Request for Comment Period Extension by mhk16044


									                              Native Village of Point Hope
                                      P.O. Box 109
                               Point Hope, Alaska 99766
                                     (907) 368-2330
                                  Fax: (907) 368-2332
                                                                    September 28, 2009

Region 10 Environmental Protection Agency
1200 6th Avenue
Suite 900, AWT-107
Seattle, WA 98101

Dear EPA,

        The Native Village of Point Hope, NVPH, is writing to you with concerns to the
Outer Continental Shelf, OCS, Air Permits. As we know there is a deadline of October 5,
2009 comment period. The NVPH is concerned that there is not adequate time to collect
public comments. We are writing to request that the deadline be extended so we, the
Tribe, can collect comments on behalf of our village. We feel it is critical for our people
to be heard and understood of the situation we are put in when it comes to oil drilling in
our back yard. We may be forced to give up a way of life that we have had for many
many years and want to keep it going for many to come.

                                             Thank you for your time and consideration,
                                             Iris Lane-Oktollik
                                             EPA Manager
                                             Native Village of Point Hope

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