A guide for value added resellers and distributors

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					A guide for value added
resellers and distributors
The Fantastic story…
Fantastic Media is a fast-growing company based in Daresbury, Cheshire. In a move with the potential to
revolutionise interactive marketing, Fantastic Media has developed BlueBroadcaster. Using technology
originally designed by Ericsson as an open standard for wireless networking, BlueBroadcaster is specially
programmed to enable interactive communications to be sent to mobile ‘phones, lap tops or portable hand
held devices within a defined location. The product’s potential as an interactive marketing tool is phenomenal.

How much does a                                             negotiating which means a more profitable
                                                            business. A marketing campaign designed for
BlueBroadcaster                                             BlueBroadcaster is cool, fun and easy to instigate.
                                                            Furthermore it’s one of the most cost-effective
campaign cost?                                              forms of marketing available today!
Following the initial outlay the only costs relate
to the marketing method. This could be as                   Why BlueBroadcaster?
simple as a striking, well-edited text message
or a more elaborate viral ad campaign utilising             Features available include analytical packages
film and audio. With BlueBroadcaster the world              meaning you can track the success of your
really is the marketeer’s oyster! Fantastic Media           campaigns and measure outputs. That means
can supply software-only packages, software                 clients can prove they are investing wisely in
and creative facilities or software complete with           communications. Continuous development by             The technology is also increasingly being
hardware to broadcast the message. With some                Fantastic Media means their communications            used by health promotion agencies as part
systems an standalone unit may be required                  have the ability to reach more people more quickly    of social marketing campaigns including
which is also available from Fantastic Media.               and over greater distances than competitors.          obesity awareness and smoking cessation.
                                                            With most devices now Bluetooth-enabled,              Fantastic Media is witnessing exceptional market
                                                            BlueBroadcaster is able to exploit an avenue of
What are the advantages?                                    marketing not available using traditional media.
                                                                                                                  growth particularly in the UK, Spain and Holland

Marketing via BlueBroadcaster uses cutting-
edge, state-of-the-art technology to get the                Who’s already on board?                               Does it comply with
message across even to people who can                                                                             regulations?
sometimes be difficult to reach. For example,               Big brands like Virgin, Miller and BMW along
imagine investing in a development of beautiful             with a growing number of small to medium-             Yes. BlueBroadcaster is completely permission-
apartments. Using BlueBroadcaster you                       sized businesses who broadcast directly from          based and will only communicate with recipients
could attract the attention of passers by and               their business premises to passing trade!             who have agreed to receive messages. Once a
even invite them to download pictures of the                Bluebroadcasting is the ideal retail tool, able to    message has been declined it will not be resent to
designer interior. More interest means more                 market promotions and incentives to passers by.       the same recipient during the same campaign.
Facts and figures…
Bluetooth broadcasting is all about reaching a target
audience within a defined proximity. So how do
you know how many people you can reach?

Obviously every location is different but here are
some facts and figures to set you thinking about
the possibilities for your next campaign.

May 30th 2008 over 200,000 visitors packed into the
city’s new £1bn Liverpool One shopping development
on the first day of trading. If you had a BlueBroadcaster
campaign running in the Liverpool One shopping centre
you could have reached a potential audience of 200,000!

Around 600 people who live or work in Kirkby turned out
to have their say on the future of the town. If you had a
BlueBroadcaster installed in the town centre you could
have sent a message to a potential of 600 people.

London museums can expect to receive
around 21,000 visitors per week

The new Hull Truck Theatre will have 440 seats. If you had
a BlueBroadcaster in a location near the theatre you could
reach this many people as they approached the theatre.

UK Town football clubs can have attendances of
between 300 to 5,000. These people could be
your audience with a BlueBroadcaster.

If you are a business owner how many people
pass your reception each week? You could build
your brand to each person in the vicinity.
Reseller packages                                                                                              Case Study
                                                                                                               Miller campaign
Becoming a Fantastic Media distributor is a great way to increase your profits and just as importantly
                                                                                                               Recipient receives message from ‘The Mill
to be able to offer a really exciting product to your clients. A number of ranges are available as follows:    Live’ or other Miller bar with an invitation to
                                                                                                               hear a piece of music from new live bands.
                                                                                                               8 different mp3 music casts distributed
 Fantastic Media Commissions                                                                                   from three bars over a three month period.

 Range                  Retail Price            100 Units              150 Units              200+ Units       Results
 Basic                  £99                     15%                    30%                    40%              214,000 mobiles reached
 Wizard                 £199                    15%                    30%                    40%              18,500 uploads
 Pro                    £299                    15%                    30%                    40%              The cost to install software for this
                                                                                                               campaign was £399 per for each
 Ultimate               £399                    15%                    30%                    40%              bar i.e. £1197 for three bars.
 iSender                £699                    15%                    30%                    30%
                                                                                                               The cost to successfully communicate
 Table shows commission rates based on minimum numbers of units sold                                           with the first 2,000 people was £1197
                                                                                                               which is just 60p* a person.

Typical examples:                                                                                              Repeating the campaign until 18,500
                                                                                                               people had been successfully reached
                                                                                                               required no more software spend bringing
                                                                                                               the cost down to just .06p per person*
       £299             +            You sell
                                    100 Units           +         Commission
                                                                     15%                =           You earn
                                                                                                     £4,485    60 bars over 6 month period have
                                                                                                               reached 450,000 people and
                                                                                                               successfully sent 55,000 messages.

                                                                                                               The campaign was so successful that Miller
       £399             +            You sell
                                    200 Units           +         Commission
                                                                     40%                =           You earn
                                                                                                               have rolled out BlueBroadcaster to a much
                                                                                                               wider retail market throughout the UK.

                                                                                                               *plus music production costs and staff
                                                                                                               programming time (approximately 10 minutes
To request further information and technical specifications on all Fantastic Media product ranges              set up time per day for trained staff)
please call 0845 643 9287 or email info@fantasticmedia.net
Who can be a reseller?
Virtually anyone can benefit from
becoming a reseller whether in the
retail, corporate or public sectors.

Why be a reseller?
Your clients will associate you with
leading edge technology.

Becoming a BlueBroadcaster distributor is
a new reason to introduce more clients to
your business and increase your turnover

Becoming a BlueBroadcaster value added
reseller adds a new dimension to the services
you create for your clients meaning you
can lever increased levels of business
                                                   Bluetooth applications…
This is a fantastic way to generate more profit.
                                                   The applications for BlueBroadcaster are endless! The technology may be used for marketing
                                                   promotions and incentives including the issuing of electronic coupons. Music and videos can be
What sort of back-up                               trialled and the system can even be used as an environmental monitoring device. Conference
will I need to provide?                            delegates can be reminded to switch off their ‘phones as can theatre and cinema goers!

Fantastic Media is able to provide a number        A recent article in the Economist outlined
of packages to help with the provision
of back-up including customer service,
                                                   the growth of the technology:
installation advice and a technical helpline.
                                                   “Global numbers are hard to come by, but a leading mobile-advertising firm AdMob, says the number of
                                                   advertisements it has delivered worldwide has tripled to 4.5 billion in the past 12 months. Many of the obstacles
                                                   that have held mobile advertising back are going away. Faster networks and lower rates also help. Perhaps
                                                   most importantly marketeers are starting to work out which types of advertising work on mobile ‘phones.”
BlueBroadcaster TM
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