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                                 New Zealand Statistics
                         A guide to finding NZ statistics in print and electronic resources.

For New Zealand statistics on any subject
Statistics New Zealand web site                                                      
   Provides statistics on a wide range of subjects, including population, Maori, the
   environment, business, the economy, trade, primary production and tourism.
   Statistics are available by area, e.g. regions, urban areas and area units
   (suburbs). Analytical Reports are available on a variety of topics, e.g. Agriculture,
   Biotechnology. Many of Statistics New Zealand’s printed publications are also
   available on the web site, e.g. New Zealand in Profile, Hot Off the Press releases.
   Census data from 1996, 2001 and 2006 is available on the web site. Table Builder
   can be used to create your own customised reports from Census data.

   New Zealand’s official statistics portal, providing access to official statistics
   produced by government agencies. Statistics are listed by subject and agency.
New Zealand Official Yearbook                                                                  Ref DU400 New
  Contains statistics and commentary on a wide range of topics, and identifies other
  useful sources of statistics. Since 1998 the Yearbook has been published every
  two years.
Key Statistics                                                                                 Ref HA3032 Key
  This monthly publication provides up-to-date statistics on population, labour force,
  incomes, consumer expenditure, prices, trade, business and finance.
Statistical Publications, 1840-2000                                                            Ref HA3033.A1 Sta 2004
   A guide to the publications of Statistics New Zealand and earlier organisations
   responsible for national statistics. For current publications from Statistics New
   Zealand, refer to the Statistics New Zealand web site - Products and Services.

Subject specific statistics
The Library has separate guides for statistics on Agriculture & Farm, Horticulture & Viticulture and Tourism.
These guides are available from the stand near the iZone Help Desk in the Library and from the Library Web -
Publications page, scroll down to Statistics.
Search the Library Catalogue to see if the Library has any statistical publications specifically on your topic. Try a
Keywords (Web search-engine style) search, adding the term statistics and if relevant “New Zealand” to your
subject. For example: +health +“new zealand” +statistics or +forestry +“new zealand” +statistics
If you can’t find the statistics you need, ask at the iZone Help Desk in the Library.
Following is a selection of statistical publications on specific subjects:
Annual Enterprise Survey                                                                     Ref HC661 Ann
  Financial data from NZ businesses. Data can be used to profile an industry or              and
  economic sector. Includes industry financial ratios.                             

Consumers Price Index                                                                        Ref HB235.N45 Con
  Published quarterly, the CPI is used to measure inflation for purchases by private         and

Christchurch City Council. Facts, Stats and Figures                                
  Statistics about Christchurch City’s social, economic, physical and natural                tchurch/FactsStatsAnd
  environments.                                                                              Figures/

Demographic Trends                                                                        Ref HA3171 Dem
  Published annually. Covers population change and structure, migration, fertility,       and
  mortality, demographic projections, etc.                                      

Overseas Merchandise Trade                                                                Ref HF4030.5.A15 Ove
    Exports and imports issued separately each month.                                     and

OECD Economic Surveys – New Zealand                                                       Serial HC10 OEC
   Statistics and commentary on New Zealand’s economy. An annual and                      and
   sometimes biennial publication, the latest survey is for 2007. The surveys are also    online
   available online – access from the Library Catalogue.
Quarterly Predictions / New Zealand Institute of Economic Research                        Ref HC670.I5 Qua
   Overview and analysis of the NZ economy with forecasts for four to five years          and
   ahead. The statistical appendix contains historical and forecast data. Access the      online
   online version of Quarterly Predictions from the Library Catalogue.
Retail Trade Survey                                                                       Ref HC661 Ret
    Monthly publication providing data on retail sales by 15 store types. The data can    and
    be used to monitor economic activity and analyse the retail industry.       

Rural Property Sales Statistics / Quotable Value New Zealand                              Ref HJ4444.N45 Rur
    Includes statistics on the number of sales and sale price by category and district.
    Published in June and December each year.
Urban Property Sales Statistics / Quotable Value New Zealand                              Ref HJ4444.N45 Urb
    Includes statistics on the number of sales and sale price by urban property
    category and urban area. Published in June and December each year.

New Zealand Census statistics
The first population census in New Zealand was held in 1851 and thereafter every three years until 1881. Since
then they have been conducted every five years except in 1931 and 1941. The early census publications held by
Lincoln University Library are kept in the Serial Archive: ask at Collection Management (Library Level 1) to view
these. More recent census publications are located in the Main collection at HA3173 Pop. The latest census
publications are held in the Reference collection Ref HA3033.A1.

Census data from 2006, 2001 and 1996 is available from the Statistics New Zealand web site. The QuickStats
reports use Census data to provide overviews of a subject or place with commentary, tables and graphs. Other
data can be viewed in prepared tables or use Table Builder to create your own customised reports.

Databases providing statistics

Official Statistics: NZ Time Series
     Economic, financial and social statistics from Statistics New Zealand, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, the New
     Zealand Treasury and the NZ Land Transport Safety Authority. Access is on campus only: start from the Library
     Web Databases page,

Trade Statistics
    Detailed export and import data - value and quantity by country of origin (imports) or country of destination
    (exports), from 1989 onwards. The data is classified at the 10 digit level of the New Zealand Harmonised System
    Classification (NZHSC). Consult the NZHSC to identify the 10 digit classification code for a particular commodity,
    available in the Library at Ref HF1044.N45 New and from the Statistics New Zealand web site. Access to the
    Trade Statistics database is on campus only, start from the Library Web Databases page.

Finding statistics on the Internet
New Zealand statistics are available from many government, organisation and company web sites.
A good place to start is Statisphere and the Statistics New Zealand website

Alternatively, use a search engine like google to search for specific statistics. Search for all
the words that you would expect to find on a relevant Web page, for example: “new zealand” transport statistics

If you can’t find the statistics you need, ask at the iZone Help Desk in the Library.