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									2005 Annual Report HigHligHts
                                                                                The Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA
                                                                                is the highest ranked children’s hospital
                                                                                in Southern California and ranked 12th in
                                                                                the nation according to the 2005 Best
                                                                                Hospital Survey published by the U.S.
                                                                                News & World Report.

Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA                ADMINISTRATION                            ExEcuTIvE OffIcE STAff
                                                                                            Anne Carson
                                                  Mattel Executive Endowed Chair
•	   Designated	as	a	children’s	hospital		                                                  Davida James
	    by	NACHRI	Sept	1995;	                        Edward R.B. McCabe, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                                                            Bette Tang
	    “University	of	California	Los	Angeles	
                                                  Executive Vice Chair
	    Children’s	Hospital”	Jan.	2002               Sherin U. Devaskar, M.D.
                                                                                            DIvISION cHIEfS
•	   Licensed	for	120	beds;	106	beds	available                                              AND PROGRAM DIREcTORS
                                                  Vice Chair Academic Affairs
	    	 o	NICU	=	23                                Thomas S. Klitzner, M.D., Ph.D.
	    	 o	PICU	=	20                                                                          Talal Chatila, M.D.
                                                  Vice Chair Clinical Affairs
	    	 o	Med/Surg	=	70                            Judith E. Brill, M.D.
•	   6,179	annual	admissions                                                                Thomas S. Klitzner, M.D.
                                                  Vice Chair Education
•	   Average	daily	census:		106                   Lee Miller, M.D.
                                                                                            Child Health Program: Neal Halfon, M.D.
•	   94	Residents	(including	4	Chief	Residents)                                             Child Life/Child Development Program:
                                                  Vice Chair Research
•	   58	Clinical	Fellows                          Sherin U. Devaskar, M.D.
                                                                                            Rachel Hunt
                                                                                            Critical Care: Judith E. Brill, M.D.
                                                  Executive Administrator
	    UCLA	Department	of	Pediatrics                Ginger Osman                              Developmental Studies:
•	   173	faculty                                                                            Rachel Tyler, M.D.
                                                  Clinical and Business Services
•	   300	staff	employees                          Debbie Landau                             Emergency Medicine: Larry Baraff, M.D.
•	   13	divisions	and	4	programs
                                                  Communications                            Endocrinology: Pinchas Cohen, M.D.
•	   Total	grant	funding:		$20,000,000            Don Ponturo                               General Pediatrics: Alfred Pennisi, M.D.
	    	 o	NIH:		$15,000,000
                                                  Development                               Gastroenterology: Marvin Ament, M.D.
	    	 o	Other	awards:		$6,000,000                Paula Jensik
                                                                                            Hematology and Oncology:
                                                  Finance and Research                      Kathleen M. Sakamoto, M.D., Ph.D.
Clinical Activity                                 Keith Steele
                                                                                            Human Genetics: Eric Vilain, M.D., Ph.D.
•	 Children’s	Health	Center	visits:		41,000       Human Resources
                                                  Elizabeth Hiramoto                        Infectious Diseases: Yvonne Bryson, M.D.

                                                  Information Systems                       Neonatology: Sherin U. Devaskar, M.D.
                                                  Gregory Bryant                            Nephrology: Robert Ettenger, M.D.
                                                  Media Relations                           Neurology: Raman Sankar, M.D., Ph.D.
                                                  Amy Waddell
                                                                                            Pain Management Program:
                                                  Medical Education                         Lonnie Zeltzer, M.D.
                                                  Bill Heath
                                                  Patient Business and Clinic Services
                                                  Wendy Songer
Letter from the Physician-in-Chief
Children are extraordinary! Their boundless capacity for love, their gifts of joy and laughter, their heartfelt compassion and
simple honesty can touch us in ways that are profound and life-changing. So when children are threatened by serious illness or
injury they deserve a level of care and treatment as extraordinary as they are. Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA is dedicated to
providing that care.
Our team of world-class physicians and highly skilled nurses offers state-of-the-art treatment in a warm, supportive environment that
embraces not only the patient but the entire family. Dedicated faculty members and tireless researchers work hand-in-hand with
deeply committed residents, staff and students, in constant pursuit of ground-breaking discoveries that could improve or even save
the life of a child. Specialists in our Child Life program work with hospitalized patients and their families to insure that the social,
emotional, and developmental needs of the child are being met as well as his or her medical requirements. Together we do
everything possible to transform a potentially intimidating setting into one where children feel safe and respected for who they are,
and are never regarded as simply “a case”.
Since its founding in 1950 the UCLA Department of Pediatrics has become nationally renowned, recognized for educating and
training medical students, residents, and fellows of the highest caliber. Today, as part of the David Geffen School of Medicine
at UCLA, Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA is a place where general pediatricians can readily consult with some of the world’s
foremost specialists and sub-specialists. A place where leading medical researchers offer clinicians new diagnostic methods and
approaches to treatment that will improve the health of today’s and tomorrow’s children. Here at Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA
our goal is to give children what they give to us - something extraordinary, every day.

Edward R.B. Mccabe, M.D., Ph.D.
Physician-in-chief, Mattel children’s Hospital at ucLA
Mattel Executive Endowed chair, Department of Pediatrics
A Place for Kids to be Kids
Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA established the Child Life/           of volume and survival rates, transplanting 23 pediatric hearts in
Child Development Program in 1968 in recognition of the unique           2005. Heart transplantation in children at UCLA has advanced
needs of pediatric patients, especially the critically and chronically   to the point where five-year survival rates are above 90%, a rate
ill. The program was one of the first in the country and continues       that makes transplantation an attractive choice for children with
to address the social, emotional and developmental needs of              failing hearts. Based on the data submitted to the Scientific
hospitalized children through individualized therapeutic interven-       Registry of Transplant Recipients (
tion, play and educational programs.                                     the 1 year graft survival since 1/1/02 is 90.70 percent which ex-
                                                                         ceeds the national average of 86.51 percent. The patient survival is
Children’s Comfort Care                                                  94.74 percent again significantly higher than the national
The Children’s Comfort Care Resource Program is our first                average of 86.69 percent.
initiative in Pediatric Palliative Care. The program’s main
objectives include developing departmental awareness regarding           Community Health
pediatric palliative care through promoting education and                Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA maintains a strong commitment
resources in this area. These objectives will be mainly carried          to primary care and community health providers, who provide
out through a monthly department task force forum and working            essential health care to vulnerable populations. The hospital
group subcommittees that are multidisciplinary. Educational              has forged a strategic partnership with the Venice Family Clinic,
objectives include a monthly Comfort Care Panel which will               the largest free clinic in the country, to expand care for indigent
consist of a rotating multidisciplinary board of in-house experts        children. The hospital has also supported the development of a
that will analyze a complex case and create a palliative care            new continuity clinic for pediatric residents at Mid-Valley Clinic,
treatment plan that is presented to the department. Additionally,        a Los Angeles County clinic in the San Fernando Valley. Mattel
the Pediatric Residents will receive a palliative care curriculum        Children’s Hospital at UCLA also helped create and continues
through a series of noon conference lectures on this topic. Other        to staff two school-based clinics in Culver City and the
venues for providing educational and resource opportunities in           San Fernando Valley.
this area will include a collaboration with the UCLA Ethics Center
through lectures, membership both on the UCLA Hospital Ethics            Pediatric Cardiac Catherization Lab
Committee and Southern California Hospital Ethics Consortium             In 2005, 533 cases were completed in the Pediatric Cardiac
representing pediatric palliative care, and palliative care              Catheterization Lab, including successful interventions using
representation on the Regional Pediatric Ethics Subcommittee.            catheter-deployed devices and obviating the need for open-heart
Program Director: Lonnie Zeltzer, M.D., Program Coordinator:             surgery. The outcomes for these procedures, which include Atrial
Elana Evan, Ph.D. Education Program: Director: Shahram                   Septal Defect and Ventricular Septal Defect closures have been
Yazdani, M.D., Associate Director: Elana Evan, Ph.D.                     outstanding, with most patients returning home the next day and
                                                                         resuming all of their regular activities shortly thereafter.
Pediatric Heart Transplant Program                                       Additionally, a truly innovative use of radio frequency therapy is
The Pediatric Heart Transplant Program at UCLA, directed by              now being used in the Pediatric Cardiac Cath Lab to perforate
Juan Carlos Alejos, M.D., proved once again to be the largest            heart valves that are atretic or fused, as in the congenital heart
pediatric heart transplant service in the United States in terms         condition known as pulmonary atresia.

      The Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA with 23                          Nationally recognized, the Child Life/Child
      NICU, 20 PICU and 70 medical/surgical beds,                             Development Program at Mattel Children’s
      has a child-friendly atmosphere. The inpatient                          Hospital at UCLA oversees the social,
      facility serves more than 6,179 patients each                           emotional and developmental needs of
      year, and the outpatient Westwood Children’s                            hospitalized children.
      Health Center provides care for 41,000.
  A Place Where Dreams Come True
  When Nevada teen Robyn Speer was told she would miss her long-awaited junior
  prom because she couldn’t leave the hospital, the Child Life Specialists and Social
  Workers at Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA jumped into action to bring the
  prom to Robyn.
  The teenager’s dreams to attend the dance were crushed, when she was suddenly
  diagnosed with a mass on her liver and told she needed a liver transplant. Hospital
  staff quickly organized the event and arranged for Angel Flight, a nonprofit group
  that donates flights for medically related purposes, to fly her boyfriend to
  Los Angeles. Other volunteers provided photography services, a DJ, and
  make-up services.
  The Hospital staff stresses the importance of helping patients maintain a sense of
  “normalcy” to promote recovery from illness. Two weeks after her hospital prom,
  Robyn underwent a successful liver transplant on May 11, her 17th birthday! She is
  now back home in Nevada and recently attended her homecoming dance.

Craniofacial Clinic                                                   pediatric cardiologist to implant them successfully in children.
                                                                      As the biventricular pacemaker fine-tunes the coordination of
The most common birth defect in the United States is cleft lip
                                                                      ventricular and atrial heartbeats, cardiac output improves
and cleft palate. Children born with a cleft can face a variety of
                                                                      dramatically. The use of biventricular pacemakers in children
challenges including feeding and nutritional problems, middle
                                                                      is an important therapeutic tool to assist the failing heart while
ear infections, hearing loss, speech problems, dental and
                                                                      underlying cardiac disease is addressed by surgical repair or
orthodontic abnormalities and possibly psycho-social
adjustment challenges.
The Craniofacial Clinic at Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA         Intervening For Life
offers patients a multi-disciplinary team approach with specialists
                                                                      At Mattel Children’s Hospital’s Fetal Diagnosis Program, 202 fetal
who work together to address the child’s specific needs. Since
                                                                      echocardiograms to identify potential congenital heart disease
1972, a core team of highly specialized professionals from audiol-
                                                                      in utero were performed in 2005. Early cardiac interventions in
ogy, dentistry, genetics, head and neck surgery, neurosurgery,
                                                                      many of these children (some performed on premature infants as
ophthalmology, oral surgery, orthodontics, pediatrics, plastic
                                                                      small as 2 kg in weight) ensured their survival until they are large
surgery, and speech pathology, have helped thousands of
                                                                      enough for complete repair of their cardiac defects or, in some
children from all over southern California and surrounding states.
                                                                      cases, provided an early cure. A combination of fine echocar-
                                                                      diographic diagnostic expertise and emotional sensitivity to the
Pediatric Invasive Electrophysiology Service
                                                                      needs of expectant mothers is provided by the Pediatric
In 2005, the Pediatric Invasive Electrophysiology Service, under      Echocardiography Program at UCLA.
the direction of Kevin Shannon, M.D., performed more than
                                                                      Diagnostic echocardiograms performed by the Pediatric
250 electrophysiology cases in children, including electrophysi-
                                                                      Echocardiography Laboratory rose in 2005 to an all time annual
ological mapping of cardiac electrical systems, radiofrequency
                                                                      high of 3,958 up from 3,764 in 2004.
ablation of intracardiac arrhythmogenic foci, and pacemaker
placements. In 2005, Dr. Shannon also placed an additional
two pediatric biventricular pacemakers in pediatric patients who      Medical Home
were in severe heart failure and suffering dyscoordination of their   The Division of Pediatric Cardiology continued its advocacy for
heart rhythms, bringing the total for such heart-saving devices to    disabled children in 2005 as Chief Thomas Klitzner M.D., Ph.D.
thirteen – the largest successful use of the device in children in    continued the division’s groundbreaking model of care delivery for
the world. Although biventricular pacemakers have been in use         children with special health care needs known as the “Medical
in adult patients for several years, Dr. Shannon is the first         Home”. As one of only a handful of Medical Home centers in the

    Medical and Surgical Interventions for Neonates                       Pediatric AIDS Program: UCLA has emerged
    and Children with Birth Defects: Surgeons                             as a leading research and treatment center
    and faculty in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit                       for HIV positive women and children.
    (NICU) provide optimal care for children
    with heart, respiratory, neurological,
    gastrointestinal, and genitourinary defects.
country, a committee chaired by Dr. Klitzner comprising                 comprehensive, coordinated, compassionate, and culturally
community pediatricians, pediatric resident physicians,                 competent for these vulnerable patients and their families.
pediatric subspecialists, social workers, pediatric educators,          Titled “The Pediatric Medical Home Project at UCLA”, the model
nurses, parents, teachers, health services researchers and child        proposal, originally approved for five year funding in 2003 by
development specialists analyzed current methods of caring              the Healthy Tomorrows for Children Partnership, a collaboration
for children with serious, chronic conditions during a six-month        between the American Academy of Pediatrics and the federal
planning process sponsored by the American Academy of                   Maternal and Child Health Bureau, received a prestigious
Pediatrics Community Access to Child Health (“CATCH”)                   Skirball Foundation grant in 2004 which will ensure program
program. The committee then built a care coordination model             growth through 2010.
designed to be accessible, family-centered, continuous,

                                                   A Mission of Caring
                                                   Since 2002 a dedicated group of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare specialists
                                                   from Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA have donated their time and expertise,
                                                   participating in medical missions to serve children in Guatemala. The most recent
                                                   of these trips, made in April 2005, was to the highly impoverished northern part of
                                                   the country, in the areas of Chisec, Palarcia, and other villages near Guatemala City.
                                                   Working with the organization Fundacion International de Ninos, the team offered
                                                   well-baby and childcare check-ups, as well as identifying children with more severe
                                                   illnesses so that they might receive proper treatment. Follow-up exams were also
                                                   provided for children suffering from a variety of serious conditions. The team
                                                   treated a total of 1600 children, some of whom had walked six to eight hours with
                                                   their families in order to be seen. Child Development specialist Hilary Gan, who
                                                   was part of the mission says “I am grateful that children with potentially serious
                                                   medical conditions like cancers and heart problems will hopefully get treatment.
                                                   Our hope is to continue to enhance the follow-up care program and provide
                                                   quality medical attention to as many children as possible.”

Tri-Campus Residency Program                                            Medical Center.
We’re extremely proud of the growth of our educational programs         We’re also very proud that residents have pursued their
in pediatrics, highlighted by the success of the UCLA Tri-Campus        passions and interests in many different directions. Some have
Pediatric Residency Training Program. One of the great strengths        dedicated tremendous efforts to community advocacy, while
of this program is the richness and diversity of training experiences   others have pursued their interests in the laboratory. Many were
that our residents receive at the Mattel Children’s Hospital at         invited to present platform and poster presentations at the Pedi-
UCLA, the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Olive View County             atric Academic Society conference. Two of our residents were

    Children’s Cancer Treatment and Research:                               Pediatric Heart, Kidney, Lung, and Liver
    The oncologists at Mattel Children’s Hospital                           Transplant Programs: UCLA’s pediatric
    at UCLA were one of the first programs in the
                                                                            organ transplant programs are among the
    country to perform bone marrow transplants.
                                                                            largest in the country. The success rates in
    The hospital is now a leader in the new area
                                                                            all areas of transplantation are among the
    of umbilical cord blood transplants in the
    research arena and has established one of the                           best in the United States.
    country’s largest umbilical cord blood banks.
    Twins await Heart Transplants
    Born July 11, 2005, in Phoenix, Ariz., both Nick and Nate Draper
    suffered from dilated cardiomyopathy, a condition in which the heart
    muscle is too weak to pump efficiently. Doctors say the condition is
    very rare in newborns and extremely unusual in twin infants.When their
    heart function rapidly declined after birth, the twins were transferred to
    UCLA’s Mattel Children’s Hospital for heart transplantation evaluation.
    Nick received a new heart first, because his name was added to the
    waiting list sooner. Medical complications prevented Nate from being
    listed until two weeks later.
    By sharing their story, the Drapers hope to heighten public awareness
    of the critical need for organ donors. Due to the small pool of young
    donors, finding a donor heart for a baby can be especially challenging.
    More than 90,000 Americans await an organ donation, with more than
    3,000 Americans on the waiting list for a new heart.

selected to present at national meetings based on their research      pediatrics and the Division of General Internal Medicine/Health
in Pediatric Cardiology. Still others have taken advantage of         Services Research. The Program Director for the UCLA
unique educational opportunities to learn more about international    Medicine-Pediatrics program is Alice Kuo, M.D., Ph.D., and the
pediatrics and public health in such underserved settings as          Associate Program Director is Debra Lotstein, M.D., M.P .H.
the Indian subcontinent, Latin America, and sub-Saharan Africa.
One example of these experiences comes from senior resident           Helping Doctors Help Patients
Rashmi Shetgiri. She participated in a medical mission trip to        The Community Health and Advocacy Training (CHAT) Program
Africa and worked in the inpatient and outpatient HIV clinic at the   was established as a collaboration between the Department of
Kamuzu Children’s Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi.                       Pediatrics at the Mattel Children’s Hospital and the School of
The subsequent career and fellowship choices of our residents         Public Health, to provide the infrastructure for faculty and
reflect this great diversity. The class of 2005 had its graduates     residents to pursue projects and interests in community pediatrics
continue training in the following fellowships: Allergy/Immunology,   and child advocacy. These residents participate in specialized
Cardiology, Critical Care, Gastroenterology, Hematology-Oncology,     curricular rotations, longitudinal experiences, and projects in
Infectious Diseases, and Rheumatology. Additionally, we were          the community over their three years of training – providing the
fortunate to retain some of our graduates as General Pediatricians    knowledge and skills to be effective practitioners in the community
for the UCLA Healthcare system.                                       and better advocates on behalf of their patients. In 2005, the
                                                                      CHAT Program was recognized with the Ambulatory Pediatric
Internal Medicine and Pediatrics                                      Association’s Outstanding Teaching Award.
Residency Program
The combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residency               CARE-4-Families
Program has the goal of training physicians to take care of the       CARE-4-Families is an integrated program for children and
complex medical problems of both children and adults. These           adolescents with HIV as well as mothers and families. The
medicine-pediatrics doctors will gain the unique perspective          Center follows approximately 70 families to provide consultation
needed to address the transition issues facing adolescents with       service, clinical case management and state of the art treatment
special health care needs as they move into the adult health          and clinical trials for mothers, children and adolescents with HIV.
system. In 2005, the Medicine-Pediatrics program implemented          We also have significant outreach into the community as well as
the first quality improvement resident rotation at UCLA, during       involvement in community advisory boards and case
which residents worked on quality improvement projects and            management for both mothers and children.
participated in seminars and workshops given by faculty in both

    National Leadership in Recognizing and                                 Pediatric Neurology led by a caring team of
    Managing Suspected Child Abuse and                                     expert physicians, nurses and staff continues
    Neglect (SCAN): UCLA’s SCAN Team, made                                 to offer hope to patients stricken by
    up of pediatricians, social workers and allied                         neurological disorders. Our program is one
    professionals, expertly handle these sensitive                         of the most active and renowned programs in
    situations in a way that best serves the health                        the world and the leading Pediatric Epilepsy
    and safety of the child.                                               Center on the west coast.
                                                             Giving the Gift of Reading
                                                             The Reach Out and Read program at Mattel Children’s Hospital at
                                                             UCLA distributes about 2,000 – 3,000 free new books each year to
                                                             children during their well-child visits. Part of a national literacy
                                                             campaign, Reach Out and Read was established at UCLA in 1999.
                                                             Pediatric residents work with families to encourage parents to read
                                                             aloud to their children every day to promote success in school.
                                                             “The pediatricians love to give books and reading advice, because
                                                             they get smiles, thank-you’s, and hugs for something they know is
                                                             priceless: the child’s love of reading and literacy success,” said Karen
                                                             Fond, MSN, CPNP the Reach Out and Read program coordinator.

UCLA Early Head Start Program
Rachelle Tyler, M.D. directs one of the two ACGME accredited        Start Program provides services to support optimal health and
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics training programs in            development for infants and toddlers from low-income families.
California. Dr. Tyler continues to implement the UCLA Early Head    Enrollment began in 2004 and the program maintains full
Start Program. This program is funded by the Administration for     enrollment, with a waiting list for participation. As of the 2005
                           Children and Families through the        year, this program began to provide fellows and residents with
                             Department of Health and Human         opportunities to support their learning about child development.
                               Services. The UCLA Early Head

Transcatheter Collapsible Heart Valve                               overlooked by other researchers. Dr. Daniel Levi, assistant
The days of performing open-heart surgery to replace defective      professor of pediatric cardiology at Mattel Children’s Hospital at
heart valves may soon be coming to a close, thanks to the           UCLA and a researcher for the project, explains the valve they
ongoing development of a transcatheter collapsible heart valve      are designing is specifically for smaller patients, predominantly
by UCLA researchers.                                                children born with heart defects.

The new valve may one day enable researchers to insert a            UCLA Legacy for Children
catheter into the groin area of the patient and channel the valve   Dr. Judy Howard continues to implement a grant funded by
to the heart area, where it will be implanted and resume the form   the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, entitled UCLA
in which it was originally designed. This procedure would be        Legacy for Children. This is a longitudinal study that examines
done instead of traditional open-heart surgery, which involves      the potential for improvement in child developmental outcomes
the risky procedure of cracking open the patient’s breastbone.      in a low-income population through intervention activities
Researchers on the project have been focusing on the valve’s        designed to influence parenting behaviors. The pilot phase of the
use in pediatric cardiology, an area they say is largely            grant was completed, and the main study continues until 2009.

   UCLA has one of the few international pediatric                      The UCLA/RAND Center for Adolescent
   health programs. Its pediatricians have                              Health Promotion conducts studies and
   provided their expertise to Guatemala, Peru,                         develops programs to improve the health
   Columbia, Armenia, and South Africa, among                           and well-being of adolescents, with a special
   others, to help promote the quality of health                        emphasis on projects that involve parents of
   care for children.                                                   adolescents.
     Gwynne Hazen Cherry/Stephen A. Feig
     Lectureship in Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
     Dr. Stephen Feig, former Chief of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology for
     28 years, received the Outstanding Humanitarian Award from the David
     Geffen School of Medicine. In honor of his many years of service and
     outstanding career, the Gwynne Hazen Cherry family established an
     endowed lectureship to invite a reknowned expert in Pediatric Blood
     Diseases and Cancer to visit UCLA each year.

Cross-cultural Studies                                                 joined the faculty in July 2005, has brought with him a research
Dr. Kek Khee Loo is collaborating with Dr. Shohei Ohgi, Seirei         program focused on diagnostic testing and screening for
Christopher College, Japan, and Dr. Honglin Zhu, Sichuan               primary immunodeficiencies. With the other existing faculty, we
Provincial People’s Hospital, China, on cultural and cross-cultural    have also launched a major program on molecular epidemiology
studies of the mother-child relationship and infant movements.         of immune deficiencies. This is an exciting program using the
He implements a grant provided by the Los Angeles Unified              advances from the international HapMap project to identify modi-
School District for children with low incidence disabilities at        fier genes in immune deficiencies. Once an adequate theoretical
Mattel Children’s Hospital.                                            foundation for this project has developed, it will greatly streamline
                                                                       the identification of new immunodeficiencies as well. This also
                                                                       strengthens our division’s ties with the genetics department at
HIV Prevention Trials                                                  UCLA, which is bound to be a fruitful collaboration.
The Division of Pediatric Infectious Disease has expanded its
                                                                       Our basic research programs have always been strong, and we
role in international health. Division Chief Dr. Yvonne Bryson is
                                                                       have further added to these programs. We released two papers
the principal investigator and Dr. Karin Nielsen, the co-principal
                                                                       this year on screening for primary immunodeficiencies, the result
investigator of the NIH HIV Prevention Trials Unit in Brazil for the
                                                                       of Dr. McGhee’s screening research. These demonstrate our
past six years. We have also proposed to combine our Los
                                                                       comprehensive approach to diagnostics, covering the technical
Angeles consortium including Mattel Children’s Hospital at
                                                                       basis for diagnosis and screening, as well as the practical health
UCLA, Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, Children’s Hos-
                                                                       services aspects that would be required to put such a program
pital of Los Angeles and Children’s Hospital of Orange County
                                                                       into practice.
with six international sites in Brazil. Dr. Bryson will also become
the new Chair of the NIH IMPAACT Network for Mother-to-Child           New UCLA Studies Show Benefits of Newborn
Transmission and Dr. Karin Nielsen will become an international        Screening for “Bubble Boy Disease”
ad-hoc member of the Scientific Oversight Committee.
                                                                       New UCLA studies show that newborn screening for Severe
                                                                       Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) - a rare, treatable disorder
Endocrinology Research Highlights
                                                                       of the immune system commonly known as “bubble boy disease”
The Division of Endocrinology under the leadership of the              - is both cost-effective and could be done accurately using a two
division chief, Dr. Pinchas Cohen remained an outstanding              tiered testing method.
center of basic science research in endocrine/diabetes topics
                                                                       “We wanted to determine whether testing for SCID should be
focusing on growth factor related themes. This effort was funded
                                                                       added to the universal screening panel for genetic disorders,”
by four NIH grants to Dr. Cohen and Dr. Kuk-Wha Lee, as well
                                                                       said Dr. Sean McGhee, clinical instructor of pediatric immunology
as funding from the UCLA/UCSD Diabetes and Endocrinology
                                                                       at Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA. “Treatment is now
Research Center (DERC). Individual funding for our fellows and
                                                                       advanced enough that 95 percent of children can be cured, but
faculty included the prestigious Lawson Wilkins Pediatric
                                                                       newborns must be detected in the first month, before the onset
Endocrine Society (LWPES) Scholar Award to Dr. Kuk-Wha Lee
                                                                       of severe infections.”
to study mechanisms of cell death, and a Genentech Foundation
Award to Dr. Patricia Park. Dr. David Hwang continued to run an        UCLA researchers concluded that SCID screening could result in
Immunoassay Research and Development Core Lab that serves              a large benefit to infants, making screening relatively cost-effective
the entire institution.                                                in spite of the low incidence of the disease. However, an
                                                                       adequate test would be critical to cost-effectiveness.
Immunology/Allergy/Rheumatology                                        The analysis is the first of its kind to examine formally cost and
Research Highlights                                                    benefits of SCID newborn screening.
We are very proud of hosting The Modell Diagnostic Center in           The incidence of SCID is unknown but may be more common
Primary Immunodeficiency at UCLA, which has grown over the             than published estimates because infants frequently die of
last year with the addition of new faculty. Dr. Sean McGhee, who       infection before diagnosis. If an infant is diagnosed before their
                                                    UCLA Center for Healthier
                                                    Children, Families and
                                                    Communities: Founded
                                                    to address urgent threats
                                                    to the nation’s youth, this
                                                    center unites experts from a
                                                    wide array of disciplines to
                                                    help address the problems
                                                    of poverty, neglect, and
                                                    poor health care.

first infection, most can be treated with a bone marrow              work will help the understanding and treatment of adults and
transplant.                                                          children with heart disease by revealing the consequences
Other UCLA authors on both studies included Dr. E. Richard           of congenital heart surgery in early childhood and treatment
Stiehm and Dr. Edward McCabe. In addition, Dr. Morton Cowan,         needed to avoid long term problems in survivors.
University of California, San Francisco, and Dr. Paul Krogstad,
UCLA, co-authored the study on the two-tiered universal              One Disease May Prevent Another
newborn screening strategy.                                          The knowledge that one disease may prevent the onset of another
                                                                     is not new. For example, the discovery that cowpox vaccines
Developing Heart                                                     can prevent smallpox dates back to 1798. E. Richard Stiehm,
Advances in research of congenital heart disease continued in        M.D., a professor of pediatrics at the Mattel Children’s Hospital at
2005 at the UCLA Cardiac Development Center, a collaboration         UCLA, researched examples throughout medical history of ways
among the Pediatric Cardiology Research Unit, the Department         that one disease prevents another.
of Medicine, The Department of Molecular, Cell and                   His findings suggest that genetic, infectious and metabolic
Developmental Biology and the Department of Physiology.              influences should be considered when looking for treatments,
A distinguished team of researchers from these basic science         particularly in regard to HIV/AIDS. “Clinical observations of
disciplines have come together to gather a comprehensive             disease-versus-disease interactions have led to an understanding
picture of the developing heart at the genetic and molecular         of the mechanisms of several diseases,” Dr. Stiehm says, “In
levels – at the very origins of congenital heart defects.            turn, these observations have led to the development of vaccines,
                                                                     therapeutic antibodies, medications and special diets.”
Effects of Heart Surgery
Pediatric Cardiologist, heart transplant expert and research         Overall, Dr. Stiehm proposed that new evidence can be found for
scientist Nancy Halnon, M.D. has undertaken a study to examine       using certain viruses to treat diseases such as HIV, which do not
effects of cardiothoracic surgical procedures on the developing      respond to other medications. “There have been several studies
immune system of young children with congenital heart disease.       indicating that HIV patients co-infected with a virus related to
She has shown that cardiothoracic surgery has effects on infection   Hepatitis C, called GB virus C. have less severe HIV disease and
fighting white blood cells many years after the procedure and is     improved survival,” Dr. Stiehm says.
currently studying these effects on immune function in older         Stiehm got the idea for his historical review from cases he saw
children and adults with congenital heart disease. She has           while a pediatric resident. One case was a kidney disease
received a Physician-Scientist Career Development Award from         patient with nephrosis who was unresponsive to medications but
the NIH and a Scientist Development Grant from the American          went into remission after contracting measles.
Heart Association to further examine these effects. Dr. Halnon’s

Dr. William f. friedman, ucLA Distinguished                          pediatric cardiology,” said Dr. Gerald S. Levey, vice chancellor of
Professor of Pediatrics                                              UCLA Medical Sciences and dean of the David Geffen School of
Dr. William F. Friedman, former executive chairman of the            Medicine at UCLA. “His knowledge and skill in the field of pediatric
department of pediatrics and senior associate dean for academic      heart problems have been an inspiration to colleagues and
affairs at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, passed       medical students alike. Bill was one of our most distinguished
away on Aug. 25 in his home. He was 69.                              faculty members and the UCLA community mourns his loss.”
Friedman - a gifted physician and researcher - enjoyed a prolific    Endowed chair In Pediatric Neurosurgery
career as a pediatric cardiologist and academic leader that          UCLA’s Dr. Jorge A. Lazareff, associate professor of surgery at
spanned more than 40 years, including 26 years at UCLA.              the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and director of
“Dr. Friedman was a true leader and visionary in the field of        pediatric neurosurgery at Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA,
has been selected to hold the newly established Geri and              distinguished years and will now assume the role of Director of
Richard Brawerman Chair in Pediatric Neurosurgery.                    the Pediatric Epilepsy Program.
In this position, Lazareff will provide leadership in innovative      Dr. Sankar’s investigations in epilepsy have focused on the injury
biomedical and psychosocial research of brain metabolism and          that results from seizures in the developing brain. Using
neurobiology, with the goal of successfully treating disorders of     laboratory models, his team was able to show definitively that
the developing central nervous system and protecting                  seizures cause the immature brain to undergo damage and
surrounding brain and spinal cord function.                           sustain a loss of brain cells, an idea that was contrary to widely
                                                                      held opinions at one time.
Physician-in-chief of Mattel children’s Hospital
elected vice President of APS                                         Dr. Kathleen M. Sakamoto
The oldest and most prestigious academic pediatric organization       Kathleen M. Sakamoto, M.D., Ph.D, has been appointed Chief
in North America, the American Pediatric Society, recently            Of The Division Of Hematology–Oncology at Mattel Children’s
announced that UCLA’s Dr. Edward R.B. McCabe has been                 Hospital at UCLA and the Department of Pediatrics in the David
elected its vice president.                                           Geffen School Of Medicine at UCLA. She Follows Stephen A.
The society is an organization whose mission is to advance            Feig, M.D., who provided the division with outstanding
the study of pediatric diseases, the prevention of illness, and the   leadership for 28 distinguished years and will now be Emeritus
promotion of pediatric education and research, and to honor           Professor and Fellowship Program Director.
those whose contributions to pediatrics have aided in                 Dr. Sakamoto’s research emphasizes understanding the
its advancement.                                                      molecular mechanisms of leukemogenesis and identifying novel
McCabe’s term as the American Pediatric Society vice president        approaches to treating leukemia.
(president-elect) will begin at the conclusion of the 2005 Annual     Dr. Lonnie Zeltzer, professor of pediatrics, anesthesiology,
Meeting in May 2005, and run through the conclusion of the            and psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences at the David Geffen
2006 Annual Meeting in May 2006. He then will serve as the            School of Medicine at UCLA and director of the Pediatric Pain
society’s president from May 2006 through May 2007, and as the        Program at UCLA’s Mattel Children’s Hospital, has been selected
society’s past president from May 2007 through May 2008.              as president-elect of the Pediatric Special Interest Group for the
ucLA Physician Wins Prestigious Award                                 International Association for the Study of Pain.

Dr. Katrina Dipple, assistant professor in the departments of         The organization is the largest multidisciplinary international
human genetics and pediatrics at the David Geffen School of           association in the field of pain. Its pediatric special interest group
Medicine at UCLA and the Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA,          is the only international organization devoted to research and
received the 2005 Ross Young Investigator Research Award at           management of children’s pain.
the Western Society of Pediatric Research’s annual meeting in         Dr. Brigitte Gomperts received a 2005 Centocor Scholar Award
Carmel, Calif., on Feb. 3.                                            from the American Federation of Medical Research for her
The society presents the award to emerging young faculty              outstanding work on pulmonary stem cells and lung injury. Dr.
members in recognition of their outstanding research in a field       Gomperts is also a recipient of an NIH K08 Mentored Clinical
related to pediatrics.                                                Scientist Award.
Dipple’s research focuses on how changes within genetic material
                                                                      Dr. Deepa Shankar, Assistant Researcher at Mattel Children’s
can cause disease, and why some people are more severely
                                                                      Hospital, received the prestigious Parvin-Boyer Prize from the
affected than others given the same genetic change.
                                                                      Molecular Biology Institute at UCLA for her discovery of the
Dr. Raman Sankar                                                      transcription factor, CREB, as a proto-oncogene in developing
Raman Sankar, M.D., Ph.D, Has been appointed the Rubin                blood cells. Her work was published in Cancer Cell in 2005.
Brown professor and chief of the Division of Pediatric Neurology      Dr. James cherry received the Medical Science Award in
at Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA and the Department of           October from the UCLA Alumni Association in recognition of his
Pediatrics at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.            outstanding lifetime contributions to the field of Pediatric
Dr. W. Donald Shields, M.D., led the division as chief for 25         Infectious Disease.
Mattel Executive Endowed Chair in Pediatrics                              Harley Owners Form “Love-Line” to Bring
In response to a generous $2-million pledge by the Mattel                 Gifts to Pediatric Patients
Children’s Foundation, Dr. Edward McCabe was approved as                  For the 16th year, motorcyclists from the Anaheim-Fullerton
the inaugural holder of the Mattel Executive Endowed Chair in             H.O.G. (Harley Owners’ Group) Chapter roared up to Mattel
Pediatrics at UCLA. “As I travel around the world representing            Children’s Hospital at UCLA, led by Ms. Joyce Chance, to deliver
Pediatrics at UCLA as the Physician-in-Chief of Mattel Children’s         a brimming truck-load of toys, as well as generous donations,
Hospital at UCLA, I am now grateful and proud to add the title            for pediatric patients. This year’s event featured the spectacular
of Mattel Executive Endowed Chair in Pediatrics,” remarked                gift from Mr. Dave Mock of every $1 and $5 bill he had received
Dr. McCabe.                                                               in change during the course of the year. The ride, in memory of
Mattel Children’s Foundation also has fulfilled an extraordinary          Ms. Chance’s son, Johnnie Baker, who was a cancer patient at
1998 $25-million pledge to name Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA.       UCLA, means a great deal to UCLA’s Child Life/Child Develop-
                                                                          ment Program. The Program, designed to help patients cope
Today’s and Tomorrow’s Children Fund                                      with the stress of frequent doctor visits and hospitalizations,
Today’s and Tomorrow’s Children Fund (TTCF) was born out of               provides the toys to children and their families over the holidays
the belief that a group of women, by pooling their philanthropy,          and throughout the year.
can award a major gift every year to make an important difference
in the lives of the boys and girls affected by serious illnesses          2nd Annual Entertainment Industry
and trauma who are treated at Mattel Children’s Hospital at               Men’s Tennis Classic
UCLA. Each year, select members of the Pediatric Faculty will
make presentations to the members, and the members in turn                The 2nd Annual Entertainment Industry Men’s Tennis Classic
will vote for the recipient of their gift. TTCF began with a recruiting   was held on Sunday, June 12, at the Los Angeles Tennis Center
lunch at the UCLA Faculty Center on February 24, and then a tea           at UCLA. The event featured an exciting tournament; a children’s
followed by a hard-hat tour of the future Ronald Reagan UCLA              tennis clinic; and an activities area with games and prizes, face
Medical Center on May 24. The Founding Members of TTCF are                painting, arts and crafts, a magician, and visits by “Sesame
now 16 strong, and are ready to present their inaugural gift.             Street” characters. When the competition stopped for lunch,
                                                                          guests heard stories from young patients and their families about
Holiday Luau                                                              the quality of care they had received at Mattel Children’s Hospital
In a celebration of pediatric cancer patients and their families,         at UCLA. The event, organized by Alexandra and Scott Lambert
devoted volunteers transformed a UCLA basketball court into a             and John Fogelman, members of the Hospital’s Board of Directors,
beautiful Hawaiian beach for the annual Pediatric Hematology-             raised more than $135,000 for Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA.
Oncology holiday party.
The resulting joyful luau was enjoyed by over 700 patients,
their families, and hospital staff, and included a surf machine; a
bouncing boat; Hawaiian-inspired crafts, food, and music; and
the chance to meet Los Angeles County Firefighters and Santa
Claus. The party was hosted for the fourth year by actress Alyssa
Milano, Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA’s special friend.

Casey Lee Ball Foundation
Drs. Edward McCabe and Robert Ettenger attended the 12th
Annual Casey Lee Ball Golf Classic. They recognized Stacey and
Sterling Ball for establishing the Casey Lee Ball Chair in Pediatric
Nephrology with an award in the form of a chair created by The
Franklin Mint. The remarkable dedication of time, energy, and
financial resources by the Balls, through the Casey Lee Ball
Foundation, has been the cornerstone of progress in the research
and educational efforts of the Division of Pediatric Nephrology.
UCLA Students Raise Funds and Awareness at                          6th Annual Mattel Party on the Pier!
the 6th Annual UCLA Run/Walk                                        Actress Patricia Heaton (“Everybody Loves Raymond”) was
The 6th Annual UCLA Run/Walk, organized by the Student              honored with the “Special Friend of Mattel Children’s Hospital
Welfare Commission at UCLA, enjoyed unprecedented success,          at UCLA” award and presented with an honorary white doctor’s
raising $41,000 for the Child Life/Child Development Program.       coat during the 6th annual Mattel Party on the Pier! in Santa
Child Life volunteer Ms. Fleur Levine was this year’s top fund      Monica on September 25. Other celebrity attendees included
raiser. The 5K Run/Walk features live bands, a silent auction,      Joely Fisher, Chris Klein, and Drake Bell. The sold-out crowd
giveaways, carnival-type games, and lots of free food. Master       of 1,400 packed the pier’s Pacific Park, where guests enjoyed
of Ceremonies Topher Grace motivated the crowd with the help        unlimited rides, carnival booth games filled with prizes donated
of the UCLA Spirit Squad and a patient who benefited from the       by Mattel, and an unrivaled silent auction.
Child Life Program while undergoing treatment at Mattel Chil-       “We are truly grateful for the tremendous support we receive
dren’s Hospital at UCLA.                                            from our donors and sponsors,” said Dr. McCabe. “Funds raised
                                                                    at the annual Mattel Party on the Pier! are earmarked for a variety
Eric Gagné Thinks Blue (and Gold)                                   of important programs that support our kids, including the Child
Dodgers pitcher Eric Gagné hosted the first annual Eric Gagné       Life department, genetic research for obesity and diabetes, and
Dodgers Dream Foundation Bowling Extravaganza at Lucky              the craniofacial program, as well as hospital equipment.”
Strike Lanes in Hollywood. Mr. Gagné was joined by his Dodger       Mattel Inc., the title sponsor, and more than 70 corporate and
teammates and celebrity friends for a night of bowling for adults   individual sponsors helped make the fund raiser a success.
and children of all ages. Proceeds benefited his foundation,        In addition, Mattel Inc. donated 14,000 toys for the event and
committed to providing educational, athletic, and recreational      recruited more than 100 Mattel employees to volunteer. Special
opportunities for the youth of the greater Los Angeles community,   thanks also go to Glenn Bozarth and Carol Conforti, event
and his charity of choice, Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA.      co-chairs, and their hardworking committee.
Farmer John, maker of the famous Dodger Dogs, also donated
$500 for every baseball game “saved” by a Dodger relief pitcher.
                                                Berlex Laboratories Inc.                      Lori and Michael Milken
                                                Carol Young Brooke Foundation                 Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP
                                                Dodgers Dream Foundation                      Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Orefice
                                                Farmer John Meats                             Judy and Michael Ovitz
                                                Mr. Colin Farrell                             Mr. and Mrs. Raul E. Paiz
                                                Fisher-Price                                  Melissa and Timothy Pennington
                                                Mr. Marc Forster                              Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey V. Peterson
                                                Fox Entertainment Group                       Dr. Ronald Reuben
                                                GlaxoSmithKline                               Maxine and Gene Rosenfeld
Mattel children’s Hospital at ucLA              John Gogian Family Foundation                 Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Sear
January 1 - December 31, 2005                   The Harry and Barbara Goldman Foundation      The Caryll M. and Norman F. Sprague Founda-
                                                Mr. J. David Haft                             tion
Honor Roll
                                                Bertrand Hopper Memorial Foundation           Janis & Jeffrey Susskind
$1,000,000 – $4,999,999                                       Gail and Irv Weintraub
Daniel Kursman Living Trust                     Dr. Solomon and Mrs. Marie Kaplan             Ms. Reese Witherspoon and Mr. Ryan Phillippe
                                                Kenyon & Kenyon LLP                           Ms. Cari Wolk
$500,000 - $999,999                             Mrs. Jacqueline Lefrak
Casey Lee Ball Foundation                       Mar Vista Family Center                       $1,000 - $4,999
Dina La Vigna Breath of Life Fund               The Sean McCauley Hope Foundation, Inc.       Anonymous
Jeffrey Modell Foundation                       Milken Family Foundation                      Anonymous
$100,000 - $499,999                             MultiPlan, Inc.                               Anonymous
Anonymous                                       Nu Image, Inc.                                Abbott Laboratories
Anonymous                                       Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical, Inc.             Mr. and Mrs. Lou Adler
American Heart Association                      Paramount Pictures Group                      American Academy of Neurology
American Society of Clinical Oncology           Rags for Riches Foundation                    Mr. and Mrs. Avi A. Arad
Lance Armstrong Foundation                      Regency Enterprises                           Associated Students UCLA
Leonard Binette Trust                           The Resnick Family Foundation                 Mr. and Mrs. Rick Baker
The California Endowment                        Mr. Scott Rusin                               Barnes Morris Klein Mark & Yorn PC
Lita Annenberg Hazen Foundation                 Ellen and Richard Sandler                     Ms. Linda Berman and Mr. Erwin More
National March of Dimes Birth Defects           Santa Clarita Valley-Newhall Optimist Club    Mr. and Mrs. Les Bider
Foundation                                      Ray & Janet Scherr Foundation                 Bingham McCutchen LLP
The Tres Chicas Foundation                      Terry & Jane Semel Charitable Foundation      Steven & Dayna Bochco
UniHealth Foundation                            Harvey and Lillian Silbert Family Trust       Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Boyer
                                                Sloane, Offer, Weber & Dern LLP               Mr. Glenn Bozarth
$50,000 - $99,999                               Ms. Kelly C. Stehle                           Pam & Kurt Brendlinger
Anonymous                                       The Walt Disney Company                       Burgundy Accessories
Bickerstaff Family Foundation                   William Morris Agency                         Nicholas Burns & Family
Children’s Heart Foundation                     Ms. Pamela Woods and Mr. Kirk Pasich          Call Henry, Inc.
Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, Inc.                                                 Elizabeth and Colin Callender
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Fogelman                   $5,000 - $9,999                               Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Campbell
Insmed Incorporated                             Anonymous                                     Paul & Sandra Carter
Mrs. Samuel Kaplan                              Mrs. Ioe I. Adler                             Cerritos Optimist Club
Lawson Wilkins Pediatric Endocrine Society      The American Academy of Pediatrics            Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Marc Chapus
Looking Above and Beyond, Inc.                  Bain & Company/Russ Hagey                     Charlie’s Buddies
Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce          Ms. Betty Bennett and Mr. Robert Clearmoun-   Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Cheng
Foundation                                      tain                                          City of El Segundo Fire Department
Katherine D. Martin Trust                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Bergman               Ms. Carol A. Conforti
Mattel, Inc.                                    Brillstein-Grey Enterprises                   Mr. Patrick T. Connor
National Kidney Foundation Inc.                 The Broadhurst Foundation                     Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
Sepulveda Research Corporation                  Ms. Amy L. Brooks                             Crest Steel Corporation
$25,000 - $49,999                               Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Burroughs               CT Realty Corporation
Anonymous                                       Rick & Tina Caruso                            Ms. Samantha Daniels
Anonymous                                       Celebrity Poker Showdown, BRAVO               Ms. Judy Davis
The American Lung Association                   Citigroup                                     J.R. and Cynthia DeLang
Amgen Inc.                                      Disneyland Resort/Cast Community Fund         Delbert Hodge Enterprises
Paige Bronchick Charitable Foundation           Mr. Mickey Dude                               Patty & Robert Dickman
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Crofoot                      Mrs. Maxine N. Dunitz                         DreamWorks SKG
Dr. and Mrs. Neal Cutler                        Giannetti Architecture and Interiors, Inc.    Ms. Cassian Elwes
Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation, Inc.        Greenberg Glusker                             Randall Emmett - Emmett Furla Films
Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                      Mr. and Mrs. Evan M. Greenspan                Mr. Eric Erenstoft
Hope Street Kids                                Mary Ann and Kip Hagopian                     Ethan and Anne Falk
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lyle                        Ms. Karen Hermelin and Mr. Mark Borman        Jo Champa Farrell and Joseph Farrell
Novo Nordisk, Inc.                              Mr. Craig L. Hoelzel                          Dr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Feig
Southland Title Children’s Foundation           Mr. David A. Kaminow                          Mr. John Ferriter
Thomas Spiegel Family Foundation                KAOS Entertainment Enterprizes                Mr. Steven A. Finley
SWC-UCLA Run/Walk                               Kolisch Hartwell P.C.                         Mr. and Mrs. James F. Flaherty III
Talecris Biotherapeutics                        Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lambert                    Dr. and Mrs. Eric W. Fonkalsrud
                                                Lapin Apparel Ltd.                            Cindy and Glenn Frey
$10,000 - $24,999                               Lions Gate Entertainment Company              Dr. Eric L. Fugier
Anonymous                                       Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Littman                 Fun With Books, Inc.
The Ahmanson Foundation                         Leon Lowenstein Foundation, Inc.              Mr. Gregory G. Gabriel
Mr. Eric Bana                                   Madisons Foundation                           Gift of the Heart
   Globalquest Solutions, Inc.                 M W Rose Company Inc.                         Jai, Becky and Cambria Winding
   Google                                      Niagara Bottling, LLC                         Mr. and Mrs. David Wirtschafter
   Greene, Broillet, & Wheeler LLP             Nobel Middle School                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zeff
   Mr. and Mrs. James M. Griffith              Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Norton, Jr.           Ms. Kristin Zethren and Mr. Chic Wolk
   Mr. Tom Ham                                 Novartis Pharmaceuticals USA                  Mr. and Mrs. Hans Zimmer
   Mr. Elliot Handler                          Ms. Ginger L. Osman
   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hanning                 Parker, Milliken, Clark, O’Hara & Samuelian   Mattel children’s Hospital at ucLA
   Mr. Todd Harris                             Mr. Michael A. Paseornek                      2005 Board of Directors
   Drs. Rick Harrison and Susan Hammar         Perkins & Will
   Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Hartzell               Perry & Neidorf, LLP                          Lou Adler
   The Hershey Company                         Marvel S. Platoff Foundation                  Page Adler
   Mr. L. B. Higgins                           Mr. John A. Ptak                              Glenn Bozarth
   Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hill, Jr.               Shawn Pyfrom                                  Beth Cutler
   Mr. Stephen J. Hogan                        Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Reiss                   J.R. DeLang
   Hollywood Park Racing Charities Inc.        Roche Laboratories, Inc.                      Ethan Falk
   The Home Depot, Inc.                        Ropers, Majeski, Kohn & Bentley               John Fogelman
   David and Evelyn Hou                        Mr. and Mrs. Lee Rosenberg                    Liz Greenspan
   Mr. and Mrs. John Iloulian                  Marcia & Kacy Rozelle                         David Haft
   Insight LA                                  Saints Simon and Jude School                  Roberta Haft
   Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Jarzynka                Salamander Fund                               Walter Hill, Jr.
   Jan & Arabella Johannes                     Dr. and Mrs. Raman Sankar                     Scott Lambert
   Mr. and Mrs. Jay Joseph                     Mr. Jeffry Scapa                              Jonathan Littman
   Ms. Jane Kaczmarek                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Scioscia              Robert Lyle
   Kasil, Inc.                                 Sea Gate Travel Group                         Becky Mancuso-Winding
   Diane Kessler                               David and Jann Sears                          Alexandra Milchan-Lambert
   Mr. Kasra Keyhan                            Ms. Risa Shapiro                              Carole Nussbaum
   KidsArt, Inc.                               Mrs. Judith L. Shore                          Jerry Orefice
   Kinoha, Inc.                                Siemens Medical Systems Inc.                  Michael Paseornek
   Mr. Grant Kirkpatrick, KAA Design Group     Rear Admiral and Mrs. Raymond C. Smith        Ellen Sandler
   Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Koeppe               Mr. Michael Jay Solomon                       Ray Scherr
   L & D Longo Family Foundation               Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Sarah Sorensen          Mark Sear
   Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lasorda                    Specialty Transport                           Helene Spiegel
   LBA Realty                                  St. Martin of Tours School                    Bryan Stockton
   Mr. and Mrs. Mark Leib                      Drs. E. Richard and Judith H. Stiehm
   Mrs. Harry Lenart                           Mr. and Mrs. Bryan G. Stockton                Today’s and Tomorrow’s children fund
   Los Angeles Lakers, Inc.                    Stone, Meyer, Smelkinson & Binder, LLP
                                                                                             founding Members
   Management 360                              Miss Michelle Susskind and
   Mr. and Mrs. Ori Marmur                     Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Susskind                 Barbara Bergman
   Mattel Children’s Foundation                Ms. Allyson A. Tachiki                        Amy Brooks
   Drs. Linda L. and Edward R. B. McCabe       Tank and Refinery Services Company, Inc.      Andrea Burroughs
   Mr. and Mrs. Cary Meadow                    Dr. Murugesa Thangavel                        Mary Ann Hagopian
   Mr. and Mrs. Cary W. Medill                 3 Arts Entertainment, Inc.                    Susan Lyle
   Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.        The Jamie and Steve Tisch Foundation          Nancy Marks
   Elizabeth and Charles Meyer                 Ms. Jeanette Trepp                            Lori Milken
   Mrs. Opal M. Meyer                          Union Bank of California                      Judy Ovitz
   Midas Entertainment, Inc.                   Universal Studios, Inc.                       Melissa Pennington
   Ms. Alyssa Milano                           Velvet Crossing Marketing, LLC                Eva Peterson
   Gregory & EJ Milken                         Mr. Arkady Voloshin                           Jeanne Reynolds
   Hillary and Lance Milken                    Warner Bros. Studios                          Maxine Rosenfeld
   Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Minahan              Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Weithorn              Ellen Sandler
   Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell R. Julis              Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wiatt                   Janet Scherr
   Mitsubishi Cement Corporation               John & Jeanne Williams                        Jennifer Sear
   The John and Colleen Morrissey Foundation   Ms. Lynn A. Williams and Mr. Michael Croft    Janis Susskind

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