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              The HIGH FLYER
                                            29 May 2009
Matric Dance
“Geisha” was the theme for this year’s Matric Celebration at the Indaba Hotel, and the décor was quite
breathtaking (again!) I am sure that our Class of ’09, so elegantly and colourfully turned out on Saturday
evening will join me in saying well done and thanks to Mr Gradidge, our very own events-planner-designer-
artisan-craftsman, and to Mrs Mare for her hard work in creating such a visual feast around the room. Well
done too, to the Grade 11 hosts, the Dance Committee, Mme Theron and Mev Pratt, who have worked
tirelessly, literally since the day after last year’s dance, to put on another superb Redhill occasion. It was
indeed a celebration of note!

Sports injuries procedure
Winter contact sports bring with them more injuries than our summer pursuits, and there is sometimes cause
for a player to be taken off to a hospital or clinic for expert medical attention. Fortunately, the vast majority of
these injuries are not serious and the First Aid treatment and hospitalization are really precautionary. Here is
the school’s procedure in the event of a sports injury (or indeed any injury or illness occurring at school, which
requires expert medical help):

As per SARU regulations, rugby matches may not take place without an ambulance at the field. The
paramedic company we work with is Netcare 911. They are present at home rugby fixtures, and they are
called in the event of an injury happening at school. They are under instruction to take Redhill pupils directly
to Morningside Clinic, where there is an arrangement in place that Redhill pupils will be stabilized, prior to the
receipt of any medical aid details or authorisation. (“Stabilised” means doctor’s diagnosis, x-rays if necessary
and initial treatment.) In the meantime, the coach or the teacher contacts the pupil’s parents or guardians (in
the event that they are not present at the fixture) and arranges for them to meet their child at Morningside
Clinic. Should the child not have medical aid for whatever reason, arrangements are made to transport him or
her to a state facility for further treatment. (The pupil’s parents might well be asked to meet the child there,
rather than Morningside.) On many occasions a coach will accompany the injured player to the clinic, but it
happens sometimes that that coach needs to remain at the field with the team. We have always been very
fortunate in the willingness of parents to step in and help when this happens, and we are grateful for this.
Later in the day, a number of us do follow up on how the player is. We also have a large number of pupil and
teacher First Aiders (more than 60) qualified at either level one or level two. The safety and wellbeing of our
pupils is of paramount importance, and everything possible is done to ensure that they get swift and good
attention in the event of an injury.

I know that this practice has gained some ground, but it is worth repeating the concept of “ICE” phone-
numbers. “ICE” stands for “In Case of Emergency”, and the concept is a simple but clever one. When you are
the victim in an accident and incapacitated, any paramedic on the scene cannot possibly tell which names on
your contact list to call. If you enter your next-of-kin/partner/spouse/parents numbers under “ICE 1” “ICE 2”,
etc., they know immediately that that person is someone that you want to have them call in that emergency.
So, pupils, please insert “ICE Mom” or “ICE Dad” with the numbers in your cell-phones. If you’re unconscious
because of a knock in a sports match, this is invaluable information for those who are trying to help you.

60 minutes with the heads
At the time of writing (mid Friday morning) no parent questions have been received. The 60 minutes with the
heads scheduled for Monday morning has therefore been postponed until a future date still to be decided.

Firstly, we would like to apologise for having this insert come so late. We have been exceptionally busy and
realise that it is important to print these articles in order to draw attention to the Interact cause. Secondly, we
are proud to announce that our visit to Jabula Old Age home on the 9th May was a success. We’d like to say
thank you to those who contributed to the festivity of the day and hope to see many more of these events in
the near future. Interact would also like to thank those of you supported “Fan Friday”. Despite waiting for a
few students to pay R10 or bring two cans of regular-sized pilchards, we have raised a considerable amount
for Riversands. Also, the Interact Carwash has been moved to the 6th June so if possible, could all parents
and staff please support our fundraiser. We will be selling Boerewors rolls and other refreshments for you to
enjoy while we wash your car.

                                                                                                PRO Interact 2009
                                                                                             Khanya Mtshali Gr 11

Speak the Speech
On Monday night the inter-house speaking competition "Speak the Speech" was held. It was an entertaining
evening, with speakers from each house choosing to give either an original speech or an interpretation of a
famous speech. All speakers acquitted themselves with aplomb. Thanks to the adjudicators, Mrs Smith and
Mrs Dunn from the Redhill Preparatory school, and to those teachers, parents and pupils who came along to
support. The results are as follows:

Junior Interpretation:   Runner-up: Kelvin Kajuna (Brooks)
                         Best Speaker: Drumie Kriel (Kriel)

Junior Original:         Runner-up: Jane Jackson (Miller)
                         Best Speaker: Georgia Dewey (Thompson)

Senior Interpretation:   Runner-up: Khanya Mtshali (Brooks)
                         Best Speaker: Lauren Midgley (Miller)

Senior Original:         Runner-up: Jennifer Prytz (Miller)
                         Best Speaker: Raphael Chaskalson (Brooks)

Final points position for houses: 1st Brooks
                                  2nd Miller
                                  3rd Thompson
                                  4th Kriel

Congratulations to all the speakers, the MCs Tinashe Chipako and Celine Cripps, and to Ryan Julyan and
Phil Munda and their Performing Arts Committee for hosting the evening.

The Phoenix Project
Redhill has joined an enormous interschool charity drive, which aims to collect as many food cans as possible
for children at underprivileged schools and orphanages. What makes this drive unique is the fact that the
number of cans that Redhill collects will be trebled, before these cans are donated to Riversands – a school
with which we have formed a very special bond over the years. Riversands relies heavily on Redhill to provide
meals for the often undernourished students. Our goal is to collect at least 1000 cans before Friday 12 June,
as all schools involved will gather on June 16th to combine our respective collections. Food cans may be
dropped off at the front office, or students may hand them in to their register teachers. This is an exciting
opportunity to make a real difference in our community – therefore, we would greatly appreciate any
donations you could offer.
                                                                                                 Lauren Midgley
Rapewise Presentation
This is a reminder to parents of the talk by Dr John Buswell on Monday 8 June at 18h00 in the school
auditorium. Dr Buswell is the CEO of Rapewise, an organisation whose aim it is to educate South Africans as
to the dangers of M-Xit, pornography, date rape, date rape drugs and violence in schools. He is a passionate
and engaging speaker who has a wealth of knowledge and insight to share with parents.

Social Awareness Committee
                                   On behalf of the Social Awareness Committee, I would just like to extend
                                   a huge word of thanks to everyone who contributed to Redhill’s first
                                   money mile. It was a resounding success as we were able to raise
                                   R13305 for our various charity initiatives. Well done to Kriel House who
                                   proved to be the most generous house with the longest line of coins. A
                                   special word of thanks to Mr Strydom, Mrs Leinberger, and everyone who
                                   helped count all the coins.
                                                                                              Jessica Fendick

Jo’burg Libraries “Psyched 4 Science” Campaign

                                                               Mr Vuillemin writes: Every year since 2005, I
                                                               attend a Science -Technology competition
                                                               held by the Library and Information
                                                               Services of the Community Development of
                                                               the City of Johannesburg.
                                                               It was a privilege and an enriching
                                                               experience to mark the many scientifically
                                                               based projects from Randburg and
                                                               Diepsloot schools.

Senior SACEE debating
Our senior SACEE debaters were once again in action this Saturday. We were without our Matrics, owing to
the Matric dance. Almost all of our debaters were in Grade 10 and they were up against mostly matrics from
other schools. It is very encouraging to note that we have sufficient depth to more than fill the gap. Emma
Duncan, Marina Ceccarelli and Theresa Mwesigwa were up first against Fourways and lost narrowly. In the
impromptu, Jared Falcke, Diandra Antunes and Tarryn Harding performed beautifully and won convincingly.
Tarryn was awarded best speaker. Thanks to the juniors for providing a strong floor.

We have completed four rounds of the SACEE league and we now wait to hear if we will get through to the
knock out stage of competition.

Junior debating result
Our junior debaters competed in the SACEE junior round 1 and 2 on Saturday. Most were participating in their
first debate and adjudicators were extremely impressed with their performance. Daniel Kapelus, Vicky
Appelbaum and Georgia Dewey won the first debate against Hyde Park. Daniel received the best speaker
award. The impromptu team of Adam Buckland, Georgia Dewey and Kelvin Kajuna lost in a very close
debate, however Adam Buckland was given the best speaker award. All in all, it was worth the long trip to
Krugersdorp and I feel sure that Redhill’s debating future is in good hands.

Our next debate will be the Senior SACEE rounds 3 and 4 to be held at Fourways on Saturday May 23.
                                                                                       Mr Michael Caplan
                                                                                           T-i-C debating
UNO debate
Good luck to the team (David Lydall, Theresa Mwesigwa, Khanya Mtshali and Alli Appelbaum) for UNO
debate at Wits tomorrow!

Sports report for week ending 29 May
The past week
Heronbridge College Festival, Saturday 23 May
Our Under 14 netball and rugby sides participated in the Heronbridge junior festival.

The under 14 netball girls were invited to participate in an under 14 tournament and did Redhill proud. Here is
an extract of a letter received from their coach.

The tournament was awesome. The girls behaved with decorum as much at 20 Duracell bunnies can. They
are all so active! The team spirit was brilliant and often the girls shouted themselves hoarse. Both A and B
teams played really good games and several of the girls got ‘player of the match’ after each game. The
tournament was brilliant from a learning perspective as the girls played short games against several schools.
The Redhill girls did the school proud with their dress and behaviour, even tidying up after themselves! I am
very proud to be associated with a school like Redhill.

The under 14 rugby improved as the weekend progressed. After loosing to CBC Boksburg 34-0 on Friday, the
boys redeemed themselves on Saturday and by all accounts played more structured rugby. They narrowly
went down to Crawford Lonehill (5-10, Dale Hindle scoring his team’s only points). In the last match at the
festival they played the Wits Invitational side and drew 14 all. Dale Hindle and a new pupil to Redhill Morné
Du Plessis (Maybe he is related to the great Western Province and Springbok no.8) scoring tries and the
conversions by Christopher Gorman. Well done to all at the players and a special word of thanks to Mrs. Vietti
for assisting during Prince Chikezie’s injury.

Versus Crawford College, Saturday 23 May
All our sides were involved in tough matches and were narrowly pipped by the home sides. Under 15 went
down 10-15 (try scorers Ely Fal and Bradley Greve), under 16 , 7-8 ( A try scored by Junayd Bradlow and
converted by Brandon Becker) and the first side making uncharacteristic unforced errors went down 8-14
(Adrian Keyser scored a superb try and Ross Hindle contributed three points). I think the Matric Dance, before
and after parties could’ve played a role in this lacklustre performance.

Versus Greenside
Redhill played good attacking rugby to win this encounter against a school who once was one of the top rugby
playing schools in this province and produced James Small, who was part of the Kitch Christie’s 1995 World
Cup winning team.
Under 14: Won 35 :14.Dale Hindle, Peter Willmott and Sean Yorke getting their names on the score sheet
and Christopher Gorman converting 3 tries. Thank you to Mrs. Hindle for assisting with Zama Nkosi’s injury.
Under15/16: Won 29-0. Tries scored by Bradley Greve, Filipe Barreiro, Scott Morris Sean Earp and Ely Fal.
Conversions by Scot Morris and Ely Fal.
At 1 XV beat Greenside 60 –o. Points for Redhill Ryan Fitzpatrick(2), David Bleekers(2), Ish Nkolo, Joshua
Meltz, Morgan Long, Ross Hindle, James Dawson and Zach Midlane. Unfortunately our place kicking is still a
problem and we managed to convert 5 tries. Brandon Becker (4) and Joshua Meltz(1).

Girls’ Hockey v Heronbridge
Junior A         Won 1- 0
2nds             Won 4 – 0
1                Won 1 - 0

Boys’ Hockey v St David’s
Juniors lost 1-0
U16     drew 0-0
2nds drew 0-0
1sts    won 1-0

Netball v Brescia House
U15A               won                  20-16
U15 B              won                  22-5
U16A               lost                 12-15
U16 B              drew                 9-9
Firsts             drew                 28- 28
Second             lost                 14-24
Netball v Roedean
U14A              lost                11-16
U14B              won                 12-10
U15A              won                 16-9
U15B              won                 9-4
U16A              won                 10-11
U16B              won                 7-5
U17A              lost                12-24
Firsts            won                 34-18
Seconds           lost                13-10

This Weekend
Rugby v St Martin’s School
Kick-off times:
Under 14 : 9:00
Under 16 : 10:00
1st XV : 11:00

Boys’ Hockey v Rand Park
U14    9:00 (Summit Field)
U16    10:30 (MCC)
2nds 10:000 (Summit Field)
1sts   11:30 (MCC)
Next Wednesday: all boys’ hockey teams v Queen’s at MCC.

The Week ahead

Day                 Activity and venue                           Teacher
Monday 1            Practices
Tuesday 2           Hockey: girls versus Crawford Lonehill       Mrs Denenga
Wednesday 3         Hockey: Boys versus Queens High School.      Mr Wiggett
                    Rugby versus Heronbridge College at
                    Outspan                                      Mr Matthews
                    Netball versus Holy Rosary (Outspan).
                                                                 Mrs Leinberger
Thursday 4          Practices

Friday 5            Sport period                                 Mrs Denenga
Saturday 6          Rugby versus St Dunstan’s College at St      Mr Matthews
                    Dunstan’s. Bus to depart at 6:45 from
                    Summit Rd. parking area.
                    Hockey: Boys versus Helpmekaar               Mr Wiggett

Times for Rugby versus Heronbridge College Wednesday 3 June.

Team               Kick-off Time      Field              Referee
Under 14           14:15              Morcombe           Mr Chunnett
Under 16           14:15              Brooks             Mr Matthews
Under 15           15:00              Brooks             Mr Deavall
1 XV               16:00              Brooks             G.L.R.U

On the horizon ……….
June 16th Pick’n Pay/ Redhill Youth day sevens tournament at Outspan.

                                                                                           Mr. C.Matthews
'OUTSPAN' Tuck Shop
The tuck shop at the Outspan will be open on Match days! Volunteers needed to do 1 hour shifts! Please
contact Debbie Greve 083 305 2113 if you are able to help.
Apologies: Sometimes High Flyer is completed in a real hurry on a Friday, and the occasional mistake slips
through. Last week, it was a pleasure to congratulate Gabrielle and Allyson Smith on their karate
achievements. Unfortunately, we stated that Allyson was at Montrose, while she is at Redhill Prep. Apologies
for that. One doesn’t really know what one could have been thinking, sometimes.

My School Card
If you don’t already have a MySchool Card register online for a speedy response. 0860 100 445

Makro Card – Another easy way to raise funds for Redhill
Link you card by sms-ing 'school' to 31144 - They will call you back & request your Makro card no!

Redhill will benefit every time you shop at Makro Woodmead!
Please be reminded that June 15 is a normal school day at Redhill School.

We wish all our Jewish families good Yom Tov for Shavuot.

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                                                29 May 2009

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                                The Redhill Tuckshop Menu

1 June Monday                                       4 June 2009 Thursday
Spaghetti Bolognaise              R12.00             Fish Fingers Veg Rice           R13.00
Large Portion                     R17.00             Large Portion                   R15.00
Doughnuts                         R3.00              Chiffon Cake                    R3.00
2 June 2009 Tuesday                                  5 June 2009 Friday
Beef Chop Suey                    R12.50             Macaroni Cheese                 R10.00

Large Portion                     R17.50             Large Portion                   R15.00

 Moon Glow Cake                   R2.50              Pizza per slice                 R9.00
3 June 2009 Wednesday
 Beef Curry RICE/ PAP             R12.50
 Large Portion                    R17.50
Meringues                         R2.00

                                                     HEALTH BREAKFAST :              R9.00
                                                     Muesli, Yoghurt, Honey, Fruit   Lge.R18.00
 Toasted Chicken Mayonnaise       R12.00             Health Roll                     R7.00
 Toasted Ham                      R7.00              Chicken Mayo. Roll              R12.00
 Toasted Ham & Cheese             R10.00             Hot Dog                         R8.50
 Toasted Bacon                    R10.00             Fruit Salad                     R10.00
 Toastd Bacon Cheese              R15.00             Fruit Salad & Ice Cream         R13.00
 Toasted Cheese or Feta           R7.50              Green Salad Feta or Avo         R15.00
 Toasted Cheese & Tomato          R9.00              Green Salad & Pasta             R20.00
 Toasted Ham Cheese &
                                  R12.00             Oasis Water                     R6.00
 Toasted Tuna                     R12.00             Valpré Water                    R6.00
 Toasted Bacon and Egg            R13.00             Flavored Water                  R7.00
 Hamburger                        R15.00             Pop Corn                        R3.00
 Chicken Burger                   R15.00             Hot Chocolate                   R4.00
 Cheese Burger                    R19.00             Frozen Yoghurt                  R5.50
 Chicken Cheese Burger            R19.00             Jelly                           R2.00
 Cheese Roll                      R9.50              Teas or Coffee                  R3.00
 Ham Roll                         R8.50              Salad & Tuna                    R23.00
 Ham & Cheese Roll                R11.50             Tuna Roll                       R12.00
 Pasta Salad                      R9.00              Powerade                        R8.00
 Pasta Salad Large                R11.00             Rusks, Home Made, per pkt.      R10.00
 Pies & Sausage Rolls             R10.00             Slush Puppie                    R6.00
 Green Salad & Chicken Pattie     R23.00             Soup & slice Bread              R10.00
 Green Salad & 2 Chicken
                                  R31.00             Slice of Toast                  R1.50
 Instant Noodles: Chicken – Beef - Spicy Beef - Sea Food - Vegetarian                R10.00

                     Menu and prices subject to change without prior notice

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