Mass Media Money Influences on Justice

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					Mass Media & Money Influences
         on Justice
      The Perception of Money
• How Mass Media Manipulates the Law

• How trials on TV effects Justice

• Mass media abuses of the law, lies
• Mass media manipulates the law, people with
  money are more able to win cases.
• Trials on TV greatly effect the outcome of
  cases by people either having a positive or
  negative outlook about the individual on trial.
• Mass media can lie which leads people to
  have either positive or negative reactions to
  the individual on trial therefore deciding their
  fate before trial.
O.J Simpson
                            Criminal Trials
        Murder 1994 California                    Robbery, kidnapping, coercion,
                                                         2007, Nevada

•   In this case O.J Simpson was accused of   •   In this Case O.J Simpson was Accused of
    the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown        breaking into a hotel room and stealing
    Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.        memorabilia that was stolen from him at
                 Outcomes of O.J Trials
                Murder                               Robbery, kidnapping,
                                                      coercion, conspiracy

O.J was represented by Johnnie Cochran and F.
                                                In this case O.J was found guilty of all charges
    Lee Bailey. O.J was acquitted of all
                                                     and sentenced to 33 years in prison and
    charges. However in a civil case O.J was
                                                     the eligibility for parole after 9 years.
    found guilty of a wrongful death lawsuit.
                                Media Influences
•   With O.J’s murder trial the most talked about trial in U.S history everyone had their own opinion of if he was guilt or not.
    O.J’s murder case was highly publicized and gave the nation the idea that he had gotten away with murder, especially after
    the release of his book titled “If I Did It” which was published in 2006.

•   Shortly After O.J released his book “If I Did It” he was indicted in Nevada for the new robbery case in which O.J broke into a
    hotel room with a group of men and stole memorabilia that was stolen from him earlier. The robbery was allegedly done at
    gun point according to Bruce Fromong a former sports memorabilia dealer and witness.

•   On Oct. 3rd 2008 O.J was found guilty exactly 13 years to the day after he was acquitted of murder charges.

           •     O.J Recordings as released by TMZ
•   In my opinion the media influenced the decisions of this case by the former murder trial .
                      Money Influences
•   O.J Simpson at one time was a wealthy individual he hired some of the top lawyers
    in the United States which helped him to defend himself in his murder trial.

•   The media had a big role in following O.J Simpsons cases because he is a celebrity
    and they new this was a big money deal.

• The Media obviously played a big role in his
guilty verdict and his level of sentencing, as O.J
may now spend the rest of his life in prison.
Bill Clinton
          Senate Impeachment Trial
     • Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, Abuse of Power 1998

• In this case former president Bill Clinton was impeached by the U.S House
  of Representatives which arose from the Monica Lewinsky Scandal as well
  as the Paula Jones Lawsuit.
           Outcome of Impeachment
     • Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, Abuse of Power
•   On February 12th of 1999 president Bill Clinton was acquitted of all charges with no
    democratic senator voting for conviction and only 5 democratic reps. for
                     Media Influences
Bill Clinton was a highly favored president by the U.S.A. citizens most everybody likes
Bill’s scandal was highly publicized by the media as he was the president of the United
The media obviously played a huge role in the decisions for Bill Clinton as it just
seemed as nobody really cared that the situation came up.
              Money Influences to be then
With money comes power and there is no more powerful place
Bill Clinton was able to just get everybody to forget about what happened by
just acting like nothing happened
While nothing ever happened with Bill Clinton’s case it is obvious his power
and the media made it appear to the world that he did not do anything out
of line as he had 0 votes for conviction and next to no votes on
Good Job Bill
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