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					Social Media & SEO Get Traffic Now!!
Tony Adam
February 25, 2009


• Clearing up the rumors and myths • Social Media
– How to Approach Social Media – What type of content does well in Social Media – What sites to target in Social Media and the tools/plugins

– Research – Site Architecture – Content is King

– Links can make you a King

• Wrapping it all up


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What Social Media Marketing is not.

Social Media Marketing is NOT just a project, it is a dedicated Marketing Program.


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Let’s get some things straight about SEO!


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Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, Diversify!

• Facebook and Twitter are great for Branding, not for large quantities of traffic • Digg and Reddit are great for bursts of traffic, but not constant bursts of traffic like StumbleUpon

• Focus on ALL FORMS of Social Media, not just Social Networks and Social News.
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Social Media isn’t ONLY about Traffic!



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What does the Visibility Translate into?

• Branding & Mindshare

• Traffic
– Quick Bursts of Traffic over 24 hours

• Links
– Bloggers, Writers, Journalists look to Social Media for Resources
– Articles are picked up and linked to.

– Powerful Resources are consistently linked to within Article Content.
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Resourceful Content


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Newsworthy Content


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Controversial Content

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Humorous Content

- 11 -

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Odd & Outrageous Content

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It’s all about the Sales Pitch!

A good Title and Description can Make or Break your Social Media Submission.


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Which Social Media Site do I target for my audience

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So what site should I target?!

It’s all about your target audience
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Buttons, Widgets, Upvotes, Ahhh!!

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What are some good resources and tools?
• Ultimate resource for Social Media Buttons, Tools, etc. by 10e20: • StumbleUpon Toolbar: • Social Media Toolbar: • Delicious Bookmarks:
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Case Study: Think you don’t need Social Media?!

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Who is ready for some SEO Hotness?!

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Where does SEO start? It’s all in the Research!

• Keyword Research
– TARGET keywords that make the most sense

• Competitive Research
– Look at competitors and what they are targeting.

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Applying the research to your Content

Title Tags
Meta Tags Headings URL structures ALT Tags

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Title Tags, Meta Tags, Headings, ALT Tags

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You’ve heard it before, Content Is King!

Create Fresh, Compelling, and Resourceful content that will bring people back for more!

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Consistently Fresh User Generated Content

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What kind of content?

Blogs and User Generated Content are important for both SEO and Social Media.

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URL Structures are extremely important.

Create a Flat URL structure that is short and keyword rich.

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Example URL Structures
• Yahoo! Games
– – – – – – …etc...

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Duplicate Content is Bad!

One Piece of Content = One URL

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Links can make you a King!

Links are the most important ranking factor. The key is ensuring you have Keyword Rich Anchor Text.

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Internal Linking

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It’s a Popularity Contest people!!

External Links are like votes from other sites telling Search Engines your content is Important.

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Down the stretch we come!
• Create a Social Media Marketing Program for both Traffic and Visibility

• Gain an understanding of where your Audience lives and what they are looking for, for both Social Media and SEO
• Don’t worry about competitors, but keep an eye on them. • Be sure to have a consistent and clean SEO Site Architecture (title tags, urls, etc.) and leverage keywords • Leverage Social Media for your SEO Efforts:
– Create compelling content and allow for UGC that does well on Social Media and drives links for SEO

• Win the popularity contest in SEO by getting the most votes through External Links from Authority sites.

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• Message Boards and Forums:

• Complete Web 2.0 Sites Directory:
• SEOMoz Beginners Guide to SEO • SEO Toolbar by SEO Book: • SEO for Firefox by SEO Book:

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Tony Adam

Manager, Search Traffic Acquisition
Yahoo! Audience Marketing (@tonyadam)
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