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									                                                                                                                                                    July 2008

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      How Can My Business

                      Save Energy,                           Money and the Environment
                                                                Let Me Count the Ways . . .

Express Efficiency                                   Express Efficiency                                   Summer Discount Plan credit:
Refrigeration rebates:                               Air Conditioning rebates:                            At no cost to you, we’ll install a cycling device
                                                                                                          on your central air conditioner unit. During periods
Install any of these items to help contain cool      You can claim rebates or bill credit when
                                                                                                          of peak demand and based on the comfort level
air inside your refrigeration systems and claim      you purchase or lease any of the following           you choose, we may turn off your air conditioner’s
the applicable rebates:                              energy-efficient equipment:                          compressor. You still get your applicable bill credit
   $9.00 per linear foot – Night cover for              $80.00 per horsepower – Variable                  whether or not a cycling event occurs. Enroll now
   display cases                                        frequency drives                                  and start earning credit before the program closes
                                                                                                          for the season on October 1st.
   $3.00 per square foot – Strip curtains for           $1.35 per square foot – Reflective
   walk-in boxes                                        window film
                                                                                                          Apply for your rebates today! Funds are limited
   Up to $200 per linear foot – New                     $100.00 per unit – Packaged Terminal Air          and available on a first-come, first-served
   refrigeration display case with doors                Conditioners of less than two tons                basis to SCE customers only. Please call
   $50 each – Special doors with low/no                 $123.00 per ton – Advanced Evaporative            800-736-4777 to learn more. Or, for complete
   anti-sweat heat                                      Coolers                                           details, terms and conditions and an application
                                                                                                          form, visit
   $14 per linear foot – Anti-sweat heat controls
                                                     $50 each – Old Refrigerator or Freezer:              Note: California customers who choose to participate
   $1.00 per linear foot – Insulate bare
                                                     We will pay you $50 when you let us pick up your     in these programs are not obligated to purchase any
   suction lines
                                                                                                          additional services offered by contractors. Programs are
                                                     old inefficient working refrigerator or freezer.
   $4.00 per linear foot – Cooler or freezer                                                              funded by California utility ratepayers and administered
                                                     We’ll dispose of it in an environmentally friendly   by Southern California Edison under the auspices of
   door gaskets
                                                     manner FREE of charge. This offer is good ONLY       the California Public Utilities Commission. Programs
   Up to $50 per closer – Auto-closers for           for consumer model appliances.                       may be modified or terminated without prior notice.
   coolers or freezers
   $75 per controller – Evaporative fan controller
   $20 per motor – ECM and PSC Motors
   $90 per controller – Vending machine

$50 rebate – New Refrigerator:
When you purchase a new ENERGY STAR®
qualified refrigerator, send us your receipt
and all required documentation (see to collect your
$50 rebate. This offer is available ONLY
for consumer model refrigerators.
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Southern California. Powered by the Sun.                                                            Make a Voluntary Contribution Today
Wouldn’t it be nice to just plug right into the sun for all our electricity needs? We’re taking     For a Cleaner Tomorrow
giant strides in that direction. Recently, we proposed the nation’s largest rooftop solar           How can you help the nation’s most populous state become
photovoltaic installation, seeking to convert 65 million square feet of large warehouse             the most environmentally friendly place to live and work?
rooftops into solar generating stations.
                                                                                                    Simply make a voluntary contribution toward technologies
                                                              The program is estimated to cost      that will capture greater amounts of renewable energy
                                                              $875 million over the next five       from resources such as the sun, water, wind, biomass, and
                                                              years, will produce enough elec-      geothermal formations.
                                                              tricity to supply about 162,000
                                                              homes, and is subject to approval     Make your voluntary contribution of any amount, payable
                                                              by the California Public Utilities    to the: Renewable Resource Trust Fund. Include your
                                                              Commission. This investment           check in the return envelope with your bill payment. We
                                                              helps us fulfill our commitment to    will forward your contribution to the California Energy
                                                              help protect the environment.         Commission, which administers this fund.
                                                              The solar panel installation          Your contribution will help California meet its goal to
                                                              will reduce greenhouse gas            generate more renewable energy, and to educate consumers
                                                              emissions, capitalize on unused       about the benefits of investing in renewable energy today
                                                              rooftop space, and utilize existing   for a cleaner environment tomorrow.
                                                              circuits and transmission lines to
                                                              carry clean power from the sun        To learn more, please call 800-555-7794, or visit
                                                              directly to customers.      

                                                              We hope to start supplying power
                                                              from the beginning segments of
                                                              the new solar program this year,
                                                              especially for customers in some
                                                              of the high-growth areas of our
                                                              service territory.
                                                              To learn more about solar energy
                                                              and our latest solar projects,
Daniel P. Breig, SCE Director, Project Development Division

                                                                                                                 POWER CONTENT LABEL
Is Fire Fighting Part of Your Business?                                                               ENERGY
                                                                                                                                 2008 SCE        2007 CA
                                                                                                                                POWER MIX* POWER MIX**
                                                                                                      RESOURCES                  (projected) (for comparison)
Put safety first and make your business one that fights fire before it ever has a chance
to ignite. Start by implementing an emergency plan, and designate safety personnel                    Eligible Renewable             16%            10%
or a “go-to” person with the responsibility of helping everyone maintain a hazard-free                -- Biomass & waste                   2%           <1%
workplace. In addition:                                                                               -- Geothermal                        9%            2%
                                                                                                      -- Small hydroelectric               1%            6%
   Do not overload power outlets; rather, use a circuit breaker power strip with multiple             -- Solar                             1%           <1%
   sockets to accommodate your needs.                                                                 -- Wind                              3%            2%
   Be attentive when using heat-producing electrical devices such as warmers, stoves,                 Coal                           8%              32%
   ovens, space heaters, or fans, and discontinue use of any item that has frayed or broken           Large Hydroelectric             5%             24%
   wires. If such items come in contact with flammable or wet surfaces, they may cause a              Natural Gas                    50%             31%
   fire or electrical shock.                                                                          Nuclear                       21%               3%
                                                                                                      Other                         <1%               0%
   Keep fire extinguishers handy and train your staff about proper usage in the event
   of a small fire.                                                                                   TOTAL                         100%            100%
                                                                                                      *96% of SCE Power Mix is specifically purchased from
   Follow manufacturer’s instructions for using potentially hazardous products                         individual suppliers.
   indoors and out.                                                                                  **Percentages are estimated annually by the California
                                                                                                       Energy Commission based on electricity sold to
And if you see smoke or fire at your business or nearby, follow your company’s guidelines              California consumers during the previous year.
for handling emergencies. Otherwise, immediately call 9-1-1, alert building occupants,               For specific information about this electricity product,
and prepare to evacuate quickly. Once you are out, do not return to the area until local             contact Southern California Edison. For general
authorities have declared that it is safe to do so.                                                  information about the Power Content Label, contact the
                                                                                                     California Energy Commission at 1-800-555-7794 or
Learn more about fire and emergency preparedness at                

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