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					                                                             The Children’s Hospital
                                               The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
                                                      Neuropsychiatric Special Care Program

                                              MENTAL HEALTH AND COMMUNITY RESOURCES GUIDE
                                    Developmental Disabilities / Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist Therapists
JFK Partners                               Developmental Disabilities Consultants      Roundup Fellowship
Univ. Colorado Health Sciences Center      1120 Lincoln Street, Suite 702              2250 South Oneida St., Suite #201
4200 E. 9th Avenue; Denver, CO 80262       Denver, CO 80203                            Denver, CO 80024; 303.757.8008 (phone)
303.315.6511 (phone)                       303.830.7345 (phone); 303. 831.7345 (fax)
Bev Murdock, Intake Coordinator                         Services: In home training, residential (child & adult),                        email:               educational, vocational

Robin Gabriels, PsyD                           Jeannie Dahlman, LCSW                           Lauren Kerstein, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Psychologist                 Licensed Clinical Social Worker                 Licensed Clinical Social Worker
The Children’s Hospital                        720.298.6981                                    303.284.3605
303.869.3404                                   Nancy Cason, PsyD                               Partners in Behavioral Milestones
The Aspen Center for Autism                    Licensed Clinical Psychologist                  877.688.0271
2695 S. Jersey Street; Denver, CO 80222        303.935.5307                          
303.759.1192                                   In Home Paraprofessionals                       Creative Perspectives
Psychological Services Center                  Check Autism Society of Colorado Website
Fort Collins, 970.491.5212           
Nicol Colicchio, Psy.D.                                                                        Jodi Litfin, PhD
317 North Meldrum Street                                                                       Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Fort Collins, CO 80521                                                                         Tuesdays-Saturdays 8:30-4:30
970.691.8877                                                                                   303-206-2636
                                               Dana Krafchick, MD                         Roopa G. Kurse, M.D.
                                               9000 E. Nichols Ave.; Centennial, CO 80112 6436 S. Quebec St. Suite 260 (Bldg 6)
                                               303.799.4110                               Centennial, CO 80111
                                          Developmental Disabilities / Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments
JFK Partners                                  Child Development Unit                      Neurodevelopmental Center
Univ. Colorado Health Sciences Center         The Children’s Hospital                     Kathy Culhane, Ph.D.
303.315.6511                                  303.861.6630 (Scheduling)                   5290 E. Yale Circle; Denver, CO 80222
Bev Murdock, Intake Coordinator               DU Professional Psychology Center           303.756.0280 (phone); 303.649.8489 (fax)
Robin Gabriels, PsyD                          Developmental Disabilities Consultants      Neuropsychology Clinic
Licensed Clinical Psychologist                1120 Lincoln Street, Suite 702              University of Denver
The Children’s Hospital                       Denver, CO 80203                            B. Pennington, Ph.D.; M. Riddle, Ph.D.
303.869.3404                                  303.830.7345 (phone); 303. 831.7345 (fax)   303.871.4403; Suzanne Miller, scheduling

Nancy Cason, PsyD                                Creative Perspectives                       Psychological Services Center
Licensed Clinical Psychologist                         Fort Collins, 970.491.5212
4155 E. Jewel, Ste 105 303.935.5307
                                      Social Skills Groups for Children / Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders
JFK Partners                                     Lauren Kerstein, LCSW                       The Children’s Hospital
Univ. Colorado Health Sciences Center            Licensed Clinical Social Worker             Audiology, Speech Pathology & Learning
303.315.6511                                     303.695.6996                                303.861.6800 (scheduling); 303.764.8220 (fax)
                                                 Psychological Services Center               Nancy Cason, PsyD
                                                 Fort Collins, 970.491.5212                  Licensed Clinical Psychologist
                                                                        Speech Therapy
The Children’s Hospital                          JFK Partners                                Connie Egleston, MA, CCC-SLP
Audiology, Speech Pathology & Learning           Univ. Colorado Health Sciences Center       Autism Therapy Services, Inc.
1056 E. 19th Avenue, B140                        303.315.6511                                1780 S. Bellaire Street, Suite 695
Denver, CO 80218                                 Bev Murdock, Intake Coordinator             Denver, CO 80222
303.861.6800 (scheduling); 303.764.8220 (fax)                         303.775.5863

Lori Helmstetter, MA, CCC-SLP                  Jenny Marette, MA, CCC-SLP                      Lara Dunn
303.320.4337                                   303.902.6127                                    720.530.0853
                                                     Occupational and Physical Therapy
The Children’s Hospital                              The Children’s Hospital
Occupational Therapy                                 Physical Therapy
303.861.6748 (scheduling)                            303.861.6749 (scheduling)
303.861.6066 (fax)                                   303.861.6066 (fax)

                                                     Music and Art Therapies
The Amanda Bryant (Music Therapy)                    Lorrie Gravies (Music Therapy)                    Carmen Strama (Art Therapy)
303.595.1052                                         303.744.2584 (Boulder)                            303.206.1582

                                                     Residential, Respite, Child Care, Leisure, and
Developmental Pathways                               Easter Seals of Colorado                          Autism Society of Colorado
Maintains list of respite programs                   Services: Respite and Rocky Mountain              Maintains list of respite programs & ASC Give Me a Break     Village Summer Camp                               Respite Fund

Adams Camp                                           A Caregiver Network, Child Care                   Colorado Council Handicap Horseback Riding
Carol Horney; Sue Gizler                             Referrals Line                                    12583 Roundup Road
5895 E. Evans                                        720.870.1161                                      Parker, CO 80134
Denver, CO 80222                                                     303.841.2438
303.563.8290 (phone); 303.563.8291 (fax)
                                                     Andrea Bonito (Respite Care)
Challenge Camp                                       303.591.5018
Aspen, CO
Denver Parks and Recreation Special
Needs Program                                        Kidlink (and other summer programs)               Roundup Fellowship
1849 Emerson Street                                  Mapleton Center for Rehabilitation                2250 South Oneida St., Suite #201
Denver, CO 80218                                     311 Mapleton Avenue                               Denver, CO 80024; 303.757.8008 (phone)
303.839.4800                                         Boulder, CO 80304
Kid Connection                                       303.441.0526                                      Serenity Homes-Smith Agency
Dr. Casement                                                                                           Carly Baroffio
720.297.5738                                                                                           720.290.0286

                                                     Academic and Vocational Resources

Colorado Dept. of Education             Special Schools for Autism  Bayaud Industries                  Compass Day Treatment
Autism Task Force                       Aspen Center                David Henniger                     Brian Tallant
Jana Quintana                           303.759.1192                303.830.6885                       303.326.3747
303.866.6605                            The Joshua School                                              303.489.2839
                                        Jason Gruhl                 College Living Experience
Colorado State Vocational               720.252.5600                303.825.2533                       Humanex Academy
Rehabilitation                          Serenity School
303.866.2500                            303.699.6373
                                               Advocacy, Community Centered Boards, and
                                               Financial Support

Advocacy                                           Community Centered Boards                           Financial Support
                                                   Colorado Association of Community Centered
The ARC of the United States:                      Boards- CACCB                                       Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (see handout)                                       Jean Snoddy
                                                   1410 Grant St. Suite C-108                          720.870.7315
Colorado Advocacy Network                          Denver, CO 80203-1846
MaryAnn Fleury                                     Email:
303.721.0648                                       Phone: (303) 832-1618 Fax: (303) 832- 4023
                                                   Other Helpful Resources/Places for Family Support
Autism Society of Colorado                         Peak Parent Center           Cindy Herring           Bill Hess                       Parent Advocate        Therapy Swings
720.214.0794                                       303.864.1900                  303-902-3531           970.356.7517                                   Grandma Lissa                                        Big Red Box, Toy Exchange Program
Pictures, visual organization, & teaching          Weighted Blankets $20                                Laura Mars
resources                                          720-635-6621                                         303.986.7315