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					                                         Forbes Public
                                       School Newsletter

                                               “Maintaining A Tradition of Excellence”

Issue No 17 2009
                                 BULA, HELLO                              Special Achievement
5 November 2009           It is so great to be back at school.       Congratulations to Elise Dukes,
                          Holidays are always great but so is        Marisha Downey and Claire Maslin
                          coming home.                               who received a Special Achievement
                          Thank you to Ms Pitt who has been          Award at our School Assembly on
Forbes Public School      relieving as our Principal and Mrs         Friday, 30 October 2009.
PO Box 807                Davidson who has relieved as Assistant     The following students received Merit
                          Principal Special Education.               Awards at their morning assembly.
Lachlan Street
                          While I was away we have been notified     Emma Carroll                      1L
FORBES NSW 2871           that our Aboriginal Dance Group have
                          been invited to dance in the NSW           Kyle Bolam                        1R
                          School Spectacular at Darling Harbour      James Moss                        1R
Phone: 02 6852 1934       next year.
                                                                     Jamie Emery                       2P
Fax: 02 6852 2534         Ms South, Mr Thorpe and Ms Grimmett
                          have been working with the children,       Elise Dukes                       2SN
                          developing their dance skills and          Marisha Downey                    3J
forbes-                   encouraging the children to share their
p.school@det.nsw.edu                                                 Claire Maslin                     3J
.au                       knowledge and skills to create
                          something special.                         Ryan Glennan                      LC
                          On Wednesday the group welcomed a
www.forbes-               special guest, Mr Brown from Yoorana          PRESENTATION CEREMONY
                          Gunya, who will be facilitating and        The 2009 Annual Presentation
                          sharing Aboriginal culture with them       Ceremony will be held at the Forbes
Denise King               throughout the term. We are very           High School Hall on Wednesday, 9
                          pleased and excited to have Mr Brown
Principal                                                            December beginning at 10am.
                          working with the children.
                                                                     All students will attend and student
Inside this issue:        Our talented young people are:             leaders for 2010 will be announced.
                          Lynton Robbins, Nicholas Robbins,          All parents, grandparents and friends
Virtue Awards         2
                          Traie Merritt, Nathan Molloy, Cristy       are warmly invited.
                          Molloy, Danielle Mason, Lillyann
Public Speaking       2
                          Mason, Tailha Cobb, Shannon Bray,          Please put this date in your diary.
PBL BBQ               2   Kiah Peckham, Maxi Lambe, Heidi
                          Barnes, Jessie Colvin, Kate Allan,                    YEAR TO DATE
Principal’s           3   Norma Lambe and Sonny Young.
                                                                     Today I have included an insert into
                          Pictured below: Primary Aboriginal
                                                                     our newsletter that I am sure you will
Relay for Life        3   students participating in a Wiradjuri      find interesting.
Virtue of the Week    3                                                      “OUR YEAR TO DATE”

Assembly Awards       4
                                                                     This is a very simple overview of the
                                                                     many achievements and activities we
School Fete           4                                              (students, staff and community) have
                                                                     participated in at Forbes Public School
November Calendar     5
                                                                     in Terms One, Two and Three.
Year to Date
                                                                     Totally outstanding.
                 Please do not send peanut butter sandwiches or nut products to school
                 with your children as there are students who are allergic to them.
                 Thank you for your consideration.

                                             Virtue Awards
                          The following students received awards for the virtue, ‘Caring’.
KH        -    Joshua Higgins            -    Always being a very kind friend
KN-K      -    Lauryn McCallum           -    Lauryn takes care with everthing she does. She is careful and caring.
1H        -    Zac Cook                  -    By always thinking of other peoples feelings
1L        -    Harley Stonham            -    By improving his behaviour and playing in a responsible manner
1R        -    Sophie Clifton            -    By being there for others who need help
2P        -    Hannah Stewart            -    By treating people with kindness and generosity
3J        -    Nicholas Robbins          -    Displays a caring attitude towards his teacher and all of his class
6EH       -    Brad Herbert              -    Always being sensitive to the feelings of others and taking steps to
                                              assist them
3/6P      -    Shanae Reedy              -    By giving her best effort in Creative Arts

               Public Speaking                                                    PBL BBQ
                                                              Friday, 30 October saw the staging of the 2nd PBL
On Monday, 26 October, 14 students from years 5
                                                              (Positive Behaviour 4 Learning) BBQ. The winning
and 6 competed in the intra-school public speaking.
                                                              classes were 2P and 5C. These classes have lined up
This was the inaugural competition named the Eva              quickly and quietly as well as walking in a sensible
Bowman Memorial Orators’ Award. This competition is           manner to their classrooms in Term 3.
sponsored by Mrs Sunderland whose late mother, Mrs            Congratulations!
Eva Bowman, was instrumental in encouraging and               It was extremely pleasing to see so many parents join
fostering Mrs Sunderland’s love of public speaking            their children in this celebratory BBQ.
and debating.
                                                              Many thanks to the Forbes Public School P&C for
The adjudicators, Mrs Hull and Mr Toole, were                 their sponsorship of the BBQ. These BBQs would
extremely impressed with the standard shown in the            not go ahead without the huge effort of Mrs Stace,
speeches. They found it to be a most difficult                Mrs Prow, Mr Schrader and the Forbes Public School
decision to choose a winner. However, after a long            SRC. Thank you.
deliberation they did decide and this winner will be
                                                              The final BBQ will be held before the end of the year.
announced at Presentation Day.

We would like to thank Mrs Hull and Mr Toole for                                Lost Property
giving up their valuable time. Without the support of
community members, events such as the Eva Bowman              The foyer outside 1H classroom has a huge box
Memorial Orators’ Award could not be held.                    overflowing with jumpers, jackets, hats, drink bottles,
                                                              size 1 Stingray joggers etc. None of these items has a
                                                              name on it. If your child is missing any item of
                   WANTED                                     clothing, please feel free to have a look. At the end of
6EH are looking for a mannequin to paint and display in the   this term, these unclaimed items will be washed and
Lachlan Valley Community of Schools Art Show. If you have,    put into the school’s clothing pool.
or know where there might be, an old dress maker mannequin
or shop mannequin could you please contact Mrs Ellis at the   This problem would not occur if names were put on
school.                                                       ALL items sent to school.
The art show is open to the public and will be held on
Wednesday, 2 December at Forbes High School Hall from 5
                                                                   PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS OF
pm, followed by an official opening at 7pm.                                CLOTHING
Page 2                                                                                Forbes Public School Newsletter
                  Student Awards                                                   VISITING SHOW
                                                                  Our next visiting show “Beat Box” will be held on
  The following students have been awarded
                                                                  Thursday, 12 November 2009.
     Principal’s Commendation Awards.
                                                                  Beat Box is an exploration of rhythm and not merely a
KH                    3J                  1R                      drumming show. It also uses voice, body percussion, plus
Brady Nicholls        Gabrielle Alley     Jack Cole               found objects to show that music can be made anywhere
                                                                  by anyone.
Samantha Pascoe       Jake Shaw           Jarrod McClenahan
Lilly Asimus          Alex Clifton        Sophie Clifton          If you have not paid your pre-payments and you would
                                                                  like your child to enjoy this highly entertaining show,
Jock Moss             Dakota Stonham      Henry Williams          could you please send $6.00 in an envelope marked with
Hugh Squire           Lillyann Mason      Dylan Prosser           your child’s name, class and “Beat Box”.
Luke Forrester        Claire Maslin       Isaac Sutton            Please pay before this date to ensure your child does not
KN-K                  Libby Coles         Jillisa Davis           miss out.

Lauryn McCallum       Joshua Forrester    Kristal Girot
Abbey Maloney         Abella Judd         1L                                         Relay For Life
Cameron Toole         Daniel Mewett       Madeline Abel          The towns Relay for Life walk will be held on
Brock Noakes          Max Slack-Smith     2P                     Saturday, 14 and Sunday 15 November, 2009. In
                                                                 conjunction with this, our school will be supporting
Macca Dalton          Alesha Horton       Chloe Rennick          this cause by taking turns in walking around the oval
1H                    Matthew Prow        Jessica Jenkins        and selling wrist bands and frisbies. All money raised
Emily Jack            Meg Sladek          Laney Stavleu          will be going towards the Cancer Council.
Blake Rennick         Kiah Peckham        2SN                    Wrist bands are $4 each and frisbies are $5 each and
                                                                 will be sold at lunch time during week 4, until sold.
Hugh Scott            Rex Crisp           Bree Schaefer
                                                                 Each class will take turns in walking around the oval
Georgie Abel          Lily Steele-Park    Tay-lah Picker
                                                                 on Friday, 13 November and a gold coin donation
Amy Gallagher         Natalie Sharp       6N                     would be appreciated.
Zac Cook              Nicholas Robbins    Natalia Henderson      If you would like to join your child/ren in their
4M                    Abella Judd         Ellie Adams            walking, you are most welcome.
Tim Dukes             Jack Payne          Merrin Isbester                          Virtue Of The Week
Chloe Morrison        Bradley Clifton     Kate Hessel
Grace Quirk           Marisha Downey      6EH                                       Term 4 Weeks 5—6
Simon Bayley          Matthew Morrison    Melanie Betland         Being honest is being open, trustworthy and truthful.
Sarah Carroll         Kyle Bradshaw McCallum                      When people are honest, they can be relied on not to
                                                                  lie, cheat, or steal.
Jacinta Bradley       Matthew Prow
                                                                  Honesty is telling the truth. It is admitting mistakes
                                                                  even when you know someone might be angry or
                           Attention Year 5 Parents
                      If you would like your child to go to a
                                                                  Being honest means that you don’t pretend to be
                      selective high school in 2011 you will
                                                                  something you are not. With honesty, you can trust
need to apply through the school for an application form.         things to be as they appear.
These application forms can be obtained from Mrs Norrie
and must be returned by Friday, 13 November 2009.
                                                                                   REMEMBRANCE DAY
The Selective High School test will be held on Thursday, 18       The Remembrance Day Service will be held on
March 2010. If you have any queries please contact Mrs            Wednesday, 11 November starting at 10.40am.
Norrie on 6852 1934.
                                                                  This year the children are making
For more information, visit                                       poppies in class to contribute to our
http://www.xsel.schools.nsw.edu.au                                own “Flander’s Field”.
http://www.schools.nsw.edu.au/learning/k-6assessments/            All parents, grandparents and friends
selectiveschools.php                                              are invited to attend.

                                                                Issue No 17 2009   Page 3
                                       Assembly Awards
     The following awards were presented at the school assembly held on Friday, 30 October 2009

6EH       -        Brittany Morrison    -        Helpful and responsible behaviour
                   Jade Parker          -        A friendly and helpful attitude
5D        -        Danielle Jenkins     -        A top effort in Handwriting
                   Tom Williams         -        Working well in COGS
5C        -        Morgan Penman        -        Always trying her best
                   Joshua Bayley        -        Always presenting neat work
4M        -        Chloe Morrison       -        Always producing beautiful work
                   Courtney Sinclair    -        Always being kind and well mannered
3/6P      -        Dylan Skinner        -        Applying himself to set tasks, even with a broken arm
                   Bianca Walsh         -        Improving in Reading
3J        -        Jake Shaw            -        For excellent manners in class and trying extremely hard in all
                   Daniel Mewett        -        For outstanding English skills
                   Lily Steele-Park     -        For being an extremely polite and studious individual
                   Mathew Withers       -        For persistence and dedication to strive in completing all set
2SN       -        Minette Rensburg     -        Excellent results in Spelling
                   Tahli Little         -        For working hard to present work neatly
2P        -        Jacob Smith          -        For great working out in Maths
                   Jessica Jenkins      -        For excellent work in Spelling
1R        -        Henry Williams       -        For his fantastic work in Reading
                   Jarrod McClenahan    -        For improvement in Maths
1L        -        Annabelle Crisp      -        Developing higher order questioning skills
                   Ben Quigley          -        Developing excellent homework habits
1H        -        Kally Molloy         -        For improvement in Writing
                   Hugh Scott           -        For his great effort in Writing
KN-K      -        Abbey Maloney        -        Trying hard and great results in Reading
                   Macca Dalton         -        Always doing his best work
KH        -        Ben Adams            -        Fantastic work in phonics
                   Chloe Smith          -        Being a responsible learner

                                       ANNUAL SCHOOL FETE
                           There will be something for everyone
                           FRIDAY, 6 November Commencing at 5.30pm

          Have your face painted, nails done, glitter eyes or your hair beaded at the Beauty Line
           Try your luck at the Football Passing, Mini Golf, Hidden Treasure & Lemon Sucking
           If you need a break try our Barbecue, Donuts, Popcorn and Drink Stalls. For something
                more refreshing cool off with a Slush Puppie or sweeten up with Fairy Floss.
                   Local performers will entertain you with Whip Cracking and Music too!
                Don’t forget to buy tickets in the Grocery Hamper! (donated by Woolworths)

    STALLS GALORE—Plants-Produce—Handicrafts—Sweets & Cakes—
 Lucky Bags—Bottles—Books—Toys—White Elephant—Christmas Gift Bags
                      AND SO MUCH MORE - SEE YOU THERE!
∗   Reading Recovery Program participation

∗   Best Start Assessments

∗   FPS Swimming Carnival

∗   Performance – Dance around the World

∗   Drug Education – Message in a bottle Moodle (ICT tool)

∗   Young Leaders Day in Bathurst

∗   WSSA PSSA Knock Out Cricket FPS Vs Middleton – FPS Won

∗   Boys Program – Guest Speaker

∗   School Photos

∗   Hearing and speech assessments

∗   WSSA – Regional Cricket trials – 2 students selected in the Western Area Team.

∗   Rugby League Blitz – guest specialists

∗   WSSA PSSA Knock Out Basketball boys & girls

∗   Western Area PSSA Swimming trial FPS entered 36 swimmers at the Lachlan
    level with 14 students selected to go to Western Area.
∗   Western Area Tennis Trials 2 FPS trialled

∗   Learning Community – Special Days performances

∗   Positive Behaviour for Learning Implementation/ reward BBQs

∗   Lachlan Rugby League Trials –6 FPS students trialled

∗   WSSA PSSA Knock Out Cricket FPS Vs Condo PS – FPS Won

∗   Virtual Excursion – Dhihawan Dreaming Stage 2

∗   Western Area PSSA Boys Cricket trials 6 students from FPS trialled at Lachlan,
    2 students trialled at Western both successful in making the Western Area PSSA
    Boys Cricket team.
∗   Western Area PSSA Boys and Girls Soccer trials 7 students FPS trialled

∗   AFL Paul Kelly Cup
∗   Western Area Rugby League Trials –2 FPS students trialled and one was selected
    in Western Area RL team
∗   State Swimming 5 FPS students achieved

∗   Easter Activities

∗   ANZAC Day ceremony

∗   Life Education Van visiting FPS

∗   Lachlan PSSA Boys and Girls Soccer Trials 10 FPS Students trialled

∗   Walk to school day

∗   Virtual Excursion – Museum Tour – Stage 3

∗   Special Education Sports Day for the Learning Centre

∗   National Police Remembrance Day ceremony – SRC representation

∗   PSSA Girls Hockey Knock Out FPS made it to round 3

∗   Lachlan Cross County Carnival

∗   NAPLAN Assessments

∗   Aboriginal Dreaming Program in Stage 2

∗   WSSA Knock Out Boys Hockey FPS made it to round 3

∗   AFL Coaching Clinic

∗   Lachlan District Cross Country 24 students represented FPS

∗   CWA Public Speaking

∗   2FM Year 5 Radio Presentations

∗   UNI NSW ICT Assessments

∗   Aboriginal Health Screening

∗   Premiers Debating Challenge: FPS defeated Forbes North PS

∗   Lachlan Touch Football Trials 10 students represented FPS

∗   Premiers Sporting Challenge

∗   David Peachy and Russell Richardson Rugby League Knock Out

∗   Premiers Debating Challenge: FPS defeated Mulyan PS

∗   WSSA Boys Touch Football Knock Oout FPS won 2 lost 1

∗   WSSA Netball Knock Out FPS won 3 lost 1
∗   UNI NSW Science Assessments

∗   Western Area Cross Country 5 students represented FPS

∗   Western Area Netball trials 1 student represented FPS

∗   Stage 1 excursion to Western Pains Zoo - Dubbo

∗   WA touch football girls and boys trial 3 students represented FPS

∗   Significant Reading Programs

∗   Significant Language programs

∗   PSSA Softball Knock Out FPS won1 lost 3

∗   Forbes Public School Athletics Carnival

∗   3 way interviews

∗   Multicultural Public Speaking Competition

∗   Birth to Kindergarten – LVCoS reading initiative

∗   NAIDOC Week Celebrations

∗   Learning Centre – Luncheon planning day

∗   Premiers Debating Challenge: FPS defeated Middleton PS

∗   School Disco

∗   Forbes Eisteddfod – Learning Centre and Stage 1 choir

∗   Premiers Debating Challenge: FPS was defeated by Wellington PS

∗   Performance - Circus

∗   UNINSW English assessments

∗   Book Fair

∗   AFL Knock Out V’s Ungarie

∗   Stage 3 excursion to Canberra

∗   Mathletics

∗   District Athletics Carnival 42 Students represented FPS

∗   Book Week Activities

∗   Tournament of the Minds

∗   G & T Stage 2 program
∗   Premiers Debating Challenge: FPS defeated Tullamore CS

∗   Participation in the RH Lytton Interschool Orators Competition

∗   Stage 2 Excursion

∗   Touch Football Gala Day

∗   Western Area Athletics Carnival 24 students represented FPS

∗   Premiers Debating Challenge: FINALS FPS

∗   Learning Centre participated in the Western Area Special Education Aus-Tag
    gala day
∗   Wenban Spelling competition

∗   Fundraising events: Yellow Day
∗   Daffodil Day, Jellybean Day
∗   Virtual Debate V’s Dubbo South PS.

∗   NSW Athletics 5 students from FPS competed

∗   PSSA Boys Cricket Knock Out – FPS are the Western Region Champions

∗   PSSA AFL – FPS are the Western Region Champions

∗   PSSA Tennis Knock Out – FPS lost in the first round

∗   PSSA Basketball Knock Out – Boys lost in round one, girls lost one won one.

∗   PSSA Soccer Knock Out – Both boys and girls made it to round 3

∗   PSSA Rugby League Knock Out – FPS made it to round 2

∗   Reading Recovery TPL

∗   Best Start TPL

∗   Stage Planning Days


∗   Learning Support Team

∗   Western Area School Sports Conference

∗   Community and staff meeting regarding Diabetes

∗   SBSR (student Based School Reports) go home each semester

∗   Student Portfolios report to parents students’ achievements each term.
∗   Moodle TPL

∗   Orana Connected Learning Project – ICT connected programs

∗   Dare to Lead – Aboriginal Education review

∗   SLSC (School Learning Support Coordinator) trial.

∗   Positive Behaviour for Learning - TPL

∗   Executive Planning Day

∗   Assistant Principal Special Education Appointed to FPS

∗   Reading to Learn TPL

∗   Jolly Grammar/ Jolly Phonics TPL

∗   Eiteach TPL

∗   OHS&W (Occupational Health Safety and Welfare) TPL

∗   Teachers Aid recertification TPL

∗   Anaphylaxis Training

∗   New Scheme Teachers TPL

∗   Emints TPL

∗   Staff Service Awards presented

∗   NAIDOC Week Celebrations

∗   Mathletics TPL

∗   Diabetes Blood sugar testing TPL

∗   3 Prac teachers – CSU uni

∗   Western School Sports Association AGM/ Termly meetings

∗   Lachlan School Sports Association meetings and AGM

∗   LVCoS Projects

∗   Kindergarten orientation meetings

∗   Prep for big school program
∗   Parent Information Sessions

∗   Community and staff meeting regarding Diabetes

∗   Seniors Week celebrations

∗   AECG (Aboriginal Educational Consolation group)

∗   Dare to Lead – Aboriginal Education review

∗   Parent Helpers Morning Tea

∗   Parent review meetings for students with special needs termly.

∗   Fortnightly Assemblies

∗   Positive Behaviour for Learning – Parent Information sessions and reward BBQs

∗   Easter Activities

∗   ANZAC Day ceremony

∗   Learning Centre Parent information meeting

∗   Building Education Revolution – Hall announcement

∗   Centry21 projects announced- Covered Walkways, Soft fall and COLA

∗   Public Education Day

∗   Forbes Public School Athletics Carnival

∗   3 way interviews with parents staff and students - SBSR

∗   NAIDOC Week Celebrations

∗   School Disco

∗   Book Fair

∗   P &C presentation – Drug Education

∗   FPS hosted 6 Work Education students from Forbes High School and Redbend
    Catholic College
∗   Show display/ Participation

∗   National Police Remembrance Day ceremony

∗   Learning Ladder Preschool visit to Kindergarten

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