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					                                  Animal identification form
   One of the most important steps you can take to prepare for a disaster is to pre-register your
companion animal(s) with the Volusia Animal Preparedness Data Bank. Registration will help return
your pet after a disaster and will enable you to find shelter with your companion animal at the VAP
shelter at the Volusia County Fairgrounds. Place a copy of this form in plastic, on each animal pet

             Complete this form and mail to:
                                      Volusia County Animal Control Services
                                      Attn: Volusia Animal Preparedness Data Bank
                                      29 Keyton Drive
                                      Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Owner’s name: __________________________           Neutered/spayed? Yes___ No ___         Sex: ___
Address: _______________________________           Habits or other considerations: ______________
City: ___________________________________          _______________________________________
Zip code: _______________________________          Vaccinations current? Yes ___ No ___
Phone: (W) _____________ (H) ____________          Rabies tag number: _______________________
Pet’s name: _____________________________          ID/tattoo number: _________________________
Type of pet: ________________ Pet’s age: ____      Veterinarian: _____________________________
Color: ______________ Breed: _____________         Vet’s phone number: ______________________

Provide the name and phone number of a relative or friend out of the at-risk area should we be
unable to contact you.
Name: _________________________________ Phone: _________________________________