded above the                                                    exhibition and broadcast of alternative
                                                                                        and Education in the Philippines
game of ice hockey in a sports arena       US$ was back in 1976 and that was                                                          culture. The Quartier des spectacles
                                                                                        (ANTEP). Subsequently,                 the
and not the ones who play the game of      because Canadian productivity was                                                          supports more than 7,000 jobs linked to
                                                                                        Government of Canada decided in
politics in the Senate chambers on         the highest in the world on a per capita                                                   cultural activities, from education through to
                                                                                        2005 to undertake the Canadian                public outreach, including production,
parliament hill. But the table shows       basis implying that we had the most
                                                                                        Immigration Integration Project (CIIP)        exhibition, and broadcasting.
how      the    exchange     rate    has   efficient workforce in the world and the
                                                                                        in China, India, and the Philippines,                   "Promoting            the    cultural
dramatically altered the economy for       most effective management of human
                                                                                        and contracted ACCC as the executing          development of our cities is important for
all who live, work, or invest in Canada    capital. In 1976 things were different.
                                                                                        agency. Not surprisingly, the first post      the Government of Canada," said Minister
and the shift came about in the space      Montreal was Canada’s largest city                                                         Verner. "This is a priority of our Building
                                                                                        to become operational was that in
of five short years.        The strong     and played host to the Olympic                                                             Canadainfrastructure plan, which is
                                                                                        Manila. The Manager of the field office
Canadian dollar compared to the            Summer Games and the economy was                                                           ensuring access to quality infrastructure.
                                                                                        is a Canadian of Filipino origin and the
United States dollar is affecting the      on a solid footing---for awhile.                                                           Our government's support for Montreal's
                                                                                        latest information from that source
economy dramatically on both sides of            The fundamental difference with                                                      Quartier des spectacles is a concrete
                                                                                        indicates that 1500 persons have been         demonstration of the value we place on
the boarder. The strength of the           the     current     situation   is    that
                                                                                        through the briefing program already.         cultural development in all its forms,
Canadian currency is due to high           commodities rather than productivity
                                                                                        The division of ACCC responsible for          ensuring the enrichment of citizens' lives."
prices for oil and other commodities       drives the process and is not
                                                                                        the CIIP consists of 14 people, six of                  "The           Building      Canada
that mineral-rich Canada sells in the      sustainable unless we can bring about                                                      infrastructure plan is advancing quality
                                                                                        whom are of Filipino origin, and
international market that are based on     a better balance in our human capital                                                      infrastructure," said Minister Fortier.
                                                                                        another staff member of the same
contracts quoted in United States          account. In fact Canadian productivity                                                     "Through Building Canada, our government
                                                                                        division (although not of Filipino origin)
dollars.                                   is below the average for the developed                                                     acknowledges           the     importance    of
                                                                                        has experience as the Canadian
     However the “other side of the        economies and the nation is not                                                            preserving, developing andddiligence
                                                                                        Community Coordinator at the
coin” shows that it is the weakening of    prepared to compete with emerging                                                          review of the project, the successful
                                                                                        Canadian Embassy during the period            completion of environmental assessments
the United States dollar against other     competition       from      the    rapidly
                                                                                        when Canada provided ODA.                     required under the Canadian Environmental
major currencies that accounts for         developing countries now in the game.
                                                                                              Finally, at this juncture I wish to     Assessment Act, the signing of a
much of the shift in relative value of           In regard to human capital the
                                                                                        clarify that I have a personal and            contribution agreement outlining the project
currencies. So the Canadian “Loonie”       Philippines has a unique part to play                                                      details and the parameters for federal
                                                                                        professional interest in the recruitment
(so called because there is an image of    because it is the one country that                                                         financing, and on compliance with the
                                                                                        of skilled workers from the Philippines
a loon on the obverse side of the one      prepares a workforce specifically to                                                       obligations set out in the framework
                                                                                        and for that reason I have established a
dollar coin) has gained strength           obtain employment overseas as an                                                           agreement.Through its unprecedented $33-
                                                                                        business relationship with my former
against the American “Greenback” (so       integral part of economic strategy.                                                        billion Building Canada infrastructure plan,
                                                                                        colleague, Violeta A. Laraya, based in
called because of the color of the one     English is the medium of instruction                                                       the Government provides long-term, stable
                                                                                        Manila. We worked together at the             and predictable funding to help meet
dollar bill coveted around the world as    and educational institutions tend to
                                                                                        Colombo Plan Staff College when I             infrastructure needs across Canada.
the Yankee dollar). The net result is      respond well to identified needs and
                                                                                        was Director General and she was              Building Canada supports a stronger, safer
that if you have something to sell, such   continuously supply much of the
                                                                                        Director of Administration and we             and better country.
as oil form Alberta and Newfoundland,      human capital required in the global
                                                                                        subsequently collaborated in writing
potash from Saskatchewan, or               market place. The numbers are in the                                                       For further information contact:
                                                                                        projects. Now, in response to a
hydroelectricity from Quebec, that is      millions and the record of performance
                                                                                        perceived need for skilled workers in
good news, but if your livelihood          is remarkably high as evidenced by the                                                     Karine White
                                                                                        Canada and with full knowledge that
depends on tourism, retail sales,          contract extensions and repeated                                                           Press Secretary
                                                                                        there are competent candidates                Office of Minister Cannon
personal services, consulting, or          recruitment drives. The Philippine
                                                                                        available in the Philippines; we have         613-991-0700
manufacturing items to sell abroad, the    Overseas Employment Authority
                                                                                        entered into a business a business
news is not so good. But what if you       (POEA) serves as a Department of
                                                                                        arrangement whereby we can                    I
November 1-15, 2007                                                            The North American Filipino Star                                                                      21

Spell it “Balik-BUY-an”                            condominium units, is a balikbayan or a
                                                   visiting Filipino who is permanently
                                                                                                        “We do cross promotions and help
                                                                                                   these guests with what they need,”
                                                                                                                                                Discovery Hotel group said the
                                                                                                                                                balikbayan also makes up a sizable
Filipinos returning home                           residing outside the Philippines.               Dizon said.                                  and growing market for the serviced
                                                         “They are really looking for                   She added that balikbayan arrivals      apartment industry since not all of
 by Tina Arceo-Dumlao
                                                   retirement homes here because in                peak in July—when US schools go on           them want to stay with relatives.
                                                   terms of lifestyle, the Philippines can’t       a break until September—and in                    “Many balikbayans choose to stay
     You can take the Filipino out of the
                                                   be beat,” Antonio explains. “About 80           December, when the balikbayan                in a serviced apartment like the
Philippines, but you can’t take the
                                                   percent of the people who come back             comes home to spend the Christmas            Discovery Suites because they can
Philippines out of the Filipino.
                                                   to the Philippines regularly say that they      holidays here.                               entertain their relatives here. At the
     Even when they’ve been living
                                                   want to retire here, and that’s why                  Roel Chan, brand manager of             same time, they can cook and have
comfortably abroad for years, Filipinos
                                                   they’re buying homes.”                          Uniglobe Travelware Co., Inc. agrees.        privacy,” Wisniewski explained. She
can still be counted on to visit the
                                                         For this reason, other real estate        Chan said that during these months,          said they usually stay for about two
country regularly to renew and revitalize
                                                   companies like Ayala Land Inc. and              Uniglobe—which handles The North             weeks to as long as a month.
their ties with relatives and friends.
                                                   Megaworld Corp. are targeting the               Face, Columbia and Jansport brands                “It’s a growing market because
     Data from the Department of
                                                   balikbayan market, and have even set            in the Philippines—notices an increase       there are now more people going
Tourism show that the United States is
                                                   up marketing offices in countries with          in its sales, thanks to purchases made       abroad, and those who still have roots
consistently among the top sources of
                                                   big Filipino communities to get them to         by returning Filipinos for their families.   here will always come back,” she
visitors to the country. And almost of
                                                   buy property in the Philippines.                     “We did some qualitative studies        added.
them are Filipinos carrying American
                                                         Willy Ocier of Belle Corp., which         and results show that there is an                 And since the balikbayan has to go
                                                   owns and operates the Tagaytay                  increase in sales from balikbayans,          back to their new homes, food
     The rest of the balikbayan are
                                                   Highlands resort property, confirms             especially in June and December,”            companies are there to sell them a
Filipinos permanently residing in other
                                                   this. Members usually bring their               Chan said, “In December, jackets and         piece of home they can take back with
countries, like Canada, Australia,
                                                   visiting friends and family to the sports       more novelty items sell, while in June,      them. Goldilocks marketing manager
Singapore, Japan, the United Kingdom
                                                   and country club to show them a better          the Jansport bags sell because it’s          Pinky Yee said they usually bring home
and the United Arab Emirates.
                                                   side of the Philippines, he noted.              time to go back to school.”                  polvoron, mamon, ensaimada and
     Like their counterparts in the US,
                                                         “The club is a favorite destination            Even the restaurants are getting a      other pastries, so Goldilocks has
these Filipinos are flush with cash,
                                                   because it’s convenient to go there. It’s       balikbayan windfall, especially those        changed its packaging to make it
which they're ready and willing to spend
                                                   a short drive from Metro Manila.”               that specialize in Filipino cuisine, like    easier to tote the baked goodies.
on themselves and their families. This
                                                         Malls are also getting their fair         Sentro of the Chateau restaurant                  She     added      that    because
makes the balikbayan a potent
                                                   share of the estimated $100 that                group. Chateau chief executive Ricky         Goldilocks has realized a significant
economic force in the Philippines, with
                                                   tourists, including the balikbayan,             Gutierrez said that easily 30 percent of     balikbayan contribution to its income,
several sectors particularly buoyed by
                                                   spend everyday they’re in the country.          its patrons are balikbayan, with arrivals    the company decided to come up with
their moneyed presence.
                                                   Millie Dizon, vice president of the SM          peaking from December to March.              the Pinoy Deli line of cooked meals in
     In an interview, John Victor R.
                                                   mall chain, said the group has even                  “They come to Sentro mainly             dry packs of food like dinuguan and
Antonio, chief operating officer of the
                                                   entered into a joint marketing                  because we provide comfort food for          bopis, which are approved for entry
Century Properties group, one of the
                                                   agreement with the DOT, under which             them. We offer something different           into countries like the US and Australia.
country’s       leading     real    estate
                                                   the tourism department encourages               from the cuisine that they are used to,”          With    companies       themselves
companies, revealed that about one in
                                                   visitors to visit its malls, particularly the   Gutierrez said, “We are also happy that      seriously wooing the balikbayan
four people who buy its single-
                                                   Mall of Asia in Pasay City. The SM              Filipinos here recommend the                 market with goods and services
detached units—like the Canyon Ranch
                                                   group, for its part, includes DOT special       restaurant to their balikbayan friends.”     tailored to their needs, little wonder
in Cavite—and the bigger-sized
                                                   tours in its own customer campaigns.            Best sellers include the sinigang na         these seasonal guests have made the
                                                                                                   corned beef, the galunggong special          country part of their yearly holiday
      RI EK E
        VA ’S

                                                                                                   and sago’t gulaman.                          plans. a
    AR WE SE

                                                                                                        Annabelle Wisniewski of the



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                                             HEBREW FOUNDATION SCHOOL

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22                                                                 The North American Filipino Star                                           November 1-15, 2007

PBAM League Jumps off                      Nicole Mislang from the Palaboyz, and
By: Joy Lizarondo                          Best Uniform from PAAWIS was made
                                           by a panel of judges composed of Ms.
         As advertised, the PBAM,
                                           Lourdes Rosales, Ms. Lucy Parial, Ms.
Montreal Filipino Basketball’s finest,
                                           Nemia Bermudez and Ms. Tess
jumped off its 2007-2008 season on
                                           Manuel. Cash awards were donated by
Saturday, November 17, 2007 at the
                                           Ms. Glenda Lasatin, incumbent
CDN Sports Centre. Ushered in by
                                           president of the Ilocano Association
emcee par excellence Ed Vasquez, the
                                           and FAMAS.
colorful parade of athletes brought in a
                                                                                     Mike Nuguid (only adult in the group) seems to enjoy the company of these kids who are
                                                                                     members of the FCAWI basketball team.

  Borough Mayor Michael Applebaum gets ready to throw the ball for the jump off Borough Mayor Michael Applebaum poses with (from left) Marites Manuel, Lourdes Rosales,
  between FCAWI and Paawis players, November 17, 2007 during the opening of the Lucy Parial and Nemia Falconite Bermudez, November 17, 2007 at the Van Horne Sports
  PBAM League season.                                                           Center.

reverberating ovation from excited
                                           Partial listing of the Opening Day
parents and supporters.
                                           winners of the 9 Divisions, 66 teams,
         PBAM Vice-President and
                                           323 games schedule were:
League      Manager    Hal      Sotero,
                                           Division Team
welcomed players and their parents
                                           Lawin Kidz A: 67        PAAWIS A: 61
and     thanked   them      for   their
                                           Itlog    Kidz A: 29     PAAWIS: 24
commitment and faith in the PBAM. He
                                           Aguila Steelers 43      KP 35
stated that the 20% increase in team
                                           Kuwago CAM-LAOS 71
entries was evidence that the PBAM is
                                           All-City 65
doing well in community service.
                                           Itlog    Kidz C: 35     Kidz B: 16
Guest speaker Mayor Michael

                                                                                      Mary Joy Lizarondo poses with the FCAWI team before the parade.

   Natasha Marie Lizarondo Nuguid, FCAWI team muse (with shirt no. 8 on the right)
   holds the banner during the opening parade.
Applebaum of the NDG-CDN borough                 You are cordially invited
commended         the      tremendous          to join us in celebrating the
volunteer work of the PBAM officers
and the solid support of parents in             Silver Jubilee of the
promoting youth sports. Astounded by       North American Filipino Star
the significant increase of youth teams,            on December 8, 2007
equal number of youth off the streets,                starting at 8 p.m.
the Mayor promised to undertake more                    Studio 26 Mtl
sports related projects, citing the                   855 Decarie Blvd.
approved construction of another                        featuring the
sports centre in NDG (Benny Farm). It                     QP8 Band
should be noted that the PBAM is a            Guest Speaker, His Excellency
partner organization of the Centre,                Ambassador Brillantes
recognized by the Ville de Montreal as       Please get your tickets now and
truly representative of the sports          suppor the fund rising drive for our
interest of the Filipino community.           Filipino Solidarity Cooperative.
         During the the 14 game                         514-485-7861
spectacular opening, the selection of                   514-733-8915
Ms. PBAM I, Joy Palermo Castellano
from the Seafarers, and Ms. PBAM II,
November 1-15, 2007                                                  The North American Filipino Star                                                                  23

43,000 regain Filipino citizenship                                                     Report: Philippines retains 6th on gender equality
November 15, 2007                                Libanan said the law was enacted       November 10, 2007                          Following the Philippines in the
       Some 43,000 former Filipino          in line with the thrust of President             The Philippines retains its rank as   rankings were Germany, Denmark,
citizens have reacquired their Filipino     Arroyo’s administration to encourage        the sixth most woman-friendly country      Ireland, and Spain.
citizenship in the past three years         former Filipinos who are now living         in the world, the latest study by
under the dual citizenship law, the         abroad to return to the land of their       Switzerland-based World Economic           The Global Gender Gap Index
Bureau of Immigration (BI) revealed         birth and buy property or invest in         Forum (WEF) showed, according to           included 115 countries.
Sunday.                                     business here.                              local media Friday.                            The poll's criteria includes
     Immigration          Commissioner           Manuel Ferdinand Arbas, who                 In the Global Gender Gap Index        educational      attainment     gap,
Marcelino Libanan said 28,400               heads the BI technical staff on dual        2007 study, the WEF showed that the        outcomes on access to basic and
applications for dual citizenship have      citizenship, said his team receives an      Philippines in sixth place achieved a      higher education level; political
been approved in various Philippine         average of 15 applications for dual         gender equality score of 0.7629, from      empowerment gap, outcomes on
consulates abroad while some 14,479         citizenship a day.                          its score of 0.7516 in 2006, Philippine    representation in decision-making
were processed at the BI main office in          Arbas said there has been an           television network GMA News said.          structures; economic participation
Manila.                                     upsurge in the number of applicants              The Philippines was the only          gap,      outcomes     on   salaries,
     Former Filipinos who became            since the BI came out with new              Asian country included in the study's      participation levels and access to
American citizens topped the list of        guidelines that eased the requirements      top 10, which was dominated by             high-skilled employment; and health
applicants whose dual citizenship were      for dual citizenship applications.
                                                                                        European countries. Topping the list       and survival, outcomes on life
approved. Many Filipino-Canadians
                                                                                        was Sweden, followed by Norway,            expectancy and sex ratio. a
and Filipino-Australians have also          Under the revised rules, applicants for
                                                                                        Finland, Iceland and New Zealand.
reacquired Filipino citizenship.            dual citizenship are no longer obliged
     "As a result, these former Pinoys      to submit birth certificates from the
are again enjoying their rights and         National Statistics Office (NSO) to        Central Bank to improve remittance system
privileges     as   citizens    of  the     prove that they were former natural-
Philippines," stressed Libanan, a           born Filipinos.                              November 15, 2007                         (ATM) networks--Megalink, Bancnet
former congressman and one of the                Instead, an applicant may submit              The central bank, Bangko Sentral    and     Expressnet--has      effectively
principal authors of Republic Act 9225      his birth certificates from the local civil ng Pilipinas (BSP), said it had            widened the delivery network of cash
or the Citizenship Retention and            registrars of his birth place and other prepared measures to improve make              remittances and improved the
Reacquisition Act.                          documents, such as his old Philippine more transparent the mechanisms for              payments and settlements system for
     It was in 2003 when Congress           passport, voter’s affidavit, and money remittances from overseas                       a faster and safer flow of remittance
passed the act but the BI started           marriage contract, proving that he is a Filipino workers (OFWs) and to                 funds to beneficiaries, the central
processing applications only in April       former natural-born Filipino.                cushion the adverse impact of a           bank said.
2004 after Malacañang designated the             He said the Department of Foreign strong           peso      on    households          Acceptable IDs for financial
bureau as the lead implementing             Affairs (DFA) regularly transmits to the supported by OFW incomes.                     transactions have also been simplified
agency of the law.                          BI the list and records of approved dual          Banks will be required to post in    to encourage OFW remittances to use
     The dual citizenship law declares      citizenship applicants so that the latter their premises and websites their            banks instead of non-formal channels,
that former natural-born Filipinos who      may secure their identification various remittance products and                        such as personal couriers, it added.
later became naturalized citizens of        certificates and leave their fingerprint charges with breakdowns of costs,                  To encourage overseas Filipinos
other countries have not lost their         files with the bureau once they visit the delivery time to beneficiaries, and          and their families to increase savings
Philippine citizenship.                     Philippines. a                               other relevant information, the BSP in    and investments, the BSP said it
                                                                                         a recent report to Malacañang.            proposed issuance of multicurrency-
 Groups oppose "ocean fertilisation" in Philippines                                           “The transparency of bank            denominated Retail Treasury Bond
November 12, 2007                           of nitrogen-rich urea into the Sulu Sea charges would enable Filipinos                 (RTB) instruments for overseas
      Environmental groups condemned        in the southern Philippines, where it overseas to shop for cheaper and                 Filipinos.
on Monday an Australian company's           has already dumped one tonne of the better service providers,” the BSP                      “With a proposed initial offer size
plan to dump hundreds of tonnes of          substance.                                   said. “At the same time, this             of US$1 billion, the bond issuance
fertiliser into Philippine waters as part         The company has said urea encourages greater competition                         would promote saving among
of an experiment to combat climate          stimulates the growth of phytoplankton among remittance agents and                     overseas Filipinos as well as raise
change.                                     in the sea and can absorb large promotes lower remittance fees and                     funds for development financing,” it
      The groups, including Greenpeace      quantities of carbon dioxide -- the main charges.”                                     said.
and civil society organisations, called     cause of global warning -- from the               To improve OFW families’ access           Commercial banks will start
on the Philippine government to stop        atmosphere.                                  to financial services, rural banks will   offering overseas Filipinos specialised
the experiment, known as "ocean                   It also said the growth of more be allowed to provide services related           investment products and services,
fertilisation".                             phytoplankton would help boost to foreign exchange remittances as                      including insurance and pension
      "This is not a solution and is a      fishing stocks.                              well as buy and sell foreign currency,    plans and real estate, through tie-up
dangerous diversion to the real                   But Inventor said the UN's the BSP also said.                                    arrangements with pre-need and
solutions to address climate change,"       Intergovernmental Panel on Climate                This service is expected to          development companies, the BSP
said Jasper Inventor, Greenpeace            Change has noted that ocean improve the delivery of remittance                         said.
climate and energy campaigner.              fertilisation       "remains      largely service and give depositors, including            The banks have designed direct
"It is also extremely irresponsible to      speculative" and "many environmental overseas Filipinos, an option to keep
                                                                                                                                   payment schemes to ensure the
test a speculative and unproven             side effects have yet to be assessed."
                                                                                         their foreign currencies in bank          security and convenience of the
method, which potentially has high                The Sulu Sea between Palawan in
                                                                                         deposits instead of immediately           household-beneficiaries, it said.
impacts to the environment."                the west and Mindanao is home to the
                                                                                         exchanging their foreign-currency              The BSP said it had approved a
      Sydney-based                Ocean     UNESCO World Heritage Tubbataha
                                                                                         earnings for pesos.                       proposal of ING Bank to launch a
Nourishment Corp. is said to be             Reef Marine Park. a
                                                                                              The BSP has also approved            “International Filipino Fund”, a fund
planning to pump up to 1,000 tonnes
                                                                                         alternative modes of remittances,         invested in stock and fixed-income
                                                                                         such as Internet-based remittance,        securities, with Philippine National
                                                                                         and use of mobile phones for financial    Bank (PNB) as its distributor/marketer
                                                                                         transactions using SMS/text features      through ING and PNB branches
                                                                                         for balance inquiries, fund transfers     overseas.
                                                                                         and withdrawals.                               “Lastly, the BSP continues to
                                                                                              “Banks have also introduced          undertake its advocacy through
                                                                                         other new technologies to which           financial literacy campaigns that aim
                                                                                         beneficiaries will have greater access,   to promote a culture of savings
                                                                                         such as card products with debit          among overseas Filipinos and their
                                                                                         feature to facilitate remittances with    families,” the central bank said.
                                                                                         financial institutions as issuers, and         Overseas Filipinos and their
                                                                                         telephone companies as service            beneficiaries are being educated
                                                                                         providers,” the BSP said.                 about safe practices in investing in
                                                                                              The interconnection of the three     financial products. a
                                                                                         major automated teller machine


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