SENIOR CLASS UPDATE TO Seniors and their Parents by wmz20809



TO: Seniors and their Parents

FROM: Dan Jackman & Matt Burbach
      Senior Class Moderators

DATE: February 3, 2009

RE: Senior Events

Dear Parents,

As we quickly move through the second semester, the preparations for various senior
events, including graduation have begun. Since May of last year the administration and
senior moderators have looked closely at the following senior related activities and have
pursued ways to keep our costs in check.

For your convenience we have added an online payment feature to our website for the
following events. Some items may have a 3% credit card surcharge added in if
purchased online. Students may also turn in cash or a check to Mr. Burbach in P7 or
Mr. Jackman in the Development Office.

We are excited to be working with you during this important and meaningful time at
Bishop Verot. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.


Mr. Jackman & Mr. Burbach

Mr. Dan Jackman        Mr. Matt Burbach
(239) 274-6780         (239) 274-6792
                                        Important Dates

Distribution of Graduation Announcements
Representatives from Balfour Company will be during lunch periods to distribute materials
ordered by students a few weeks prior to graduation.

Caps & Gowns
Seniors will receive their caps and gowns for graduation in early May. These items come at no
additional charge as they were included in the senior class fee paid at the beginning of the school

Senior Athletic Banquet—Wednesday, April 1:
All senior athletes that received a varsity letter will be guests at a dinner to honor their
achievements. Senior athletes will receive an invitation and attend with compliments of the
Athletic Boosters. Parents and guests are invited to attend; tickets are $25 per person. Additional
information will be released via the email.

LIVE JESUS XXI—Thursday, April 2 - Sunday, April 5:
Last call for seniors to attend this tremendous retreat experience! A great way to put things in
perspective as high school draws to a close. The fee is negotiable in cases of financial hardship.
For more information, please contact Mr. Chris Wilson at or (239)274-
6748. The cost is $175 per student.

Thursday, April 9 – Sunday, April 19.
Easter vacation begins—no classes. Classes will resume on Monday, April 20.

Disney Grad Nite—Saturday, April 18: This is an optional event. Seniors will leave the
Bishop Verot parking lot for Disney World Saturday afternoon at 4:00 PM and arrive home on
Saturday morning approximately 7:00 AM. The dress code for Disney Grad Nite is detailed on
the permission form. The cost for transportation and admission is $95.00 and is due no later that
Monday, February 16.

Senior Prom - Saturday, April 25:
The Senior Prom for the Class of 2009 will be held at St. Columbkille Catholic Parish
(12171 Iona Road, Fort Myers, FL 33908) and will begin at 8:30 PM. All students must arrive by
9:00 PM. Students will not be permitted to leave the dance until 11:00 PM. The cost is $35.00
per student when purchased by Wednesday, April 1 and $45 per person purchased after April 1.

Scholars Banquet—Tuesday, April 30:
The evening begins with Mass at Resurrection of Our Lord Church at 6:00 PM followed by
dinner at 7:00 PM in the Resurrection Parish Hall to honor the top academic performers in each

Senior Awards Assembly—Friday, May 1:
This is a special afternoon assembly to honor the seniors and their achievements. It is scheduled
at 1:42 PM in the Anderson Theater.

AP Examinations—May 4th - 13th:
The exact dates, times, and locations of exams will be posted on our website.
Last Day of Classes and Senior Class Meeting—Thursday, May 7:
A special afternoon assembly with important details (arrival times, dress code, etc.) for the
Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation.

Senior Examinations and textbook collection—Friday, May 8 – Tuesday, May 12:
Exact times and locations to be posted.

Spellamania—Wednesday, May 13:
Show begins at 1:00 PM in the Nevins Gym. Seating is limited and priority is given to
graduating seniors, students, and staff. Dress Code: Casual but appropriate and respectful.
Seniors should arrive by 12:30 PM in order to get senior seating.

Senior “Last Visit”—Thursday, May 14:
Seniors and school staff only! An opportunity to gather one last time in the senior courtyard
before graduation. Seniors meet at 8:00 PM in the senior courtyard for this experience.
Dress Code: Casual but appropriate and respectful.

Mandatory Graduation Practice - Friday, May 15:
Seniors report to the gym by 11:30 AM for graduation practice. Those intending to participate in
ceremonies must be on time. Dress Code: Casual but appropriate and respectful.

Baccalaureate Mass:
The Baccalaureate Mass for the Class of 2009 will be celebrated at 6:00 PM at St. Columbkille
Catholic Church. Seniors should arrive at the Parish Hall by 5:30 PM.
Dress Code for Mass:
Young Men: Dress shoes, dress slacks, shirt and tie, no earrings, hair neat, clean-shaven.
Young Women: Modest dresses or skirts, dress shoes (flats or heels).
Graduation Gowns: (pressed and ironed). NO CAPS are to be worn at the Baccalaureate Mass.

Baccalaureate Graduation Dinner:
The Baccalaureate Graduation Dinner will be held at the Harborside Convention Center in Fort
Myers. Graduating seniors attend at no cost. The cost for family members and guests is $35.00
per person. Dress Code: as at Baccalaureate Mass (without graduation gown).
All reservations for the Graduation Dinner are due by Friday, April 3.

Graduation - Saturday, May 16:
7:00 PM in the Nevins Gymnasium. Gym doors open at 6:00 PM. Seniors should report to the
school cafeteria by 6:30 PM for lining up and dress code check. Parents are asked to make sure
your son/daughter is on time and properly attired. Families will receive two (2) floor tickets for
graduation while other family members are invited to sit in the bleachers.
Dress Code for Graduation:
Young Men: Dress shoes, dress slacks, shirt and tie, no earrings, hair neat, clean-shaven.
Young Women: Modest dresses or skirts, dress shoes (flats or heels).
Graduation Caps and Gowns (pressed and ironed).

Valhalla (Project Graduation):
This event is sponsored, organized and supervised by senior parent volunteers and is not a
Bishop Verot event. Although the school offers support and assistance to senior parents by
collecting an initial $75 fee, all checks should be made payable to Valhalla. This all night party
treats graduates to entertainment, activities, refreshments, and a farewell breakfast while offering
a memorable, alcohol and drug free celebration for the final gathering of the Class of 2009.
Additional information will be released soon regarding this event.
                            Graduation Dinner Reservation Form

Where: Harborside Convention Center in downtown Fort Myers

When: Immediately following Baccalaureate Mass at St. Columbkille Catholic Church

Graduates are complimentary guests. Cost for family members is $35.00 per person, which
includes dinner and dancing.

The last day to make reservations for the Graduation Dinner is Friday, April 3

Please reserve ______ seats, for my family.
(Harborside can accommodate no more than 8 people per table)

(Please PRINT or TYPE full names of the members in your party for seating)
1. Graduate’s name__________________________________ (complimentary)

2. __________________________ 6. ____________________________

3.___________________________ 7. ____________________________

4.___________________________ 8. ____________________________

5.__________________________ Total Amount: $ _________________

Please make your checks payable to Bishop Verot High School and turn into Mr. Jackman or Mr.
Burbach. Reservations may also be made online at

Seating Requests:
If you would like to sit with a specific individual or party, please indicate below. Remember, the
Harborside Convention Center can accommodate no more than 8 per table.
                                                PROM 2009

__Each Bishop Verot student attending the Senior Prom must present this completed form at the time the
prom ticket is purchased.

__ All school policies, especially those regarding drugs, including alcohol, will be in effect and adhered
to strictly.

__ Responsible conduct is expected of Bishop Verot students at all events, whether they are held at school
or elsewhere.

__ Attire worn by all students will be expected to conform to our standards for modesty. Any clothing
considered to deviate from what is considered modest (i.e. excessively low cut, tight, short length, etc.)
will result in that person being denied admission until he/she returns in proper attire.

__ Bishop Verot High School neither supports nor condones after-prom parties or gatherings, whether
under parental supervision or with their permission. Regardless of a senior’s age, he/she remains bound to
the discipline code of the school as long as he/she is a student at the school. In the event that the school is
made aware of any public indiscretion that took place at any after-prom events, regardless of where they
took place, it will be dealt with accordingly.

__ Bishop Verot Catholic High School assumes no responsibility for any injury or accident that may
result before, during, or after the prom.

__If a student’s date does not attend Bishop Verot, that person must complete a Request by a Non
Enrolled Person to Attend a Bishop Verot Dance. This form is available upon request from either Mr.
Burrows or Mr. Thomas.

It is our sincere hope that every student will have a wonderful and exciting time as they reach this
milestone of their senior year. Thank you very much for your time and cooperation in this important

[Please return completed permission form when purchasing your prom ticket.]
I have read and understand the regulations regarding Bishop Verot Catholic High School Senior Prom and
grant my son/daughter permission to attend this school event.

Student Name___________________________________________

Date’s Name [if applicable]_________________________________

Student Signature_______________________________________________________

Parent Signature________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Number ______________________________________________
When: Saturday, April 18 – Sunday, April 19 – Buses will depart Bishop Verot at
4:00 PM on Friday and return Saturday at approximately 7:00 AM.

Cost: $95.00 – to order a ticket, complete this form and return it with either a check (payable to
BVHS) or submit an order online at

School Policies: All school policies, especially those regarding drugs and alcohol, will be in
effect and adhered to strictly. Smoking will not be permitted at any time. In the event that a
student is involved in a situation, parents will be notified and required to pick up their
son/daughter in the case that he/she is retained for any reason by Disney officials.

Disney sets the dress code for Grad Nite.

Girls--Dresses, skirts, shorts, casual pants (including jeans), blouses and tops, and comfortable
shoes (including tennis shoes, dress sandals, and boots).

Guys--Casual pants (including khaki style, shorts and jeans), shirts with collar (golf style shirts,
dress shirts), sport jackets, dress suits, comfortable shoes (including tennis shoes, sandals, dress
shoes, and boots).

All belongings will be searched before entering the Park. Please note that the following items
should be left at home:
-Any clothing affiliated with a school, professional sports team, group, club, etc. -Clothing not in
good repair (torn jeans, pants, shirts, etc.) Jeans are okay as long as they are not ripped or torn.
-Revealing clothing (i.e. bathing suit tops or bottoms, cropped tops, see-through clothing, etc)
-Hats and/or Bandanas (Either worn or hanging from belt loops/pockets, etc.)
-All backpacks. Small purses and hip bags are okay.
-Weapons, knives, laser pointers or chemical irritants are not permitted.

Students not following these guidelines will be dealt with at the discretion of the Orange County
Sheriff's Office.

Do not bring: food, drinks, coolers, carry-ons, knapsacks, large pillows, suitcases, change of
                               STUDENT FIELD TRIP FORM

     Lord Jesus, give me the grace to perform this action with you and through love for you.
   I offer to you all the good that I may do, and accept any difficulty I may meet therein. Amen

Student’s Name________________________________________________ Grade 12
                      (Last)                    (First)
Class Related Field Trip – DISNEY GRAD NITE

Coordinating Faculty Members – Mr. Jackman and Mr. Burbach

I grant my son/daughter_________________________________ permission to attend a field trip
on Saturday, April 18 – 19, 2009 to Disney World, Orlando, Florida.

The trip will last from 4:00 PM on Saturday, April 18th to approximately 7:00 AM Sunday,
April 19, 2009. Transportation will be provided by a Charter Bus Service or BV bus.

I give permission for my son/daughter to ride with a charter bus service approved by the
administration and coordinating faculty members or on a Bishop Verot school bus driven by an
approved driver. We agree to pay $95.00 for the round trip bus fare and admission into the park.
If paying by check, please make the check out to BVHS.

School Policies: All school policies, especially those regarding drugs and alcohol, will be in
effect and adhered to strictly. Smoking will not be permitted at any time. In the event that a
student is involved in a situation, parents will be notified and required to pick up their
son/daughter in the case that he/she is retained for any reason by Disney officials.

Medical Release:

I further authorize, in case of an emergency, any medical treatment deemed necessary for my
child should medical attention be needed.

Parent Name (printed) __________________________________________________

Emergency Contact # (s) ________________________________________________

Parent Signature_____________________________________ Date_______________

Bishop Verot Catholic High School assumes no responsibility for injury or any accident, which
may result before, during, or after the field trip.

Please return this completed form and either an online payment or a check in the amount of
$95.00 payable to BVHS by February 16.

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