Geology, geomorphology, weathering and sediment transport in an Alpine by kvl54760


									Institut für Geologie, Baltzerstrasse 1+3, 3012 Bern

Bern, December 2009                                                                    Institut für Geologie

MSc in Earth Sciences, University of Bern

Geology, geomorphology, weathering and sediment
transport in an Alpine drainage basin near Meran, north-
ern Italy
MSc Project in Geology and PAQS
Supervisors: Prof. Fritz Schlunegger, Prof. Vincenzo Picotti (Bologna), Dr. Kevin Norton, Sara Savi

Mountainous drainage basins are characterized by a large variability of sediment transport, weath-
ering, and geomorphological features that depend on the bedrock geology and the landscape’s
inheritance after glaciation. This is particularly the case in the Southern Alps of Northern Italy
where preliminary studies yielded a strong control of bedrock and glacial imprint on surface erosion
and sediment transport. The aim of this study is the assessment of the most important controls on
sediment production by weathering, and erosion and related sediment transport by debris flow and
fluvial processes. Research will be carried out in the Zielbach (Rio di Ziel) drainage basin in Südti-
rol (Sud Tirolo). Methods include detailed geomorphic mapping, orthophoto analysis including in-
terpretations of DEMS within a GIS environment, and geochemical and petrophysical analysis of
soils. This Master’s project will be integrated part of a EU-TopoEurope PhD project.
Requirements: Experience in mountaineering (study area is located between 1500 and 3100 m
a.s.l), English and interest in process geomorphology

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