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    Founded in 1918                                Vancouver, B .C ., Thursday, August 1, 1991
                                                                                                                                                                  musica l

                                                                                                                                                                      Vol     10, No 5

                                           a ive Hawaiian S
    struggle for independenc e

    by Christina Cha-Li Chen
                                                                                                "The overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom i n
          FTER surviving almost 100 years of unwanted foreign rule, Nativ e
    A     Hawaiians are re-awakening to their sense of national identity . And it
    may lead to a split from the United States .
                                                                                                1893 was an act of war, against the US's inter -
                                                                                                national law of self-government . "
         "The time has come to address sover - Native Hawaiians has changed dramati-
    eignty for Native Hawaiians," governo r cally. Though they once lived sufficientl y
    John Waihee says.                            in their natural environment, they becam e
        With the world's highest rate of racial impoverished, dispossessed people under
    intermarriage, only 8,000 pure-blood Na- the US government .
    tives remain out of Hawaii's population of        Native Hawaiians currently have th e
    more than 800,000 .                          lowest-payi ng jobs, the greatest number on
         Both the Democrats and the Republi - welfare and the worst housing. They pos-
    cans have passed party resolutions to sup- sess the highest death rate from Western
    port Native Hawaiian self-determination . maladies such as heart disease, diabetes,
    And Native lawyers are battling for sover- and lung, breast and stomach cancer . Na-
    eignty.                                      tive Hawaiian men between the ages of 1 8     young from speaking Hawaiian and for               meaning of the Aloha (love) spirit.
         "Claiming that the US government and 34 rank the highest in the state's               cultural reasons, they [the youngl did not               "Commercialism has no realm in Ha-
    unlawfully took possession of Hawaii— suicide figures .                                    question their rulers," Agard says .               waiian culture . We welcome people out o f
    contrary to its non-interventionist prin-         The Native Hawaiian culture and an-           Native youths, unable to adjust to            genuine happiness to be with them, not fo r
    ciple—is the Hawaiians' platform in fight - cestral background were considere d            Western education methods, make up th e
    ing for sovereignty," says Keoni Agard, a shameful in Western society, so the youn g                                                          their money.."
    Native Hawaiian lawyer specializing i n were taught to only speak English an d             highest percentage of high school drop -                 Tourism has also brought more devel -
                                                                                               outs . Only four to six per cent enter uni-        opers onto the islands. According to the
    land claims.                                 follow the Haole's ("out-of-breath-pal e      versity.                                           State-wide Tourism Impact Core Surve y
         "The overthrow of the Hawaiian king - one's") way of life. Indigenous prayers ,
    dom in 1893 was an act of war, against th e language, dancing and chanting were                 Native Hawaiians also have a very             from 1988, about one in four immigrants
    US's international law of self-government ." practised only at home, or not at all.        high crime rate, according to Nathan               moved to Hawaii after having positive ex-
                                                                                               Matsuoka, a statistician at Oahu's centra l        periences as tourists .
         Since the overthrow, the lifestyle of        "The alder generations discouraged the   police station. Twenty per cent of the state' s          Many Native Hawaiians have fought
                                                                                               crimes have been attributed to Nativ e             losing battles with land developers to either
                                                                                               Hawaiians .                                        retain their homes or protect the environ -
                                                                                                    But Native Hawaiian support groups            ment .
                                                                                               say the rate may be due to a poorly struc-              "We can't afford housing at the curren t
                                                                                               tured education system which causes low            price, which is about $359,000 (US) for a
                                                                                               self-esteem in Native Hawaiians .                  family of four," Agard says . "Many families
                                                                                                    "It [the crime rate) is a result of severe    are forced to share a house with others, or

                                PO                                                             frustration from their inability to make i t
                                                                                               in the education system and having t o
                                                                                               remain at the bottom," says Masaru Oshiro ,
                                                                                               president of Alu Like, an extensive non-
                                                                                                                                                  several generations live under one roof."
                                                                                                                                                       Native families that cannot find suit-
                                                                                                                                                  able housing either move to the mainland
                                                                                                                                                  or go homeless, he says .
                                                                                               profit organization that supports Native                More land allocated to Native Hawai -
                                                                                               Hawaiians economically and socially .             ians would resolve this crisis . The Office of
                                                                                                                                                 Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) is contesting sev-
                                                                                                     Tourism endangering Native s                eral pieces of land taken from the Hawai -
                                                                                                  Tourism remains the primary source o f         ian monarchy in 1898, but supposedly re -
                                                                                               economic distress for Native Hawaiians .`         turned to the Natives in 1959 when Hawaii
                                                                                               Inflated food and housing prices from th e        became a state.
                                                                                               yearly tourism boom means more Native s                 "The land is owned by the state, not
                                                                                               enter the work force .                            Hawaiians and some portions are still re-
                                                                                                    "But they can only find the lowest-          tained by the federal government for mili -
                                                                                               paying jobs which lowers their already lo w       tary usages and parks," says OHA spokes-
                                                                                               self-esteem," says Michael Dudley, a forme r      person Ed Michaelman . OHA is also seek-
                                                                                               professor in Hawaiian culture and religion .      ing an apology from the US federal govern -
                                                                                               "It is the last nail in the coffin ."             ment for the illegal overthrow of 1893 .
                                                                                                    In addition, Agard says, tourism ha s
                                                                                               distorted Hawaiian culture and the true                               .. . see Hawaii, page 7

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                                                    SUMMER SCEN E
                                          Volume 20, No. 5                                                                                                                                            August 1 - 8, 199 1

                                                                                                     Hello and welcome to Summer Session '9 1
                                                 Summer Session                                     The Summer Session Association is the student organization of Summer Session ; if you
                                                                                                    have any problems, concerns or suggestions, please drop by our office - SUB 216E . We
                                                    Association                                     are there Monday -Friday, 10 a .m . to 3 p .m . Phone 822 3980 .

        ANNUAL GENERAL MEETIN G                                                                                                                           SUMMER SOUNDS
        Thursday, August 8, 199 1                                                                                                                         FREE OUTDOOR CONCERTS AT LUNCHTIME! These
                                                                                                                                                          concerts will happen daily on the South Plaza o f
        The Annual General Meeting of the UBC Summe r
                                                                                                                                                          SUB, and there will be music to suit everyone' s
        Session Association will be held Thursday, August 8 ,                                                                                             taste . Bring your lunch and a friend !
        1991 at 12:30 p .m. in Room 216 of the Studen t
        Union Building . Any Summer Session students
                                                                                                                                                          Friday, August 2                    - Penguin String Quarte t
        interested in the activities of the Association are
        welcome to attend this meeting .
                                                                                                                                                           Wednesday, August 7 - Mulberry Street Jazz Ban d

        MUSIC FOR A SUMMER' S                                                                                                                             Friday, August 9                    - Babayaga!
        A series of FREE CONCERTS, these are chambe r                                                                                                     SUMMER SCREE N
        music recitals featuring Vancouver's fines t                                                                                                      FREE FILMS, open to all Summer Session students ,
        chamber musicians . All concerts take place at                                                                                                    their families and members of the general public .
        8 :00 on Tuesday evenings in the Recital Hall of th e                                                                                             All films are shown in Lecture Hall 2 of the Instruc-
        UBC Music Building . All Summer Session students ,                                                                                                tional Resources Centre, (next to Woodwar d
        their families and members of the general public ar e                                                                                             Library) beginning at 7 :30 p .m .
        welcome to attend .
                                                                                                                                                          Friday, August 2                    - Dick Tracy
         Tuesday, August 6 - Music Building Recital Hall,
                             8:00 p .m .                                                                                                                   Wednesday, August 7 - Fantasia

        Music of Handel, Rorem, Dubois, DesPortes and Smit h                                                                                              Thursday, August 8 - Home Alone
        in an interesting and eclectic evening of musi c
        performed by saxophonists David Branter and Juli a                                                                                                Friday, August 9                    - Dances with Wolves
        Nolan with pianist Kristina Sutor .

     2/THE SUMMER UBYSSEY                                                                                                                                                                                       August 1, 1991

      Administration cracks down on 'geer s
    by Rick Hiebert
         Engineering students are an-         plies to undergraduate publica-           agreed to abide by UBC regula-           leges, using the example of th e         say would be this is wonderful and
    gry following a "deal" to end the         tions .                                   tions on newsletters and publica -       engineers, that the administration       the `geers have had it coming to
    Lady Godiva ride and stop racis t              —Dean Meisen will also hav e         tions, making several of the point s     has actively protected and encour -      them for a long time . Yet perhap s
    and sexist activities by the faculty' s   the power to screen candidates fo r       of the agreement redundant .,            aged sexist behaviour on campus )        the administration ' s energie s
    students.                                 the newsletter editorial board .               "This year's executive is ac-       the administration is petrified .        would be better focused on thing s
         The engineers are not upse t              —The EUS will refrain fro m          tively trying to eliminate the per-      They want credit for helpin g            that are less visible but have a
    that these things are ending, bu t        promoting racist, sexist o r              ception that we're a threat t o          women, with Women Studies an d           greater impact on people's percep -
    they feel Applied Science dean Axe l      homophobic publications, materi -         anyone. From that aspect, there's        that new (women's issues) adviser .      tions of other people ."
    Meisen and the vice president fo r        als or activities .                       nothing bad in the dean's agree-         They need to look good. "                     Sandy Doxtdator, Native rep-
    student services K.D. Srivastiva                Any possible violations will b e    ment. But (Meisen) and the ad -               "It's really installing a fals e    resentative on students' counci l
    struck the deal themselves an d           investigated by an independent            ministration now control th e            sense of security . They want to be      said she was glad to see the admin -
    presented it to them as a fait            committee, the composition of             pursestrings and the pen of the          able to say `ok, the `geers are take n   istration act to end the Godiva
    accompli .                                which is still undecided . If the         undergrad society . It's scary to        care of, there's no more problem         ride, but she had some misgivings .
         "The deal was all done behin d       agreement is broken, EUS fees wil l       think that the dean's office coul d      with sexism or racism atUBC whe n             "The engineers have show n
    closed doors," said Engineerin g          be partially or totally withheld .        have that much control over an y         they know that that's not true," La      that they're not responsible .
    Undergraduate Society presiden t                Meisen is pleased with th e         undergrad society at UBC," he said .     Rusic said .                             They're part of university society
    Adam La Rusic . "The admin-               agreement .                                    La Rusic suggested that the              Targets of engineer activities      and they should try to conform t o
    stration took steps to put forth th e           "The reason that there's a let -    deal might make good public re-          are generally pleased but hav e          our society's rules, but maybe th e
    appearance of consulting us, but          ter of agreement to be signed is to       lations for the university .             reservations .                            administration went too far in th e
    what it boiled down to was here's a       ensure that each year's (EUS) ex -             "Now with the Terry Goul d               Mark Livesey, a member o f           new editorial policy . We'll have to
    piece of paper, sign it or you don' t     ecutive knows what their obliga-          article in the May issue o f             Gay and Lesbians of UBC, said             see if the engineer's newsletter i s
    get your fees ."                          tions are . In previous years, th e       Vancouver magazine (which al-            "The politically correct thing to        unfairly affected. "
         However, Meisen said the EUS         executive has had a problem wit h
    had at least been provided with a         continuity," Meisen said .
    draft of the letter of agreemen t               "For instance, when this ex-
    before it went into effect . "Th e         ecutive came in, they weren't awar e
    agreement was developed by                that the EUS had entered into an
    Srivastiva and myself . It was als o       agreement regarding their publi-
    given, so far as I know, in advance        cations . Because this, for example ,
    by Srivastiva to the EUS executiv e        is a sensitive matter it's a goo d
    in draft form ."                           idea to have the agreement . "
          The deal itself, which the EU S           "It doesn't fundamentall y
    has agreed to sign, is simple . Fro m      change anything that the EUS ha s
    now on, the UBC administratio n            agreed to," Meisen said. "We'r e
    will collect the EUS's $45,000 i n         committed to make it work, as are
    fees and give it to the society i n        the students . If we find any
    three installments, provided tha t         glitches, we'll work them out, bu t
    the EUS annually signs a contrac t         for now, it looks as if we'll make i t
    agreeing to the following:                 work . "
          —The Lady Godiva ride and                  The EUS executive, however,
    any use of the Godiva symbol, such         thinks the administration did not
    as patches, banners and stationary,        consult them enough in this pro-
     will cease .                              cess .
          —EUS newsletters will abid e               La Rusic said the EUS ha s
     by the publications code that ap-         already discontinued the ride, has

       Parents need support, UBC studies sa y
    By Rick Hobert                        happen in families that split wor k           want to spend time with the baby         didn't want their wives to be re-        of the moment decision. Both th e
         New parents need support in evenly before the birth .                          and it's hard to do that when there      sponsible for everything. They sai d     wife and husband should plan and
    figuring out how to split the role of     "When you add a baby, yo u                are alotofother things to do aroun d     it's different emotionally when          make lifestyle changes and deci-
    caring for a newborn child, ac -                                                     the house . You have to choose          you care for a baby, feed it, change     sions before the baby is born .
    cording to a UBC researcher .                                                        what gets done and who does it ."       it, instead of just playing with it ."        "Couples really need to look a t
         A study published in th e                                                           One woman told Hall, "I know              Being a new dad offers chal-       parenting and their situation be -
    Journal of Advanced Nursing in                                                       I would turn into a flying fruit        lenges at a job. Like the mother,        fore the realities hit . Health care
    April says fathers in particular                                                     loop if I was at home and had           the father must change his attitud e     workers need to emphasize plan-
    need to come to terms with their                                                     spent my whole day picking u p          towards his job, the new study           ning ahead and learning how to
    parenting role and the effects on                                                    blocks . I would just die . "           found . The child needs daycare an d     make these decisions," Hall said .
    their work and marriage .                                                                One man in the study said, "I       must be taken care of when sick .        "Parents need to look at their own
         Assistant nursing professo r                                                    would like my wife to do all thi s            Both parents have to work          values and whether their value s
    Wendy Hall spent more than year                                                      stuff and come home and have a          around that, which cuts back on          include a second paycheque ."
    intensely studying ten new fa-                                                       clean house, a good dinner an d         overtime and working on week -                Hall also said companie s
    thers. A baby, she said, makes a                                                     the baby taken care of, but it just     ends .                                   should be encouraged to adopt
    man's life very different.                                                           doesn't work that way. It isn't               "The baby means jugglin g          paternity leave for new fathers, a s
         "In most situations, a ne w                                                     reality . Life has changed—in a         their job and their family wher e        dads also need time to adjust t o
    baby causes a big change in both                                                     double income household, your life      before that wasn't a big issue for       being a parent. This will avoid the
    parent's lifestyles and parent s                                                     changes and you have to redefine        them," Hall said.                        unbalanced parenting that ca n
    have to work around that," Hal l                                                     your roles . "                                Men often pitch in with house -    happen when the woman stay s
    said.                                                                                    The women in the household ,        work, but women are still social -       home and the man works.
         When the mother has mater-                                                      according to a study Hall con-          ized to feel responsible for th e             Hall is not finished with he r
    nityleave, she said, she often take s                                                ducted four years ago for a British     home, which causes some friction .       search . She is looking for volun-
    afull-time homemaking role which       Wendy Hall     RICK HIEBERT PHOTO             medical journal, usually rebelle d      "The men said that even though           teer parents to do a questionnaire
    causes problems when she return s                                                    against being forced to do every-       they spent the same amount of            on parenting roles that will reflec t
    to work.                                                                             thing, forcing the male to rethin k     time cooking and cleaning, the wife      how a larger sample of subject s
         "Depending on how it goe s                                                      his own role .                          tended to take the responsibility if     handle their new situation . Sh e
    during maternity leave, wome n                                                           "What the fathers realized, "       a guest came over," she said.            plans to conduct her new study
    have to cope with making sure add a lot of extra hours of work i n                  Hall said, ` is that there is a lot of         Both studies, Hall said, imply     this fall .
    that things get done . That can caregiving. Parents feel that they                  work to take care of a kid . They        that parenting should not be a spur

    Award winning school at festival sit e                                                                        Dlrectlons :                                      Simply get onto the Trans-Canad a
                                                                                                                                                                Highway and once you've crossed th e
    by Mark Nielse n                   of four days, each repre-         Ferguson, has become a focal                                                           Port Mann Bridge, drive east for a bi t
                                                                                                                       So, just where the heck is Seabir d
          Seabird Island's new $5 -    senting a stage in tradi-         point for the community.                                                               more than an hour .
    million school replaces eight      tional Sto :Lo Native life —           "We could have gone out
                                                                                                                        More than just a few people are            Then, look for the next exit after the
    portables formerly used for        beginning with birth, fol-        and built a school that looke d
                                                                                                                  asking that question now that the y           turnoff to Chilliwack — if you se e
    kindergarten through grade         lowed by naming, adulthood        just like any other school,"
                                                                                                                  have dropped serious money on tickets         Flintstones Park you've gone too far —
    eight classrooms .                 and the wisdom of old age .       she said . "But we took a
                                                                                                                  for this weekend's Voices for the Wil-        and turn onto Highway Nine and just
          About 120 students wil l          The design is intende d      chance . And we came up with
                                                                                                                  derness Festival .                            keep going, over the Popkum Bridge,
    now learn the native lan-          to resemble any of a num-         something we can truly be
    guage Hamalkomem an d              ber of mythical Nativ e           proud of."
                                                                                                                       Regardless, the premier can't corn -     past the turnoff to Agassiz, until yo u
                                                                                                                  plain that festival goers will hold u p       see the Seabird Island Cafe . Then turn
    take courses in Native his-        creatures . Architects Mary            When students are not i n
                                                                                                                  ferry traffic this year, because Seabir d i n
    tory and culture, in additio n     and John Petkau won an            class, the school will become a
                                                                                                                  i s at the far end of the Fraser Valley ,
    to the standard BC curricu-        award of excellence from          community centre of sorts ,
                                                                                                                  past Agassiz .                                    If in doubt about where you are ,
    lum .                              Canadian Architectur e            complete with a commo n
                                                                                                                      But getting there is not as hard as it don't worry . There will probably be lots
          The Mary Charli e            Magazine for the building         kitchen for large feasts and a
                                                                                                                   sounds .                                   of traffic to follow .
    House of Learning was offi-        which, according to band          full-fledged gym to hol d
    cially opened over a period        administrator Vivian              crowds .

    August 1, 1991                                                                                                                                                            THE SUMMER UBYSSEY/3

                                                                                               City jazz seeks validity
                                                                                            by Kevin Elaschu k                  limitations, with other player s     "I'm so interested in the
                                                                                                                                and a drummer. The magic an d        music . . .It's a choice that I'm
                                                                                                  INE years ago I firs t        art appears in the interaction       making . I'm happy with less
                                                                                          N       played with alto saxophon- between players, and playing
                                                                                            ist Roy Styffe in Toronto wher e    with other musicians make s
                                                                                                                                                                     money—I eat well . Charles
                                                                                                                                                                     Mingus said `I'm not rich but
                                                                                            he was studying with Pa t           communication easier, which          I've always had a little mone y
                                                                                            LaBarbara.                          sole practice cannot achieve .       in my pockets .'"
                                                                                                 Styffe, aged 27, bega n             Most of the street audience          There are some fin e
                                                                                            playing dixieland and swin g        is supportive, but there are         players in Vancouver, but no t
                                                                                            music at the Hot Jazz Club, now inconsiderate people and drunks ,        enough to create any cohesive -
                                                                                            located on Main Street, in hi s     Styffe said . Playing outdoors is    ness, Styffe said. He attrib-
                                                                                            teens . He learned by playing       also more physically demandin g      uted the uncultivated state o f
                                                                                            along with record albums ,          because there are no walls o r       jazz in the city to the lack of
                                                                                            particularly those of saxophonis t floors for the sound to bounce off.   venues . "The only place wher e
                                                                                             Art Pepper .                       "Then when I get a gig in a club,    you can really play jazz is i n
                                                                                                                                I'm in shape . "                     New York City . In comparison
                                                                                              INTERVIEW                              Styffe is learning tunes by     LA, Toronto or Montreal lack
                                                                                               with Vancouver musician          playing their melodies an d          the drive and intensity . There
                                                                                               Roy Styffe                       chords on the piano and pres-        are more jazz musicians i n
                                                                                                                                ently studying the music of Joh n    New York than anywhere els e
                                                                                                  For two summers in the        Coltrane, especially the har-        in the world ."
                                                                                                early 1980's, Styffe studied at monic structures of Coltrane' s           Styffe plans to go into the
                                                                                                the       Banff School of Fin e ground breaking compositio n         studio in August to record
                                                                                                          Arts with world       Giant Steps .                        some of his original composi-
                                                                                                          class jazz musician s      "I can express myself in a      tions . He is applying for a
                                                                                                          (one of them being    tune by trying to make the horn      Canada Council grant to study
                                                                                                          Lee Konitz) .         sing and by transcending th e        in New York and wants t o
                                                                                                                "This totall y  technical aspects of the instru-     form a group which would tour
                                                                                                           changed my           ment," Styffe said.                  the jazz festivals of Canada
                                                                                                           perspective of the        His saxophone style com-        and Europe .
                                                                                                           music . They were    bines intellect, virtuosity ,             Styffe will perform at Cafe
                                                                                                           playing great jaz z  soulfulness, anger and subtlety .    Django August 15-18 with
                                                                                                           standards and the    Styffe has been influenced by        guitarist Pat Coleman and
                                                                                                           bebop music of Bir d many masters of jazz such a s        bassist Chris Nelson and will
                                                                                                           [Charlie Parker],"   Thelonious Monk, Ornette             appear on the jazz stage at the
                                                                                                           Styffe said .        Coleman, and Steve Lacy.             PNE at the end of August.
                                                                                                                Although he          Other jobs supplement his
                                                                                                           works in nightclubs earnings (he worked as a parkin g
                                                                                                           and restaurants ,    attendant for a year and occa-
                                                                                                           Styffe often plays   sionally practised in the booth) ,
                                                                                                            on the streets of   but Styffe is dedicated to jazz .
                                                                                                            downtow n
                                                                                                            Vancouver . On the
                                                                                                            street, Styffe can
                                                                                                            play without

      by Greg Davi s
                                          old time indulgin g
           ITH a gut full of ba d         themselves in the sun -
    W      coffee . note pad in m y
     hand and pen behind my ear, I
                                          drenched splendou r of'
                                          Granville Island, un-
     rushed down to Granville Islan d     aware of' my communio n
     to investigate an unusual type o f   with disembodied voice s
     play called Scoop .                  transmitted through th e
                                          Walkman .
     AUDIOMOTION THEATR E                      The play will probabl y
     Scoo p                               appeal the most to the pre-tee n
     Granville Islan d                    age group, kids who are matur e
                                                        enough to appreci -
           Scoop is billed as "a cas-                     ate the materia l
     sette-directed, outdoor,                              but who have
     environmental, scienc e                                 not develope d
     fantasy, interactive, walkin g                            enoug h            Th e
     adventur e ." The Just Pus h                               sophistica-       tap e
     Play Theatre Society rents ou t                            tion an d         itself' i s
     a Walkman and cassette fin- $5 ,                           cynicism t o      wel l
     which guides the listene r                                 be perturbe d     produced ,
     throughout Granville Island a s                            by th e           providing a
     it unfolds the story .                                      hokiness .       musica l
           The story involves th e                                      It        background to
     adventures of Buddy Reuter, a                                 reminded       the actors '
     journalist who covers environ-                                me of' a       voices tha t
     mental issues, and hi s                                       lo w           moves th e
     pu r suit of an anonymous ti p                                budge t        listener along th e
     regarding impendin g                                          children' s    landscape quit e
     ecological disaster.                                               educa -   smoothly (just watc h
           Scoop is an environ -                                        tiona l   out for the cars) .
     mental editorial with dollops o f    show, the type you see on th e                My main contentio n
     New Age mysticism and corn y         Knowledge Network when you'r e          is that the listener, a t
     comedy, intertwined with som e       home sick on a weekday .                least in this particula r
     history about this unique part of'        For older children lik e           production, is essentiall y
     town .                                myself, Scoop was not terribl y        passive, with no real mystery
           At times the play evokes i n   exciting, essentially hitting m e       or clues to uncover .
     the listener sadness and remors e     with the same message over an d
     for the environment and perhap s     over again . However, those                  Nevertheless, the whol e
     even a disdain for moder n            unaccustomed to seeing th e            fin-mat is an intriguing concept ,
     civilization in general .            environment as their personal           more fun than a straight tour .
           Meanwhile, everyone els e       problem will get a little jolt i n     UBC would be an ideal locale f'o r
     around me is having a jolly          the head .                              a future adventure .

                                                                                                                               Sensible Footwear sings candidly about yeast Infections .            SHAF

    4/THE SUMMER UBYSSEY                                                                                                                                                    August 1,1991

                                                                                                                   	k	   .t•.•.t	   ::fk~:vt~ff:•ff> : :f: :}:	fff..4,.+•.%•'0f:.s.+tttt. .s:•~~~5 i~

      Making films behind the Great Wal l                                                                                                                                                                          .    .    .

       Hao Li and    Effie Pow             the communists wanted to              and must have the resilience t o                   because the government onl y                                             Five generations of '
                                           project were unlike the harsh         deal with them .                                   allows the achievements of the                                      filmmakers mark China ' s fil m
             NE of China's best know n reality of the society. "They saw              "It is difficult to be a directo r            communist party to be filmed .                                      history . Two were establishe d
             film directors was i n        too much of the dark and dirty        in China; one suffers a torture d                  This situation was magnified                                        before communist takeover i n
    Vancouver earlier this month to side of society," Wu said .                  spirit," the director said .                       after June 4, 1989 . Many film s                                    1949, the third generatio n
    talk about the past and th e                  The bitterness stemmin g            Wu was pessimistic about                      were made after the massacre to                                     worked in 50's-60's, the fou r th
    future of China's film industry .      from the past is reflected in th e    the future of Chinese film .                       praise the Chinese communis t                                       in 70's-80's, and the fifth
           "June 4, 1989 marked the        works . A scathing, sharp and         "Before Chinese films can reach                    party and the leaders such as                                       generation emerged in the 80 ' s .
    end of ten golden years i n            sometimes extreme tone, i s           the world market, three factor s                   Deng Xiao Ping.
    China's film history," said Wu         characteristic of the fifth genera-   must be achieved: political                             The propanganda ministry                                       After 1949 communist revolu-
    Tian Ming, a director from             tion films. The prevelant use of      stability, economic success an d                   of communist party states th e                                      tion, there were three period s
    China's Xian Film Studio in th e modern techniques, such as                  creative freedom . "                               negative side of socialist societ y                                 of film history :
    provice of Shanxi .                    colour and composition also                Limited distribution mean s                   is not to be depicted.                                                    In the 1950's to the mid -
           Wu recounted the cinematic distiguish their work from pas t           few Chinese films enter th e                            Of the 270 international film                                  60's, before the Cultural
    record of his home country to          generations .                         world market . Red Sorghum was                     festivals, the Tokyo festiva l                                      Revolution, there were man y
    students present for his lectur e            "Zhang Yi Mo's film Re d        sold for $25,000 US dollars and                    ranks number seven and the                                          popular films available . Many ,
    at UBC's International House on Sorghum exemplifies the dream                Ju Dou was sold for $250,000 ,                     Berlin festival ranks number                                        however, were also propagand a
    July 7 .                               of the Chinese people, th e           the highest sum paid for a                         three, Wu said . Zhang' s Red                                       films .
                                           imbalance of the psyche and the       Chinese film . In comparison, th e                 Sorghum won the Golden Bear                                              During the Cultu r a l
           In March 1989 Wu wa s            distorted emotions experience d      average Chinese film sold to th e                  award at the Berlin festival i n                                    Revolution 11966-761, restric-
    invited to the United States to        by the Chinese . In real life the y   international market, is price d                   1988 and Ju Dou was the firs t                                      tion and censorship greatl y
    lecture at a New York university . cannot be liberated so they seek          between $5,000 to $10,000 .                        film from China to be nominated                                     reduced the number of film s
    After June 4 1989, he was t o          freedom and liberty in film . "            Wu anticipates several                        for an Oscar award .                                                made and shown in theatres . I t
    return to China, but chose to                                                                                                        Three days before the Oscar                                    was an era of'cultu'al degen-
    continue touring and lecturing at We have isolated ourselves inside th e                                                        nomination, the Chinese govern-                                     eration, and films made in th e
    American universities. After two                                                                                                ment asked the Academy to                                           50's were labelled "poisonou s

    years in the United States, he          Great Wall for so many years, I will no t                                               withdraw the nomination on th e                                     plants " .
                                                                                                                                    grounds that the Zhang's fil m                                            Only a handful wer e
    has viewed more than 800 film s
    and has plans to shoot a film i n
                                            be able to see the development of th e                                                  had not been shown in China.                                        shown in theatres, and among
    Canada with financial backin g          future of Chinese film ."                                                                    The Academy nominated J u                                      them, eight films known a s
    from Hong Kong and Taiwan .                                                                                                     Dou anyway and consequently                                         "model opera " were ofte n
            Of the five generations o f          There are many bureau-          decades to pass before Chines e                    received a formal letter of protes t                                shown du r ing the ten-yea r
    filmmakers recognized in Chin a cratic and political obstacles to            film will have a presence in the                   from the Chinese government . In                                    period . People were give n
    since film was introduced in the overcome in China according to              world market . "We have isolate d                  return, more than 20 film                                           tickets to see these propaganda
     1920's, Wu belongs to the fourt h Wu . A director can never be              ourselves inside the Great Wall                    representatives sent a letter to                                    films .
    generation which emerge d               certain if a film will be approve d  for so many years, I will not be                   China's minister of broadcasting                                          "Model opera " films, whic h
    during the 1970's and 80's .            by the film bureau or political      able to see the development of                     and television requesting publi c                                   praised the communist revolu-
            One of the most prominent       bureau of the Communist Party .      the future of Chinese film . "                     showings of Ju Dou and invite d                                     tion and the class struggle ,
    representatives of the fifth            If one bureau approves a film,             Wu's film Old Well (1987 )                   Zhang to attend the Academy                                         were supported by Ma o
    generation, however, is Zhang Yi but another rejects it, then th e            which starred Zhang Yi Mo, wo n                   awards ceremony . Ten members                                       Zedong' s wife Jiang Qing, wh o
    Mo, director of Red Sorghum an d film is put aside—essentially lef         t first prize at an internationa l                   of Congress also sent a similar                                     controlled the propagPand a
    recently acclaimed Ju Dou.              to gather dust like many other       film festival in Tokyo. Set in a                   letter to China's prime minister                                    bu reau . Jiang committe d
    Zhang also worked in Xia n              unseen films . The hierarchical      remote area of China, Old Wel l                    Li Peng . Though Zhang planne d                                     suicide in jail last April .
    Film Studio as an actor, photog- structure of the bureaus mean s              shows how the people livin g                      to attend the ceremony, the                                               Chinese film societie s
     rapher and director while Wu           one opinion from the upper rank s there endure their poverty. Thei r                    government responded with a                                         introduced Western films to
      was chair from 1983-89.               is sufficient authority to preven t  hard life is symbolized by the                     letter that he was too busy .                                       China's general population by
            Wu said the fifth generation distribution .                          lack of essentials such as                                                                                             late the 70's . These films wer e
          of filmmakers often portray a          These evaluation procedures     drinking water . The actual                            The minister of broadcasting                                     ten to fifteen years old, bu t
            "cruel" or unemotional life     waste money and effort ; it cost s   location of the film was once a                    and television claimed that onl y                                    influenced the film technique s
             because they grew up           at least one million yuan            communist guerilla camp durin g                    the Chinese, and not foreigners,                                    existing in China for a short
               during the Cultural          ($250,000 Canadian dollars) to       World War II . After 40 years of                   have the right to comment o n                                        period .
                Revolution . Some were      finance a film, and the work o f     communist victory and promise s                    Chinese films .                                                           Chinese film societies late r
                 red guards and many        actors, directors and technicians    of a better life, people are stil l                    Chinese films that ar e                                          realized they needed to develo p
                  suffered because their is never seen .                         living in the same conditions as                   financed by private investors i n                                    their own cultural style i n
                    parents were labelle d       For each film project, a        they did centuries ago.                            Taiwan, but made in China, are                                       order to generate an influenc e
                     as enemies of th e     filmmaker in China face s                  After winning the Tokyo fil m                only shown elsewhere, becaus e                                       internationally .
                      people . The image s political obstacles, such a s         festival award, Wu sent mone y                     Taiwan does not permit th e
                                            government and self-censorshi p       to the village where he shot the                  import of any film made in
                                                                                   film, to pay for a well .                        China. Unfortunately, if some of
                                                                                       Wu said people who live i n                  these Taiwanese-backed films
                          Thirteen spots ensemble Sensible                              the cities do not see these                 are considered by China's
                 from the upcoming          Footwear, and A Gri m                         scenes of the desolate                    government as unsuitable or
                  Fringe Festival that      Tale by the creators of                         rural countryside                       politically sensitive, they will not
                    previewed last          last year's show The                                                                    be shown in either country.
                     Friday were similar Bronte Brothers.
                     to homemade                  In September the
                      commercials with      Mount Pleasant are a
                       some lighthearted will once again be hom e
                        humour i n          to Vancouver's seventh
                         between .          annual Fringe . Audi-
                          Second plac e     ences will see perfor-
                           winners of       mances from 100 groups ,
                            CiTR' s         including some produc-
                           Shindig, Za      tions by UBC students .
       ts-n               Za and th e            The programme
                    Angels, provide d       guide is available the
              winsome music .               second week of Augus t
            Two highlights from the         and advance tickets
     preview were : Too Blonde by           can be arranged
     singing duo Sharon Heath an d          during the sam e
     Beatrice Zeiling, Close to the         month .
     Bone by the popular British

    LINDORES PHOTO                                           The Insect Play's choreography                                                                                                                          SHARON LINDORES PHOT O

    August 1, 1991                                                                                                                                                                                         THE SUMMER UBYSSEY/5

                                                                                    "D ;D    10u      rea d

              It's in the                                                                 Ab0tvJ            1
                                                                                      Jut- 44gp?e,,Cd
              backyard                                                                  N 14 41    ;-4 ?

           "Black 5'7" armed and dangerous ...Black 5'6" last
      seen walking down . ..Black 5'6" may be carrying a
     knife ...Shots heard ..." The voices of dispatchers are not
     new to police officers, they hear them everyday, every
     hour, every minute, almost every few seconds in bi g
           In Montreal, a police officer shot Marcelus Francoi s
     in the head while he was sitting in his car . He died on
     the spot. The officer was white, Francois was black . Th e
     officer mistook Francois for an attempted-murder sus -
     pect . The actual suspect was later caught and release d
     on bail because a judge did not consider him "dangerou s
     to society."
           The mistaken shooting provoked 800 people fro m
     Montreal 's Black community to protest on July 26 .                                                           The Ubyssey welcomes letters on any Issue . Letters must be typed and are not to exceed 300 words in length . Content
           The rest of Canada does not have to worry about
     this problem . Except Halifax where about 150 people ,                       Letters                          which is Judged to be libelous, homophobic, sexist, racist or factually Incorrect will not be published . Please be concise.
                                                                                                                   Letters may be edited for brevity, but it Is standard Ubyssey policy not to edit letters for spelling or grammatical mistakes .
                                                                                                                   Please bring them, with Identification, to SUB 241k . Letters must Include name, faculty, and signature .
     many from the city's Black community, rioted becaus e
     a downtown bar refused to admit Blacks . On this street,                    Pretty housing
     many other bars had previously refused admittance to                                                           she applied (it is ridiculou s
     Blacks. Eventually, premier Don Cameron told ba r
     owners their liquor licences will be pulled if their
                                                                                     but unfair
                                                                                      I am writing a letter to
                                                                                                                    that the department accept s
                                                                                                                    these applications with a
                                                                                                                                                                     Images: Are Asian s
     discrimination continues .
           Torontohas already had its shooting controversies.
                                                                                express my dissatisfaction
                                                                                toward the Student Housing
                                                                                                                   knowledge that these peopl e
                                                                                                                    never have any chance . At
                                                                                                                                                                      perpetual minors ?
           But these incidents are all back east, not here .                    & Conference Department             least these people (about 5 0
     Discrimination does not exist in BC ; these are not our                    concerning their dealing with       of them) should be advised in              by Chung Wong                             and mean more . Phillip' s
     problems . Sadly, this is not close to the truth .                         the single student housing .        the booklet. Or this is the                      When can we eve r                   lines are shorter and seldom
           Racism is not regional ; it does not isolate itself to               It appears to me that it s          way the department earne d                 come-out, when can we eve r               heard. We discern that m y
     one specific area . Out here, headlines of the "Hon g                      current policy is unfair for        easy money?) . The depart-                 grow-up .                                 character is like a
     Kong Invasion" or "Asian gangs" have instilled fear i n                    most students especially the       ment may work more easily                         I have been assigned to             represseed five-year-old, or
     many from Vancouver's non-Asian communities . An d                         new applicants . In thei r         in assigning the residenc e                 play Phillip, in an actin g               even more so, a lonel y
     in Gastown, often we see those who hurry past Nativ e                      single student introductory        change requests of th e                     class, an orphan who de-                  puppy. Fetch .
     people on the streets .                                                    booklet, the department trie s     reapplicants (as its staffal -              pends solely on an abusiv e                     The role of youn g
           Police or business people do not have to give lesson s               to show how pretty th e            ways said that "it is easy for              brother for food, for guid-               Asians in Canada is a tight j
     of racism in this society . "Ordinary" people do fine by                   housing is without any nec-        us to do a job this way ..."). I            ance, for life .                          fit for Phillip .
     themselves .                                                               essary information . The stu-      have written a letter to the                      I am boxed-in and th e                    Our allergic reaction i s
           Racism is like a disease ; it pervades society an d                  dents have to choose th e          department but have not re -                external pressures tha t                  racism . Our image—always
     flares up now and then causing pain and suffering . But                    resi dences of their preference,   ceived an explanation as t o                press on my box strengthen                younger, less mature, les s
     it is always there, lurking beneath what people say t o                    as required, without knowing       how they do the job excep t                 my repression . Phillip ,                 established, less accom-
     each other, what people think to themselves, and what                      that the department will pu t      the statement that this i s                 though an adult, never goes -             plished, less experienced —
     is read, seen or heard everyday.                                           the reapplication all to thei r    their current policy . Well ,               out .                                     is like a child .
           Problems of racism are perceived as prevalent                        choice first (though the de-       such a policy does not appea r                    I am like a child whose                  We are orphans too —
     some place else by most . For Canada, South Africa,                        partment only states that th e     clearly in their booklet an d               only experience is internal               without role models .
     with its racial riots and beatings, is frequently tha t                    reapplication is guaranteed        such a policy does not seem to              and inside . Like the plague ,                 And our parents sel-
     place . For BC, it is Montreal and Toronto . Now there i s                 the room (this is not neces-       serve the students fairly .                 Phillip fears the outsid e                dom let us go-out, a closure
     Halifax .                                                                  sarily the new room, anyway).      What is the difference beween               where he had once suffered                that adds to our repression .
           If people want to fight racism, they must start                      It is very questionable why        students who apply for resi -               an near-fatal allergic reac-              But looking-out our win-
     looking at home, at themselves, and at those around                        the reapplicants should ge t       dence for two or three year s               tion.                                     dows, we see no place for us .
     them .                                                                     all priority to other students.    in a row and students wh o                        To control Phillip, hi s            We follow the orders of our
                                                                                As of today (July 29, 1991 )       get in there . The other an-                brother Treat, his sole par-              seniors, the government ,
                                                                                only ONE new applicant is          noying explanation that I got               ent, will not allow Phillip t o           the rest of society, and th e
                                                                                assigned to Gage residences        from this department wa s                   leave the house—much s o                  paths they set aside for us .
                                                                                out of over seventy rooms          that they get used to workin g              to the degree that I will                 And, our lines? Let us no t
                        THE UBYSSEY                                             vacant. Anybody who applied        this way! It is time to change,             claim to my brother every-                think.
                                                                                only for Gage studio will          this is 1991 .                              day to I hide in the closet, to                Independence and mo-
                             August          1, 1991                            certainly lose applicatio n                  Songkran Agsorn                   appease him .                             bility are what many Asian s
      The Ubyssey is published Tuesdays and Fridays by th e                     money for the first day he or               Graduate Student                         Treat's lines are longer            will never taste .
      Alma Mater Society of the University of British Columbia .
      Editorial opinions are those of the staff and not neces-
      sarily those of the university administration, or of the
      sponsor. The Ubyssey is published with the prou d
                                                                                A lifetime of socialization .. . reversible ?
                                                                                by Cheryl Niamat h                 quite often leads to disaster .            taught in high school sex                  knowing that the university
      support of the Alumni Association . The editorial office i s                                                      The popular media re-                 education classes . They nee d             administration takes a
      Rm . 241k of the Student Union Building . Editoria l                           Since 1987, 33 sexual         inforces the idea that "good               to know that rape isn't only               strong stand against sexua l
      Department, phone 822-2301 ; advertising, 822-3977 ;                      assaults have been reporte d       women" say no when they                    something that happens in                  assault ; that offenders are
      FAX# 822-6093                                                             to the UBC RCMP.                   really mean yes, while the                 dark alleys somewhere t o                  dealt with strictly by the
                                                                                     Only one in ten women         hero always gets his woman                 women they've never met .                  university administration .
                                                                                ever report their sexual as-       in the end.                                      They need to know what                    How many women stu-
                   The takg-overof ?IBC (lad begun. A handful o    f
                                                                                saults to the police .                  At the same time, por-                sexual assault is, and they                dents can honestly believe
      students crowded around a computer in the Mac office witnessed                 In September, th e                                                                                                  this is the case at UBC?
      the alien arrival on campus . "They're moving toofast!' exclaimed
                                                                                                                   nography objectifies women,                need to know how to stop it .
                                                                                Women Student's Office ,           and once a woman can be                          Ideally, they shouldn't                   If acquaintance sexual
      Carla Maftechuk•who was trying to skgtch the pop tarts that               along with other campu s                                                                                                 assault is ever going to stop,
      whizzed by along with RicUliebert who was sitting atop a fa t
                                                                                                                   seen more as an object an d                have to learn about acquain-
                                                                                organizations, will sponsor        less as an intelligent human               tance sexual assault at all .              it has to become unaccept-
      slice of white bread being putted by a dozen winged toaster .                                                being, the easier it is for men                  Education needs to be-               able among all men, an d
       '444ithout nutrients you Yd burn out, Ricky! ' yelled Cheryl9l(jamat h
                                                                                an acquaintance sexual as-
                                                                                sault awareness programm e         to force their sexual desire s             gin in childhood . Girls need              education seems to be th e
      who, following closely, was steering a multi-grain with one han d                                                                                                                                  only way to accomplish this .
      and scooping off the excess cheese dripping from Helen                    at UBC . This is a much            on her.                                    to know that it is alright t o
                                                                                needed programme ; it is es-            When young women an d                 assert themselves . Boys need                   It is too late now to undo
      'Willoughby-Price's tofu wieners wrapped in a pita andFranka' s                                                                                                                                    the socialization which th e
      last name. 'It's the toasters from planet toaster,'said Don Mah ,
                                                                                sential that students learn        men ar e                                                         to see
                                                                                about the realities of sexual      bom -                                                            male role            women and men coming t o
      who recognized Paul ordon bouncing about with Sara Patton                                                                                                                                          UBC in September have re-
      and Mark•91(ielsen in the innards of a squishy whole wheat filled         assault on campus .                barde d                                                          model s
                                                                                     But how can th e              wit h                                                            who re-              ceived, but maybe it isn't to o
      with rasberry sauce and unmentionables from the backof yggy                                                                                                                   spec t               late to change people's ideas
      ?Girg s fridge . Twirling beside them was Sharon Lindores sitting         programme possibly suc-            these im-
                                                                                ceed?                              ages ev -                                                        wome n               about what is socially unac-
      atop a Banish, who was towing Paul-puddle-butt Dayson whos e
       toaster had been stolen by Krvin Elastic TElaschu&and Christina               In order to dramaticall y     ery day, is it so surprising               and value women' s opinions.               ceptable .
                                                                                decrease the number of ac-         that acquaintance sexual                         Violence should be dis-                   Hopefully the acquain-
      Chen who were budding up a rebel army. Trailing the scene was                                                                                                                                      tance sexual assault aware-
      Effie Powgiving a 6ack , rub to Aquawoman on some very hard               quaintance rapes at UBC ,          assault happens? Youn g                    couraged in boys, just as it is
                                                                                the programme needs t o            women and men are only                     discouraged in girls.                       ness programme will have a
      pumpernickgr. "Attack/ . yelled Charts 91~ho and Mike Cowry as ti e                                                                                                                                positive effect on studen t
      toaster crowdapproached'Wreck , Beach. Sleeping on the sand, Sao
                                                                                erase lifetimes of socializa-      playing out the roles that                       Children need to grow
                                                                                tion from the minds of both        society has provided for                   up knowing that it is not                  attitudes at UBC, but if the
      Li was promptly consumed as prime toaster folder but tu t                                                                                                                                           programme is voluntary, a
      Peschiera awokg just in time tofind Kodak the Kitt to offer as a
                                                                                male and female students,          them .                                     okay for men to threaten ,
                                                                                because while women are                 If sexual assault o n                 coerce or physically attack                lot of the energy put into
      peace offering . Chung Wong and Greg Davis sighed with relief.                                                                                                                                     workshops will probably be
                                                                                taught not to be vocal about       campus is going to stop, ev -              women . They need to kno w
                                                                                their wishes and not to hur t      erything has to change.                    that it is not okay for women               spent "preaching to the con -
                                                                                other people's feelings, men            First year university is              to feel that they should "just             verted" .
                                                                                are taught that in order to be     not the time when wome n                   go along" with what a man                       How many date-rapists
                                    Editors                                     masculine, they have to            and men should begin learn-                 wants in order to avoid get-               do you know who would
              Paul Dayson • Sharon Under. . • RaUl Peschlera                    "score" when they go on            ing about acquaintanc e                    ting hurt .                                 willingly take part in a
                       Effie Pow • Carla Maftechuck                                                                                                                                                       sexual assault awarenes s
                                                                                dates, and the resultin g          sexual assault.                                  Women should be able
                                                                                communication breakdown                 Students should be                     to feel secure coming to UBC,              programme ?

    6/THE SUMMER UBYSSEY                                                                                                                                                                                                 August 1, 1991

                                                                                                                                                 EJX . I b
                                                     :   FEATURE .
                                                                                                                             Hong Kong                                       Defy Authority! !

    Native Hawaiians see k                                                                                                     Chinese Foods
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                                                                                                                            Open : Mon . - Sat. (11 am - 9pm )
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    . .. from page 1
        Reviving Native cultur e                 Agard attributes the raise d      disappear."                                     224-1313
                                            consciousness in Native Hawai-              Unless Natives possess their
        An unexpected revival of Ha-
    waiian culture in the early 1970's ,    ians to higher education, but add s    territory, the 80 per cent non-Na -
                                            that many remain uneducate d           tive population in Hawaii wil l
    sparked by John Domini's book
                                            about the myriad of issues relate d    continue to dominate, Dudle y
    On Being Hawaiian, earned the
    decade the title "Hawaiian Re-          to self-government .                   says .                                                                                      DISCOVER TH E
                                                 But the prime impedimen t              "If Natives had their own ter-                        E-s .i=
    naissance ."
                                            before the sovereignty movemen t       ritory, they will be more consciou s             Ope n               E5                     COMPETITIO N
        Many Native Hawaiians hav e                                                                                               7 Day s
                                            is logistics and money for law-        of their national identity and for m
    banded to promote their cultural                                                                                              A Week
    heritage and identity by relearn -      yers, educators, and activists ,       stronger cultural bonds within                                              low low p rices
    ing indigenous language, dance          Dudley says .                          their group. "
    and chants.
                                                                                        This would decrease th e
                                                                                   number of intermarriages an d
                                                                                                                                 M-Th 8- 9
                                                                                                                                    F 8- 6    =_ _ =            free ser vices
         In 1987 an immersion pro-
                                            "The US is absorbing                   slow down the current rapid dilu-             Sat- Su
    gram was implemented in several
                                                                                   tion of the Hawaiian bloodline ,                  1 1n
                                                                                                                                        -6        ~~ g laser printing
    preschools and elementary school s      Hawaiian peopl e                       Dudley says .
    with grade four as the highes t                                                                                         UNIVERSITY VILLAGE 2ND FLOOR 2174 W. PARKWAY, VANCOUVER, B .C . PHONE (604) 224-622 5
                                            through assimilation.                       Education will also be a top
    level .
        "Now more people are aware          Eventually, their                      priority and face drastic changes .
                                                                                   Agard says, "The Western insti-
    of the injustice [of foreign rule ]     bloodline will disap-                  tutionalized methods have appar -
    and are starting to learn abou t
    the past," Agard says . "In 1991 ,      pear. "                                ently done poorly for Hawaiians.
                                                                                   A new approach may be usin g
    questions are encouraged .  "
                                                                                   more cultural attributes in th e
                                                 "Most of us are fighting for      classroom such as storytelling.
           Landmark politic s
         Twenty-three Hawaiia n
    groups have joined forces this year
                                            sovereignty on top of two or three
                                            jobs," says Dudley, who als o
                                            teaches English in Waialua High
                                                                                       "Storytelling has always bee n
                                                                                   a very effective way to conve y
                                                                                   messages for us ."
                                                                                                                                     FOR PEANUT S
    in a fight for sovereignty under        School and translates Hawaiia n
    the umbrella name of Hui Naauao .
    The move is a first in Hawaii' s
                                            literature for the education min-
                                                                                     American exodus predicte d                     Purchase one custom made
                                                                                       Should sovereignty be imple -
    history .
         At the University of Hawaii ,
                                                 Due to time and budget con-
                                            straints, only three Native attor-
                                                                                   mented, Dudley predicts many is -                sandwich at the regular pric e
                                                                                   land residents would move to the
    about 200 Native Hawaiians hav e
    formed Make'e Pono Lahu i
                                            neys are involved in the sover-
                                            eignty legal planning .
                                                                                                                                    and receive a FREE bag of
    Hawai'i (Hawaii Student Liberty
    Union) and have held several
                                                 Financial problems, however,
                                            are slowly being overcome . The
                                                                                   But Dudley adds ,                                delicious roasted peanuts(5o9.).
                                            state legislature has grante d         "Problems from tour-
    "Most of us are fight-                  $70,000 to sovereignty groups an d     ism won' t disappear,
                                            OHA has donated $50,000 .
    ing for sovereignty on                                                         but the quality o f
    top of two or thre e                       1993 : The year of change           tourists will change—
    jobs," says Dudley,                         Michaelman is targeting 199 3      they will be more con-
    who also teaches En-
                                            as the year to introduce sover-
                                            eignty to the legislature—the
                                                                                   scious about nature . "                          SUB BLD G
    glish in Waialua High                   100th anniversary of the US over-
                                            throw of the Hawaiian kingdom .        mainland and tourism would de -                  LOWER CONCOURS E
    School and translate s                      While state authorities hop e      crease .                                         No cash value . Not valid with any other specials .
    Hawaiian literature                     to see concrete changes by 2000 ,                                                       Offer expires August 30th/91 .
                                            Dudley expects the transforma-             "Many Americans will prob-
    for the education min-                  tions to come sooner.                  ably leave to live under America n
    istry                                        "If the base of sovereignty is    rule and after sovereignty, con-
                                            not established by 1993 or 1994, i t   cern for the land will come first,
    demonstrations asking for justice       probably will never be," Dudle y       then tourism . "
                                            says with reference to the in -            But Dudley adds, "Problem s
    and decolonization . They are also
    pushing the university's student        creasing intermarriage rate .          from tourism won't disappear, but
                                                 "The US is absorbing Hawai -      the quality of tourists wil l
    paper to publish some articles onl y
                                            ian people through assimilation .      change—they will be more con-
    in Hawaiian .
                                            Eventually, their bloodline will       scious about nature ."

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    August 1, 1991                                                                                                                                                             THE SUMMER UBYSSEY/7

                                                                                                                                                                                              YOU t   .
                                                                                                                                                                                      D/D crr g ry KNOW ..
                                                                                                                                                                                      thr,Lys       a r ee
                                                                                                                                                                                                               P r

      by Naomi Klein
                                                          Medical rape
                                                  harming fellow students so the y said.                                                     anybody against whom only allega -
                                                                                                                                                                                           We 0 con, ®',axut ooi/bia/!/
                                                                                                                                                                                       • Friends' Notes • Old Exams • Term Paper s
                                                                                                                                                                                       • Resumes • Reports • Overhead s
     TORONTO (CUP)—A University                   will not have to encounter the hell        "We keep a log and the log has                  tions have been made, they can als o      • Posters • Tickets • Theses
     of Toronto health service has re-            I went through."                      no record of anybody calling to say                  be held accountable by members of                       Wea/socb
     ferred past patients to the private                 But on May 2, a female re - they wanted a referral to make an                       the university community if infor-        • Enlargments • Reductions • Binding
     practice of a doctor who they dis-           porter from the University of appointment with a doctor. N o                               mation about a potential risk i s         • Cutting • Faxing
     missed after a female patient ac-            Toronto newspaper The Varsity, phone numbers will be given out                             withheld .                                              SAVE TIME
     cused him of sexual assault .                claiming to be a patient of the doc- under any circumstances and it is                          "In theory you could say that            Let YOUR copying be OUR business
           The university received the            tor before the dismissal, called the my understanding that no referral s                   the university's failure to provide
     allegation of misconduct in the fall         health service to make a medical were made to any doctor for medi-                         information to the university com-                   20 self-serve copiers
                                                                                                                                             munity exposed them to an actual         COME IN AND GET TO KNOW US
     of 1990. According to Alec Pathy,            appointment. The health service cal purposes ."
     vice president ofHuman Resources,            released the telephone number of           But the doctor said he contin-                  risk," Stamp said.
     the employee was suspended two               the doctor's private practice, an d   ues to see patients from the univer -                     Pathy said the university's re-           COPYRIGH T
                                                  did not inform the caller of the sity at his private practice . He als o                   sponsibility ends with th e                      LOWER LEVEL SU B
     days later and after a university
     investigation, was dismissed wit h           circumstances of his departure.       denied the validity of the sexual                    employee's practice on campus .                    Tel : 822.438 8
     a finding of willful misconduct un-                 According to a councellor an d assault allegation and th e                               "I don't think that anybody                   Fax : 822-6093
     der the university's Termination of          outreach worker at the Toronto university's claim that he was dis-                         could have acted more quickly an d
     Employment Policy.                           Rape Crisis Centre who asked t o missed .                                                  with any more responsibility whe n
           "We had an employee, we ha d           remain anonymous, offering refer-          "I still work for the university I              we received that complaint," Pathy
     a complaint about his conduct, we
     investigated that complaint and w e
     didn't think that employee shoul d
     continue to be an employee of the
                                                  rals to this doctor may put stu- just don't go there until this i s
                                                  dents at risk—especially becaus e settled," said the doctor . "Peopl e
                                                  information on the case was neve r still come to me from the college —
                                                  released to the university commu- including staff. I don't feel any littl e
                                                                                                                                             said . "Why would I want to tell th e
                                                                                                                                             university community that we had
                                                                                                                                             a complaint from somebody and as
                                                                                                                                             a result of that complaint some -
     university and he was dismissed, "
     Pathy said .
           Personal Safety Awarenes s
     officer Susan Addario, who coun-
                                                  nity .                                pang of conscience around thi s
                                                         "If their findings were such matter ."
                                                  that they dismissed the doctor then        According to Pathy, the com-
                                                  they in no way should be referring plainant also filed a grievance with
                                                                                                                                             body was dismissed? I have no ac-
                                                                                                                                             countability fora doctor outside th e
                                                                                                                                                  The crisis centre counsellor
     selled the complainant, said th e            students to him," she said . "When the Ontario College of Physician s                      disagrees . She said the referral s
     employee did not contest the
     complainant's statement .
           `The staff member offered not
     much resistance . He did not contest
                                                  you refer a woman to a service yo u and Surgeons but Ed Singleton, a
                                                  are referring her in good faith tha t spokesperson for the College, sai d
                                                  the service is safe . The university he could not comment .
                                                  has a lot of authority that goe s          "We have to be very careful o f
                                                                                                                                             and the absence of information is a
                                                                                                                                             double standard which protects the
                                                                                                                                             doctor at the expense of women .
                                                                                                                                                  "The message sent to the doc-
     the statement and was dismissed . "
           Last fall the complainant wrote
     a letter stating, "I was sexuall y
     assaulted by a practising physicia n
                                                  behind it and students come there the confidentiality of the complain -
                                                  trusting them ."
                                                         But Pathy said medical refer-
                                                                                              U of T sexual harassment offi-
                                                  rals were never made and will no t cer Paddy Stamp said the univer-
                                                                                                                                             tor is that it's okay to do what you
                                                                                                                                             are doing but it's just not okay to dc
                                                                                                                                             it here . Once they had done their
                                                                                                                                             investigation and had the evidence
     on campus. The doctor is no longer           be made in the future . It is against sity is in a double bind. She sai d                  they should have made wome r                      Test Your Best !
     affiliated with the health service. . . I    health service policy to give out while the university must protec t                       aware of the risk—this man abuses               Classes Forming Now.
     have stopped him from possibly               referrals over the telephone, he the privacy of the complainant an d                       his power."
                                                                                                                                                                                             STANLEY H . KAPLAN

                                                 Seniors forced to pay tuitio n
                                                 by Barbara Zakowski
                                                                                                                                                                                       o     EDUCATIONAL CENTER LTD.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 1 or more intorn'dlion Odd
                                                                                                                                                                                                    944-771 7
                                                                                          given their age, the delay is ver y               waiver offered to students who hav e
                                                 TORONTO (CUP)—University of              important. Ifyou're 65 or 80, time i s            family members working at th e
                                                 Toronto senior citizens may soo n        important."                                       university as part of a package o f
                                                 have to pay for their post-second-             Lang said the university mus t              programs that may be cut.                   CAFE MADELEINE
                                                 ary education—a move one college         limit free tuition because the pro-                     Kruger said the two types o f
                                                 principal says is unfair .               gram has grown from 20 to 20 0                    tuition waivers are not the same ,             SPECIAL
                                                       Since 1975, the university has     students. He added that the popu-                 because seniors often do not have a
                                                 offered a tuition waiver for all stu-    lation is also growing older and thi s                                                           Cappuccin o
                                                                                                                                            mother or father to provide finan-
                                                 dents over the age of 65 . But budge t   will put a strain on the university's             cial support.                                  & Jumbo Muffi n
                                                 constraints have prompted the            budget .                                                "Waiver for students—that's a            	       only $2 .25 (any time)
                                                 university to suggest limiting free            "Because the idea is to keep the            different story," he said . `The chil-
                                                 tuition to one course . The proposal     cost from escalating, the objective               dren of the employees of the uni-
                                                 is intended to cut any future costs ,    is not to reduce current spendin g                                                               Friday Nigh t
                                                                                                                                            versity are getting something free ,
                                                 said Dan Lang, assistant vice -          but spending in the future," sai d                but they're from families where                East Indian Dinner
                                                 president of Planning .                  Lang.                                             someone is earning . With the senior                            only $6.9 5
                                                       But Arthur Kruger, principal            But Kruger said this proposal                citizens we are dealing with peopl e
                                                 of Woodsworth College disagrees .        will cause problems for senior citi -             whose financial circumstances cove r            open for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinne r
                                                 He said removing the option of           zens who are on fixed pension in -                the lot. There may be some wealth y             Monday-Saturday	     9 am -10 pm
                                                 taking more than one course coul d       comes .                                           ones among them, but there ar e                 Sunday	              9 am - 4 pm
                                                 be damaging to senior citizens .              "If you're living on a pension ,             others who are living on pensions ,
                                                      "We don't believe the amoun t       your income is low and it's still a big           and there is no mummy in it . If
                                                 of money saved will be great," he        bite out ofyour income . They shoul d             there is a mummy or daddy, they'r e                     224-555 8
                                                 said. "Most of the senior citizen s      leave the thing as it's been in the               supporting them, they're like 106 .
                                                 take one course anyway . There are       past. "                                                                                          3763 West 10th Ave . • Licensed
                                                                                                                                                  "As Northrop Frye wrote, I
                                                 about 60 of them who take two                 Lang said he would conside r                 think the university will never do
                                                 courses.                                 offering financial aid for those stu-             its job in society until a great mas s
     Lost young cat needs home wit h                  "We think the damage to these       dents who want to take more than                  of people from 30 to 90 feel they can
     lawn or original owner . Found Jul y        students is very great . Given their     one course . He said U of T will also             come and get their lives revital-
     13 at Gage . Phone 224-4668.                age a lot ofthem want a degree. And      be examining the present tuition                  ized ."

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                                                                                                                  hearty Steak & Cheese Steam in hot sub s                                 some original amusing,
                                                                                                                on fresh baked bread with free fixin s If you r e                      weird, whatever editoria l
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          To help you to make the best tennis racquet selection . why not tr y                                                                                                             cartoons (pretty, pretty
          the Community Sports Demo Programme . A $5 .00 charge fo r
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          each demo will be applied totally towards your purchase .
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                            THIS WEEK'S SPECIA L                                                                                                                                                     tofu . . .?)
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                 KENNEX CERAMI C                                                                                                                                                                  SUB 2411(
                 Prophec y

                             99 .
                                                                  Free can o f
                                          00                     tennis balls
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                                                                of the weekly                                                                                                             LUNCHEON SMORGASBOR D
                 regular	                  $139 .00                 speaal .                                                                                                               Unique Traditional Chinese
                                                                                                (lam —
                           I                                                                                                                                                          C:/     Cooking on Campus       q

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