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AmEx Global Business Forum in Shanghai

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Estonia’s “Let’s Do It” Phygitaltm campaign American Idol and Coke Rock Retail US Army All-American Bowl Heineken Greenspace

vol. 2 issue 2


Well it’s almost March—how time flies. I hope you had a successful start to your year and got back on track to great things. As we are the agency and applaud some substantial new business wins from around the globe. Congratulations and thank you!

all witnessing, 2009 is not going to be the easiest year. But I am cautiously optimistic as so far, I’ve seen some great work come out of

At the same time, I want you to understand that despite the challenges we face, we haven’t taken our eye off of you—our greatest asset. Training and development is something I believe in whole-heartedly and I think that in order for you to not only Do Great Work, but Have Fun and Grow, you should be provided with the tools that will take you to new heights in your professional and personal endeavors.

A couple weeks ago, in North America, EMEA and Latin America, we relaunched our training program under a new brand called—our university system modeled after a “credit hours” protocol. There are hundreds of courses that you can do on our

own or in a live environment. I will be frequently participating and also sharing with you some of the learnings I think will be most on as soon as possible through the link in the Portal toolbox.

valuable to you. We will keep you posted on the dates as they are set. Check out page 7 for more information and make sure you log

It has been a busy start to the year. We opened our doors in Singapore on January 5th and in February, we announced a new company in partnership with McCann Healthcare Worldwide—Momentum Wellness—focused specifically on bringing our style of marketing to the health and wellness space. Read more about it on page 4. Great growth opportunity for everyone. And finally, please make important that they are used as they were intended… to increase efficiency and productivity! Not do the opposite, as I have seen increasingly as of late!

sure you check out page 9 for tips on email etiquette. As we are all leveraging and depending on new communication tools, it is really

Enjoy this edition of Month@Momentum and please use it as a tool. Reach out to your colleagues featured, share learnings and BE ONE. Best,

vol. 2 issue 2


new business wins

Congratulations are in order for these GREAT WINS!

MOMENTUM LONDON was awarded UPS’s International Sponsorship business and will develop their sponsorship strategy, manage brokered deals and activate sponsorship properties around the globe (outside of US). A primary sponsorship initiative Momentum will oversee is the UPS European Tour relationship, initially activating events in the UK, China, Hong Kong, Korea and Germany. Contact in London MOMENTUM US - William Grant & Sons USA selected Momentum to develop and implement strategic campaigns in support of its popular premium spirits portfolio, including over 2,000 on-premise and off-premise consumer sampling and trade programs in top markets; and will develop and produce point-of-sale materials, including promotional packaging. Brands of focus include Glenfiddich®, Balvenie, Milagro Tequila, Hendrick’s Gin, Sailor Jerry Rum, Frangelico, Lillet, Licor 43, Grant’s Scotch, and Reyka Vodka. Contact in St. Louis greenroom@momentum in LONDON secured a digital assignment from Momentum ATLANTA and will put together a social media strategy for Coca-Cola brands across their international regions. Contact in London

MOMENTUM POLAND was chosen by Danfoss, a leader in the development and production of mechanical and electronic products and controls, and will introduce their new radiator thermostat to the Polish market through Phygitaltm solutions. Contact in Warsaw MOMENTUM ATHENS won the Coca-Cola Soundwave pitch for a third year in a row following an inspiring presentation integrating One-to-One, Direct, PR, Content, CSR and Event Marketing initiatives. Contact in Athens MOMENTUM INDONESIA was awarded the COKE ZERO activation business, beating out incumbent, Oze. Also, they secured programs for Unilever including Pepsodent toothpaste, Equal Sweetener, Rexona Deodorant and Lifebouy Shampoo. Contact in Jakarta MOMENTUM JAPAN secured SEIYU’s (Walmart) Spring launch including TV, Newspaper, Transport Ads, and POP. Contact in Tokyo

send new business wins to to be included in future editions to learn more, please contact

vol. 2 issue 2 vol. 2 issue 2



Momo Singapore opens its doors 40A Orchard Road #08-01 - The MacDonald House Singapore 238838 Phone: +65 6737 9911 Fax: +65 6739 3458

On January 5th, 2009, we opened an office in Singapore! We can also count this special occasion as a chance to welcome back Peter Yap, who rejoined Momentum as the Managing Director, Singapore. Peter launched and ran “career pause” before coming back to Momo to do great things.

our office in Kuala Lumpur for years and most recently took a well-deserved

Joining him is Paul Grézoux as Creative Director. Paul returned to a McCann Worldgroup agency where he previously clocked close to a decade working across three McCann Erickson offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia and in McCann Erickson Malaysia. Singapore. The partnership reunites the duo who used to work together

Peter Yap

Paul Grézoux

Momentum Singapore will offer retail, events, promotions, sponsorship, music and entertainment marketing as well as digital services and “Phygitaltm” interactive services.

Currently, Momentum has operations in 12 locations in Asia Pacific Phillippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

including Australia, China (2x), India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia,

Little known fact about Paul: he produced a seven minute Bollywoodinspired version of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” for EMI, which Bowie himself included on his Best of Bowie DVD. WOW!

Momentum Singapore Team

for more information contact: in singapore

vol. 2 issue 2



Launch of Momentum Wellness
On February 5th, we announced the launch of Momentum Wellness, a new division that’s the result of our collaboration with McCann Healthcare Worldwide. Momentum Wellness, headquartered in New York but a global offering, will be led by John Hopper as its President, a marketing veteran who was formerly CEO of Power Marketing Partners and Managing Partner of several WPP agencies; and Michael Semler, a senior Momentum Worldwide healthcare executive, as its Global Wellness Director.

Momentum Wellness will achieve brand activation through two key results-driven disciplines: Experiential

Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, i.e. collaborations between companies and organizations to educate and health-related categories as well as the growing trend of wellness in non-traditional verticals such as travel, financial services, soft drinks and more.

enlighten consumers while building brand equity. Their expertise lies in addressing the needs of both traditional

“Momentum Wellness combines the strengths of both agency networks to offer health-oriented brand activation experiences that leverage customer interests and lifestyles,” said Chris Weil. “Through partnerships, live events, online forums, sports and entertainment properties, celebrity tie–ins, and more, we are bringing our kind of marketing to the sector for the first time.”

Current clients engaged with Momentum Wellness for both professional and consumer campaigns include the

Larry King Cardiac Foundation, Reader’s Digest, Cleveland Clinic, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, Catalina

Marketing, National Speaking of Women’s Health Foundation, Quaker Oats, and the American Diabetes Association. For more information on Momentum Wellness’ brand activation platforms, contact John Hopper, President, 1-646-638-5422.

at 1-973-394-2441 or Michael Semler, Global Wellness Director, at michael.

contact or in nyc

vol. 2 issue 2


blog of the month

Congratulations Momentum Poland for being awarded Blog of the Month. Great posts! Keep em coming!

check out the momo warsaw blog at

vol. 2 issue 2


awards & honors

Cannes Call for Entries The Cannes Lions are here: Our industry’s premier awards show.

If you have not yet begun, NOW is the time to prepare your CANNES LIONS entry.

Please visit today and review the categories and get cracking!

If you are interested in submitting, please email immediately as the March 3rd Momentum deadline will be here before you know it. Please also note that there is a committee in place to review all submissions before they are sent to the Cannes Lions. So please follow Angie’s deadline requirements! Finally, any incomplete entries will be sent back to the submitter and may miss being sent to Cannes. Please read the instructions carefully. Visit this site to find everything you need to know: Let’s WIN! Great work deserves recognition!

for more information contact: in st louis

vol. 2 issue 2

6 pulse office name is LIVE
Momentum’s Training and Development program is now, a university system dedicated to bringing Momentum employees opportunities and tools to build the skills and knowledge you need to continue to Move It Forward. offers credits for the time you invest in yourself through work done in five development categories that reflect the focus of our organization.

Be One—learn about Momentum’s strength, current capabilities and forward thinking.

Do Great Work —sharpen the skills you need to deliver your best work.

Grow —build leadership skills to drive forward your team, your client and Momentum.

Give Back —learn the value of contributing to your community and company.

Have Fun —inspire yourself and your colleagues by taking time to pursue your passions.

Dedicating time to invest in your future is important to Momentum and we want you to know that you have our support. is YOUR university, and your development possibilities are endless here. Start building your path today at

For an overview about check out this short eLearning course:

for moreinformation contact: in new york

vol. 2 issue 2

7 pulse office name

Suggested Courses: You can find these courses (and hundreds more) on

Writing Effective Emails

Communicating efficiently is essential when you rely on email. In this coherent and professional emails and instant messages. Effective Business Writing

course, you’ll analyze your audience and organize your writing to create

Get up to speed on new techniques for message mapping, persuading others, creating the right message for your content and building and others to get the results you want. Grammar Essentials laying out a clear message. In other words, learn to communicate with

It never hurts to brush up on your grammar. Correct grammar and a

concise writing style can help you clearly articulate your ideas to others, streamline your instructions and create “wow”-invoking presentations and reports. In this course, you will review the rules of grammar and refine them to suit your current needs. Persuasive Business Writing

Think about how many emails you get every day. Now you know why communicating clearly and precisely is more important than ever, no organize your writing and employ effective persuasive techniques. matter what you’re writing. In this course, you’ll analyze your audience,

to learn more, please contact in new york

vol. 2 issue 2

8 tip office name off

Email Etiquette
How many emails do you receive a day? 20? 150? More? For many of us, email has become our primary method and colleagues.

Please read, and embrace, the Top Ten Tips for Considerate Email Use. 1. Before you start writing an email, think: “Would it better to speak to this person?” 2. Send emails only to the people who need them. Be very careful with “reply all.” It is That’s lazy. CCing someone to cover your butt is not the Momo way! almost always unnecessary and usually a nusance. Also, do not CC irrelevant people.

of communication with clients

3. Use a relevant (for the reader) subject line. If the subject has changed, change the words in the subject line. Only write about one subject per email - do not group multiple subjects.

Due to the instant nature

of email it is easy to write

4. Email is not private. Never say anything about anyone in an email that you would not like them to hear. It is in writing and legally binding. 5. Never use ALL CAPS. It is harder to read than lower case and can be seen as aggressive and communicates SCREAMING! 6. Always keep the message as brief as possible while remaining polite. 7. Check the “trail” – are there any old messages that are unnecessary to repeat (or even inappropriate) for the current addressee? Delete! 8. Never send large attachments - it gums up people’s inbox and can even shut it down. Use WebCargo. You can send up to 2GBs in seconds with WebCargo! before sending. 9. Set up automatic spelling and grammar check. Go to Tools / Options / Spelling / Always check spelling 10. Don’t send an email when angry. Re-read it when you have calmed down–or get someone to check it.

and send a message without recipient.

considering its impact on the

How many times have

you received an email and

misunderstood the writer’s

intention? Or been CCed on an email and found yourself nothing to do with? pulled into a project you had

Well, we have all had enough!

for more information contact:

vol. 2 issue 2


discipline pulse

Our business is entrepreneurial. It’s changing, fast. And one of the most exciting areas is Shopper Marketing…

A lot of stuff has been written about this. Therefore it appears complex. Clients do not have it as a line item on their budget. Which is why it’s tough to crystallize and understand. We have an innate ability to make understanding them? things complex. Try and make things simple. If we don’t understand things, what hope do our clients have of

When you develop brand programs, don’t forget that the lion’s share of purchase decisions are made inside the

store. Some say 70% of decisions—and that’s an ongoing debate—personally I think it depends on the category. That means you should always have a retail solution. Apple were good. When they understood the shopper and fixed retail they became really great. You need to think about the target as a shopper vs a consumer. And those differences can be huge. Imagine her mood: shopping for a dress for a first date is WAY more pleasurable than doing the weekly regimen shop at Walmart with two screaming children behind you.

If we are to grow, our account teams need to ask questions of the clients strategy at retail. Why my client friend is your share at X retailer less than your national share? You don’t know? Let us help. Our creative folks need to think of retail as the last frontier—a lot of decisions get made in the last three feet. We have already spent the

David Bonthrone

budget getting the consumer to the aisle to have them opt out, right? Is that the right approach? Look at your own behaviour. Challenge yourself and imagine you are behind the shelf watching shoppers navigate the category— what insights would you uncover? Is pricing really that important? Does packaging and design take on greater importance in a sea of SKUs?

And digital in store messaging… PUHHHLEEEEAAASE… don’t get me started. — David Bonthrone, Senior Vice President, Shopper Marketing in New York Want to know more about Shopper Marketing? All Momentum employees are invited to join’s first monthly webinar Wednesday, March 11th at 11:30am EST to hear more from David Bonthrone on the changing face of retail. If you’d like to attend, email for meeting details.

for more information contact: in new york

vol. 2 issue 2


technology office name pulse

Adobe CS4 Master Collection All great agencies must have great tools. Here is one of our favorite new tools, and will be yours too!

Adobe CS is the gold standard for all creative tools. We are pleased to

announce that we have just signed a three-year global agreement with Adobe Collection suite. Below is a list of the applications included in the suite. InDesign Contribute

and now have the right to use any of the Adobe applications within the Master

Photoshop Illustrator Flash Acrobat Pro Dreamweaver Fireworks Adobe Device Central

After Effects Soundbooth Encore Adobe OnLocation Adobe Bridge Version Cue

Adobe Premiere Pro

But wait, there’s more! We also secured Adobe Font Folio, and we are

determining a new standard for fonts that will be rolled out globally soon. If you need any of these applications installed on your system please contact your local IT department, for assistance.

for more information contact: in st. louis

vol. 2 issue 2


technology office name pulse

MegaMeeting Sure budgets are tight and traveling is at a minimum. Enter, MegaMeeting, and forget the headache!

What is MegaMeeting?

It is our global web video conferencing solution that allows you to video chat with up to 16 people at once! Here’s how to get started:

1. Hook up a web camera to your computer

2. Juice up your high-speed internet connection 4. Instructions to log in:

3. Go go: Username: firstname.lastname

Password: Momentum + the number of characters in your last name For Example, Mary Smith’s log in would be the following: password: Momentum5 5. Once you log on, click on “host” username: Mary.Smith

6. Follow the instructions on the screen and start your meeting Please email if you have any questions. IMPORTANT TO NOTE:
Suggested camera (desktops): Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro

We are not charging for MegaMeeting. It’s FREE for all!

MegaMeeting works on any operating system (MAC, PC. Linux)

Suggested camera (laptops): Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks

for more information contact in st. louis

vol. 2 issue 2


do great work

American Express Global Business Forum in Shanghai

We were challenged by American Express to help build out business-to-business domain and provider of superior intelligence and resources to executives.

their profile in China and further establish them as a leading

To attract our target audience and achieve our goal, we

enlisted Dr. Henry Kissinger to keynote our event, booked the event at the 2nd tallest building in the world, the stunning government leaders. Shanghai World Financial Center, and invited top business and

Our guest list was over the top! Attendees included 132

Chairmen, Presidents, CEOs, Managing Directors and other as several Senior Government Officials.

senior executives representing China-based companies as well

We granted a private audience with the Mayor of Shanghai and coordinated and received a formal government endorsement of the event. It was a huge success and the engagement moving forward! and communication with the attendees continues today and

for more information contact: in new york

vol. 2 issue 2


do great work

Estonia Goes Supremely GREEN with “Let’s Do It” The largest campaign in Estonia’s History and a perfect example of one of our tenants: GIVE BACK! Make sure you check it out on YouTube (search for Country Clean Up) or soon on the Portal!

On of our absolute favorite campaigns of 2008 came from our friends in Estonia and was doing, go on and search for “Country clean-up” and watch the video.

not only a big time GIVE BACK initiative, but also brilliantly PHYGITALtm! Drop what you are

It started with a few friends who had an outrageous plan to clean up Estonia from illegally dumped waste. It seems that many people in Estonia were dumping their garbage, including tires, refridgerators, and more, in the forests. Over 10,000 TONS of it! So this

group recruited the best of the best to join the leadership committee to handle volunteer was born.

recruitment, partner procurement, PR and advertising and digital solutions and “Let’s Do It”

So what was Momentum’s role? Our colleague Anneli Ohvril was the head of marketing They also created a virtual garbage map that allowed people to not only add sites to it

for the campaign, and coordinated all internet, PR, advertising and other communications. via their mobile phone and over 10,000 sites were catalogued! The effort turned into the largest media campaign ever in Estonia...all for FREE! They also signed over 500 partners and enlisted endorsements from the country’s celebrities and sports stars, and even the President!

On May 3, 2008, 50,000 (4% of the population!) volunteers headed out to villages, cities, towns, forests and roadsides all over the country and rolled up their sleeves and went to work. In less than five hours, more than 10,000 tons of

garbage was gathered.

In usual circumstances the project should have lasted for

three years and would have cost $30 million US. But success was achieved in only one day and $600K US was spent and covered by the government. Awesome!

for more information contact: in estonia

vol. 2 issue 2


do great work

American Idol Rocks at Retail with Coca-Cola

Momentum Atlanta’s Coca-Cola team is activating a huge American Idol retail program now through May 2009.

Facing the challenge of a reduced budget and a shift from a compelling point-of-sale and premium items to showcase Coke and American Idol as partners that “make Idol time family time.”

national pillar program to a regional activation, we designed

Over the coming months, watch for Coke American Idol POS at your pharmacy, grocer and mass retailers in the US. You Coke American Idol trivia cups at ICEE retailers. will also find our program extension with specially-designed

On a local level, to celebrate the launch, the Atlanta office hosted “Momentum Idol” on January 13, the day of the Season 8 premiere. Each Atlanta employee received an

audition number and throughout the day, numbers were announced via the Intercom. The winning audition number received a CocaCola American Idol co-branded gift ranging from t-shirts and hats to mp3 desk speakers and an inflatable viewing chair. In the afternoon, everyone enjoyed snacks in the break room.

Catch American Idol Tuesdays and Wednesdays on FOX!

for more information contact: in atlanta

vol. 2 issue 2


do great work

US Army All– American Bowl The Momentum Chicago Army team once again planned and executed the Army’s premier annual event on January 3, 2009.

The U.S. Army is the title sponsor of the US Army All-American Bowl—the nation’s premier high school Football All-Star game. Momentum handles all aspects of the execution of the sponsorship from negotiation to concept and onsite presence and all programming. The US Army sponsors the game not only for awareness and visibility, but to aid in the recruiting mission by generating leads among Prospects 18–42, as well as building relationships with Influencers nationwide. Over 240 individual events occur year-round as part of this program. This year’s game was deemed the most successful in its history by all Army personnel. The Secretary of the Army, Pete Geren, indicated that Momentum outdid ourselves. Additionally, the branding was unprecedented, while each of the events yielded great success. The Army Strong Zone interactive area generated 2,832 raw leads, a 64% increase over last year. Additionally, the team coordinated a free Lifehouse concert in which 2,500 fans attended. Other bowl week events the Momo team produced included a Coaches Academy, the nation’s only National Combine, an Awards Dinner attended by over 1,400 people, a Cheer Clinic featuring 400 cheerleaders, and several events honoring Soldier heroes from Operation Iraqi and Operation Enduring Freedom (OIF/OEF). The US Army All-American Marching Band featuring the nation’s top high school bands also performed during half time - a huge honor.

for more information contact:

vol. 2 issue 2


do great work

Momentum Thailand threw a music bash! Heineken Greenspace: Music Beyond Borders At Pattaya Beach

The evening of Saturday, December 13th 2008 was time to chill out at Pattaya’s exclusive and produced the “Heineken GreenSpace: local and international performers. Ocean Marina Yacht Club when we concepted Music Beyond Borders” concert featuring both

The event was the final episode of Heineken’s popular Greenspace series of concerts combining modern jazz, bossa nova and reggae conjured up by artists from Thailand, Sweden, setting! France and Jamaica. The beach was the perfect

As the sun set behind an enormous Heineken sign erected on the beach, the show kicked off with Thai bossa nova artist, Lula. The rest of the tightly organized event featured Swedish pop band Club 8 (Karolina Komstedt and Johan Angergard) with ETC; French performer “Crystal Night” with Radklao Amratisha and Bee-Peerapat and Jamaican reggae legend “Little Roy” and his guests – Prince Fatty, Winston Francis and Holly Cook with T-Bone.

The event was tightly organized with great

performances, comfortable acoustics and of

course lots of food and Heineken. A truly great

time was had by all and the client was thrilled!

for more information contact: in bangkok

vol. 2 issue 2


press coverage

Momentum Singapore in the News
Yap sets up Momentum Singapore
by Benjamin Li 16-Dec-08, 11:56 SINGAPORE - Peter Yap (pictured) is to become managing director of Momentum's latest and twelfth regional office opening in Singapore, 5 January.

Yap will report to Mark Ingrouille, McCann WorldGroup's regional director for Southeast Asia & CEO of McCann Worldgroup Singapore, and to Kevin McNulty, Momentum Worldwide’s chief marketing officer and regional director for Asia-Pacific, and will work closely with business director Manny Martinez. “As clients are re-examining and stretching their advertising dollars in times of recession, our challenge is how we can gear up to meet these demands, and to find more options to reach consumers effectively,” said Yap. The Singapore team is in the process of talking to new clients such as Coca-Cola, Panasonic, Nestle and Exxon Mobil. Yap set up Momentum Shanghai and was managing director there for two-and-a-half years before taking a career break. He was succeeded by Crystal Lin. Prior to that, he set up and was managing director of Momentum Kuala Lumpur for three years. Momentum Singapore will offer retail, events, promotions, sponsorships, music and entertainment marketing, as well as digital services and “phygital” interactive services.

for more information contact: in singapore

vol. 2 issue 2


press coverage

Grézoux Rejoins McCann Singapore as CD at Momentum

Paul Grézoux has been appointed as creative director of Momentum, a part of McCann Worldgroup, and will partner with managing director Peter Yap to lead the recently-launched Singapore team. Momentum Singapore office is the latest office to open in Asia. Grézoux returns to a McCann Worldgroup agency where he previously spent close to a decade across three McCann Erickson offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. The partnership Erickson Malaysia. reunites Grézoux and Yap who used to work together at McCann

Currently, Momentum has operations in twelve locations in Asia Pacific including Bangkok, Beijing, Jakarta, Manila, New Delhi, Momentum Singapore will offer retail, events, promotions, services and “phygital” interactive services. Selangor, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei and Tokyo. sponsorship, music and entertainment marketing as well as digital

for moremore, please contact to learn information contact: paul.gré in singapore

vol. 2 issue 2


press coverage

Event Marketer Magazine Momentum Dresses Up Fashion Week for American Express February 11, 2009

As a way to offer its cardmembers exclusive experiences, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

sponsor American Express has teamed up with designer Diane von Furstenberg to present a City. Fashion Week takes place Feb. 13 – 20.

cardmember-only runway show on Feb. 18, During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York

Besides the private fashion show, cardmembers will have access to the American Express Skybox, designed this year by Jonathan Adler, for an up-close view of the runways. A personal shopper from Bergdorf Goodman will be on hand in the skybox to discuss fashion with attendees, who also will receive a gift from the retailer. Trunk shows by members of the council of Fashion Designers Of America (CFDA) will be held in the skybox. The American Express booth in the lobby will also serve as a gathering place and customer service a fashion week survival guide.

desk where attendees can make restaurant reservations and receive

“We are using Fashion Week as a way to bring cardmembers and the design community together,” Jessica Igoe, Director-Global Sponsorship Marketing at American Express, told buzz. “We’re

helping women make smart fashion decisions and maximize their budgets. We realize women

probably have less money to spend than they did and they want to spend it on good quality items have some fun, too. It’s a unique way to conduct business and drive value for the industry while giving our cardmembers a memorable experience.” Agency: Momentum, New York City.

that will last them season after season. We’re giving women the tools to make those decisions and

for moremore, please contact in new york to learn information contact:

vol. 2 issue 2


press coverage

Event Magazine UK Our Head of Events for the UK, Joe Russell, participated in a Q&A in the region’s leading event marketing magazine. Check it out at

for moremore, please contact in london to learn information contact:

vol. 2 issue 2


next month

Stay tuned for the next issue of Month at Momentum Monday March 30th!

Submissions due by Friday, March 6th to
Many thanks to our Month@Momentum Team: Executive Editor: Stephanie Rudnick Managing Editor: Hillary Vigdor Design Director: Benjamin Bailey from Richard DiFuria

Graphic Designer: Mary Minor and the extra help Contributing Editor: Peter Office Technical Director: Doug Pierce Publishers: Chris Weil, Kevin McNulty, Jeff Weiss

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