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					     Southampton University Shaolin Temple Kung Fu
            Revised Safety Rules 2006-2007

   All jewellery (bracelets, necklaces, rings, watches, etc.) should be removed before


   No chewing gum during training.

   Personal affects (glasses, dental retainers, etc.) should be removed before training.

   Suitable attire must be worn during training.

   Students must NOT train under the influence of alcohol, drugs or illness.

   Should a student arrive late (i.e. after the class has warmed up) the student must warm up

    before joining the class to avoid injury.

   Students should inform the instructor and/or committee members of any past

    injuries/current illness or medical conditions in case of emergencies.

   No 'flying' in enclosed spaces.

   No aerial, acrobatic and gymnastic manoeuvres should be attempted without the

    supervision of the instructor.

   Advanced techniques such as breakfalls should be perfected and assessed under

    supervision with the use of a crash mat before performed on a bare floor.

   Students must give consent before practicing hard Qi Gong conditioning.

   No student should attempt practicing with weapons unless approved by the instructor.

   For full contact training (i.e. sparring while learning San Da techniques) appropriate body

    armour shall be used.

   Unnecessary force is not allowed in hand-to-hand combat training; the student will first

    be given a warning and upon repeat offence will be asked to leave.

   All students are advised to bring some form of drink (water, sports drink etc.) along with

    them to the lesson to prevent dehydration.