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    August 19, 2009

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                          River Crest Elementary School Earns LEED ® Gold
                            Hoffman LLC Project First in Wisconsin to Receive
                          Honor Using USGBC’s LEED for Schools Rating System

    Appleton, Wis. — River Crest Elementary School in Hudson, Wisconsin, was recently awarded
    the designation of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold. This
    esteemed designation was delivered from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC),
                                                the nation‟s foremost authority on green buildings.

                                                    The highly-sustainable and eco-friendly school
About River Crest Elementary School:                was designed and built by Hoffman LLC, an
                                                    Appleton, Wisconsin-based planning,
                                                    architectural, and construction management firm.
    First elementary school in Wisconsin to        River Crest Elementary became the first
     receive Gold under the USGBC’s new LEED
                                                    elementary school in Wisconsin, and just the
     for Schools Rating System (just the second
                                                    second public elementary school in the nation, to
     public elementary school in the country to
     be honored under the new rating system).
                                                    receive Gold under the USGBC‟s new LEED for
                                                    Schools Rating System. In addition, it is the
    The second school building in Wisconsin        second of only two public school buildings in the
     to receive Gold in any LEED category.          state to receive LEED Gold designation—the first
    Total project cost is $57/square foot less
                                                    being Hoffman‟s Northland Pines High School
     than, or 29% below, the average cost for       project in Eagle River, Wisconsin, in 2006.
     public elementary schools built in Illinois,
     Minnesota, and Wisconsin in 2008               From the project‟s beginning, the Hudson School
     according to School Planning &                 District, led by Superintendent of Schools Mary
     Management’s “2009 Construction                Bowen-Eggebraaten and the Hudson Board of
     Report”.                                       Education, set their sights on creating a school
                                                    that would be a model of sustainable design and
    Nearly 93,500 square feet with a capacity
                                                    practices for River Crest‟s students and staff, the
     for 588 kindergarten through fifth grade
     students, the school grounds features an       entire district, and the greater community.
     underground tunnel connecting it with          Pursuing LEED certification was at the core of
     the adjacent YMCA - Camp St. Croix,            that goal. “We are committed to environmental
     linking the walking/bike trails on both        sustainability,” explained Bowen-Eggebraaten.
     sites.                                         “Designing and building with LEED certification in
                                                    mind pushed us and I wouldn‟t want to create
                                                    another building without it.”

Page 2 — River Crest Awarded LEED Gold

“We really wanted to create a green school, but we didn‟t know much about LEED,” continued
Bowen-Eggebraaten. “We interviewed a number of firms and were very impressed with
Hoffman‟s sustainable design expertise and LEED experience. As a result of the high quality
Hoffman provided during design, we selected them as our construction manager as well.”

Hoffman has long been the industry leader in sustainable planning,
design, and construction management while delivering clients
environmentally-friendly buildings at or below conventional costs—
and River Crest was no exception.                                          “We wanted our
                                                                           community, our
“River Crest‟s LEED Gold certification validates and confirms that         taxpayers, to know
sustainable design and construction can be done at or below                that they were
conventional costs,” stated Mark Hanson, Hoffman‟s Director of             getting a great
Sustainable Services. “It‟s the right thing to do, and there is no         value for their
reason not to design and build green.”                                     investment.”
                                                                           —Mary Bowen-
Completed in August of 2008, River Crest was designed and built            Eggebraaten,
for $166/square foot, which includes design, site work,                    Hudson
construction, furnishings, fixtures, and equipment. That total             Superintendent of
project cost is $57/square foot less than, or 29% below, the               Schools
average cost for public elementary schools built in Illinois,
Minnesota, and Wisconsin in 2008 as reported by School Planning
& Management in their “2009 Construction Report”.

According to Bowen-Eggebraaten, community residents‟ enthusiasm for the design of their
new elementary school was exceeded only by their delight in the cost to have it built. “The final
„WOW‟ for community members was when the cost per square foot was beneath the area cost
per square foot of conventional construction, not even green construction,” said Bowen-
Eggebraaten. “That was the extra „WOW‟ that people in the community were just thrilled about.
We wanted our community, our taxpayers, to know that they were getting a great value for
their investment.”

Paul J. Hoffman, Hoffman LLC owner and CEO, couldn‟t agree more. “From the beginning, the
Hudson School District had a vision of creating a 21st century, hands-on learning environment
for the district and community. With a passion to make a positive impact on the health and
education of their students, they imagined a highly-sustainable elementary school that
combined a smart, logical flow with a striking look and feel,” stated Hoffman. “In River Crest
Elementary, the District has a school that not only showcases their commitment to
sustainability as a LEED Gold building, but one that has impressed the community from both
an aesthetic and financial standpoint.”

Page 3 — River Crest Awarded LEED Gold

Opened to students for the first time on September 2, 2008, River Crest Elementary, at 93,450
square feet, has capacity for 588 kindergarten through fifth grade students with additional
space for early childhood special education. River Crest is the Hudson School District‟s sixth
elementary school but its first to be designed and constructed using sustainable principles.

“The big draw for me was the whole environmental focus of the curriculum in the building and
the connection with Camp St. Croix across the street,” said John Muller, River Crest fifth grade
teacher, explaining why he decided to transfer to River Crest.

Ask other River Crest staff members what they‟re enjoying about their new, sustainable
school, and you‟re sure to hear about the windows and natural daylight. “My favorite
sustainable feature of River Crest is how spacious, airy, and bright it is,” said Kathleen
Mullvain, another fifth grade teacher at River Crest. “You don‟t feel like you‟re in an institution
because of all the natural light coming in—that absolutely is my favorite feature.”

“I love the amount of windows and that we don‟t have curtains on them —that we‟re able to
look out into that beautiful environment,” agreed Pat Hodges, River Crest‟s principal. “I truly
enjoy the windows and the amount of daylight.”

Community partner, Andersen Windows, worked with Hoffman to design a window for River
Crest that would maximize natural light, but reduce glare and provide energy savings with its
wood construction. Wood reduces the transfer of heat and cold through the window frame.
Additionally, to help meet LEED requirements, Andersen Windows used Forest Stewardship
Council (FSC) wood.

                                         The school consists of four sections per grade with two
                                         Early Childhood classrooms. Teachers favored a small
    “My first thought when I saw         learning community layout with a shared resource and
    River Crest is that it had a         storage room between classrooms—providing space for
    very smart design.”                  kits and other teaching aids as well as a room for
    —Kathleen Mullvain, River            tutoring, testing, and small group activities.
    Crest fifth grade teacher
                                          “My first thought when I saw River Crest is that it had a
                                          very smart design,” commented Mullvain. “I‟m really
                                          passionate about keeping grade levels together, so that
teachers and students can work together within their grade level teams. So, my first thought
was, how wonderful that all of the fifth grade classrooms would be right together and that we
can share resources and rooms.”

Page 4 — River Crest Awarded LEED Gold

Hodges agreed that there is something special about the architecture of the school. “I was very
impressed with the design of the school. I love the look, it‟s sort of contemporary, sort of a soft
look for a school. The comments I‟ve heard from the public have been very positive. People
really like the feel of the building, the flow of the building, the details that were looked into
when we designed the building.”

A unique feature of the school, which is located directly across from YMCA — Camp St. Croix,
is an underpass that was constructed under a county highway. This permits safe access
between the school grounds and the camp property and links the trails at Camp St. Croix to
the paved walking/bike trail that winds around the entire 43-acre school site.

“We have developed a wonderful partnership with Camp St. Croix,” said Bowen-Eggebraaten.
“The District had the foresight to build a tunnel under the road for safe passage, not only for
our students, but for the campers as well. Our students and staff can use the beautiful
environmental campsite, and the campers can come over to the River Crest site and use our

Sustainable highlights of the design and construction of River Crest Elementary include:
              Daylight harvesting and views — High ceilings, strategic placement of gray
              Low-E windows, and photosensors to control the direct/indirect lighting add
              daylight to classrooms and provide a connection to the outdoors—improving
              student performance and attendance, as well as teacher morale.
              Energy efficiency — Efficiently-designed mechanical and lighting systems,
              along with higher insulation standards, are estimated to provide energy savings
              in excess of 30 percent over a conventionally-designed building.
              Water efficiency — Water-reducing bathroom fixtures, including dual-flush
              valves and waterless urinals, should provide water savings in excess of 40
              percent over a conventionally-designed building.
              Sustainable site design — Designed to retain storm water on site, the
              landscaping employs native species to eliminate irrigation and minimize
              maintenance. A portion of the site is protected from future development to
              preserve open space and wildlife habitat.
              High indoor air quality — Achieving high indoor air quality comes from a
              combination of low- or no-VOC (volatile organic compounds) products specified
              for furniture, adhesives, paints, flooring systems, and carpeting, and the
              monitoring of carbon dioxide levels.
              Local materials — More than half (by cost) of the materials used were
              manufactured within 500 miles of the construction site to reduce fuel
              consumption and pollution associated with transporting them, and to support the
              regional economy—highlighted by Hoffman‟s collaboration with local window
              manufacturer, Andersen Windows, on a new product designed specifically for
              River Crest.

Page 5 — River Crest Awarded LEED Gold

              Recycling of construction waste — An impressive 94 percent of construction
              waste materials (measured by weight) were reused or recycled, thus avoiding
              Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) wood — Over 50 percent of the wood used
              in the school comes from FSC sources.

According to the USGBC, the newly-created LEED for Schools Rating System “recognizes the
unique nature of the design and construction of K-12 schools and is the recognized benchmark
for green schools, with third-party reviews to ensure that schools are healthy for students,
comfortable for teachers, and cost-effective.”

Since its completion, River Crest Elementary has been featured in the 2008 School Planning &
Management’s Education Design Showcase—named as “Judges‟ Choice”—and the 2009
edition of Learning By Design, where it was featured as one of the Outstanding Projects—
demonstrating best practices in sustainable design and construction—in the Green Special
Section. Most recently, it was the recipient of a Distinguished Award in the Second Annual
SchoolDesigner.com Design Collabetition.

Bowen-Eggebraaten recognizes that River Crest‟s success is due to the commitment of Board
members who started the process and believed in building sustainably, and those members
who worked to make sure the district was pushing itself for LEED Gold throughout
construction. These sustainability leaders include Design Team Members: Dick Muenich, Tim
Erickson, Pat Hodges, and Jim Stejskal; and Board of Education members: Dan Tjornehoj,
Mark Kaisersatt, Cindy Crimmins, Brian Bell, Tracy Habisch-Ahlin, Tom Holland, Lynn Robson,
and Barb Van Loenen. Said Bowen-Eggebraaten, “The actions of this group of future focused
individuals align with the district‟s strategic vision, HSD 2025, and models sustainability for our
next generation of leaders who get to live and learn in this space.”

Bowen-Eggebraaten is pleased that the school district‟s commitment to sustainability is being
acknowledged, solidifying its position as a community leader in sustainability. “It is an honor
and validation to receive LEED Gold,” she described. “And to achieve it well below average
costs is extremely satisfying. Hoffman, through its design of River Crest, has set a new
standard for construction in the Hudson community and given the district the proud distinction
of being a leader in sustainability—and more importantly—a leader in designing space for


Hoffman LLC, based in Appleton, Wisconsin, is a planning, architectural, and construction
management firm whose mission is to make a positive impact on people’s lives and their
environment by providing creative ideas and responsible solutions. Total Project
Management: Vision Taken to the Power of Green® (TPMg), is Hoffman’s exclusive process
that integrates efficient, healthy, and cost-effective building solutions that respect the
environment while enhancing a building’s quality and value and reducing initial and long-term
facility costs. Learn more at www.hoffman.net.

Hoffman was the first commercial planning, architectural, and construction management firm in
Wisconsin to be awarded membership in Green America’s Green Business Network, the
oldest association of socially and environmentally responsible businesses in the country.

Hoffman, LLC
Paul J. Hoffman                   Mark Hanson PhD LEED® AP
Owner and CEO                     Director of Sustainable Services
Phone: (920) 380-2121             Phone: (608) 692-1915

River Crest Elementary School
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