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					                     Inter-School Badminton Competition 2009/2010

    Attached please find:

         i.       Grouping List (Appendix I )
         ii.      Arrangement of Knock Out Final (Appendix II)
         iii.     Contact Information Form (Appendix III)
         iv.      General Notice on the Management of a Badminton Match (Appendix IV)

1   Please refer to the attached grouping list (Appendix I) to check that your team(s) s/are included and
    contact the HK Island and Kowloon Office of the Federation at 2711 9182 in case of any error.

2. Top two teams in each group will qualify for the final knock out. Lot Drawing system will be adopted
   in the Final knock-out stage, the first and second finalists from the same group of the preliminary
   round will be drawn into upper and lower tier. Please refer to the General Information Booklet
   2009/2010 for details.

3. Last season’s results have been considered when placing teams into groups. Division One will be
   seeded according to the Overall Standing, while Division Two will be seeded according to the Grade
   Result. Details of promotion and relegation system and grouping system please refer to the Secondary
   Schools General Information Booklet 2009-2010 for details of Seeding Arrangement.

4. Please pay special attention to the attached general notice on the management of a badminton match
   (Appendix IV).

5. To facilitate contact between participating schools, please fill in the contact information form
   (Appendix III) and return it to the Federation Office by fax at the latest 30th September 2009.

6. Line Judge
    1. Each school should provide 2 line judges for each game & their positions are indicated below:-

                            H                                           H

                          A                 Umpire                       A
                H - Home Team         A - Away Team                      Line Responsible

    Before commencement of a game, the umpire must clearly identify the 4 line judges. Each line judge
    will be responsible for one line and there should be only one line judge per line.

7. Coaching
   Participating school is permitted to assign one teacher / coach / staff to coach during intervals of
   the game. Interval during the game is when the leading score reaches 11 points. Coaching outside
   interval is not permitted. Please be reminded that it is the responsibility of the teacher / coach / staff
   to ensure that the players and spectators observe this rule.
  8. Competition Schedule
     Division One (Boys A, B & Girls A, B)                12 October to 28 November
     Division Two (Boys A & Girls A)                      12 October to 28 November
     Division Two (Boys B, Girls B )                      12 October to 30 January
     Division Three (Area 1 & 2 Boys A)                   12 October to 28 November
     Division Three (Area 1 & 2 Boys B)                   12 October to 30 January
     Division Three (Girls A)                             12 October to 28 November
     Division Three (Girls B)                             12 October to 31January
     All Divisions C Grade                                18 January to 30 April

  9. The starting time of competition is 3:20pm for Booking Hours from 3pm – 5pm, and 4:20pm for
     Booking Hours from 4pm-6pm. Participating schools are reminded that competition must commence
     on time. No allowance will be given. Failure to commence on time will lead to walkover.

  10. Competition Centres:
      Booking Hours : 3:00pm – 5:00pm

               Pei Ho Street Road Sports Centre (Court 1 - 4) – Every Monday
                      5/F Pei Ho Street Municipal Service Building,333 Ki Lung Street, Shampshuipo

      Booking Hours : 4:00pm to 6:00pm

              Cheung Sha Wan Sport Centre (Court 1-4)
                       J/0 Hing Wah Street & Cheung Sha Wan Road
              Chun Wah Road Sports Centre (1-4)
                      50 Chun Wah Road, Ngau Tau Kok, Kowloon
              Fa Yuen Street Sports Centre (Court 1-3)
                      Fa Yuen Street Municipal Services Building, 123A Fa Yuen Street, Mongkok, Kln
              Fat Kwong Street Sports Centre (Court 1-4)
                      18 Good Shepherd Street, Homantin, Kowloon
              Kowloon City Sports Centre (Court 1-4)
                      63/F Kowloon City Complex, 100 Nga Tsin Wai Road, Kowloon City
              Kowloon Bay Sports Centre (Court 1-4)
                      Kai Lok Road, Kowloon Bay
              Kowloon Park Sports Centre (Court 1-4)
                      Austin Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon
              Kwun Chung Sports Centre (Court 1-4)
                      5-7/F, 17 Bowring St, Jordon, Yau Ma Tei
              Lai Chi Kok Sports Centre (Court 1-4)
                      No.1 Lai Wan Road, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon.
              Lam Tin South Sports Centre (Court 1-4)
                      170 Pik Wan Road, Lam Tin, Kowloon
              Lei Yue Mun Sports Centre (Court 1-4)
                      2/F-5/F, Lei Yue Mun Municipal Services Building, 6 Lei Yue Mun Path, Yau Tong
              Po Kong Village Road Sports Centre (Court 1 - 4)
                      Po Kong Village Road, Wong Tai Sin
              Shek Kip Mei Park Sports Centre (Court 1-4)
                      No. 290, Nam Cheong Street, Shek Kip Mei, Sham Shui Po
              Tai Kok Tsui Sports Centre (Court 1-4)
                      6/F Tai Kok Tsui Municipal Services Building, 63 Fuk Tsun St, Tai Kok Tsui
              Tokwawan Sports Centre (Court 1-4)
                      66 Ha Heung Road, Tokwawan, Kowloon
11. Competition Shuttlecocks
     Please note that Tronex Yellow Label will be the competition shuttlecocks for this season. Number of
     shuttlecocks provided for each match will be as follows:

     12 shuttlecocks (Tronex Yellow Label) for each preliminary / final match

     Schools qualified for the Knock Out final may send representatives to the Federation Office to collect
     shuttlecocks match by match or collect all shuttlecocks after the Knock Out competition is over.

     Schools may purchase Tronex Yellow Label shuttlecocks for practice at a discounted rate of HK$45 per
     dozen. Please direct your purchase order to the following company:

               Mr. Lok Tak Kin or Miss Cheng,
               Shop 18 and 20, Ground Floor, Aberdeen Centre Site 2,
               7-11 Nam Ning Street, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
               Tel 電話: 2873 0318             Fax 傳真: 2554 0265 Email 電郵:

               香港仔南寧街7-11號香港仔中心商場第二期數碼天地地下18 及20 號鋪
               駱德堅先生 或 鄭小姐

12. System of Competition
    13.1 Thomas Cup & Ulba Cup systems shall be adopted in the boys and girls competition respectively.

     13.2 A team for each match shall consist of 5 to 7 players. There must be at least 5 players present
          before the start of a match.

     13.3 Each team shall be arranged in such a way as to provide 3 singles and 2 doubles. Players can play
          in one single and one doubles games but two singles cannot play together in a double game.

     13.4 21 points system is adopted in all games, including all single and doubles

     13.5 The order of play shall be as follows:-

               Games            Home Team            Away Team
               1.               First Single         First Single
               2.               First Doubles        First Doubles
               3.               Second Single        Second Single
               4.               Second DoublesSecond Doubles
               5.               Third Single         Third Single
     13.6 The winner of the match shall be the team that wins 3 games first.

     13.7 Teachers in charge of Badminton are reminded to be very cautious when deciding the line
          up of players. When the line up has been passed to the opposing team, no alteration will be
          allowed. Any discrepancy in the line up will lead to the forfeiture of the game/s in question.
  13. Fixtures
      Fixtures will be sent to schools by mail and uploaded to the HKSSF website ( as
      soon as possible. Schools who have not received any fixtures by 7th October 2009 are requested to
      contact the Federation office or view the HKSSF website for details.
  14. Postponement
      No request of rearrangement of fixtures will be entertained. School needing to change its fixture
      MUST consult its opposing school. The school that requests for change will be responsible for
      arrangement of an alternate venue for competition. Such re-arrangement must be done within 2
      weeks of receipt of fixtures & the Federation office MUST be informed of the new arrangement.
      This will facilitate the reallocation of courts to other schools.

  15. Uniform
      Players should wear short sleeves sports wear bearing school name, badge or label and non marking
      shoes. There is no restriction on colour of players’ shirts.

  16. Results
      Member schools may visit the HKSSF web site ( to browse badminton fixtures and
      latest results. In order to provide updated information, participating schools are requested to
      return/fax the result sheet to the Federation Office as soon as the game has been completed. (Fax No.
      2761 9808). BOTH teams should fax the result sheet to the Federation Office within 2 days of

  17. Staff Member
      Schools are reminded that staff member is interpreted as a person employed by a school and is in the
      pay roll of a school. Either principal, teacher, administrative or working staff can serve as staff
      member. In addition, Head of School may authorize responsible adult to serve as Staff Member.
      Appropriate Authorization Form must be duly completed and forwarded to the Federation Office 3
      days before the designated person takes charge of a team.
  18. Inclement Weather
      In event of red rainstorm warning, typhoon No. 3 signal, or close of schools announced by Education
      and Manpower Bureau, competitions on that day will automatically be cancelled. The convenor will
      rearrange the fixtures accordingly.

                                                                               Wong Ping Tai
To     : All participating schools
Date   : 22nd September 2009

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