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									              The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
                  New Zealand Branch Incorporated
                                RECORDSHOP CATALOGUE

                                        AUGUST 2009

        Please refer to the General Notes at the end of the Catalogue. THIS ISSUE
       CONTAINS SOME HELPFUL HINTS.                SPECIAL NOTE: Prices of CDs –
      except where otherwise stated - vary between $28.00 and $45.00 (Double Albums)

                                      FROM THE RSCDS
Crowe, Bobby      Music for Dances from Book 1
Cunningham, David Music for Dances from Book 7
                   Plus Three Dances from Spring
                   2007 issue of RSCDS Magazine             Due November 2009
Lindsay, Jimmy    Music for Dances from Book 8                         $30.00
Hall, David       Music for Dances from Book 10
tba               Music for Dances from Book 9
                    Plus 3 Plus 2
Keith, Lex        Music for Dances from Book 15                          O/S
Copland, Neil     Music for Dances from Book 17
                   Plus Three Dances from Issue
                   8 - RSCDS Magazine                       Due November 2009
McLaren, Nicol    Music for Dances from Book 20
Thomson, Frank    Music for Dances from Book 27
Lindsay, Jimmy    Music for Dances from Book 28
Cunningham, David Music for Dances from Book 30
                    Plus three dances by Hugh Foss
Thomson, Kenny    Music for Dances from Book 33
Muir, Ian         Music for Dances from Book 34
                    Plus Three Dances for 2006
Copland, Neil     Music for Dances from Book 35
Craigowl Band     Music for Dances from Book 40 & The Childrens Book
Cunningham, David Music for Dances from Book 41
Anderson, Marian  Music for Dances from Book 42
MacPhail, Ian     Music for Dances from Book 43
Meikle, George    Music for Dances from Book 45

Ron Gonnella Quartet A Fife Fairing
                     Dances from Leaflets 11, 19 and 21, “Four SCDs for 1978”
                     and “Five SCDs for “1982”
Dewar, Colin         Collins Pocket Reference – Volume 1 – Ceilidh/Party Dances
                     Bluebell Polka, Boston Two-Step, Britannia Two-Step,
                     Canadian Barn Dance, Circle Waltz, Elephant Walk, Eva Three-
                     Step, Friendly Waltz, The Gay Gordons, Hesitation Waltz,
                     Highland Schottische, Kelvingrove Two-Step, Lambeth Walk,
                     Lomond Waltz, Military Two-Step, Mississippi Dip, The Palais Glide,
                     Pride of Erin Waltz, La Va, St Bernard’s Waltz, Sheena’s Saunter and
                     The Social Swing, Stern Polka, Suzuki Circle, Swedish Masquerade,
                     Veleta, Virginia Reel, Dunnet Head, Auld Lang Syne

                            RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc. Record Shop Catalogue - August 2009

Cont’d                Collins Pocket Reference - Volume 2 - Scottish Country Dances
                      The Dashing White Sergeant, The Eightsome Reel, Hamilton House,
                      The Foursome Reel, Inverness Country Dance, The Duke & Duchess of
                      Edinburgh, The Machine without Horses, The Reel of the 51st Division,
                      Duke of Perth, Scottish Reform, Waltz Country Dance, Mairi’s
                      Wedding, Postie’s Jig, Petronella, The Dunedin Festival Dancer/
                      Highland Welcome, Strip the Willow

Johnstone, Muriel     MacNab Music for Scottish Dances (Double Album)
(Ensemble featuring   Disc One: Because He was a Bonnie Lad, The Braes of Balquhidder,
Marian Anderson,      The Earl of Errol’s Reel, Hebridean Weaving Lilt, Kelvingrove,
Keith Smith, David    Lamont of Inveryne, MacDonald of Sleat, McLaine of Lochbuie,
Cunningham and        MacLeod of Harris, McNichol of the Black Isle, Miss Fiona MacRae of
Chris Duncan)         Conchra, The Shepherd’s Crook, St Andrew’s Nicht

                      Disc Two: Bonnie Anne, Brig O’ Doon, Jeannie O’ the Witchin’ E’e,
                      The Laird O’ Dochart’s Reel, Lerwick Reel, Lochanside, MacLeod of
                      Dunvegan, Moulin Dhu, McNeil of Barra, Over the Dee and Over the
                      Don, Rothesay at The Fair, Royal Salute, Rouken Glen, St Andrews
                      Cross, Duke of Gordon’s Welcome to Aberdeen


Adamson, Deirdre      A Birl Roond Forfar
                      Baldovan Reel, The Nurseryman, Cherrybank Gardens, Midnight Oil,
                      A Birl Roond Forfar, Kilkenny Castle, White Heather Jig, Mrs Mac
                      Pherson of Inveran, The Nor’ Loch, James Gray, S-Locomotion,
                      Johnnie’s Welcome Hame, Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Scotland, The
                      Water Kelpie, Seton’s Ceilidh Band
                      An Angus Welcome
                      Jute Spinner’s Reel, Hall Change, Glasgow Lassies, The Unicef
                      Circle, The Express, Mrs Milne of Kinneff, Stuck in the Snow,
                      Dancing in the Street, Heather Dewar’s Strathspey, The Lochalsh
                      Reel, Indian River Strathspey, Major Ian Stewart, The Auld Alliance
                      Come Forth to the Scottish Country Dance
                      The Diamond Jubilee, Miss Nancy Arnott, Luck to Loyne (5x40 Reel),
                      Airie Bennan, Perth Medley (4x32 Reel/32 Strathspey), A Dog’s
                      Breakfast, The Garry Strathspey, The Gannoch Reel (4x32), Miss
                      Mary Douglas, The Whistling Wind, Johnnie Cope (3x32 Jig), Braw
                      Braw Lads (4x48 Strathspey), The Hamilton Rant
                      Come Scottish Country Dancing
                      The Phantom Piper, Niel Gow’s Farewell to Whisky. The Dundee
                      Whaler, The Brisk Young Lad, The Salmonfield Poacher, The Swilcan,
                      Gavin’s Reel, Lady Sophia Lindsay, The Snake Pass, MacDonald of
                      The Isles, Barley Bree, Shiftin’ Bobbins, Bruce and Margaret Urquhart,
                      West’s Hornpipe

                            RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc. Record Shop Catalogue - August 2009

Cont’d             Come More Scottish Country Dancing
                   Hooper’s Jig, The Deveron Reel, Wisp of Thistle, MacLeod of
                   Tobermory, Swiss Lassie, Autumn in Appin, The Sound of Harris,
                   Let the Hackles Rise, St Margaret’s Inch, Anniversary Reel, The Wee
                   Cooper of Fife, Oregon Rant, The Winding Nith, Australian Ladies
                   The Road to Forfar
                   Pelorus Jack, St Columba’s Strathspey, Weary Willie’s Reel, Road to
                   Forfar, Argyll’s Fancy, The Sailor, Watson’s Reel, Lady Sophia Anne
                   of Bute, Drumelzier, Anne Fraser MacKenzie, Kiss Me Quick My
                   Mither’s Coming, Moray Rant, Farewell to Crumlin, Earlstoun Loch
                   Tarry a While
                   Tarry a While, The First of September, Crathes Castle, Georgie’s Jig,
                   Cadgers in the Canongate, Culla Bay, The Dancing Master, Sugar
                   Candie, The Fisherman’s Reel, The Earl of Mansfield, Johnnie
                   Walker, Bea’s Delight, Butterscotch & Honey, The New Rigged Ship

Anderson, David    Highlander Series – Scottish Dances, Volume 8
                   Mrs MacLeod, Culla Bay, Jennifer’s Jig, Ellwyn’s Fairy Glen, The
                   Moray Rant, Campbell’s Frolic, Chevy Chase, Rob Roy, Lamb
                   Skinnet, Moment of Truth, The Blacksmith of Elgin, Miss Thompson’s
                   Reel, Off She Goes in the North, Bolt Court

Anderson, Marian   Belfast Branch Diamond Jubilee
                   Special Package – Book and CD
                   City of Belfast, City Hall Centenary, Belfast City Hall, The Lagan
                   Bridges, Six Times, Diamond for Belfast, Glens of Antrim, Drumlins
                   of Down, Set of Reels, Set of Jigs
                                                          $40.00 package (Book and CD)
                   Dancers’ Choice Vol 1
                   Craven Jig, Bonnie Beauly Blooms, Nethy Bridge, Bellstane, Jessie
                   Wiseman’s Reel,Mid Fodderletter, Woodland Assembly, Good Friends,
                   Corrievreckan, Haddington Assembly, Neko’s Reel, Maggie Lauder,
                   Kirkmaiden Strathspey, the Falls of Rogie, The Wedding Link

                   Highlander Series – Scottish Dances, Volume 12
                   The Duke of Atholl’s Reel, The Black Dance, Dance Illustrator, Round
                   Reel of Eight, The New Ashludie Rant, Queen’s Bridge, Baldovan
                   Square, The Rakish Highlandman, Sunlit Square, Pulling Bracken,
                   Lady in Red, Longwise Eightsome Reel, Hogmanay Jig, Staffin
                   Harvest, Father Connelly’s Jig, The Masons Apron

Barron, Neil       Highlander Series – Scottish Dances, Volume 2
                   The Black Mountain Reel, Postie’s Jig, Alltshellach, The Buchan
                   Eightsome Reel, Miss Allie Anderson, Bonnie Anne, The Duchess
                   Tree, None so Pretty, J.B. Milne, Schiehallion, The Moray House of
                   Edinburgh, Dalkeith’s Strathspey, West’s Hornpipe, Nottingham Lace

                          RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc. Record Shop Catalogue - August 2009

Bartlett, Don   “In Triumph” and “Play Favourites”
                Triumph, Miss Nancy Frowns, Monymusk, The Gentle Shepherd,
                Davy Nick Nack, Teviot Brig, The Bridge of Nairn, The Laird of
                Milton’s Daughter, Fight About The Fireside, Let’s Have a Ceilldh,
                New Petronella, The Winding Road, West’s Hornpipe, Reel suitable for
                Rest and Be Thankful, Waltz, Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Auchterarder,
                Muirland Willie/The Highland Fair, Strathglass House, The Blooms of
                Bon Accord, Jig suitable for Rothesay Rant

Brady, Luke     Take Your Partners For …. Volume 1
                Catch the Wind, Muirland Willie, George Scroggie’s Strathspey, The
                Reel of the Royal Scots, Inchmickery, Jean Martin of Aberdeen, The
                Earl of Mansfield, Streets of Milan, Miss Gibson’s Strathspey, Mrs
                Stewart’s Jig, Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan, The Gentleman,
                Portnacraig, Cabbages and Kings, Strathmore, The Reel of the 51st
                Division (10x32!)
                Take Your Partners For …. Volume 2
                EH37AF, On the Quarter Deck, The Minister on the Loch, Major Ian
                Stewart, Eileen Watt’s Reel (plus encore); Autumn in Appin, Midnight
                Oil, Salute to Miss Milligan, Up in the Air, The Reverend John
                MacFarlane, (plus encore), The Dean Bridge of Edinburgh, Saint
                Andrew’s Fair. The Golden Wedding Strathspey, Broadford Bay

Brown, Bobby    An Anniversary Album - Celtic Fire in the Music
                Warm-Up March/Reel, The Isle, Five Selections of 32-bar Reels and
                Strathspeys, Jig Selection (in Two-Step style), The Duke of Atholl’s
                Reel, The Linton Ploughman, Sean Truibhas Willichan, Waltz,
                The Montgomeries’ Rant, De’il Amang the Tailors, The White
                Cockade, The Galloping Carousel, Cool-Down Waltz               $45.00

                Any Good Dance … Any Good Tune
                The Scottish country dance sets on this CD may be used for any
                Suitable length dance – a great idea for those new dances with no
                Specific tune. Contents also include some Old Time dances, a slow-
                Time Barn Dance and a swinging Waltz selection

                The Bobby Brown Collection
                The Island Fling, Dalkeith’s Strathspey, The Happy Meeting, The
                Birks of Abergeldie, Haste to the Wedding, Mary Hamilton, Baldovan
                Reel, The Northern Meeting, The Irish Rover, The Maid of the Mill,
                Sir James Baird’s Strathspey, Wedderburn’s Reel, Bothkennar, The
                Sutters of Selkirk, The Village Reel, The Hunting Horn, The Twa
                Meenit Reel, Tarry a While, The Duchess of Atholl’s Slipper, Glasgow
                Country Dance, Falconer Hall, The Scots Bonnet, Dumbarton’s
                Drums, Bobby Brown’s Canadian Breakdown                  Double Album
                For Old Tyme’s Sake (with special guests)
                Selection of Reels, Jigs (4x32), Selection of Reels (8x32), Singalong
                Jigs (5x32) Irish Jigs, Marches, Celtic Medley, Polka, Violin Solo,
                Vocal Selection, etc

                      RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc. Record Shop Catalogue - August 2009

 Cont’d              From Scotia’s Shores We’re Noo Awa’
                     Blithe and Cheerie, Frae Scotia’s Shores We’re Noo Awa, John
                     Anderson’s Reel, The Gushet Neuk, The Golden Ring, Maskelia,
                     Miss Johnstone of Dumfries, Campsie Glen, Riggs of Corn, Glasgow
                     Assembly, Geneva Park, Links of Forth, Waltz (Ashokan Farewell)
                     Grandfather Mountain Gala
                     Oh My America, St Bernard’s Waltz, Grandfather Mountain Barn
                     Dance, Strathspey (3x32), Minuet (1x64), Jig (3x32), Reel (4x32),
                     Herself, Waltz (1x96 - Janet’s Delight), Gala Night, Balgeddie Reel,
                     Military Two-Step, Boston Two-Step
                     H.I.S.C.D. (Happiness is Scottish Country Dancing)
                     H.I S.C.D (Happiness is Scottish Country Dancing), A Ring of
                     Friendship, The Armstrongs’ Rant, The Wood of Fyvie, Good Hearted
                     Glasgow, A Smashing Set of Reels, Ythanside, A Kiss Under the
                     Stairs, Largo Bay, Maple Leaf Rant, Last Waltz
                     Scottish Dance Country
                     Warm-up Waltz and March, Two tracks each of Jigs, Reels and
                     S/Speys (8x32), Set of Jigs, Reels and S/Speys (4x32), Set of Reels
                     (5x32), Set of S/Speys (3x32), Set of Jigs (6x32), Cool-down Waltz
                     The Cape Breton Fiddle Company
                     Selection of Reels, Jigs, Medleys, Polkas, Slow Air
                     Teachers Association of Canada (TAC) 50th Anniversary Coll’n
                     The Thistle and the Maple Leaf, The Spirit of the Dance, TAC 50, The
                     Fireside Lounge, Sutherland Salute, Gold and Silver, Highlander’s
                     Farewell, Dancing for Pleasure, Stooges Salute, A Summer Meeting,
                     Joanie’s Hornpipe, A Tribute to Peter McBryde, The Source, TAC’s

Canada’s SCD Bands Memory Lane
                   Bartlett, Don: The Meeting of the Waters, Bandleader’s Choice -
                   Strathspey Selection (4x32), White Heather Jig, The Last of the Lairds
                   Brown, Bobby: The Moray Reel, Bandleader’s Choice - Reel Selection
                   (4x32), The Wind that Shakes the Barley, The Banks of Clyde
                   Brydie, Ed: Memory Lane, The Glasgow Highlanders, Lamb Skinnet,
                    Bandleader’s Choice – Jig Selection ( 4x32) - suitable for The British
                    Frew, Bobby: The Birks of Invermay, The Dancing Man, Merrily
                   Danced the Quaker’s Wife, Bandleader’s Choice - Reel Selection
                   Hamilton, Stan: Bandleader’s Choice: Off she Goes in the North,
                   Todlen Hame, Peggy’s Love, General Stuart’s Reel
                   The Ensemble: The Mason’s Apron (4x32)                  Double Album

Coutts, James        Perth Branch Jubilee – CD and Book Special Package
                     Sound of Iona, Stanley Mill, Muirton Bank, Blooms of Perth, The St
                     Johnstoun Reel, The Vale of Atholl, Oakbank’s Tribute to Christian,
                     The Two-Inch Race                                  $48.00 (incl. P/P)

                            RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc. Record Shop Catalogue - August 2009

Cruickshanks, Ian   Lassie Come and Dance Wi’ Me
                    Lassie Come and Dance Wi’ Me, Culla Bay, Macpherson’s Jig, St
                    Bernard’s Waltz, Clutha, The Singing Sands, Nottingham Lace, Rob
                    of Balbeggie, Roberta Buckel’s Strathspey, Military Two-Step/Marine
                    Four-Step, Fisherman’s Reel, Eva Three-Step/Gay Gordons, The
                    Rothesay Rant, Scottish Waltz

Cunningham, David All Set
                  Summer Assembly, Jig Selection (8x40),Strathspey Selection (8x32),
                  Seton’s Ceilidh Band, St Andrews of Brampton (two selections),
                  Miss Mary Douglas, The Lea Rig, Reel Selection (8x32), The Wee
                  Cooper O’ Fife, Lord McLay’s Reel

                    Highlander Series – Scottish Dances, Volume 3
                    Shiftin Bobbins, Alison Rose, Airdrie Lassies, Petronella, Miss
                    Gibson’s Strathspey, Mrs Hepburn Belches of Invermay, Alyth Burn,
                    The Nor’Loch, St Andrew’s Fair, The Earl of Mansfield, Pretty
                    Ladies, The Plantation Reel, MacDonald of Sleat
                    Music for dances selected from The Vallin Collections 2 and 3
                    From Book 2:
                    The Langley Strathspey, Farewell to Broadford, Ammonities & Terns,
                    Clitheroe Castle, Ribble Valley Revellers, The Everchanging Medley -
                    (3x32Jig), The Everchanging Medley -2 (32J+32S+32R x 3),
                    The Drakensberg Stroll, Echoes of InverneillFrom Book 3: Stepping Out
                    with Jenny, Carry on, Sue, The Acklam Reelers, Angela’s Jig, Kinnoull
                    Ramble, The Party Dance Reel, Katie Rules, Okay!!
                    The Silver Collection Wellington Street, Swithland Woods, Huncote
                    Jig, Doris’ Delight,Flight to Melbourne, Silver Threads, January Jig, If
                    at First, The Chorlton Reel, Silver Targe, Jaunty Jack, Jovial
                    Gentleman, Daunder in The Glen, Heather Bank Jig, Bonnie

Dalriada Band       Reflections of Dalriada
                    Caddam Wood, Red Rise of Dunoon, Whigmaleeries, The Dancing
                    Master, The Blue Mess Jacket, Nottingham Lace, Scotch Mist, The
                    Tattie Boggle, The Duchess Tree, The Earl and Countess of Wessex,
                    A Hot Toddy, The Singing Sands, Lochnagar, The Hunting Horn, The
                    Plantation Reel                                             $25.00

Dewar, Colin        The Ruthven Collection
                    (Dances from The Ruthven Collection, devised by Bob Sargent)
                    The Windy Strath, Montgarrie Mill, Balnain House, Sir J.M.
                    Barrie of Thrums, Ruthven’s Fancy, The Leck, Peggy Rose,
                    Findhorn Bay, Highland Ladies, Robie Over the Waves, Mrs Jay
                    Robertson’s Hornpipe, The Dancers Fae Auchleven, Mr McColl’s
                    Hornpipe, Tribute to the Black Watch 2004, Calum’s Road
                    (Rathad Chalum), Distillery Reel

                          RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc. Record Shop Catalogue - August 2009

Cont’d   Special Requests – Volume One (Re-Pressed) due to demand!!
         The Tattie Bogle, Bratach Bana, Butterscotch and Honey, The
         Milltimber Jig, Scotland’s Gardens, Cherrybank Gardens, The Moffat
         Weavers, The Solway Reel, Shiftin’ Bobbins, St Columba’s Strathspey,
         Seton’ Ceilidh Band, Johnnie Walker
         Special Requests – Volume Two
         Trip to Bavaria, Drumelzier, Midnight Oil, Iona Cross, The Silver
         Tassie, The Angus Reel, Welcome to Skye, Macdonald of the Isles,
         MacPhail’s Magic, The Wind on Loch Fyne, Birkland Burn, Rose
         Acre, Tambourine Reel
         Special Requests – Volume Three
         Tomtain Brae, West’s Hornpipe, The Cashmere Shawl, The Blooms of
         Bon Accord, Jennifer’s Jig, Polharrow Burn, New Scotland Strathspey,
         Hermitage Castle, Macdonald of Sleat, Fisherman’s Reel, The
         Luckenbooth Brooch, Mairi’s Wedding
         Special Requests – Volume Four
         The Earl of Mansfield, The Gentleman, Gothenburg’s Welcome, The
         Plantation Reel, Distillery Reel, Broadford Bay, Schiehallion, The New
         Rigged Ship, The Montgomeries’ Rant, The Moray Rant, Water of
         Dryfe, Kinfauns Castle, The Wee Cooper of Fife
         Special Requests – Volume Five
         Cadgers in the Canongate, Hamilton Welcome*, Welcome to
         Dufftown*, Inverneill House, Culla Bay, The Recumbent Stone*,
         Airie Bennan*, The Secret Garden*, The Irish Rover, EH3 7AF, Lady
         Peak’s Strathspey*, Reel of the Gordon Highlanders *, Pelorus Jack
         (* = instructions included)
         Special Requests – Volume Six
         Australian Ladies, Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Auchterarder (+ Encore),
         The Braes of Breadalbane, The Chequered Court, The Piper and the
         Penguin (+ Encore), Bonnie Anne (+ Encore), The Belle of Bon
         Accord, The Flight of the Falcon, Robbie over the Waves, Balnain
         House, The Phantom Piper, Bonnie Stronshiray, Rest & Be Thankful
         (Instructions included for nine of the dances.)
         Special Requests – Volume Seven
         Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan, The Nurseryman, Autumn in Appin, The
         Hazel Tree, Callum Dewar’s Reel, The Bonnie Lass of Bon Accord,
         Father Connolly’s Jig, The Tullich Hornpipe, The Orkney Reel, The
         Sands of Moray, Kelpie of Loch Caruisk, Waltz Country Dance, The
         Brisk Young Lad, The Dream Catcher, The Royal Deeside Railway,
         Set of Strathspeys (4 x 32), Macleod’s Fancy, The Inimitable Derek

         A’ the Best Fae Banffshire
         Seventeen dances from the book - 75th Anniversary of the Banffshire RSCDS
         Findlater Castle, Compliments to Mrs Jessie Bain, The Birlin Birkie,
         The Braes of Strathlene, Travelling to America, Gourdieburn (plus
         encore), The Glenrothes, Moranbank, We’ve Nae Electric, a Glint of
         Gold, The Tripitup Troupe, The Hills of Alba (plus encore), Set of
         Reels (4x40); Set of Strathspeys (4x40); Set of Reels (5x48)

                RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc. Record Shop Catalogue - August 2009

Dewhurst, Chris      Crossing Borders
and Julie, with      Ronnie Cooper’s Reel, The Cobbler, Musical Friends, Adam Rennie’s
Nick on Percussion   Reels, Jenny’s Magic Touch, The Quarryman’s Jig, Brecon Medley,
                     Parnell’s Dragoons, Morecambe Strathspey, Nautical Hornpipes,
                     Morland Ladies, Glenbuchat Lodge, Appleby Horse Fair, The Barmaid

Drummond Cook        Highlander Series – Scottish Dances – Volume 6
                     Fisherman’s Reel, The Flying Spur, Scotch Mist, Broadford Bay, The
                     Wapenshaw, The Rose of the North, Campbell’s Hornpipe, Joie de
                     Vivre, Mrs Milne of Kineff, Minard Castle, The Frisky, Our Lady of
                     the Snows, Merrily Danced the Quaker’s Wife, Angus MacLeod

Elmes, Peter         Thistle Hall – Dancing to the Kiwi Band
                     Seton’s Ceilidh Band, Mr William Brown’s Reel, Thistle Hall, Catch
                     the Wind, Feshiebridge, The Laird of Milton’s Daughter, The Five
                     Row Reel, Mary Bain’s Wedding, Elisabeth Hunter’s Strathspey,
                     Glenlomond Reel, On the Quarter-Deck, Bonnie Brux, Glenmor,
                     Wild Mountain Thyme, Cadgers in the Canongate, The Hunting Horn

Fiddlesticks &       Ghillies on the Golden Gate
Ivory                Fair Jenny’s Jig, Delvine Side, Lady Susan Stewart’s Reel, Waverley,
                     Bonnie Stronshiray, Carolynn’s Waltz, Miss Ogilvie’s Fancy, J.B.
                     Milne, Miss Grace Hay’s Delight, Monymusk, The Rendezvous

Frew, Bobby          The Edinburgh Castle Reel
(with Ian Powrie)    The Edinburgh Castle Reel, Roaring Jelly, John McAlpin, The Starry-
                     Eyed Lassie, The Anniversary, The Luckenbooth Brooch, From the
                     Broomielaw, The Australian Ladies – only one copy left in stock -
                     CD now deleted.

Gardiner, Alan       Highlander Series - Scottish Dances, Volume 7
                     Kelpie of Loch Caruisk, Flying Scotsman, Mrs Garthland’s
                     Strathspey, Mrs MacPherson of Inveran, MacPherson’s Jig,
                     Admiral Nelson, Mrs Clancy’s Strathspey, A Kiss for Nothing, Cape
                     Town Wedding, The Braes of Mellinish, Moving Cloud, The Prince of
                     Orange, The Punchbowl, Old Nick’s Lumber Room

Geddes, Graham       Let’s Meet Again
                     Maxwell’s Rant, Argyll’s Fancy, Let’s Meet Again, Corn Rigs, The
                     Laird of Milton’s Daughter, The Winding Road, The New Virginia
                     Reel, The Pinewoods Two-Step, The Riverside Jig, The Victory Waltz,
                     Baldovan Reel, White Heather Jig, Middleton Medley, The Highland

                           RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc. Record Shop Catalogue - August 2009

Gordon, Rob         Country Dance, Ceilidh Dance
                    Ellwyn’s Fairy Glen, Welcome to Queen’s Cross, Off She Goes in the
                    North, Sean Triubhas Willichan, Reel of Five, Teviot Brig, Maxwell’s
                    Rant, Waltz Country Dance, Tribute to the Borders, Garry Strathspey,
                    Gay Gordons, Hesitation Waltz, Maxina, Dance One-Step

Gray, James         Piano Dance
                    Marches, Waltzes, Ms Katy B, Set of S/Speys(8x32), The Dominie,
                    Air, Rovin’Robin, Sands of Morar, Set of Jigs(8x32) The Arctic Circle,
                    Set of S/Speys(4x32), The Chequered Court, Set of Reels(8x), Iona
                    Cross (Medley 32S+32R x 3)

Green Ginger        Music for Quadrilles (instructions included)
                    Clutha, New Scotia Quadrille, Quadrille Country Dance, Queen’s
                    Quadrille, Duke of Kent’s Waltz, Pavilion Waltz, Paine’s 1st set of
                    Quadrilles, Paine’s 12th set of Quadrilles, Hart’s Lancers Quadrille

Hendrie, Roy        Highlander Series - Scottish Dances, Volume 11
                    The One O’Clock Cannon, Goodhearted Glasgow, Bob Campbell,
                    Celtic Bi-Centenary, Gothenburg’s Welcome, Derwent Strathspey,
                    Davy Nick Nack, The Moudiewort, Glittering Caves, Trinity Ten-
                    some, Eilean Donan Castle, Waggle of the Kilt, Kildrummy Castle

Holmes, Ian         Highlander Series - Scottish Dances – Volume 4
                    Rest and Be Thankful, Woo’d and Married and A’, Ellwyn Strathspey,
                    A Trip to Bavaria, The Golden Pheasant, Ship O’ Grace, Sound of
                    Harris, Campbeltown Loch, 1314, Corstorphine Fair, Caddam Wood,
                    John McAlpin, Muirland Willie/The Highland Fair, Meg Merrilees

Hunter, Alastair    The Etive Selection
                    Spiffin, Hamilton Welcome, Domino 5, The Flight of the Falcon, The
                    Cradle Song, The Highland Lass, Summer’s End, Ian Powrie’s
                    Hornpipe, Elisabeth Hunter’s Strathspey, Donald’s Awa’ Tae the War,
                    Celtic Cross, The Cuillins of Skye, The Tattie Bogle

Imbrie, Andy        Reel of Seven – Live at Asilomar “Dance for Joy”
Worland, Susan      Kathleen McAdam’s Scroll, The Music Makars, Tullochgorm, J.B.
                    Milne, The Hamilton Rant, MacDonald of the Isles, Teresita Waltz
                    The White Heather Jig, Scotch Mist, Blue Moon Rendezvous, The
                    Magic of Merrill, Asilomar Romantic, The Reel of the Royal Scots

Johnstone, Muriel   Dancing Fingers - Volume 1
(Piano)             Reels (4x32), Slow Reel (5x32), Jig (4x32), Hornpipe (6x32),
                    Strathspey (4x32), Waltzes, Airs and March

                           RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc. Record Shop Catalogue - August 2009

Cont’d              Dancing Fingers - Volume 2 - The Allanton Collection
                    The Button Boy, Finlay Stewart Skinner, The High Lodge, 8th Battalion
                    - The Royal Scots, Waltz Selection, Air, Julian’s Jig, Barbara
                    McOwen’s Ceilidh, Mrs Leslye Buchanan, Duns 500 Strathspey, Airs,
                    Summer’s End
                    Dancing Fingers - Volume 3 - The Whiteadder Collection
                    The Whiteadder Jig, Anna Holden’s Strathspey, Da Rain Dancin’, The
                    Moffat Weavers, Flodigarry Strathspey, Medley, McLaughlin’s Reel,
                    The Scamp, John Derek Evans, Fraser’s Fiddle, Medley
                    Dancing Fingers - Volume 4 - The Blackadder Collection
                    The Blackadder Jig, Blackadder House, A Hastings Welcome, Ewan
                    Telford’s S/spey, Celebration Jig, Carol Palmer’s S/spey, The
                    Hawkesbuury Rant, Bonnie Gallowa’, the Lassie Frae Glasgow, Jim
                    Dougal of Eyemouth, The Craven Jig, The West Highland Line
                    Dancing Fingers - Volume 5 - The Merse Collection
                    Mercia, A Highland Welcome in Switzerland, Trip Around the World,
                    Nothing in Common, Irene MacLean of Duns, The Falkirk Lass, See
                    You Down Under, The Rocking Horse, The Ruby Hornpipe, The
                    Scottish Castle, Sheena’s Buckle, Par for the Course

Johnstone, Muriel   Cairngorms
(and Her Band)      The Machine Without Horses, Saltire Society Reel, The Music Makars,
                    Braes of Breadalbane, Maid of the Mill, Summer Assembly, Robert H.
                    Mackay, Lassie Wi’ the Yellow Coatie, It’s Just for Fun, Major Ian
                    Stewart, Summer Wooing, Alltshellach, Ladies of Dunse
                    Dancing Live
                    Maxwell’s Rant, Mrs Stewart’s Jig, Miss Milligan’s Strathspey, Culla
                    Bay, General Stuart’s Reel, Follow Me Home, The Triumph, The
                    Eightsome Reel, Round Reel of Eight, MacLeod’s Fancy, Monymusk
                    Tribute to the Borders, Mrs Stewart of Fasnacloich, Balmoral
                    Strathspey, The Montgomeries’ Rant
                    Fifteen Social Dances
                    Dances from the Book, and others, by Roy Goldring
                    Alastair Hunter’s Reel, The Barton’s Reel, Cramond Wedding, Glen
                    Lyon, Elisabeth Hunter’s S/spey, Eric’s Jubilee, Grants’ New Rant,
                    Mary Erskine, Miller of Sessnie, Monique’s Jig, My Jo, Side by Side,
                    Thirty Years On, The Thornhill Strathspey, Water of Fleet, Agnes &
                    Bobby Crowe, Balmullo House, Celebration Jig/Border Lassies
                    Haste Ye Back (Dances by Roy Goldring)
                    All for Mary/Thornycroft/Beeswing; Goat Fell Gallop/Tomtain Brae;
                    Dunfermline Glen; The Dancing Man; The Rover’s Rant/Off to Spey-
                    Side/The Ferry Louper; Unicef Circle; Hope Little’s Strathspey/The
                    Silver Grey; The Dalesman; Wells House/The Misty Isle in Summer/
                    The Cabrach/Lammermuir Hills; Society Piper/Another Piece of Silver/
                    Fife Meeting/Southern Cairn; Tae Fife and Back/Andrew and Gordon’s
                    Jig, The Coanwood Stuarts; West End/New Abbey; Clatterin’ Brig/The
                    Argyll Assembly; Tom’s Friends; The Happy Dancers/The Hills of
                    Langholm; Haste Ye Back/Wigtown Cross

Johnstone, Muriel   Dances from the Collections of Mary Isdal MacNab Volume 2
                           RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc. Record Shop Catalogue - August 2009

Johnstone, Muriel   Reel On
& Lindsay, Jimmy    Dances from Roy Goldring’s “Graded and Social Dances 3”               $30.00

Johnstone, Muriel   Aye Afloat
and Keith Smith     (The Portknockie Collection of Scottish Country Dances devised by
                    Margaret Zadworny)
                    The Moray Firth Hornpipe, Port no-Quay Jig, Aye Afloat, The Heid
                    o’ the Brae, The Port Hill Medley, The Sheltered Cover, The Cadger’s
                    Roadie, The Flagstaff and Cairn, The Three Creeks Shore, The Bow
                    Fille Shore, The Whale’s Moo, Jenny’s Well
                    Campbell’s Birl
                    (Dances from Glasgow Assembly; and Farewell My Fancy (by Bob Campbell)
                    On the Wings of the Morning, The Expert Dancer, Davy Nick Nack,
                    General Ritchie’s Reel, Dear Gladys, The Shetland Fiddler, Montreal
                    Rendezvous, Just in Time, The Spirit of the Dance, Let’s Have a
                    Ceilidh, The Traveller’s Jig, The Banks of Spey, The Australian Ladies
                    Delaware Valley
                    Da Rain Dancing, Strathglass House, Lamb Skinnet, Catch the Wind,
                    The Gentleman, Hooper’s Jig, Burns Hornpipe, Lea Rig, Balmoral
                    Strathspey, Miss Anderson, Follow Me Home, Mrs MacPherson of
                    Silver Tassie
                    The De’il Amang the Tailors, The Silver Tassie, The Deuk’s Dang
                    Ower My Daddie (Just as I was in the Morning), John of Bon Accord,
                    Sauchie Haugh, Ladies’ Fancy, None So Pretty, Miss Ogilvie’s
                    Fancy, Holyrood House/Argyll’s Fancy, The Dancing Years, Jean
                    Martin of Aberdeen, The Reel of the Royal Scots
                    Todlen Hame
                    Todlen Hame, Sugar Candie, The Dancing Bees/More Bees A-
                    Dancing, Light and Airy, Well Kent, A Wisp of Thistle, The Engine
                    Room, Blue Bonnets, The Barmkin, The Minister on the Loch,
                    Fight About the Fireside, The Fireside Reel
                    Vintage Goldring
                    All Fifteen dances from the Leeds Branch 40th Anniversary Book; and
                    Eleven dances from “Fourteen Social Dances for 2000”
                    Crossing the Brook, The Sands of Forvie/Jack’s the Lad, Vintage
                    Dancing On, Susanne’s Strathspey, Inchmickery, Mr Hamilton’s
                    Hornpipe. The Partnership/Evelyn’s Dance, The Pele Tower/The Post
                    Chaise, Miss Johnstone of Adrossan, The Chain Walk/Chantry Hall,
                    The Findlay’s Jig, In Campbell Country, St Columba’s Reel, The Blue
                    and White Quilt/The Scribe, Double Diamond Strathspey/ Hutton Hall,
                    Rockside, Sgurr Alasdair/Brackla Hall

Kerr, Ron           The St Andrews Ball
                    The Montgomeries’ Rant, The Gentle Shepherd, The Braes of
                    Breadalbane, The Reverend John MacFarlane, It’s Just for Fun,
                    Rouken Glen, Inverness Country Dance, The Foursome Reel, The
                    Reel of the 51st Division, Hamilton House, Duke of Perth, Mrs Milne
                    of Kinneff, Waverly, The Triumph (plus encore), Balmoral
                    Strathspey, Strip the Willow, The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh

                           RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc. Record Shop Catalogue - August 2009

Leggett, Sandy      Highlander Series - Scottish Dances Volume 9
                    A Man’s a Man for A’ That, Blue Bonnets, Bonnie Dundee, Dance of
                    the Diamonds, The Deveron Reel, Farewell to Crumlin, Frae A’ the
                    Airts, Gypsy Glen, The Meeting of the Waters, Rory O’More, Speed
                    the Plough, Rothesay Country Dance, Stirling Castle, Swiss Lassie

Lindsay, Jimmy       Scottish Christmas Dance Party
(with Mo Rutherford) Scottish country dances played with Christmas Tunes)
                     Christmas Reels (5x32), St Bernard’s Waltz, Christmas Jigs (4x32),
                     Slow Air Strathspeys (4x32), Christmas Irish Reels (8x32), Waltz
                     Country Dance, Christmas Reels (4x32), Boston Two-Step, Christmas
                      Strathspeys (3x32), Gay Gordons, Christmas Irish Jigs (8x32),
                      Canadian Barn Dance or Polka, Slow Waltz, Christmas Reels (8x32)

MacArthur, Alex     Old Masters Volume 1
                    Jessie’s Hornpipe, A Trip to Aberdeen, Duran Ranger, Donald Bane,
                    Gay Gordons, The Last of the Lairds, Galloway House, The Hollin
                    Buss, Inverness Country Dance, Ladies’ Fancy, Caledonian Rant,
                    Set of Reels, Highland Schottische, Set of Jigs, Leith Country Dance
                    Old Masters Volume 2
MacArthur Alex      Highland Laddie, Lassies o’ Melrose, The Braes of Breadalbane, The
                    Montgomeries’ Rant, Dunoon Barn Dance, Kiss Me Quick - My
                    Mither’s Coming, Scottish Waltz, Wild Geese
The Tain Band       Fight About the Fireside, Seton’s Ceilidh Band, Drumelzier, The
                    Happy Meeting, Lady Sophia Anne of Bute, The Rothesay Rant, The
                    Back o’Bennachie, The Jubilee Jig

MacPhail, Ian       Highlander Series, Scottish Dances -Volume 5
                    Polharrow Burn, The Luckenbooth Brooch, Monymusk, Bratach Bana,
                    The Pinewoods of Pitlochry, The Silver Tassie, The Irish Rover, The
                    Weathercock, Glayva, Johnnie Walker, Wicked Willy, St Columba’s
                    Strathspey, Mairi’s Wedding, Midnight Oil

McLaren, Nicol      Clashmadin – Volume 1
                    Cadgers in the Canongate, Achnacarry House, Partans in his Creel, The
                    Whistling Wind, Jubilee Jig, Royal Deeside, Double Top Jig, The
                    The Hamilton Rant, Airie Bennan, Up in the Air, Moulin Rouge (1)
                    and (2), Langholm Fair, Trip to Windsor, Miss Hadden’s Reel
McLaren, Nicol      The Reel Party - “Are Ye Askin’?
(The Glencraig      Grand March, The Reel of the 51st Division, Hamilton House,
 Band)              Canadian Barn Dance, Virginia Reel, The Eightsome Reel, The
                    Foursome Reel, St Bernard’s Waltz, The Dashing White Sergeant,
                    Britannia Two-Step, The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, The
                    Glasgow Highlanders, Duke of Perth, Mairi’s Wedding, Postie’s Jig
                    (not the usual lead tune!)

                           RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc. Record Shop Catalogue - August 2009

Meikle, George       Highlander Series - Scottish Dances, Volume 10
(and the Lothian     Tullyvolan, Look Aboot Ye, Kinfauns Castle, Crossing the Line,
Scottish Dance Band) Faraway Isle, Cambuskenneth, Kenora Reel, Dancing Dominie,
                     Spiffin, Dunivard Reel, Royal Wedding, Auchinellan Jig,
                     Anniversary Reel, Equilibirium

Muir, Ian and the    Blackwater Collection
Craigellachie Band   Gay Gordons, The Bell Ringer, Crossing the Tay, Wortham Manor,
                     Waltz, The Osbourne Percentage, Farewell to the Highlands, Closeburn
                     Lassies, The Blackwater Reel, The Double Top Jig, The
                     Dornie Strathspey, Two-step, Forever Friends

The Ian Muir Sound Music for Scottish Country Dancing Volumes 1 and 2
                   The Saltire Society Reel, Scottish Reform, The Sauchie Haugh, Bonnie
                   Anne, J.B. Milne, Glens of Antrim, Quarries Jig, Jennifer’s Jig,
                   Bratach Bana, From Scotia’s Shores we’re noo Awa’, The Irish Rover,
                   Seton’s Ceilidh Band, The Diamond Jubilee

Murray, Bobby        The Odds
                     Fifteen tracks of reels, jigs, strathspeys and medleys.
                     Bobby is a one-man band whose music is the joy of his life.
                     Traditional tunes and tunes from the masters of Scottish country dance
                     (Robert Mackintosh, J. Scott Skinner, Nathaniel Gow etc)
                     Let’s Dance
                     Eleven more tracks of reels/jigs/strathspeys and medleys

Music Makars, The    Catch the Wind
                     Catch the Wind, Highland Fair, The Saint John River, Feisty Women,
                     Gow Waltzes, Dundee City Police Jig, Fair Donald, The Piper and the
                     Penguin, Purdy Pink Band Shoes, The Robertson Rant, White Heather
                     Jig, Drunken Sailor, plus two bonus tracks
                     Jig for Joy
                     Trip to Gatlinburg, Jessie’s Hornpipe, The Minister on the Loch,
                     Cadgers in the Canongate, Kendall’s Hornpipe, Lea Rig, The Dancing
                     Master, Fire in the Rye, Beauty of the North, The Clarsach, Haste Ye
                     Back, Dancing Airs, Crabbit Shona, Flower of Dunblane, S/spey&Reel
                     Scottish Dance Music
                     The Music Makars, The Strathspey King, Susan’s Jig Set, Sarona,
                     Shetland Reel Set, Interlude: Medley of Bagpipe Tunes, Hoedown Set,
                     Argyll Strathspey, Follow Me Home, Waltz, Auld Lang Syne & Polka
                     Live and Well
                     Ye’re Welcome Charly Stuart, La Flora, The Sauchie Haugh, Reels
                     For Anderson’s Rant, Ellie’s Jig, Mary Hamilton, Davy Nick Nack,
                     Collichur, J.B. Milne, The De’il Amang the Tailors, Sugar Candie,
                     Gaelic Waltzes

Nixon, Sandy         Highlander Series - Scottish Dances, Volume 1
                     Ian Powrie’s Farewell to Auchterarder, Peat Fire Flame, Sugar Candie,
                     The College Hornpipe, The Peerie, Neidpath Castle, Traquhair House,
                           RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc. Record Shop Catalogue - August 2009

Cont’d              Just as I was in the Morning/The Deuk’s Dang Ower My Daddie,
                    Cauld Kail, The Reel of the Royal Scots, The Wild Geese, The Garry
                    Strathspey, The Blooms of Bon Accord, Baldovan Jig
                     Luckenbooth Brooch
                    Luckenbooth Brooch, Tak Tent, The Wind on Loch Fyne, The
                    Chairman, Cornet’s Chase, Pigeons on the Gate, The Quern, Marie’s
                    Farewell, Pinewoods Reel, The Marchmont Eightsome, Dalry
                    Strathspey, Christina McLellan, The Cuddy, Baldy Bain’s Fiddle,
                    Gypsy Glen, Bannockburn Reel, The Reel of the Puffins
                    Repeat Prescription
                    Miss C.M. Barbour, The Castle Park Jig, Sandy Nixon’s Reel, For All
                    The Ladies, Jiggery Pokery, Lesley Nixon’s Reel, Iain Nixon’s Reel,
                    Mo’s Jig, Miss Suzanne Barbour, By Dundonald, The Whitby
                    Wedding, C.Js Reel

Petrov. Susie        That Pinewoods Sound
(and Ensembles)     Bromley Brae Reels, Wise Maid Set (Medley), J.B. Milne, Cate’s
incl: Natalie Hass, Conundrum, Horsbrough Set (Medley), Miss Grace Hayes Delight, PM
James Gray,         Donald Maclean of Lewis, Mo’s Peerie Boston, A Dance called Irene,
Laura Risk,          Miss Hannah’s Set (Medley), Fair Donald, Fosgail and Dorus Set
Hanneke Cassel      (Medley), Lachlan Dhu, Slow Air, Ewie wi’ The Crooked Horn Set
and Others          (Medley), Waltz

Rankine, Andrew     Come Scottish Country Dancing
                    A re-issue on CD of one of the late Andrew Rankine’s earlier LPs
                    A Toast to St Andrews, Twixt Don and Dee, Wicked Willy, Let the
                    Hackles Rise, Jennifer’s Jig, Cadgers in the Canongate, General
                    Stuart’s Reel, The Luckenbooth Brooch, Sugar Candie

Robertson, Ian &    Double DoubleTake
Alderton, Rob       Sixteen great SCD sets, stylish and vivacious … it’s kind of ….. “Hottish
                    Features Reels, Jigs, Strathspeys (various lengths), March, Waltz,
                    Hornpipe, Medley, Boston Two-Step                                  O/S

Shand, Gordon       Reels and Wheels (Instructions in CD Booklet, except for Chas Reel)
                    Sarah’s Favourite, Welcome to Callum, The Falkirk Bairn, The Falkirk
                    Millennium Wheel, Old Spedling Castle’s Ghost’s Dance, Charlie’s
                    Silver Jubilee, The Wellington Connection, Miss Frances Martin, The
                    Civil Engineer, The Crieff Hydro, A Tribute to Patsy Rennie, The
                    Hollywood Romance, The Luckenbooth Brooch, Irene McLean of
                    Duns, Mrs May Anderson’s S/Spey, The Jubilee Quadrille, Chas Reel

                    Cherry Blossom Time – Volume One
                    Twelve Dances devised by John Drewry and Kobbi Kobayashi
                    Breeze Bay, Mount Fuji, Thomas Glover’s Reel, Have a Bashie,
                    East Meets West, Down Side Up, Five Stars, A Careless Philosopher,
                    A Lady from the West, The Better Half, Mrs Eightford, Happy Rovers,
                           RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc. Record Shop Catalogue - August 2009

Shand, Jimmy     Accordion Favourites
                 Kiss Me Quick, My Mither’s Coming, The Eightsome Reel, Hamilton
                 House, Within a Mile of Edinburgh Town, The Drummer, Monymusk,
                 The Dundee Reel, plus The Veleta, La Rinka, Victory Waltz, The
                 Royal Scots Polka, The Bluebell Polka, etc.
                 The Legendary Jimmy Shand
                 Twenty tracks including The Linton Ploughman, The Swilcan, The
                 Black Dance, Miss Bennett’s Jig, Mrs Cholmondeley’s Reel, Hooper’s
                 Jig, Neidpath Castle, Lamb Skinnet and Galloway House. Tracks are
                 all 4x32, except Neidpath Castle (3x32). There are Marches, Polkas
                 Waltzes, a Gay Gordons and a Two-Step as well!                $18.00

South, David     The Southern Touch
                 Let’s Have a Ceilidh, White Heather Jig, Alltshellach, Cadgers in the
                 Canongate, The Garry Strathspey, The Australian Ladies, Scottish
                 Reform, St John River, Celtic Dreaming, Waltz Country Dance, The
                 Quaich, Lieutentant Zachary Hicks (4x32 Hornpipe), Argyll’s Fancy,
                 The Eightsome Reel
                 To the Laird
                 Highland Fair, Circassian Circle, Leeze Me, The Meeting of the
                 Waters, Inverness Sixsome, Ladies’ Fancy, Bonnie Stronshiray,
                 Seton’s Ceilidh Band, Corn Rigs, Tir Nan Og, The Express, The Dark
                 Island, Shiftin’ Bobbins, The Duchess Tree, The Frisky, A Trip to
                 Bavaria, Jimmy’s Fancy, The Laird of Milton’s Daughter,
                 The Ship of Grace, Mairi’s Wedding

Thomson, Frank   An Aberdeen Collection
                 (Dances from the Book commemorating Aberdeen Branch’s 75th Anniversary)
                 Haddo House, Mrs Ernest Allan’s Strathspey, Miss A.O. Cumming,
                 Lochindorb Strathspey, Duthie Park, Durrisdeer, Langstane Kirk,
                 Beechwood Strathspey, Gladys McDonald of Glencoe, Welcome to
                 Queen’s Cross, The Blooms of Bon Accord, Bonnie Banchory

Thomson, Kenny   Domino 5
                 Domino 5, The Gillyflower, The Wind on Loch Fyne, The Royal Yacht
                 Brittania, Cuillins of Skye, Ayr Promenade, Isabella’s Travels (insts.
                 included) St Columba’s Strathspey, Noah’s Ark, Bonnie Stronshiray,
                 Farewell to Crumlin, Portnacraig, Warm-up Waltz
                 Quick Here’s Anither Yin
                 Nice to See You, The Chequered Court, S-Locomotion, Beeswing,
                 Pelorus Jack, Anna Holden’s Strathspey, Waltz Country Dance, Ways
                 in New Hall, Summer School Peregrinations, Castle Douglas, The
                 Highland Rambler, The Byron Strathspey, Mrs Stewart’s Jig,
                 Angus MacLeod
                 Polharrow Burn, The Wild Geese, Cambusdoon, Glasgow Country
                 Dance, The Kelloholm Jig, The Kendoon Strathspey, Preston Mill,
                 Jimmy’s Fancy, The Miller of Sessnie and others

                        RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc. Record Shop Catalogue - August 2009

Various Bands       Take the Floor: On the Road
                    BBC production, compiled from the popular “Take the Floor” series.
                    25 tracks (22 bands) Scottish country dancing, Ceilidh and Old Time
                    The Legendary Angus Fitchet
                    Fourteen re-mastered tracks with Bobby Crowe, Hamish Smith, Muriel Taylor,
                    Angus Fitchet plus bass and drums
                    Jig, Reel, Strathspey and Hornpipe selections; J.B. Milne, Barn Dance,
                    Two-Step, Polka, Gay Gordons, etc.
                    Scottish Sounds of Yesteryear
                    Three Bands from the 1970s – John MacGregor, Jim Cameron
                    and Hamish Menzies
                    Includes A Kiss for Nothing, The Fireside Reel, The Hollin Buss –
                    Old tunes, well-known dances and great music!

Whitehead, Robert   Highlander Series – Scottish Dances, Volume 13
and the Danelaw      Red House, The Linton Ploughman, Sleeping Warrior, Dundee Reel,
Dance Band          La Russe, Margaret Parker’s S/spey, Lord McLay’s Reel, The Byron
                    Strathspey, The Haunt of the Gnomes, John of Bon Accord, The Earl
                    of Errol’s Reel, Craigellachie Bridge, Happy to Meet, A Toast to St
                    Strictly Scottish - Volume One
                    J.B. Milne, Quarries Jig, Strathspey (4x32), The Sailor, Jig (5x32),
                    Strathspey (3x48), Caddam Wood, Airs and Graces, The Wind on
                    Loch Fyne, Red Rose and White, Doune Ferryman, Reel (4x40),
                    The Longhandled Broom, Cramond Bridge
                    Strictly Scottish Volume Two
                    Angus McLeod, The Happy Meeting, 3x32 Strathspey Set, Shiftin’
                    Bobbins, New Scotland Strathspey, Lt Shortland’s Reel, The Bees
                    of Maggieknockater, The Garry Strathspey, Crossing the Line, To
                    & Fro, Strathspey Set 5x32, Follow me Home, The Irish Rover

Wilson, Jennifer    A Dancing Master Remembered
                    The Dancing Master, Not I, The Moray Rant, Jennifer’s Jig, The Sailor,
                    Balquidder Strathspey, Set of Birlin’ Reels, Two and Two, The Braes
                    of Breadalbane, Haste to the Wedding, College Hornpipe, Mr Morison,
                    Altshellach, The Mairrit Man’s Favourite, Bill’s Tadpoles       O/S

                        MAINLY FOR LISTENING …

Adamson, Deirdre                   Real Jiggery: Old Time, Ceilidh and SCDs
Anderson, Marian                   St Bernards Waltz: Old Time, Ceilidh and SCDs
Box and Banjo                      Dancing Party: A “non-SCD” CD - with Foxtrots,
                                   Waltzes, Quicksteps and Latin American
Brown, Bobby                       Listening Through theYears to Bobby Brown and the
                                   Scottish Accent

                           RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc. Record Shop Catalogue - August 2009

Ceilidh Connections                 Selection of Scottish Party Music featuring the bands
                                    of Angus Fitchet, The Lothian Band, Wick Scottish
                                    Band, The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, Ian Powrie, The
                                    Glenlomond Band. Includes The Earl of Errol’s Reel,
                                    and 4x32 versions of Galloway House, College
                                    Hornpipe, Flowers of Edinburgh, The Dashing White
                                    Sergeant and The Teetotaller
Coulter, Phil                       Scottish Tranquility
Fraser/Smith                        Unity
                                    Rhymes and Reasons                             $33.00
Johnstone, Muriel (piano)           Masters of the Tradition
Johnstone & MacKinnon               It’s About Time
MacLeod, Jim                        Buttons and Keys
Scotland                            The Dances and Dance Bands
                                    Twenty Popular Family Dances from no
                                    Less that ELEVEN Bands -
                                    Jim Johnstone, John Ellis, Iain MacPhail,
                                    The Glendaruel Band, The Lothian Band,
                                    Bobby MacLeod, Ian Homles, Calum Wilson
                                    Fergie MacDonald, Lex Keith and John
                                    Old Favourites and Odd Couples
Star Accordion Band                 Scottish Favourites Volume One
       `                            Scottish Favourite Volume Two
                                                                    Price: $18.00 - $30.00

                            RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc. Record Shop Catalogue - August 2009

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