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									Dragons Abreast Australia

        Under the umbrella of
   Breast Cancer Network Australia
            Who are we?
 Dragons Abreast teams in every
  State and Territory of Australia
 Breast cancer survivors of various
  ages and from a great variety of
  backgrounds, athletic abilities and
 Have  fun
 Try new things
 Meet interesting people
 Be involved in a challenging physical
  activity whilst promoting breast
  cancer awareness
 Dragon Boating is the Sport
         for you!
 Ifyou want to:
 Get fit
 Make new friends
 Have fun
    What is dragon boating?
 Originated  in China.
 Canoe-like boat, 12 metres long.
 20 paddlers, 2 abreast.
 „Sweep‟ to steer the boat.
 Drummer to keep time.
 During races a dragonboat features the
  head and tail of a dragon, a mythological
  creature regarded by the Chinese as having
  dominion over the waters and exercising
  control over rainfall.
      Why dragon boating?
 Sport for all ages and fitness.
 Teamwork.
 Exercise has shown to be beneficial
  both in preventing breast cancer, and
  preventing recurrence.
 Upper body exercise – not limiting for
  those with lower body disability.
      Encouraging Spirit,
     Strength and Water
 Aim  is to support and foster the
  wellbeing of a broad range of women
  through participation in dragon boat
 Extending to women who have not had
  breast cancer, but would like to try
  dragon boating.
„Flowers on the Water‟
            Boat Safety
 We  are members of AusDBF.
 We give detailed safety instructions
  before boarding the boat.
 We can provide pfds (Personal Flotation
  Device) in other words, life jackets.
 You will be assigned a “buddy” for support
  and assistance during the sessions.
                Boat Safety
 Not   this!
     Focus on participation
 Participation in dragon boat races at
  regattas    around    Australia   and
 Local   participation for individual
 Friendship, support, fitness and fun
  for a diverse group of women.
 Participation in dragon boating can
  bring great benefits, both physical
  and psychological.
 Opportunity to share experiences,
  build support networks.
 Accommodates all levels of fitness
  and physical ability.
               Our Aims
 To  promote to the community the concept
  that there is „quality of life‟ after a
  diagnosis of breast cancer.
 To assist women regain a sense of health,
  wellness and self-confidence.
 To help people with a diagnosis of breast
  cancer understand that they can still lead
  full and active lives despite physical
  limitations imposed by breast cancer.
        Our Aims (cont)
 To give a „face‟ to breast cancer
  statistics and thus raise awareness
  whilst encouraging the search for a
 To encourage women to achieve their
  dream of regaining an active,
  adventurous life despite a diagnosis
  of breast cancer.
        More information
 Dragons   Abreast website

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